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”They couldn’t keep me company as humans, so they kept me company as animals.”
  • Remus says this devoid of emotion, but he remembers
  • So, of course, in first year, October, when Remus disappeared for the first full moon, all the Marauders are very, very curious.
  • Because Remus was a very quiet boy, and no one talks to him really very much. But the moment he disappeared, the three boys are intrigued.
  • James, really, is very concerned. “But, Sirius, what if he got lost in the castle and is rotting in a cupboard somewhere?” (They know he gets out of bed at night to explore. He really is better at it than them. They were caught twice, and he has never been caught and it really is unfair. “He’s wasting his talents on the library,” Sirius says often.”)
  • Sirius is very intrigued and plain nosy sometimes. “James, it’s a quest! We have to find him!”
  • Peter is very excited at the sound of a mystery. “What do you think is going on?” he asks enthusiastically. The enthusiasm is why James and Sirius like this new friend. Although not as clever, his enthusiasm is often effective.
  • When Remus comes back, they are even more concerned about his sick mother.
  • But then they realize this a flimsy excuse when Remus’ “sick” mother comes to greet him at the platform, her arms wide open.
  • They are now very perplexed.
  • When the new term begins, they become the Four Marauders when Remus comes to the rescue in a story involving a tractor (a muggle convention Peter had snuck into school somehow), Dorothy Townsend’s knickers, a dozen nifflers, chocolate syrup, Slytherins covered in bobtuber pus and a couple of Hufflepuffs hanging from the Quidditch goalposts (”That was not part of the plan, Sirius!”)
  • There were also Ravenclaws wandering around in talking in Iambic Pentameter, which had also not been the plan. 
  • In fact, nothing had been the plan, and Remus had saved the whole school from turning into a giant Ferris wheel (which had also not been the plan).
  • “I wonder where we went wrong,” James questions later. “You flicked your wrist too much, this is how it’s done,” Remus shows them. Ever since then he is a Marauder.
  • Now it is much easier to track his differences, and much harder for Remus to lie. One month, his Aunt dies, then his rabbit dies. He does not explain the bruises and cuts very well. The Marauders try to trust him because friends trust each other.
  • However, when his Dead Aunt Delia comes to pick him up at the station, they realize something must be done.They research, research and research. 
  • When they come back to term, they are still clueless. Lily finds them huddled together discussing Remus and snorts.“What is it, Evans?” James says rudely. 
  • “How have you till not figured it out?” she laughs at them, but also terrified for Remus because James and Sirius are from the wizarding world and may have its prejudices.
  • One night in November, Remus is gone again and Sirius can’t sleep. The other Marauders can’t either. They realize because the curtains are open and its full moon and light goes off in Sirius’ head.But he doesn’t tell anyone because what if James and Peter hurt Remus?
  • He goes to Lily the next day while Remus is in the hospital. She begs him not to tell anyone, and Sirius swear that he won’t because he cares more than she’ll ever know. (Did he even know it then?)
  • But he remembers the Marauders made a pact to share secrets, not keep them. He realizes James is his best mate, who doesn’t see him as a Black, so why should Remus be a monster?
  • They confront him after he comes back. He is terrified. But instead of silver darts, they chuck golden-wrapped Honeydukes at him. Instead of the slurs, he hears praise for his strength. Instead of the scent of fear, he smells friendship and warmth.
  • James and Sirius are determined they can solve any problems.
  • In January, after an odd incident involving Mrs. Norris drinking Polyjuice potion and running around as Lucius Malfoy starkers paired with one of Hagrid’s giant pumpkins turning into a carriage (one of Remus’ muggle books, honestly muggles were the oddest) they run into an abandoned Transfiguration classroom.
  • They find books about Animagi, and so the adventure starts. 
  • They do not tell Remus until they are ready. 
  • And when they are, they make the bond to be the strongest friends.
  •  But, as Remus utters this sentence, he realizes that the strongest of bonds can be broken, and Sirius realizes that sometimes and old friend’s enthusiasm might be for the wrong reasons.
  • And as Remus utters these words, unwavering, not showing any emotion to Harry, surveying the three remaining, broken fragments of a once-legendary group, he remembers.
  • Because he knows that they don’t know all the jokes, the laughter, the naive hope behind this simple utterance. 
  • Because now they do not have hope, the greatest luxury, anymore.
  • But he hopes hope lives on in the splitting image of James and the bright green eyes in front of him.
Lost Time

Group: SHINee

Pairing: Jongkey

Type: Romance

Description:  “Jong,” a whine leaves Key’s lips as he turns his body to face Jonghyun, “it’s the modern day. We’ll text, call, and all that. We’ll keep in touch.” Jonghyun holds up a finger, slowly looking up at Kibum. “Time zones. That’ll make it hard.” “We’re best friends, we’ll make it work.”

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101 reasons why I love Dan

Title: ‘101 reasons why I love Dan’

Paring: Fem!Phan

Rating: Mature

Prompt: Fem!Phil writes everything she loves about Fem!Dan in a journal, Fem!Dan finds it and confronts Fem!Phil about it, Leads to Fluffy Smut, High school AU

Warning: Contains poorly written smut as this is my first time attempt at it so if it is shit I’m sorry, Also contains swearing, maybe other things people may not be comfortable with idk, this is my first time writing any proper phanfiction so let’s see how it goes. Also the first half of the story is the list itself, so you have to be committed.



Dan’s POV

“Hey, Dan I am just going to go and have a shower since we are going out later, so just keep yourself preoccupied, I’ll be back in about half an hour.” Phil says as she leaves her bedroom leaving me just sitting on her bed looking quite confused at what just happened. Since she had gone this gave me an opportunity to snoop around my best friend’s room, to see what she had hidden in here. I know it’s bad that want snoop around, but I just can’t help myself. I start by looking under her bed that is covered in a green and blue bed cover from IKEA, she doesn’t even really like those colours to be honest, and I never knew why she bought it. I put my hand under the bed and I immediately find something, it’s a book, a diary, do I dare to look inside it? Yes I do.

I open the first page to find the writing at the top to say ‘101 reasons why I love Dan Howell’, the first words shock me enough but for some reason I keep on reading.

‘Reason number one: Those beautiful brown eyes’

‘Reason number two: Her hobbit hair, that she doesn’t like but looks better because it is the natural her’

‘Reason number three: Her ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude’

‘Reason number four: Her dimples’

‘Reason number five: the way she looks at me when she thinks I’m not looking’

‘Reason number six: Her designer fashion sense’

‘Reason number seven: Her smile, the one she has when she is around me’

‘Reason number eight: the way she is the only one to make me smile the most’

‘Reason number nine: Her obsession with the colour black’

‘Reason number ten: the way she pulls her jumpers over her hands’

‘Reason number eleven: the way she is cynical about the world’

‘Reason number twelve: the ways she acts when she is nervous’

‘Reason number thirteen: the way she cheers you up, even if she is down herself

‘Reason number fourteen: The way she winks at you’

‘Reason number fifth teen: Her dirty minded thoughts’

‘Reason number sixteen: Her obsession with Haru-chan’

‘Reason number seventeen: the way I am the only one who can cheer her up’

‘Reason number eighteen: How her favourite things are my favourite things’

‘Reason number nineteen: The way she can quote Shakespeare of the top of her head’

‘Reason number twenty: How she is clumsy like me’

‘Reason number twenty-one: The way we both have emo haircuts, even though they went out of fashion years ago’

‘Reason number twenty-two: the way she is too hot but too cute at the same time’

‘Reason number twenty-three: The way she can’t hold a grudge against me for longer than five minutes’

‘Reason number twenty-four: Her ‘Articulate’ voice

‘Reason number twenty-five: The way she is the bear to my lion’

‘Reason number twenty-six: Her obsession with Malteasers’

‘Reason number twenty-seven: The way she thinks she is always right’

‘Reason number twenty-eight: The way she doesn’t know how many secret nicknames I have for her’

‘Reason number twenty-nine: the way she moans’

‘Reason number thirty: the way her singing voice is on point’

‘Reason number thirty-one: the way she fan girls over famous people’

‘Reason number thirty-two: the way she is the best at most video games’

‘Reason number thirty-three: the way she gets when she loses against me’

'Reason number thirty-four: the way she isn’t as shy as me’

'Reason number thirty-five: the way she is as awkward as me’

'Reason number thirty-six: her obsession with tumblr’

'Reason number thirty-seven: the way she concentrates on her school work’

'Reason number thirty-eight: the way she procrastinates’

'Reason number thirty-nine: the way she drops everything to look after me when I’m sick’

'Reason number forty: the way she can stand me eating her cereal when I am over at her house’

'Reason number forty-one: her sarcasm’

'Reason number forty-two: the way she doesn’t do exercise’

'Reason number forty-three: the way she plays the piano’

'Reason number forty-four: the way she is a massive nerd’

'Reason number forty-five: the little red blotches she gets on her checks when she is flustered’

'Reason number forty-six: the way she gets passionate about things’

'Reason number forty-seven: the way she is quite opinionated’

'Reason number forty-eight: the way she borrows my clothes and never gives them back, but then looks better in them then I did’

'Reason number forty-nine: the way she laughs’

'Reason number fifty: the way she knows all the words to the llama song’

'Reason number fifty-one: the way she calls me a coffee pleb’

'Reason number fifty-two: her curves’

‘Reason number fifty-three: her long legs’

‘Reason number fifty-four: the way she can actually cook unlike me’

‘Reason number fifty-five: the way she looks in skinny jeans’

‘Reason number fifty-six: the way she can be caring, sometimes’

‘Reason number fifty-seven: the way she swears constantly’

‘Reason number fifty-eight: her sense of humour’

‘Reason number fifty-nine: the way she dances’

‘Reason number sixty: the way she is simply adorable’

‘Reason number sixty-one: the way she is humble’

‘Reason number sixty-two: she is hilarious’

‘Reason number sixty-three: the amount times she has had near death experiences’

‘Reason number sixty-four: she is just a derp’

‘Reason number sixty-five: the way she can’t do an American accent’

‘Reason number sixty-six: the way she meows’

‘Reason number sixty-seven: her cheeky attitude’

‘Reason number sixty-eight: the way she dances’

‘Reason number sixty-nine: the way she can prank me the best’

‘Reason number seventy: the way she has different types of laughs’

‘Reason number seventy-one: the way she fitted in my fridge once’

‘Reason number seventy-two: her face is just beautiful’

‘Reason number seventy-three: her taste in music’

‘Reason number seventy-four: the way when were bored we draw cat whiskers on each other’

‘Reason number seventy-five: the way she makes up random songs in her head’

‘Reason number seventy-six: the way she says literally’

‘Reason number seventy-seven: the way she ruins my innocent mind’

‘Reason number seventy-eight: her hand hearts’

‘Reason number seventy-nine: her twisted mind’

‘Reason number eighty: the way her otp is danteasers, her and malteasers’

‘Reason number eighty-one: the way she talks to herself sometimes’

‘Reason number eighty-two: the way she is fearless’

‘Reason number eighty-three: the way she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself’

‘Reason number eighty-four: her ass’

‘Reason number eighty-five: the way she could start her own support group’

‘Reason number eighty-six: the way she waffles about stuff’

‘Reason number eighty-seven: the way she is when she gets jealous’

‘Reason number eighty-eight: the way she always does something big for my birthday’

‘Reason number eighty-nine: the way I am the only one to calm her down’

‘Reason number ninety: the way we have watched each other grow up’

‘Reason number ninety-one: I don’t know where I would be without her’

‘Reason number ninety-two: her perfect breasts’

‘Reason number ninety-three: the way both our families always go on holiday with each other’

‘Reason number ninety-four: the way she tries to teach me new things’

‘Reason number ninety-five: the way she can make anything sexy’

‘Reason number ninety-six: the way you stand up for me’

‘Reason number ninety-seven: the way we are constantly in contact’

‘Reason number ninety-eight: our four hour skype calls’

‘Reason number ninety-nine: the way she is the female Christopher robin’

‘Reason number one hundred: she’s my best friend

‘Reason number one hundred-one: I just love her, she is my other half’

By the time I had finished the list tears were streaming down my face, this list of reasons why Phil loves me is the best thing I have ever read, I have never seen someone praise me this much, and it is quite unbelievable that someone could love me this much. To be honest I have always felt that me and Phil were always something more than friends but I hadn’t realised till now. I have always loved her, I always thought it was just a tiny crush that I had on her, well everyone has always wondered what it would be like to date their best friend, and some even end up marrying them. Now I might even get to the chance for it to happen to me. As I was just putting the book back from where I had found it, Phil comes walking back in with her long, raven black hair dried, and her outfit is now a skin tight, strapless red laced dress, that stops just before her ass, with a v-neckline showing off quite a lot of her boobs. I am not complaining about how she looks but she is not going out like that. “What the fuck are you wearing?” I say sounding quite disgusted.

“What do you not like it?” Phil ask as she turns around, giving me a show of her ass. Oh my god like how does she have such a perfect ass, like what. “No it’s not that, you look amazing, I just don’t want to you go out tonight, we are going to stay in.” I say being quite possessive.

“Why what the fucks wrong with you?” she asks her face filling with concern.

“Phil, I found your journal.” I say looking down at my feet, not daring to look at Phil straight in the eyes. We were both stood there in silence for a few minutes, until Phil finally spoke, “So, do you feel the same way.” She asks her face full of worry, I simply walk up to her, making the space between us almost non-existent. I stare at her beautiful face for a second, admiring her features up close before finally closing the gap between us, and kissing her like there is no tomorrow. It takes her a second too register what is going on but it doesn’t take her long to join in and take the lead, I pull away, our heads leaning against each other’s, and say “does that answer your question?” She simply replies with a nod and says “I want you now.” Her voice was dripping with desire.

“Okay then, your wish is my command.” I answer just before I start to kiss her again, this time the kiss is more passionate, we keep on kissing as we fall on top of Phil’s bed, Phil on top of me, she breaks the kiss so she can slip out of her dress, when she does she isn’t wearing a bra so she is mostly naked, and oh my fucking god her boobs are amazing, “I feel like I am wearing too much clothes.” I say as I smirk

Phil smirks back and says “Yeah you are, let me help you with that.” She says as she takes off my checked shirt, which is technical hers but oh well. She does it slowly as she kisses me, our tongues fighting for dominance, when she finishes un-doing my buttons I slid out of the shirt and quickly slip off my black skinny jeans to reveal my mismatched underwear, a black bra with some red lacy panties. “God you are too perfect to be true.” Phil whispers in my ear as she begins to kiss my jaw, and starts to go all the way down my body, probably leaving hickeys as she goes, I take of my bra as she just gets to my breasts, she takes my nipple in her mouth and begins to suck on it, I can’t help but let a moan escape my mouth and she starts to move further down my body, getting to my pussy, she slowly slides down my panties, then slides her tongue across my clit, I was already wet by the time we first kissing but now I was soaking, her tongue began to work wonders and it didn’t take my long to come. When I did, I grabbed her hair, making her look at my then, “It’s your turn for me to do something to you” I say as I slowly take her panties off, I start kissing her again this time it is me being the dominant one, then I catch her by surprise my sticking my index finger in her.

She moans instantly, but she carries on kissing me and acts as though I am not fingering her right now, I stick in my next finger and she moans louder, as I thrust my fingers in and out, then I finally put a third finger in and that just gets her. She stops kissing me and just sits there moaning my name over and over again as I thrust my fingers in and out, it does take her long either to reach her climax and comes all over my hand. I take my fingers out and lie down on the bed and she lies down next to me. We stare at each other for a few minutes until Phil says “I love you Daniella Jade Howell.”

“And I love you Phyllis Michelle Lester.”    

New Collection and a look back on the year

Every year has its bumps, but this year has been bumpier than most. Our expansion has been rocky and we have struggled. For anyone who has been following us this year, I am sure this is not news.

When we first plotted out 2016, we planned for a slightly different trajectory. A little more successful, maybe a little less stressful [ lol - ofc ofc ]. Originally, this year was to contain approximately 4 collections; 12 books (titles with spines); maybe 8 zines; and an odd number of events.

I wouldn’t say we had major misses on meeting those targets. Some titles were simply delayed and some events were maybe more disorganized than even I could imagine, which is quite a feat.

It’s certainly been fun, if not emotionally and financially exhausting. But wow, what we accomplished this year — for all this year’s hardships and struggles — it’s pretty amazing:

  • Hooked up with major distribution partner, Consortium. 
  • Organized approximately 9 Altcomics events across 5 cities; released 3 issues of our magazine; attended 11 Festivals; published 2 mini’s, 10 books with spines.
  • We did our first book with Buenos Aires based artist, Powerpaola, flying her out to Toronto to attend TCAF, where we debuted her book Virus Tropical alongside 8 other books!!
  • MariNaomi, went on something like a 20 stop tour (!!!CRAZY!!!) with her new book Turning Japanese — she is constantly touring, just an incredible working artist.
  • Gulag Casual artist, Austin English had an extensive residency via The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program at DUMBO and curated Blackboard a gallery show at LAND.
  • Maggie Umber was included in a group show at zeitraumexit called “…and other stories”. It included work by Alyssa Berg, Julia Gfrörer, Aidan Koch, Laila Milevski. In addition, Maggie & Raighne lead 2 workshops in Mannheim Germany.
  • Richard McGuire, Maggie Umber, Raighne and moderator Jakob Hoffmann discuss ‘Comics as Job’ at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt for a panel in support of Richards TimeSpace: After Here exhibition. This was amazingly Maggie’s first panel!
  • Andrew Burkholder had a solo gallery show for his new book ITDN at Hidden Dog Gallery.
  • Gina Wynbrandt was in a group gallery show called Maybe She’s Born With It in Belfast Ireland with Sarah Maple and Nicky Minus at The Naughton Gallery.
  • Gina’s book Someone Please Have Sex With Me SOLD OUT of its first print run! Which is incredible! We did a second printing and just last month the book is back in shops.
  • We had 2 successful Kickstarters with our Winter & Spring Collections.

Additionally, we have received some of the best press and praise. All which has been extremely validating. So, while it’s certainly been a tough year with a lot of hardships, financial troubles and tears – there was also a lot of success, happiness, and laughter. And we could not have done all of this without you, without YOUR support and belief. Thank you so much! You have all made this worth it. Sending you all our love and gratitude! :’) xoxo

Now, as usual, we are running late. We are closing out the year with our latest collection, our Fall 2016 books. They’re gorgeous, genuine and real — produced by some of the most exciting young artists from creative pockets all over the world. Sab Meynert in Toronto; Tommi Parrish formerly in Melbourne, now in Montreal; Jake Terrell in Brooklyn; Carta Monir in Michigan; Simon Hanselmann originally from Tasmania, now in Seattle; and a new full color issue of Altcomics Magazine featuring interviews with Maggie Umber, Juliacks, Christopher L. G. Hill, Tracy Auch, Wiley Guillot and part 1 of a larger look at the rise of feminism in Korea as a counter to the growing “Alt-Right” movement by Kim Jooha.

— Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert
— Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish
— Extended Play by Jake Terrell

— Secure Connect by Carta Monir
— DRONE by Simon Hanselmann*
— Altcomics Magazine 4
*DRONE is only available at the 50$ level, and limited to 200 copies.

For an introduction to Sab Meynert, Tommi Parrish, and Carta Monir, they are together on a sleepover episode of the podcast We Should Be Friends. It is an absolutely lovely episode, I stopped everything I was doing just to listen.

We are 43% towards our goal and have 24 days left yet to get there. If you have enjoyed our previous collections, I think you will love this one as well. And if you value the type of comics we’ve been publishing, please consider supporting us once again and letting people know about what we are doing on social media.

Your belief and support is what keeps us running.
Thank you so much <3<3 !!
raighne & everyone at 2dcloud

You seem familiar!

(this is for miachee‘s Demon! Marco Au thingie.)

A demon! Marco Au fic.

I am sorry to all who read this.

(quick note, I have not seen the episode blood moon ball yet so I have no idea what the hell’s bell is. So dimensional scissors it is!)


“So lets see! We are missing a few ingredients but I can pick them up from the underworld no problem!” Star said, grinning and closing the book she was reading. She was trying to do some sort of spell, Of which Marco had not been paying too much attention to, and she needed some things in order to do it properly and not kill anybody within a 500 meter radius.

“Lets go Marco!” The girl said, grabbing a very surprised Marco’s arm and dragging him.

“Wait what?! Why do I need to go?!” He yelped, wrenching his arm from her grasp as She got out her dimensional scissors.

“So that way you can help me gather the needed items! Duh!” She said like it he was suppose to have known that.

“But humans are not suppose to go the  underworld unless they are DEAD! I AM NOT DEAD!” He yelled.

“Oh yeaaaah!” She snickered. “Good thing you remembered!” She quickly got her book out again and flipped through the pages, trying to find some sort of spell to turn Marco into a demon temporarily.

“Aha! Found it!” She said grinning and reading the spell carefully before closing the book. “Okay hold still Marco or this will kill ya.” As she said that she was powering her wand up.

“WAIT WHAT.” He had no time to argue as Star repeated the spell out-loud. (haha I am too lazy to put the spell in.) Before Marco knew it there was a blinding flash. He shielded his eyes, flinching. As the light died down he uncovered his eyes.

“Did… Did it work?” He asked, promptly being answered with a tail slapping him in the face.

“OW! What the hell wa-” He cut himself short, noticing the thin blackish-brown tail with a pointed end. “IT WORKED HOLY CRAP MARCO!” Star was jumping up and down, grinning with glee.

“Okay but can I have a mirror to see what I look like?” He asked, watching the girl still jump with glee at the success of her spell. She nodded, quickly spawning a mirror. Marco looked in it and was surprised at how well the spell worked. He had a small pair of nubby horns on his head, four eyes oh god the second pair is looking in different directions, The tail that slapped him earlier, Pointed ears, Noticeably darker skin and tiny fangs poking just a little out of his mouth.

“The spell worked great. And I am still alive so good job Star.” Marco said, patting her on the back. She grinned at the praise.

“So how long does this spell last?” He asked her. Star just shrugged. “I have no clue to be honest.” She admitted. “The book did not say.”

“Well we best get moving to the underworld before the spell wears off.” He suggested. Star nodded and used the dimensional scissors to open a portal to the Underworld. Marco walked through it nervously while Star skipped in with no hesitation what so ever.

“Okay so first we need…” Marco was not paying attention to Star. He was too busy focusing on where they where. It seemed familiar, but that is probably due to the fact that Tom calls Star a lot, via her mirror so maybe he sent her a call here once? Either way, he felt like he had seen it before. He noticed some Underworld residents and was about to tell Star they had to get moving, only to realize she was gone. He looked around wildly before spotting her. He ran after her, worried she would get caught.

“STAR WAIT UP!” Marco called after her, but she did not hear him. He managed to catch up with her, gasping for air.

“I found the first thing we needed!” Star beamed, holding up some sort of plant. She grabbed a clear bottle and put the plant inside, corking it off and putting the bottle in her bag. Wait, when did she bring a bag? Marco shook his head, deciding not to question it.

“Okay next we are going to need… Some sort of bat thing.” The blonde said grinning. Marco was going to ask what it was but then realized the text on the page was a different language and that she was doing this by the pictures provided. She set off towards the west, with an already tired Marco following after her.

Marco was looking around the place while keeping up with Star. The place was not just hell fire and screaming souls thankfully, but more or less almost like Earth in terms of activity. People chattering, businesses and the such. The world itself was pretty okay in his terms. That is when Marco noticed Tom and stared pushing Star towards where they where going quickly.

“What the heck?” Marco put a hand over her mouth, still pushing her quickly. “Tom is here!” He hissed to her. Star’s eyes widened and she started running with Marco right beside her. When they got to where they where going Star looked around for the bats. Meanwhile Marco was looking out for Tom, who was walking towards their location. Not wanting Tom to see Star, Marco walked out casually. Tom of course, noticed Marco almost immediately.

“Oh! I was not aware of other demons being here!” Tom said, watching the other demon jog up to him. “Oh. Is this place private or something?” Marco asked him. Tom shook his head. “Nah but few other people go here since it is abandoned.  I go here so I can have some time to think.” Tom said. “Really? I can leave if you want.” Marco offered but Tom shook his head. “Nah it is okay. I would not mind having somebody to talk to.” Tom said grinning to Marco. “Well i would be okay with talking to you. My name is Ma-” Marco cut himself off. “Max.” He said, hoping Tom did not notice him pause. “My name is Tom.” The pale demon said holding his hand out for him to shake. Marco took his hand and they shook, Marco still nervous Tom would find out who he really was. “Say… You look kind of familiar. Do I know you?” Tom asked him. Marco started freaking out internally. “Nope! We have never met before!” Marco said quickly, sweating slightly. Tom noted how fast he replied, but decided to ignore it. “Well anyways… What do you want to talk about?” Tom asked Marco, sitting down. Marco sat by him and thought for a moment. “Do you like Snickers?” He asked.

Star grinned when she finally caught fur of the bat thingies. She looked around to find Marco and frowned when she did not see him. She shrugged and decided to just continue on since she only had one more ingredient to grab.

Tom and Marco meanwhile where having a hearty conversation about things they liked. Tom had no huge interest in earth things, but did show a liking towards their music. Marco noticed how there where a good number of things here that earth shared, but not too many.

Marco was going to go check on Star, when he noticed her walking someplace else. Marco was ready to bolt after her, but then remembered Tom was still with him. Tom noticed Marco looking at something, but had no idea what it was.

“Is something wrong Max?” Tom asked him, making Marco flinch slightly. “Oh nothing! I just thought I saw somebody I had recognized.” Marco said quickly. Tom just shrugged. “Happens to everybody at some point.” He said. Marco nodded and knew he should really go after her again soon.

He sat back down, worried suddenly about when the spell will wear off. Tom noticed that Marco seemed deep in his thoughts. “Are you okay?” Tom asked him, making Marco jump slightly.

“Yeah! I am fine. I am just worried about my friend.” He admitted. “She dragged me along to the underworld and we got separated.” He said, becoming more and more worried for Star.

“Well maybe i can help you find them.” Tom offered, surprising Marco slightly. This was the demon that tried to kill him a week ago? Marco thought it over and decided that yeah, he might as well. He nodded, standing up with Tom. Marco set off looking for Star immediately.

“Hey i never found out what species demon you are.” Tom said. Marco flinched slightly. He had no idea himself, Star had no told him. “To be perfectly honest, I have no idea.” He said awkwardly. Tom looked him over before shrugging himself. “I don’t either. Never seen a demon like you before.” He said.

Star looked around, holding a redish-black crystal. She put it in the clear jar and grinned. That was all the ingredients she needed. She went to go look for Marco when she saw him looking around with Tom nearby. She quickly signaled to him. Marco noticed, but Tom did not. While Tom was distracted, Marco quickly snuck away to where Star was.

“Why where you with Tom?” Star asked Marco when he reached her without Tom noticing. “I had to distract him from you.” He said. “Lets just get going before the spell wears off.” Marco sighed.

Tom looked back expecting to see Marco, but was surprised when he did not see him. He looked ahead and noticed Star with said demon. Just as he was going to go over there and asked what they where doing, Star pulled out dimensional scissors and drags her and Marco into the portal. He watches as the portal disappears.

He is going to have to call Star later asking who that cute demon was and more importantly, what he was doing with Star.

Ron Weasley: Not Your Sidekick

Let’s talk about Ron Weasley. 

Okay. Oh-kay. I’m going to probably have to do some calming breathing exercises to get through this one. I’ve been wanting to talk about Ron Weasley ever since The Big Dramatic Thing, and only now have I gotten around to it, because whenever I sat down to write it went (to borrow a joke) a little like this:

No, seriously. This whole debacle enraged me. Not because JKR said that she regretted putting Ron and Hermione together (because if you read the original interview she pretty clearly never said that, but rather simply that she put them together for very personal reasons, which you know, is kinda how writing should go)  but rather the fact that she implies that Ron leaving the group for a short while in the seventh book says “something very powerful” about Ron’s character, in the same way that Hermione staying said something very powerful about hers. 

Well, to that I say, yes. It does say something powerful about Ron’s character. His character is such that he will sometimes let wounded pride get to him. 

But it doesn’t say nearly as much about his character as the fact that he came back. 

Look, I’m not saying I hate JK Rowling or anything, because God knows that’s not true, but it does rankle me a little bit to trivialize what I thought the point she was making with Ron was. I thought the point of this arc, and the foreshadowing to it in Book 4, was that while true friends aren’t necessarily such that they won’t ever fight or get angry with each other, true friends will always come back. 

Ron is a boomerang, in the best way possible. I say this somewhat defensively, because I identify a lot with Ron. 

Ron isn’t perfect. In a lot of ways, he isn’t even what you would consider special. He isn’t the brightest wizard of his age, he isn’t the chosen one. But how dare anyone suggest that he isn’t a deserving character, a character worthy of praise. Because Book 7 Ron is still the same Ron who sacrificed himself on the chess board at age eleven. The same Ron who looked at barbaric, marble soldiers, smashing each other to smithereens, and thought, Yeah, I’ll take that blow for my friends. To save the world, I’ll stand in front of a sword. Those things could easily kill me, but I’ll take the risk. 

At an incredibly young age, Ron knew the value of unselfish leadership. Ron sacrificed himself early on. Earlier than most characters, in fact. He stood by Harry in the beginning, and he damn sure stood by him at the end. Any lapses in the middle are inconsequential, because he still pulled Harry out of that freezing water, he still destroyed that horcrux, as hard as it was. 

He learned from his mistakes. And luckily for Ron, he has a steep learning curve precisely because he has made a lot of mistakes to begin with. He’s a smidge prejudiced, to be honest. His pure-blood privilege shows through when talking about house elves and giants. But Ron is the one to suggest taking care of the House Elves in the final battle. 

Ron learns. He might not be done learning by the end of the series, but there is nothing to suggest that he will ever stop. And honestly, I find that way more valuable and compelling than a character who is boringly perfect from the start. Because what do they have to offer the reader? What are they teaching anyone?

Look, Ron Weasley is not a sidekick, even if there’s nothing inherently wrong with being a sidekick. Ron Weasley is not unworthy, he’s not undeserving. He’s a hero in his own right. A hero that took a little while to bloom, to come out from the shadows. He’s not the chosen one, he’s not special, but he’s still a hero. 

And honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I think fiction could do with a few more characters like that. Characters that show you there’s nothing wrong with a learning curve.


Alright, its week two of this temporary replacement for out of the stack. Here are my favorite releases for the week of October 15th, 2014.

Lumberjanes #7: Simply one of the best young adult books out right now. Issue seven is not a good jumping on point. I recommend hunting down all of the issues if you can, if not wait for the trade. This comic boast an all female cast of loveable characters at a wacky summer camp. In the first seven issues they’ve run into ghosts, hipster sasquaches, and boys ! Funny, quirky, awesome.

Jim Henson’s Storyteller-Witches #2: Don’t let the number two scare you off. This is a complete done in one story, just like the excellent first issue. The art is presented in a widescreen format so you hold the book (or tablet) sideways. The art is stunning and the story is dark but not too scary for kids. If I could only buy one book this week, this would be it.

Mile Morales-Ultimate Spider-Man #6: This is the wrap up of the first storyline of this new volume of the Miles Morales incarnation of Ultimate Spider-Man. Peter Parker is seemingly back from the dead along with Norman Osborn. Norman claims they are immortal thanks to his formula, but are they clones, alternate versions ? We’ll see more as the story plays out. This story is a little frustrating for me since “dead means dead” in the ultimate universe. I’m loving the story for the pitch perfect emotional beats. I just hope Miles continues to be the driving force of this book now that Peter appears to be back. I have a theory that the book is called Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man so that they can also have a Peter Parker: Ultimate Spider-Man book too. What are your theories ?

Ms. Marvel #9: G Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona are crafting one of the best marvel comics I’ve ever read. Having said that , this is part two of thecurrent storyline. Go back to issue eight to jump on or better yet pick up the just released volume one trade paperback. With this story arc we are delving into Kamala’s kree origin with guest spots from the inhumans. I can’t praise this book enough.

Edge of the Spider-Verse #5: I’ll confess this is the first Gerard Way Comics I’ve ever read. If this is the quality of writing Mr Way brings every time then I need to check out true life of the fabulous killjoys and umbrella academy immediately. Each issue of the edge of the pider-verse is a one shot by a different creative team. This time out the story centers around a young girl, Peni Parker, that bonds with a mech and sentient spider. I love legacy characters and female leads, this book has both. The art has a cool manga style and is full of easter eggs of some famous anime series’. This book got me pumped for more spider-verse stories !

Thanks for taking the time to read this friends. Please feel free to leave comments or questions if you have them.

A great sacrifice, really. I’m glad Makarov
told Mavis to shut up(lol) just because I don’t think Mavis has really gotten the time to know the guild. They may respect her and all but she doesn’t has what Makarov has, experience with them. She is supposed to be this great “tactician” but in my book she really isn’t. Everyone likes to praise her but I’m glad the spotlight was turn back to Master Makarov even if it just to see him go. 😭

And this is the end of the best Fairy Tail master, Makarov. A great sacrifice for the guild members he saw as children. Please Hiro don’t ruin this.

You know what I love most about all the people on SPN?

It’s not that they’re all insanely attractive or that they are all super talented– which they are; but that’s not my favorite thing. 

My favorite thing is just how much they all love and support one another.  

From Jared’s AKF campaign to Rob’s music,  from Misha’s performances to Jensen’s family life … from Kim’s Wayward AF movement to Gil’s work on Broadway– Felicia’s book,  Briana’s singing, Osric’s writing and cosplay, the heartbreak when someone leaves to everyone’s complete and utter excitement when someone comes back …

At one point or another,  I have heard them all compliment,  support, and praise each other and the work that they each do both on and off the SPN set. 

They hug,  they kiss,  they hang out and they laugh together.  

They are obviously so,  so close and the best of friends. 

It warms my heart and makes me smile just thinking about it.

It’s my absolute favorite thing.

pterawaters  asked:

Carrie, Jr. brought home a cold from school and got me sick :( If you have time, would you write me some Scerek or some Draeden? It might make me feel better.

[i hope you and pterababy get better soon! have some fluffy scerek \(^_^)/]

Scott chuckles to himself in the airport bookstore, flipping over a book to see an author’s photo taking up the entire back cover. He sets the novel back on it’s shelf, trying to decide whether or not he wants to buy something to read for the flight back home. 

There’s an announcement over the loudspeakers that his flight is just starting to board, so Scott leaves the bookstore without buying anything, and grins to himself when he passes by a huge display of his newest novel right by the entrance to the store.

Scott likes his anonymity, and is grateful he never approved any author’s photos for his books. Scott didn’t set out to be a worldwide bestseller; he just liked stories, and found that he was good at telling them. His first series of novels he thought were rather cheesy, but they sold incredibly well for a set of swashbuckling adventure novels. 

It’s his latest book that Scott is most proud of, though, and he hums happily as he strides to the gate. Delgado is his mom’s story, actually, very much a loving ode to her life as an immigrant and as a single mother. It’s been selling well, so far, but Scott is a little nervous about how his adventure-loving fanbase will take the slow-paced memoir.

Scott boards on time, and makes his way to his seat, only someone is already sitting in it.

“Hi,” Scott says. “I have 33A, and you’re, uh…”

The man looks over at Scott. “Yeah, I was hoping we could trade? I get airsick, and the window would really help.” 

“Sure, no problem,” Scott says pleasantly. “My name’s Scott, by the way. You traveling for business or for fun?”

“Derek,” is the short answer, and there doesn’t seem to be anything else forthcoming, just a closed expression. Derek turns towards the window, closing his eyes. His seatbelt is already on, and it looks like he’s prepared to sleep.

Shame. He’s rather gorgeous, and Scott wouldn’t have minded a flirty distraction if he turned out to be interesting. As it is, Derek sleeps through the safety procedure, liftoff, and even when a flight attendant comes by with the cart and offers them a drink. 

Scott gets a ginger ale, and is just turning on the in-flight movie when Derek wakes up. He shuffles a little, opens the window screen, and pulls something out of the seat pocket in front of him.

It’s a brand new copy of Delgado. 

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Steven Gerrard was the one footballer that even as a kid I would always get excited about when I heard his name on the TV or even in someone else’s conversation. And now, 9 years later, he is still  is and always will be so exciting to watch. His passion, his flair, his courage, there’s no one who I’ve seen play with so much heart. He has given so much to Liverpool, scored so many crucial goals, he has changed the course of Liverpool’s history. Even when he was stuck with mediocrity, his love for his club and his city has always been greater than his love for himself, he is a special type of person, the kind of person that is so fully definitive of himself that you can’t ever compare him to anyone else.

Iker Casillas inspires me to be a better person. Iker is one of the most admirable people I’ve ever seen. Not only has he been at the peak of his career for longer than many people can remember,  but he has done it with this confidence in himself and his beliefs, with his unshakeable spirit. He gives all of himself all the time without expecting any praise or validation in return and he inspires everybody around him because he doesn’t hold back. He brings out the best in others because he lives as the best version of himself. His spirit is so powerful I can feel it, all these thousands of miles away. There is no wiser, smarter, or greater captain than Iker Casillas. Real Madrid will always be a part of him, and he will always be an unforgettable part of Real Madrid.

Honestly I could write a book about how much I love these men and how they have impacted my life, how wonderful their journeys have been, and how so much greatness is still to come for them. All I know is that If some day I could be just a fraction of the great people that they are, I would have lived my life right. 

A bookshop AU in which Sam owns a second-hand bookshop and Dean is a car mechanic who likes to drop by his brother’s shop often, especially after Sam hired a new employee called Castiel.

A/N: I wanted to write some sweet, carefree, everyday life stuff for these three, and what could be more appropriate than a bookshop AU? This is chapter 1, there will be more. In this chapter Dean is not subtle at all, but he has some major problems with putting his feelings into words. And I don’t think Cas even understands what’s going on yet. Oh dear. I think they will really need Sam.

Warnings: Very silly and cheesy. Would not recommend if you’re not into sweet things.

The door opened, letting a breeze of crisp September air inside the small, dim bookshop. Sam looked up from a delivery order and smiled seeing his brother there for the fifth time this week. And it was only Wednesday.

“Oh, hi Dean”, he said cheerfully. “Just can’t get enough, huh?”

He thought he saw Dean blushing.

“Of what?” Dean asked.

Sam looked about the room, then gave Dean his “are you stupid?” look.

Dean’s face got redder. “Of what?” he repeated impatiently.

“Of books”, Sam replied, frowning at his brother for being weird. Even though Sam knew why Dean was being weird. He had been weird that way ever since Sam had hired a new employee a few weeks back. His name was Castiel, he was quiet, diligent and polite, and Sam had instantly liked him. Sam had been suspecting that Dean was into guys at least as much as girls, but now he was positive. Of course, Castiel didn’t know it, but in a way, he had another job besides selling books, and that was helping Dean out of the closet. He had proved to be successful in both of his jobs.

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keybladewyvern  asked:

Everyone seems to be dropping opinions on your books, so I wanted to say that I read Rosemary and Rue, and it will always stay with me. I don't know (embarrassingly) that I could ever read it again, because of how much it affected me, but I think it's the sort of book that everyone should read at least once. And that's the best praise I personally can give. Also it made me cry. Lots.

Thank you.

I have a complicated relationship with Rosemary and Rue at this point.  It was my first book, and will always be my best beloved because of that, but it was also my first book, and sometimes I’m like “all I want for Christmas is the chance to go back and fix all my mistakes.”  Also, I recommend it as a starting point because I got so much better after that, so if you begin at the beginning, you get to watch me improve hand over fist, instead of watching me gently backslide.

Toby is my favorite protagonist.  I’ve spent so much time with her that I know her as well as I know my RL friends, and that’s both weird and incredibly gratifying.  I hope you were able to continue her story; I finished book eleven yesterday, so there’s a lot left to see.

Why You Should Buy New Warriors #1 This Week

1. The Creative Team

Artist Marcus To and writer Christopher Yost had previously worked together on the critically acclaimed and fan favorite book Red Robin (back when DC comics made sense) and Yost himself has been one of those writers who might not come up in conversation as much as your Bendi, your Fractions, or a Hickman, but everything he does is widely praised by both critics and readers. He wrote two of the best X-Men books of the previous decade (New X-Men and X-Force) and most recently he wrote Scarlet Spider, which developed a very strong fan following.

2. Scarlet Spider

Speaking of Scarlet Spider, his previous series did indeed get a strong fan following and critical acclaim (being named by Marvel readers on Newsarama as one of the ten best Marvel books out there) but sadly had to be canceled due to ratings that were okay, but not as good as they should have been. Well the story of Kaine and his quest for redemption isn’t over with yet, as Yost confirmed that the last page of Scarlet Spider leads directly into New Warriors, making this the spiritual successor to that series. And also, Kaine’s sidekick Hummingbird will be joining the team. For those of you who don’t know who Hummingbird is, she’s the ultimate plucky sidekick and the perfect foil to Kaine’s grim and scowly bitterness. Here’s all you need to know about her.

3. Sun Girl

Scarlet Spider isn’t the only character that Yost created that needs extra attention (I know he didn’t create the Scarlet Spider, but he owned that book so much he might as well have). Sun Girl has only appeared so far in a three part storyline of Superior Spider-Man Team Ups written by Yost, and let me just say that if you have a hole in your heart that needs to be filled by a butt kicking super lady (who is also a super scientist so bonus points there) then Sun Girl will fill that. I kept saying that Sun Girl would be the breakout character of 2014, and that was before I even knew she’d be on this team.

4. Representation

I’ve talked a lot about how important it is to see diversity in comics and how much that means to readers. Well Marvel has been steering itself in the right direction over the past year, and this book continues that. On a team of eight people only three of them are white, which on a book aimed more towards teenage audiences and younger, this is particularly important. If you want to continue to see diversity in comics this is yet another book worth supporting. 

5. Marvel Needs This Team

I’ve been saying for the longest time, Marvel needs their own Teen Titans, their book of young super heroes who go out there and kick butt on crazy adventures. And now that DC has dropped the ball on the actual Teen Titans book, the entire industry needs that book at the moment. Well New Warriors could be that book. And I know that Marvel has had great young super hero teams before, Young Avengers was fantastic, but it was more of a personal book, a book about heroes coming together to support each other and help one another grow as individuals, and that’s an amazing thing and it was done beautifully. But that’s just one tone, and we need young heroes to have more than one tone and this book could provide that sense of pure fun butt kicking heroics. 

brentofthefabulouswild  asked:

hey bb! getting closer and closer to the US premiere of snowpiercer and snowpiercer day! also, i just want to add my two cents of the color palette of the movie. i really love the gradual transition of colors as curtis and the rebels push forward. like we start out with dark and bleak shades in the tail section and then literally end the film with white--a visual metaphor for a blank slate for humanity to start anew. personally my fave were the shimmering blues of the aquarium section. et tu?

Okay bro there’s just sooo much to say about the colors in Snowpiercer, because this movie is just beautiful, I mean despite all the gross and grotesque details it’s pretty! It’s got strong aesthetic choices, and it’s just beautiful to look at, like a fresco or a painting. You can just stare at the pictures and think it’s beautiful, even Gilliam with his old body and dirty hands and everything is kinda beautiful his own way.

The colors are super important and there would be so much to find out about them, I just can’t because I don’t know the meaning of colors in all parts of the world. But it’s true that there’s a progression from darkness to light, from black to white.

-Black to white can seem like a “good” progression, like going from evil to the good side, except that we realize white isn’t that positive. When Curtis finally arrives to the white section, Wilford basically tells him “join the light side we have steaks”, and we realize that the light isn’t as good as we thought.

It’s actually kinda coherent, because through the whole movie the white of the snow represents death and desolation. It’s blinding, it physically hurts to look at it, it represents doom, the terrible fate of humanity. White is deadly. And the white section is deadly too. I don’t think that’s a coincidence that in several Asian cultures, like Japan, India, Vietnam and -what a surprise!- South-Korea, white is the color of death and mourning. It’s a positive color in western symbolics, but in Asia it’s very different and I suppose it’s not innocent of Bong to do it.


-Then, there’s a more “scientific” approach to it. It’s not linear but while going from the complete absence of light to the overwhelming blinding white light, Curtis goes through several colors of the light spectrum. They’re not in the right order of course, but after the dark browns and black, there are the dark blue sections. We see the green plants, the intense blue fish tank, the orange/pink meat, the pink classroom, the bright yellow sauna and the bright red club. It’s not the right order but it’s still a path from darkness to light, and in the end, all the colors mix, leading to what? White light.

It’s also interesting to notice how the Front sections are made of warm colors. The richer people are, the warmer their sections look. If you’ve been spending years getting steamed in the sauna, dancing in a red club or getting high in the yellow club, you gotta forget about all that cold and snow outside. You’re so warm and comfortable you don’t remember the rest.


To answer your question I really, really love the fish tank too. It’s a heartbreaking scene when you’ve already seen the movie once, but as my bff made me notice, it’s also one of the only calm scenes. The music is soft, the tail-sectioners can relax, the slow moves of the fishes, it’s like a well-deserved break for the viewer. And I think it’s kinda comforting to see water, we’re not used not to see water in our world, so we don’t realize how we missed it before this scene. The fish tank also is, like the Engine, a matrix, a comfortable womb-like scenery with the muffled sounds of water, it feels warm and comfy.


-On a more philosophical note, the progression from darkness to light is also symbolic: we follow Curtis through his journey, we learn about the train while he does, we understand things just when he does. And his race towards light is also a race to enlightenment. It reminds me of Plato’s famous Allegory of the Cave.

Imprisonment in the Cave

Socrates begins by asking Glaucon to imagine a cave inhabited by prisoners who have been imprisoned since childhood. These prisoners are chained in such a way that their legs and necks are fixed, forcing them to gaze at the wall in front of them. Behind the prisoners is a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners is a raised walkway. Along this walkway is a low wall, behind which people walk carrying objects “…including figures of men and animals made of wood, stone and other materials.”. In this way, the walking people are compared to puppeteers and the low wall to the screen over which puppeteers display their puppets. The people walking are behind the wall on the walkway, so their bodies do not cast shadows on the wall, but the objects they carry do. The prisoners cannot see any of this behind them, and are only able to view the shadows cast upon the wall in front of them. The sounds of the people walking echo off the shadowed wall, the prisoners falsely perceive these sounds to be that of the shadows.

Socrates suggests that, for the prisoners, the shadows of artifacts would constitute reality, because they have not seen the light. They would not realize that what they see are shadows of the artifacts, which are inspired by real humans and animals outside of the cave. Furthermore, Socrates suggests that the prisoners would “assign credit and prestige” to whomever among them could quickly remember which shadows came before, predict which shadows would follow and name which shadows were normally found together. Plato is conveying in the imagery of this game that the prestige of winning this game is not in fact an honor at all, because the prisoner is lacking the knowledge of the world outside the cave.

Departure from the Cave

Socrates then supposes that one prisoner is freed, being suddenly compelled to stand, turn, walk and look towards the fire. The light would hurt his eyes, and cause great difficulty for him to see the object’s shadows he had seen before. In his pain, Socrates continues, the freed one would turn away and run back to what he can make out; the shadows of the carried objects. He is then told that what he has formerly seen has no substance, and that what he now sees (the carried objects) constitutes a greater reality. When he sees the world outside the cave he begins to question his previous beliefs.

The freed one is then dragged in pain and irritation up and out of the cave. Upon exiting the cave, this discomfort only intensifies as the radiant light of the sun overwhelms his eyes. The sunlight is representative of the new reality and knowledge the freed one is experiencing.

Slowly, his eyes adjust to the light of the sun. He is first able to see only shadows of things. Next he can see the reflections of things in water and later is able to see things themselves. He is then able to look at the stars and moon by night and finally he is able to look upon the sun.

He is then able to behold the sun and deduces that it is the “…source of the seasons and the years, and is the steward of all things in the visible place, and is in a certain way the cause of all those things he and his companions had been seeing.” (See also Plato’s Analogy of the Sun, which occurs near the end of The Republic, Book VI.)[3]

Return to the Cave

Socrates next asks Glaucon to consider the condition of this man.

Wouldn’t he remember his first home, what passed for wisdom there, and his fellow prisoners, and consider himself happy and them pitiable? And wouldn’t he disdain whatever honors, praises, and prizes were awarded there to the ones who guessed best which shadows followed which? Moreover, were he to return there, wouldn’t he be rather bad at their game, no longer being accustomed to the darkness? Wouldn’t it be said of him that he went up and came back with his eyes corrupted, and that it’s not even worth trying to go up? And if they were somehow able to get their hands on and kill the man who attempts to release and lead them up, wouldn’t they kill him?”.

Socrates mentions that returning one’s eyes, that have become acclimated to the light of the sun, would be overcome by the darkness of the cave. This is analogous to what happened to his eyes when they were first exposed to the radiant light of the sun (516e-518a). The darkness the freed one experiences in the return to the cave signifies the ignorance of one’s thoughts before he is able to see all things through the light of the sun.

The prisoners, according to Socrates, would infer from the returning one’s disorientation (on account of the cave’s darkness) that the upward journey out of the cave had damaged his eye sight and that they should not undertake a similar journey. Socrates concludes that the prisoners, if they were able, would even reach out and kill any who attempted to drag them out of the cave. (517a)

Socrates insists that the enlightened must return to the cave in order to share their enlightenment with the prisoners, even if it results in death. By analogy, Socrates is implying that the enlightened philosopher must descend from a continuous intelligible contemplation of the good to share in the visible lives of his fellow citizens for the well-being of the whole. (520a-c)

I’m sorry Plato, did you just describe Curtis’ journey towards light, more or less? It’s not exactly that but it has striking similarities. (I’m not overly fond of this allegory because it can also be read as some classist bullshit when applied to our world, but in the universe of the Snowpiercer, it’s a probable philosophic view.)

And in the end, instead of going towards the immoral white of the Engine, they go towards the snow. It’s deadly but also a blank page to rebuild everything. You can only hope they’re gonna tame all this white to make a new world ~where people are everything but white~… white becomes a symbol of new hope. What’s after death if not rebirth?

(And you know what’s white and beautiful but fucking deadly too? A polar bear! Okay I made myself sad now…)

Hello! My name’s Jess and I would really really love to give comments or critic your literary works. I am currently in college taking up AB Mass Communications major in Journalism and I only have a year left before I get my diploma. I started out as a very good reader and was interested in books and novels in such a young age that encouraged me to write for my own.

Back then I was writing a lot of fanfictions and had built a connection with other fanfiction writers as well, as I develop I have been working on my stories and post them online just so anyone can see it. For now I have opened up blogs where I write occasionally (but on quite a regular basis for my book blog) I have been praised for writing exceptionally (by the teachers and professors that has handled me), and I would want to give back and share my knowledge in writing to others as well.

You can send me anything! Essays, poems, chapters of novels.. practically anything. And I would do my best to help you! :)