best pots and pans

"hamilton" characters while cooking

Alexander Hamilton: decides to try to cook ramen for himself since he hasn’t eaten in days and ends up starting a fire. Eliza has to grab the fire extinguisher and take care of it while Alex runs around in circles screaming about how the Democratic Republicans are responsible for his mess

Aaron Burr: He decides to try to make a fancy five star dinner but gets aggravated at the end when he can’t find cilantro to garnish his dish.

Eliza Schuyler: The actual casserole queen. She’s won actual cash prizes in casserole cooking contests. After the Reynolds Pamphlet, she refuses to ever make casseroles for Alexander.

Angelica Schuyler: Owns all the really cool kitchen gadgets and the really neat tableware and cutlery. Has a really nicely decorated kitchen where she cooks the recipes she finds on

Peggy Schuyler: Ends up adding the wrong ingredients and her food ends up tasting really weird. Everyone eats it but no one has the heart to tell Peggy that her cooking isn’t the best.

Thomas Jefferson: *clanging on pots and pans* ITS MACARONI TIME

James Madison: He smells something burning and calls the fire department. When the firefighters get there they see Madison crying over his burnt brownies.

George Washington- The barbecue cook out dad. Owns that one apron with “Grill Sergeant” written on it and the ketchup and mustard bottle bullet belt. July 4th is the most important day of the year for him.

John Laurens- Eats Kid Cuisine just so he can have the chocolate pudding. When he actually wants to cook real food, Alexander comes over and makes sure he doesn’t get burned or anything.

Marquis de Lafayette- When he’s not commanding armies, he’s actually a hibachi chef at the local Chinese restaurant. Can be seen dicing up food in mid air with a sword whilst shouting various words in French.

Hercules Mulligan- He’s literally Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen; he sometimes yells at the food if it’s not cooked properly. He claims that there were no horses involved in any of his cooking.

Phillip Hamilton: Can make toast and maybe popcorn. Would rather write a poem about cooking than actually cook. Has an unhealthy addiction to S'mores Pop Tarts.

King George III: Is actually Guy Fieri.

Surprise Threesome (a Jack Gilinsky smut imagine)

Jack’s POV

I wake up to what sounds like pots and pans smashing against each other, what the hell is she doing in there. I drag my lazy ass out of bed once I see that it’s half ten in the morning, I walk into the kitchen to find my best friend y/n picking up a bunch of pots and pans from the floor “god I didn’t wake you did i?” she mumbles and I kneel down to help her as I say no. Once all the pans are back into the cupboards I go about making some coffee and breakfast whilst she walks into the living room with her coffee.

I finish buttering my toast and making my coffee before then heading into the living room to join her. “I can’t believe you slept in this late” she laughs and I nod my head in agreement “neither can I, normally I’m up early every morning even if it’s my day off” we both agree on that before going back to watching TV and drinking our coffee. I hear my phone ring from my bedroom, I walk out to go get it to see that my girlfriend Madison is calling me, i decide not to answer the call as I kinda wanna spend time with y/n. I haven’t exactly been a good friend lately, I’ve been out every day and night for the past few weeks, if I’m not in the studio with Jack I’m out with Madison and if I’m not out with Madison I’m out with the guys. I never see y/n so without her knowing i’m gonna just stay with her today and have a movie date with her.

I walk back into the living room to y/n who looks up at me the second I come back in, she beams at me, that smile has such power over me. She is everything, beautiful, funny and smart. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about any of this but I can’t help it, I’m sexually attracted to one of my closest friends what is wrong with me? what am I doing to Mads. I sit back down next to her, taking a sip of my coffee as I do so. She moves closer to me, resting her head on my shoulder and lifting her legs up onto the couch. “Have you ever thought about us you know fucking before?” I ask her flat out, not attempting to be subtle about it. She sits back up, smiling at me “To be honest I have, a few times actually. Have you?” I nod. We both sit there just staring at each other, both of our eyes are full of lust.

She smashes her lips to mine in the heat of the moment but I kiss her back, our tongues connecting passionately. I can feel how badly she wants this just by this kiss, I want it too, I have done since the day I met her. I mean what Madison doesn’t know won’t hurt her right? I’m only gonna do it this one time, I’ve always wanted to fuck her and if it turns out to be a terrible experience then we shall never speak of it but if it’s good then I’m pretty much screwed. She breaks from the kiss, standing up and pulling me with her, both of us breathing heavily. I pick her up and carry her to my room, I lie her down on the bed as I strip, she goes to take her clothes off but I stop her. That’s a job for me. I get on my knees and part her legs, I slide her shorts down her long legs along with her panties

Madison’s POV

Okay he’s obviously ignoring me because otherwise the phone would have rang a lot longer, he rejected my calls. I don’t understand, we got back from Omaha last week, I met his family and spent thanksgiving with all of his family and friends. I can’t read too much into this, he was probably busy I mean he always is quite busy. He has a career and I should respect that, he has fans too. I pick my phone up and decide to call him once more but after two seconds of it ringing it goes to voice mail… AGAIN. That’s it I have to go to his place, to at least see why he’s ignoring my calls and texts. I put my shoes on and head out to my car.

I pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex in which Jack and his best friend y/n live. The fans think that it bothers me that he lives with her but it doesn’t, she’s his best friend well female best friend that is and I get along with her. She isn’t into him like that, she told me herself that they see each other as an annoying brother and sister. I step out of the elevator and I am faced with the door to their apartment. I go to take the spare key from my bag when all of a sudden I hear monas. “Mhmm keep going omg fuck” wait that sounds exactly like y/n okay that’s it I’m going in there. I shove the key into the lock and open the door. I throw my bag down and walk up the hall to Jacks room, I push the door open, my jaw drops. He’s on his knees eating that bitch out, there was me thinking she didn’t see him like that, yeah of course she doesn’t, she obviously said that to keep me from getting suspicious.

I walk in, grabbing his shirt and pulling him up onto his feet “how could you do this to me you absolute asshole” I don’t hold back on the harsh words. He probably would have fucked her if didn’t decide to come over. She get up covering herself with his shirt “Madison we can explain thi” he cuts her off “baby don’t be mad, I know you’ve always wanted to have a threesome, why don’t we have one now” he whispers as he pulls me closer to him. He leans down, cupping my face with one of his hands whilst the other finds it’s way into my panties. I tilt my head back moaning as he rubs my pussy, making me wetter and wetter. Y/N starts to strip until she’s completely naked and Jack rids me of my clothes too. We all get onto the bed, Jack lies down with his dick on display for both of us to play with.

She starts to pump him whilst I lick move to the top of the bed where his head is. I hover over his face for a few seconds before he pulls me down onto his mouth by my thighs. He starts to flick his tongue over my clit and then he licks through my slits. “Mhmm” I moan quietly. Each time y/n makes him moan, he then moans onto my pussy, making me moan even more. Fuck this feels so good, this has always been a dream of mine, in the back of my mind I’m thinking that he was gonna fuck her behind my back and never even confess to it which hurts but I decide to push it further and further to the back of my mind, I just wanna focus on this right now. I wanna focus on reaching my high, with y/n and Jack.

Y/N sits up and I lean down, still keeping my pussy near his face so that he can continue to eat me out. “You like that dick don’t you” y/n mumbles, I moan onto it as if to try and say yes. She reaches her hand down to where his face is so that she can rub my pussy. Fuck this feels amazing. After a few minutes of staying in that position I get off of his face and he stands up, he pulls her up, leaving me on the bed to play with myself. He picks her up, fucking her hard against the wall, not giving her time to adjust to his size. I sit there with my legs parted, using my thumb to rub my clit whilst I slide two fingers in and out of myself. He knew watching my boyfriend fuck another girl could get me so hot like this.

Shortly after, he puts her down, looking over at me. I stand up and he bends me over the bed, slamming into me. “Ahh fuck” I yell, he continues to fuck me before then moving me over to wall where he bends me over once again. He then lifts my leg up “hold your leg” I do as he tells me to and then y/n walks over, kneeling down in front of my bare pussy. She rubs my clit as he pounds into me again and again. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” he grunts before then slowing his thrusts down, not long after I feel him twitch inside of me. He pulls out, I lower my leg. We all stand there panting and smiling at each other. “Well I guess you can cross that off your list of fantasies and things you wanna try eh babe?” he smirks, still trying to catch his breath. Shortly after the reality kicks in. He was gonna cheat on me. I wanna say something but instead I decide to leave it. Why ruin a good thing.

(A/N i’m actually really proud of this one tbh i think this is one of my best smuts if i do say so myself haha, hope the anon that requested this is happy with it, i also have another imagine coming tomorrow, a cute Sammy one so look out for that)