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Feburary 8, 2006: Kelly Clarkson makes history by being the first American Idol to win a Grammy. She won 2 awards that night - Best Female Pop Vocal Perfomance for Since U Been Gone and Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway. She also performed her third single from the album, Because Of You. She is the only artist to have won Best Pop Vocal Album twice and has the most nominations in the category, with 4 nominations.

Just a quick reminder of the nominations of Florence + the Machine on the Grammy Awards 2016 💞

Taylor recieved 7 2016 Grammy Nominations

Album of the Year: 1989
Song of the Year:  "Blank Space"
Record of the Year: “Blank Space”
Best Pop Vocal Album: 1989
Best Pop Solo Performance: “Blank Space”
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: “Bad Blood” Featuring Kendrick Lamar
Best Music Video: “Bad Blood”

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Blank Space nominated for three Grammys? A song directed at the media who twisted her personality into this insane, crazy person with multiple ex-lovers which is far from who she actually is? Bad Blood nominated for all two Grammys? A song about Taylor being a victim of betrayal by someone she believed to be her close friend and yet people still call her out for penning down a song of hate? 1989 nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album? An album, written by an independent, grown woman, who after years of pain, struggles, heartbreak and love, matured enough to finally say she found herself through a difficult process and felt ‘clean’? I’m loving it.

This is an easy and obvious choice. Swift’s 1989 was the biggest album of 2014, and it’s on track to repeat that honor in 2015. The album has sold incredibly well (and continues to do so), and it has spun off some of the biggest hits of Taylor’s impressive career. 1989 is an easy choice for Album of the Year, as well as Best Pop Vocal Album. In addition to the album, she’ll have to choose one of her big hits—my money is on “Blank Space”—to submit for Best Pop Vocal Performance, as well as Record, Song, and Music Video of the Year
—  2016 Grammy Predictions: 7 Artists Sure To Snag Nominations by Forbes
Grammy records by Taylor Swift
  • Youngest Person to win Album of the Year
  • First Woman to win Album of the Year TWICE
  • First Person to win both Best Country Album and Best Pop Vocal Album
  • First Person to win Album of the Year TWICE within a decade
  • First Person to win Album of the Year in TWO different genres

           The boys were submitted in several categories for 2015 Grammy                                              nomination consideration. 

Actual Grammy nominations come out on December 7th, so fingers crossed the boys get one. 

Categorizes they were submitted in for:

  • Album of the Year for FOUR
  • Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for ‘Drag Me Down’
  • Best Pop Vocal Album for FOUR
  • Record of the year for ‘Drag Me Down’
  • Song of the year for ‘Drag Me Down’