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‘BY THE WAY in conversation’, with the amazing Amy Poehler as guest.  - July 25, 2013

D E S C R I P T I O N:

Jeff could not believe that Amy Poehler existed the first time they met. Amy explains why the podcast is like the new student film, shares some of the cool questions her children ask her, and tells us what kind of advice the older version of herself would give her present self. It’s a delightful conversation filled with talk of writing, bar mitzvahs, and public nudity.


“If you ever think, ‘I’m a waste of space and I’m a burden.’ That also describes the Grand Canyon.

'Oh, but I owe a lot of people money and everyone hates me.’ Hello Europe.

'Oh but I killed someone.’ So have onion rings and firecrackers, who gives a shit.

'Oh, but I’ve done some other horrible, unforgivable thing.’ There are 6,000,000,000 of us. Google it.
Somebody’s done exactly what you’ve done and they’re currently on a book tour. YOU’RE NEVER ALONE!”

–Maria Bamford on the jv-club podcast with Janet Varney
The Extra Hot Great Podcast Is Returning! - Extra Hot Great - Previously.TV

We are happy to announce today that the Extra Hot Great podcast will be returning this summer, with Joe Reid, Tara Ariano, and David T. Cole welcoming Sarah D. Bunting into the fold! Dave is currently setting up the studios in Los Angeles and NYC (thank you, Mr. David Bunting), and while everyone is busy […]