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10 & 15 please!

10. Write in silence or with background noise? with people or alone?

I’ll be weird here, but neither. I mean, it depends on the story. Some of the stories require so much focus that silence is the best option, but sometimes having some sort of a background noise helps.

For me, at least, listening to music while writing is the best thing ever. I’ve got playlists created, for long works and not only, that help me get in the mood of the story really well. Without them, I’d be lost, ha ha. So, yeah.

And, again, depends. I don’t mind writing having people around, but most of the time I write in the safety of my room, alone.

15. Why did you start writing?

That’s a very simple one ;D I wanted to read a story with a specific scenario, but I didn’t find that kind of a story anywhere, so, after some thinking, I decided to write it myself. (HERE is the story I’m talking about.) And that’s how it began ;)

Thanks, darling!

Get To Know Your Author!

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how do you get motivated to study? and stop procrastination?

I have a few tactics for this. 

1. Create a motivational/inspirational playlist on YouTube. 

When I feeling particularly unmotivated, I watch a series of YouTube videos that I complied that inspire me (I have a thing for watching triathlon videos.. Those guy are so committed to what they do). I don’t know what is it about these videos, but they get me every time. Also, for really desperate situations, I while back I filmed a vlog of myself explain what I want to achieve in life. Giving that a watch always gets me working. 

2. Ditch the electronics.

Yes, I know this one is hard. But I do it anyway. Often, if I know I have to get a reading done, I go to a pubic study spot (a coffee shop, museum, library etc). But I make sure I do not bring my computer with me, only my books. This forces me to get something done. If you are trying this tactic, make sure you leave your phone in your bag as well, because phones are just as distracting as your computer. 

At first, I found this difficult. So I would set an hour timer, work with out electronics. Then, when the timer went off I would have a 15min break where I could go on the internet. 

Lastly, if you need you computer to type things, and you still don’t want to be distracted. Go somewhere with no wifi. It is tough, but it works. 

3. Study with friends. 

Now, this can be tricky. I like studying with other people for the company. My friends and I often study together, despite the fact that we all take different classes. But sometimes friends can be distracting. Trying studying in a semi-quite area, so you are forced not the talk the whole time, but you still can whisper a little bit to keep each other company. Sometimes it is nice to suffer through a reading while somebody sits next to you suffering through whatever work they have to do. It helps one feel less lonely. 

If you and your friends take the same classes, you can all study together! But beware of coming to a study group without notes. If nobody has notes, it often turns into a jumble of talking and getting off task. My one rule with studying for a test/exam with friends: make sure everybody has notes. It make the whole studying endeavour so much easier. 

4.Try listening to classical or ambient music. 

I am a music lover to my core. But I find that music with lyrics get me distracted. I find myself listening to the words to much, that I can focus on reading. However, sometimes studying in silence can be brutal. This is why I listen to ambient and classical music when I study. There are plenty of awesome playlists on Songza and it really helps having a pre-made playlist so I don’t procrastinate trying to create the “best playlist ever." 

If you are someone who does not like studying with music but you need noise, you can try listening to loops of various environments (coffee shop, park, rain etc.) You could also actually go to a coffee shop or park and hear the soundtrack firsthand. 

5. Think about the Why. 

I used to get discouraged from studying very easily. But then I did an exercise, where I wrote down 5 reasons why I was in school. I’m not just in school because I have to. I am in school because I love to learn. I know that my education will help me achieve my dreams of writing a novel someday, or working in Parliament. And the list goes on.

Try writing down your whys and really dig deep. You will be surprised at what you get. 

Right now, my whys sit on "The Great Wall of Stuff” (ie. my bulliten board over my desk) along with other inspiration people and quotes. It might sounds riducalous, but having that up there as a reminder of what I am doing really helps.

I hope these tips can help you with your studying! 

Good luck and happy studying :) 


1D Hiatus: Day 223

* It’s been six years since the boys were put together as a band!

* Harry, Louis and Niall tweet about the band’s anniversary

* One Direction’s official account tweets a video message from Louis

* Niall posts a picture on Snapchat

* Louis and Harry’s mums and Liam’s sister Ruth tweet about the band’s anniversary

* Lou Teasdale posts a picture of Harry and Lux on Instagram

* Louis meets fans in LA

* Niall meets fans in London

* Louis’ mum posts the first picture of the boys as a band on Facebook

* Lou Teasdale posts a picture of herself with Niall, Liam and Louis on Snapchat

* It turns out that the teaser trailer for ‘Dunkirk’ will be released in the next few weeks

* One Direction’s official Twitter account follows some fans and organises a #6YearsOf1D Spotify party

* #6yearsof1D and #6YearsOfOneDirection trend on Twitter

* Vevo UK creates a special 'Best Vids Ever’ YouTube playlist in honour of the boys’ anniversary

* The boys’ bassist Sandy Beales tweets about 6 years of One Direction

* America’s Got Talent contestant Nathan Bockstahler tweets a video of Louis talking to him behind the scenes

* One Direction’s official Spotify account creates a special 6 Year Anniversary playlist

It’s Jul 23rd, 2016.