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mooooore sketch dumps! 

Ah, people have been asking for Valentines Stuff, I don’t think I can squeeze time in to make Icons, or at least a Full batch like the other Holiday/Events. Although, I can make Perhaps 4-5, So, Pick which Female Heroes of Overwatch You’d like the most! (Vote in the Reply/Comment Area)

(Mercy, Pharah, D.Va, Ana, Zarya, Symmetra, Sombra, Mei, Tracer, Widowmaker)


I am having so much fun, you don’t even know

So! As requested, here are a few Cardcaptor Sakura-themed cover plates for the new 3ds. They look better when you refurbish them onto the 3ds, I swear.

Since I’ll now be making cases like this, here’s the tag on my blog!

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After I took “Coptic Binding: Focus on Stitching” through the Minnesota Center for Book Arts a week or so ago, I figured I needed to practice before I forgot everything from the class. I started out by using two of my gel plate prints (stencils and acrylic paint) with a few coats of matte medium for the covers. And that there is a six-needle coptic binding. O.O There was quite a bit of swearing involved, but rather less blood than I was expecting, so! :)

(And that’s Mayhem, “helping”.)

Having a litle EJ time...
  • EJ: *throws a lil salt into the skillet*
  • EJ: *shakes his hips a bit to the music*
  • EJ: *sprinkles a bit of garlic seasoning*
  • EJ: *hums along to loud ass Frank Sinatra playing*
  • EJ: *flips the contents of the skillet*
  • EJ: *sings into the spatula*
  • EJ: *slides the contents onto his best plate, and adds a mint sprig to the top*
  • EJ: *wipes a tear* it's p-perfect...
  • Jeff: you literally just spent an hour and a half cooking that fucking kidney.
  • EJ: Bon apétit.
i put a spell on you (part 1/2, zimbits)

This fic is for the ultra-cool @porcupine-girl who won my Fandom Trumps Hate auction and was so very generous with time and prompt leeway as this fic spun out of control. I hope the resulting silliness was worth the wait! ^_^

Please do me a favor and take nothing in the fic you’re about to read seriously.

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It was unnaturally quiet in the Haus when Bitty crept his way downstairs, picking his way around abandoned solo cups and other party debris to get to the kitchen, Señor Bun hitched on his hip. He swung open the door with a sigh. He had expected the mess, but it was still disappointing to see the sheer amount of trash and spills on the floor after Epikegster the night before. Bitty set his rabbit on the counter and Señor Bun immediately began to sniff around the solo cups.

“Don’t drink anything,” Bitty warned. Señor Bun thumped the counter in protest and Bitty gave him a look and wagged a finger at him. “I mean it.”

The rabbit seemed at least momentarily convinced to stay put so Bitty turned and pulled open one of the bottom cabinets to tear off a new garbage bag from the roll. He made quick work of the various cups and drinks left on the counter and sprayed everything down with bleach before scrubbing away the evidence of any of the sticky tub juice and beer on the counter at least. Señor Bun wrinkled his nose at the bleach but hopped out of the way as Bitty cleaned around him. Bitty’s shoes still stuck to the floor when he moved, but that could be a problem for Ransom and Holster whenever they dragged themselves out of bed. He only needed the clean counter for now.

He checked his phone and rolled his eyes at himself.

“Lord, who am I up at six on a morning after a party like that?” Bitty asked Señor Bun absentmindedly. Señor Bun thumped his foot loudly, registering a complaint at the early hour as well and Bitty scratched behind his ear which elicited even more thumping.

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Relatives we all have, as told by the angels of Supernatural:

1.  The gay cousin:

In a conservative family, this is the last person you want to be, but someone had to do it, so he stepped up to the plate.  At best, he’s the one who gets the “We still love you, we just don’t approve of your lifestyle” talk from older relatives, the homophobic jokes from younger relatives, and has probably been banned from family gatherings at least once.  Is bullied in one way or another by literally his entire family, yet paradoxically probably the only decent person there.

2.  The family disappointment: 

If there’s anyone who gives the gay cousin a run for his money, this guy’s it.  He was probably at some point his parents favorite golden child, probably their first born.  The bar was as high as their expectations of him, and he missed both by a solid mile.  Is now the black sheep who shows up drunk to Christmas dinner.

3.  The overachiever: 

When the family disappointment fell from grace, someone had to rise to the occasion, and boy, did he ever:  Ivy-league college?  Check.  Sports scholarship?  Check.  High-paying job before he even graduates?  Check, check, check.  He’s the pride and joy of older relatives and the standard by which younger relatives are compared.  But beware:  all that pressure can easily go to your head, and sooner or later, he might fall just like the family disappointment did.

4.  The “funny one:”

This guy’s the Chandler Bing of his own family:  he tells jokes to diffuse tense situations, to convey messages, and to cope, probably to the point where it gets a little annoying to everyone around him.  At the end of the day, though, he just wants a little bit of peace and quiet and a happy family, though he rarely gets either.

5.  The cool uncle:

He’s the one that let you stay up late and eat junkfood when you stayed at his house, probably your favorite adult relative.  Generally gave zero fucks, and is probably looked down on by everyone else, for his promiscuity, drunkenness, or both.

6.  The creepy uncle:

Yes, he’s probably a cool enough guy, but you definitely wouldn’t get in a van with him.  The guy just gives off some weird vibes, has at least at some point been up to no good, and isn’t above using younger relatives as pawns in his schemes. 

7.  The vodka aunt:

Nothing is above her:  she’s weird, she’s inappropriate, she WILL get drunk and start sexually harassing your boyfriend.  Her skills include holding grudges, ruining self-esteems, and making Thanksgiving dinners super awkward, but everyone’s too scared of her to tell her off. 

8.  The overwhelmed single dad:

He’s supposed to be all-powerful and wise, but something tells you he has no idea what he’s doing.  He’s known for playing favorites, over-extreme punishments, and avoiding his problems, but you can see that he’s doing his best – after all, since he invented parenting, he’s literally making it up as he goes along.

anonymous asked:

Rfa+V where they get rlly jealous/owning/posessive of mc (like wont let her she her friends without them, going oyt alone, doing pretty much anything without them) and she finally gets mad

Thank you for your request! And i hope you like it!


  • Today you were going to the mall with some of your friends.
  • Yoosung sometimes can be really possessive and jealous about this.
  • In the beginning, you found it cute, but now it got really annoying.
  • So when you were picking your purse to go, Yoosung came to you with a sad face “…Don’t go there MC…”
  • He stands in front of the door “I don’t trust them…” Now he’s grumpy.
  • You know that Yoosung sometimes is not the most confident person that you could know, but all this jealousy is enough!
  • “Yoosung, i’ll go!” You push him aside, but then he grabs your wrist “MC..!Stay here with me!”
  • “NO!” You make him let go of you “STOP YOOSUNG, I WANT TO BE FREE!”
  • Yoosung never sees you so angry…So he just froze “YOU GO OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS, WHY CAN’T I GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS?”
  • He doesn’t know how to act, what to say…But he realizes how much a dick he was, he doesn’t have experience in relationships, so he feels so insecure…
  • A beautiful woman like you…Everybody wants a woman like you!
  • But for the best of the relationship, he stays quiet, and promises you that he wouldn’t do this again…You go.
  • That’s never happened again.
  • But sometimes he’ll follow you, he can’t stop those thoughts…If you got one guy friend, he’ll be so angry and insecure, but he’ll hide when you come home.
  • It’s not like he doesn’t trust you, he doesn’t trust them.
  • When you discover that, you just can’t believe it, and you say to him that you need some time, that you’ll be in your friend’s house for a week.
  • He’s crying so much, but you go.
  • A week it’s not so much, but for Yoosung, it’s…
  • He cries so much during this time, promising to himself that he wouldn’t do that again.


  • Zen’s a very jealous and caring boyfriend.
  • He always warns you about those “beasts ” that has outside.
  • If you’re going out with your friends, he must go, even if a “girls night”, the place you go are filled with men!
  • And if you have a guy friend, well, forget about it!
  • And he hates to see you beautiful to go out without him.
  • You always let him come with you, but this is enough!
  • He doesn’t have power over you!
  • When you were going out, he called you, you didn’t listen, you just ran to your friend’s car, and enter it.
  • Zen only saw you going, he’s screaming your name, oh no MC…You’ll go alone!
  • He goes to his motorcycle.
  • You and your friend didn’t even notice him following you.
  • When you were going out of the car you heard Zen screaming your name.
  • You were surprised…He followed you!
  • “Zen…?!What are you doing here?!” He runs to you “MC!You can’t go out alone,i already said that!”
  • Well…Guess what Zen?I DON’T HAVE TO OBEY YOU!”
  • He froze “But…But…Baby i just want the best for you!”
  • “I’ll not waste another moment of my life hearing your “advice” “ You said that and you then you followed your friends to her apartment.
  • He wanted to stop you…But this only would make things worse, he just sighs.
  • You spend some days on your friend’s apartment, sometimes Zen goes there so he can talk to you, you don’t even see him.
  • Your friend always goes to pick your clothes and your things, Zen always ask if she can give a letter or something for you.
  • You’re ignoring his calls and texts.
  • He’s waiting until you forgive him…But he’s missing you so much.


  • You don’t know why Jaehee is doing this, maybe she fears to lose you…
  • But you want freedom too, she can’t go to any place with you.
  • Or fill you with questions, or not even letting you go.
  • You can’t be with her like this.
  • So you put some of your clothes in a bag, if you need more, you would come back and catch more hand.
  • “MC?You’re going out again? She sighs, looking at you.
  • You look at her “You know i love you Jaehee…But like this, i can’t stay…”
  • “What do you mean?” She looks preoccupied 
  • “…I don’t have to obey you Jaehee…I’ll let you think about that…”
  • She already understands what you’re talking about “Even if you don’t want to let me go…I’ll go.” You continued walking through the door.
  • Jaehee just looks at you going, with a sad expression on her face.
  • After that day she kept thinking and thinking about what she has done and how she can improve.
  • Jaehee always listens to complaints and she always tries to be better, for you, for herself, for this relationship.
  • She’ll be waiting for you.
  • Because now she knows how to treat you better.


  • Well, he’s still possessive of you.
  • You don’t like this.
  • And he can tell that, but he says he’ll change, but nothing of that promise.
  • Again, you were out, and he goes after you…Saying you should be in the penthouse and don’t wear those things.
  • You just could go out with him.
  • When both of you arrive at the penthouse, you were picking a suitcase and putting your clothes in there.
  • “What are you doing MC?” He ran to you, picking your arm.
  • You make him let go, you’re very angry right now.
  • “MC…We can talk about this…I can chan–” 
  • “AGAIN WITH THIS TALK?!” You cut him, he looks surprised by your attitude “I think you need some alone time…To think about what you want for a relationship…Because i’m not your pet” You close the suitcase and you were walking to the door when he grabs your arm again.
  • You just look at him, “If you don’t let me go, i’ll be here…But when i get out, i’ll get the divorce as soon as possible…” 
  • Hearing that, Jumin immediately let go of your hand.
  • And then you were gone…
  • Jumin now is devoted to thinking about what he has done to make you leave.
  • Every day he’ll send flowers to the place you’re staying, with a letter in her, you don’t even know how he found you, but in that letters, he says with all his heart how he’s missing you.
  • And how he’s a new man.
  • Please MC…Come back…
  • He changed.


  • Seven hates to get out of that place.
  • And he says to you that he doesn’t want you to get out too.
  • You can’t be locked here.
  • You want to get out, with your friends, alone, not only if he wants and comes with you.
  • You did not accept live in a prison.
  • He said he’s protecting you, this is not what you think.
  • You’ll show him that a woman can be tough, you can do what you want.
  • He knows that, but he always wants to have certainty.
  • But you’ll stay away from him for some days, he needs to understand that you can take care of yourself.
  • When you’re going, he doesn’t even say anything, he looks worried…But Seven’s smart, he knows he can’t say anything to make you stay.
  • You’re taking a piece of his heart with you…
  • When you’re out, he just sighs…Why was he such a little child?
  • He could talk to you about that, instead of making you feel like you’re just a damsel in distress.
  • He already understood his flaws.
  • And he’s ready to change.
  • He would do anything to you comes back the faster as possible…But now he’s just waiting for you to make your decision…
  • He’s feeling so sad, so incomplete.
  • That place doesn’t seem like the same.
  • He was wrong…You didn’t take a piece of his heart with you…You take the whole thing.


  • V is very protective.
  • And he’s very afraid that you might go away…Is understandable.
  • But he can’t go to you when you want to go out with your friends, or he can’t simply make your stay by asking and asking.
  • V must understand…It’s not because you’re out that you’ll leave him.
  • And you’ll make him understand that…By going out.
  • You’re mad at him, sure, but you go to him to warn him, that you’re going to spend some days out.
  • “…What?” He turns to you with a sad expression “Please MC…!Please…I can’t be without you here…”
  • Those words will not make you stay again, you just sigh “My decision is this one.”
  • When you were gone, V fall on his knees, holding your leg “Please MC..!I’ll do anything to your stay!”
  • Again…He thinks you’ll go away forever, well, he has to be taught a lesson.
  • You’ll have your freedom. And even if you look like a bad and cold woman, this is necessary…So you can be a free woman.
  • You could make V let go of you, and then you go away without saying a word and ignoring his screams for you.
  • V almost called Jumin or Seven to find you…But then he realizes…This is what you meant…
  • He smiles when he realizes…
  • V will wait for you like everybody, but he always tries, tries his best to make two plates of food…
  • Even if he has to throw that food away or eat it when you don’t come back.
  • But he’s doing all that with a smile on his face…Calm.
  • Even though it hurt a lot be left alone…
  • He misses your smile.
I Am An Alpha Ch 22: Bonding Time

I have a blanket wrapped around me by the time Kris and the others bust in their eyes are glowing red, chest heaving, the usual entrance they have been making the whole time I’ve been here. I smile awkwardly but the Tao doesn’t take their intrusion as nicely, he jumps in front of me shielding me from their view, and in his mind, possible attack.

“Get out!” The young alpha roars at his brothers.

“What the hell do you think you are doing using her like that? You are not clear minded enough to be anywhere near her!” Kris snarls.

“Hyung, wait, I said it was alright!” I stammer out.

Kris’s eyes shift to me, “And what were you thinking? He could have hurt you!”

“But he didn’t!”

“But he could have! You don’t know what you are getting yourself into when an alpha goes into rut around his mate.”

“And you do?” Jin sasses as he joins us in the room, easily swaggering pass my mates to stand in between them and Tao.

“This is none of your business,” Luhan quips.

Jin rolls his eyes, “First off, fuck you, yes it is, Insoo is my business with or without mates. Secondly, I’m so fucking tired of you guys freaking out about every little thing! How many times have you guys done this in the few days you have known her? She helped her mate out during his rut, what is the problem?”

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100 cm

Originally posted by meandmyopinionss

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: University!Yoongi + Fluff

Words: 1551

Summary: You’re goal was to stay as far away from Yoongi as possible, so how did you end up sharing a 100 cm wide bed?

A/N: This is what happens when you can’t fall asleep and you get weak by Yoongi’s gummy smile. My first edition to this blog, a wee little harmless drabble

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