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Non-Negotiable, Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Prompt: Accidental waving + Hercules Mulligan

Words: 602

Author’s Note: Hercules. My love. I’ve written three fics in the span of an hour. Yikes.

Warnings: Second hand embarrassment? Barely.

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New city, new beginning. A fresh start with everything dark behind you and a path of brightness ahead.

New York City was a place to make a name for yourself, not that that was what your goal was. It was a rather nice shift from your parent’s insistence to settle down.

From this distance, all they could do was send pestering letters, which you would often scan over and toss to the side. You knew they wanted the best for you, unfortunately your definition of ‘best’ and their’s didn’t quite match up.

You made a few friends at local shops you decided to frequent. The baker’s daughter was quite lovely and sometimes would give you loaves half off if you mentioned you would be giving them to the children who ran around with a permanent layer of dirt on their clothes.

The bookkeeper would allow you two more than the usual. He would often pull them from the highest shelves, knowing you would appreciate them for their context and not the coat of dust it had accumulated over the years.

Then there was the tailor’s apprentice.

He was the farthest thing you would imagine a tailor’s apprentice to be. Tall, burly, with large hands and a soft voice. Sometimes you would hear him hum a tune of revolution as he charged you a fee you knew was less than the accepted price.

Sometimes you would see him mingling in the town square. He seemed well-respected, even soldiers would stop the shake his hand. There were a few that seemed to seek out his company more than others - a group of rowdy men with nothing more than the country’s freedom on their mind.

One day, after a quick trip to check in with the baker’s daughter, you strolled past his shop and sadly realized he wasn’t in. You continued your walk before noticing him across the courtyard.

His eyes met yours and he grinned, lifting his hand up in a greeting. You didn’t realize you were close enough to warrant a wave outside his store. You immediately returned the greeting before you felt a figure brushing past you.

Alexander Hamilton, who has made quite a name for himself, was rushing to his friend, ignoring the truly embarrassing display you had just put on. Of course he wasn’t waving at you.

You blushed furiously when the friends who were already surrounding him began cooing taunts at him, that he was able to get girl’s attention on accident.

Fantastic. You would have to find a new tailor, just to save yourself from the embarrassment of his gaze again. You quickly made your retreat, before you heard someone calling you.

You stopped, turning to find the tailor’s apprentice grinning sheepishly down at you. He completely towered over you, yet he wasn’t intimidating.

“I’m sorry for the confusion. Although, may I say, I am quite honored to have caught your attention at all.” He offered his arm, and began escorting you away from his cheering friends.

“It’s so embarrassing. I can’t believe I did that.” You murmured, finding the stone path you were on quite interesting.

“No need to be embarrassed. Believe me, I’ve done much worse things in my time. My friends back there would love to tell you of the Wedding Incident.” He whispered ominously, shuddering at the memory, “I could tell you about it? Over dinner, perhaps?”

The chants of “Smooooooth!” and “Damn Hercules!” Were heard even from your distance from them.

“Unfortunately, my friends are non-negotiable.” He commented, looking proudly at his posse, who gave gestures of support.

“I think I can manage.”

anonymous asked:

Yey! Req is open!! What will SEVENTEEN DO, for their honeymoon? Thank you💕 i love your blog Admin Kimbab❣

S.Coups: Maui, Hawaii. Seungcheol would take you to a warm, relaxing honeymoon destination. He’d go adventuring with you; scuba-diving, going to luaus, zip-lining, parasailing. He’d want to experience the craziest things with you.

Jeonghan: Paris, France. Jeonghan would take you to the City of Love. He’d take you up to the Eiffel Tower, and you’d both share your first kiss as spouses at the very top. He’d take you to only the best restaurants and cafés in the city, and he’d film your adventure every chance he gets.

Joshua: Venice, Italy. Jisoo would of course take you to one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations. You’d both go for boat rides, go to the shopping districts, and take candid pictures of each other to capture precious, unforgettable moments.

Jun: Shenzhen, China. Junhui would want to take you to his hometown. He’d want to take you to all the best places, and share pieces of his childhood with you. This place means a lot to him, and to be able to return and experience it with the person who means the world to him is more than he could ever ask for.

Hoshi: Tokyo, Japan. Soonyoung would pick a city that’s always so active and energetic. You’d both eat all the street food, go shopping, and go sight-seeing. You’d visit every single part of Tokyo together, and he’d take as many pictures as possible so that he’d never forget these perfect moments spent with you.

Wonwoo: Harbour Islands, Bahamas. Wonwoo would take you somewhere relaxing that would wash away both of your worries. He’d take you for walks on the soft sandy beaches, lie under the clear blues skies with you, and enjoy every waking moment with you by his side.

Woozi: London, England. Jihoon would take you to every museum, gallery, palace; all the historic wonders London has to offer. He’d take you to the London Eye, and at the very top, while you’re looking down and admiring the view, he’d look at you and smile, excited to spend the rest of his life with you.

DK: Disney World, Florida. Seokmin would take you somewhere fun so that your days would be filled with nothing but smiles and laughs. You’d get matching Disney shirts and Mickey Mouse hats, and go around taking pictures, holding hands, and just making memories.

Mingyu: Santorini, Greece. Mingyu would take you here after hearing about the beautiful sunsets. On the first day of arrival, he’d take you to the highest spot, and watch the sunset while holding your hand tightly. You’d both go around the city and get lost together; your honeymoon would be filled with laughs and inside jokes.

The8: Hong Kong. Minghao would take you to the best shopping districts, and make you try only the best food Hong Kong has to offer. You’d both go exploring at night most of the time because of the beautiful city lights and the calmer atmosphere rather than busy daytime.

Seungkwan: Jeju Island, Korea. Seungkwan would take you to his hometown, hands down. He’d take you to all his favorite childhood places, and to all the best restaurants he knows. He’d take you to the most beautiful places, and take pictures of the two of you in front of a beautiful view. Your honeymoon would be filled with laughs, kisses, and unforgettable memories.

Vernon: New York City, New York. Hansol would want to take you to the city that never sleeps. He’d take you to Broadway shows, and take walks in Central Park with you. He’d want to explore every part of New York City with you by his side.

Dino: Disney Land, California. Chan would definitely want to take you somewhere fun that would spark childhood memories for the two of you. He’d want to go on every ride with you, sing to every Disney song that comes on, and be comfortable being his childish and playful self around the person he loves with all his heart. He’d take you to the place where dreams come true.

thank you for your request!! ^^

Distracted By Her Beauty

You were showing Harrison, Jacob, Zendaya, and your boyfriend Tom all around New York, visiting your favorite places, showing them the best places to get food, places to do cool or fun things, your favorite clothing shops, great places to just see a nice view, just all the best places.

Harrison, Zendaya, and Jacob seemed to be loving it, but Tom just kept staring at you, not paying too much attention to the city. You didn’t mind or think too much about it, just went on with showing them your favorite places.

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anonymous asked:

Please tell us where you bought that pink doughnut from your spring photoset? My fave bakery shut its doors and I need a new one

this place called hungry ghost in park slope, it’s a coffee shop that gets its doughnuts from the GIANT DOUGHNUT SPOT across the street called the doughnut plant. it was hibiscus flavored and heavenly. also hungry ghost makes the best mocha in new york city. trust me, I used to do this for a living.

zoebet  asked:

Some Christmas fluff with Seb (or Bucky) ft hot chocolate, blankets, twinkling lights, and cuddles pls?

I had ice skating and New York in my head when I read this. Hope you like this, lovely!

Sebastian offers to show you around the city; you go ice skating but you’re just so goddamn clumsy! (701 words, fluff, NYC at Christmas)

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cipher ; luke plus size au pt 1

okay guys so i know i’m writing way too many things at the moment, but this just came to me. if you’ve read sonder, this is a companion piece to it, so it’s in the same au !! the main girl in this one tho, is going to be plus size, so there will be describing of her body and what not. hopefully you don’t mind too much! but i would love to get feedback on this bc i am so in love with it!! 

Luke shuffled his way through the crowded streets, ignoring the loud car horns and chatter that flooded the busy city. Growing up in New York City, Luke had become accustomed to city life early on. He hiked his guitar case higher up on his shoulders. He was also thankful that he grew up here, because if he hadn’t, he would have ended up in the city anyway.

New York City was the place for any aspiring musician to live. Luke knew that, but it didn’t make it any easier. He had his own place with Calum, his best friend since the second grade. He worked at the record shop, but it still wasn’t enough to pay all of the bills.

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sapphysapph  asked:

Hello! I'm a mad creature from Australia who is seeking advice. You posted up an amazing selection of amazingness about NY & London aaaaages back. I don't suppose you know where it is or could give me a snapshot of some of that info again? I'm going to be in London just before Christmas and then going onto NY for Christmas/NYE and you having lived in both cities and generally being amazing I figured you would be the lady to ask. Hope you can help! xx sapph

YES of course boo! here you go: 


Restaurants (some highlights) 

  • Uva (Upper East Side)
  • Caracas (Lower East Side) 
  • Malatesta (West Village)
  • Buvette (West Village) 
  • Heidi’s House (UES)
  • Little Owl (West Village)
  • Craft (Gramercy) 
  • Dumont (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
  • Rosa Mexicano (UES, Upper West Side, Union Square)
  • Sweet Chick (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) 
  • Sushi Samba (West Village) 
  • John’s Pizza (West Village, Times Sq)
  • Palma (West Village)
  • Penrose (bar with good pub fare, UES)
  • Novecento (SoHo)
  • Momofuku Milk Bar (East Village, Midtown, UWS)


  • Met and Natural History (UES and UWS, respectively)
  • Tenement Museum (by appt only, LES)
  • Museum of Sex (Rose Hill)
  • Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design (UES)
  • Historical Society (UWS) 
  • NY Public Library (midtown)
  • Frick Collection (UES)
  • Museum of the City of New York (midtown)
  • Neue Gallery (UES)
  • NYC Police Museum (Financial district)
  • Park Avenue Armory (UES)


  • Evolution (amazing cabinet of curiosities, SoHo)
  • Brooklyn Flea Market (Ft Greene)
  • Strand Book Store (the best, Union Sq)
  • Forbidden Planet (a geek’s heaven, Union Sq)
  • Trash & Vaudville (birthplace of punk, St Marks)
  • Search & Destroy (scary, weird, cool, St Marks)
  • Dressing Room (LES)
  • Pearl River (all-in-one Chinese/Japanese import megastore, SoHo)
  • Babeland (18+ only!, LES)
  • Rudy’s Music (most beautiful guitar shop in the world, SoHo)
  • Designer Resale (nabbed a Prada trench here for $70 - this place is amazing, UES)
  • Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore, midtown)
  • Rizzoli (one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, bilingual English/Italian, midtown)
  • Topshop (just as much as a ripoff as it is in the UK, but the venue is cool; across the street from Pearl River in SoHo)
  • Obscura Antiques (LES)
  • Toy Tokyo (St Marks)
  • Shakespeare & Co Booksellers (UES) 


  • Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
  • English, Italian gardens in Central Park
  • Basically, Central Park
  • The Highline
  • Walk along the Hudson and/or East Rivers at night
  • And just try to walk everywhere you can. xxxx


    •    british museum (taking tea here is exceptionally good)
    •    marylebone high st is my favorite street for walking in london, especially for cath kidston, conrans, daunt books (my favorite bookshop in the world) and a delightful weekend market at the top of the street near baker street tube called “cabbages & frocks”
    •    the library at RADA (not sure if this is open to the public)
    •    the misc squares and general stunning georgian leafiness of bloomsbury
    •    denmark street is the best street in london for buying musical instruments. i’ve spent hundreds of afternoons at hank’s in a big armchair playing their stunning guitars. 
    •    if you happen to be on mortimer st, the george was my pub when i lived on nassau st. have a pint on me. 
    •    roka sushi. so so good.
    •    suka - malaysian fare in the sanderson, an inconspicuous fashion hotel. to-die-for food but pricy. even if you can’t afford the grub, go into the hotel for a drink at the long bar. the elevator gives the illusion that you’re standing in a starry sky.

    •    selfridges natch
    •    carnaby street is a gorgeous little hub for shopping, though it can be touristy; dance around the edges to find hidden gems, like the great frog, which makes fucking awesome jewelry. head into kingly court for amazing vintage finds, five-minute massage parlors, tea emporiums and beauty salons.
    •    ronnie scott’s. brilliant jazz club.
    •    milk & honey. serious bar with serious booze.
    •    go shopping at covent garden. get a cookie from ben’s cookies. for the love of god go get one of those cookies.

    •    cafe 202. the best french toast i have ever had in my life. ever.
    •    hummingbird bakery. this is a no brainer. go here. do not ever skip here. there is also one in south kensington near the natural history museum so you have no excuse. go. and get the red velvet cupcake and dissolve into a puddle of tears at the fact that you’ve never had anything this good in your life.
    •    portobello market can be insufferable sometimes but it really is worth it. unbelievable treasures everywhere. alice’s at the top of portobello road is particularly strange and wonderful. it has everything from preserved animals in jars to globes to unreturned library books to circus paraphernalia. there’s also an awesome cowboy shop next door. 
    •    the portobello star. pub specializing in historical cocktails. awesome little place, don’t go on a weekend though.

    •    very off the beaten tourist path, but a must-visit if you’re young and into music. i went to school here for a year and it was a big stomping ground for me. the entire high street is littered with pubs and open mic nights and live music venues. walk around and explore. the north london tavern is my definitive pub. then there’s the brondes age, ciao ciao, the king’s head, the good ship, and powers - which is the first place i ever did a gig. the area can be a little dodgy at night but use common sense and you’ll be all right.

    •    i went to drama school here and lived here for a few years. the curtains up near barons court was my pub. (also the albion close by.) i love that place, it’s probably my favorite pub in london, if only for the memories. they make really good food as well. westfield shopping centre is fun if it’s pouring rain and you have nothing else to do. go to kensington palace if you can, and have a drink at the kensington roof gardens. otherwise there’s not much to do except enjoy the lovely park. kensington is largely residential and very expensive.

    •    93 feet east is a fantastic club for people who don’t like clubbing (like me). lots of different musical choices to choose from scattered all over the compound, from live rock to pop to reggae to trance…a lot of fun. but be wary. brick lane is notoriously debauched on weekends. call addison lee in advance for a taxi to come pick you up. do not take the night bus on your own. (this actually goes for most of london, unless you’re right in central - and even then it can be a bit rough on the weekends. the tube shuts at 11 so use common sense if you’re out late.)
    •    brick lane market. amazing treasure trove of eclectic goodies.
    •    the mockingbird. awesome tapas owned by my best friend’s dad and brother. authentic spanish food and the paella is out of this world. 

idk that’s like a list of things i really love to do but there is SO MUCH MORE i mean i’ve been there years, so it’s hard to sum up everything, but other areas to check out include:

    •    camden town (and if you want a fancy night out, go to gilgamesh. a friend’s dad owns it. amazing asian fusion with a fun dance club upstairs.)    •    knightsbridge (harrods and harvey nics are staples, but only really necessary to visit to say you’ve been there. harrods has a ladurée inside - the legendary french patisserie - so it is worth going there to have a macaron or six. however, signor sassi - tucked away in a little side street - makes the best italian i have ever had, and you will fall in love with all the waiters.) also go to embankment and take a walk along the river. cross the bridge, explore south bank. definitely go see a play at the national. 


10 Reasons I Love New York

By Raspberry & Rouge

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I could probably think of a thousand reasons to love New York. Or beyond. But I thought you might stop reading after the trillionth statement of my love for the city, so decided to stick to just ten. For now. I might bore you with more in my upcoming posts, but if you’ve ever visited the Big Apple you might catch my drift. Walking around on those endless avenues, the gorgeous little side streets in the West Village… I literally screamed of happiness. Some dream of a deserted island with not much more than a bikini and a hammock (ok and iPhone and wifi), but me, me you could put in the tiniest apartment somewhere downtown New York and I’d the happiest girl. So why all of this? Where does it come from. Hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. The ten reasons I love New York:

1. The energy. From the very first moment I set foot in New York I was sold. There is an energy present I can’t explaing to anyone who’s never been. It might be the mix of the colossal buildings, loads of people, yellow cabs flashing by, cute little eateries, I can’t really tell. But the energy, it’s definitely there like no other place I’ve ever been to.

2. Food! Coming back to the point above: the eateries. So many of them. Since this time around we didn’t really do anything touristic apart from a helicopter flight (!), we spent A LOT of time in restaurants. At breakfast we were discussing where to have lunch, and around noon we starting thinking of a cool place to have dinner. So yeah, loads of good places, I’ll share my faves soon in a New York city guide.

3. Spring time. No time like Spring! It’s my fave season of the year and the best time to visit the city. It’s literally in bloom! All throughout the city you can find the white and pink blossom trees blooming for weeks in a row. A blogger’s heaven as you can imagine, and I’m no exception.

4. Shopping spree. Again, another thing I like to do in the city. As a fulltime blogger I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to buy clothes too often because I get loads of stuff. So physically shopping for clothes is something I rarely do. Browsing online, yeah, pretty much every day, but actually buying stuff: not so much. But in New York I do, I love it so much! All the cute little boutiques in Soho – how can one stay away?

5. The parks. The one downside about big cities, especially in summer time, is that there’s no place to really except the craziness. Because even I, a city girl at heart, love some peace and quiet every once in a while. Fortunately New York does have places to go besides the Hamptons or Montauk. And you don’t have to travel far! I love spending time in Central Park, walking along the Hudson River or picnicking in one of the lovely parks Brooklyn has to offer.

6. Diversity in so many ways. New York is such a diverse city! Not only because of the “melting pot” of people, but also when it come to its neighborhoods. It’s like every neighborhood is almost a village on its own, with a “centre” and the “outskirts”. You cannot even compare the vibe in Brooklyn with the one in Midtown, or the Meatpacking district with the Upper East Side.

7. Culture. Obviously New York is not as old as most of the European cities are, so when it comes to culture you might want to adjust your expectations a bit. Yes, the city has cute old streets downtown, but when you’re looking for really “aged and dusted” this might not be the place for you. But culture is not necessarily something you have to find in super old buildings, it’s something that is just there no matter how long it exists. It’s not in art, buildings or people in general. It’s about the mix of everything that makes the city what it is. Artsy people will love all the tiny galleries downtown, the Metropolitan Museum, Moma or the Whitney. Or any of the other amazing museum the city has to offer.

8. Strolling around. Whenever we go to New York we tend not take take the subway or an Uber too much. Yeah, the distances can be quite big, but it’s the perfect city to stroll around in if you’re not in a hurry. Accidentally bumping into the cutest cafe or store doesn’t really happen when you’re underground now does it?

9. Fashionwise. Obviously we have to discuss this subject over here. I always get so inspired when I’m in the city! I love playing around with different styles and pieces of clothing. And when I’m in New York I just feel like I could wear anything, and that it would be ok. You’ll see me sporting loads of different styles of clothing over the next few weeks on my blog, curious to hear what you guys prefer! Sometimes I do think I’m a bit more limited in what is acceptable back in Amsterdam. I feel like the Dutch are definitely sticking to the “normal is crazy enough” saying in so many ways. Not that I’m intending to wear anything outrageous, but even heels are sometimes “too much” in my hometown I feel. The Dutchies love their jeans and sneakers! Nothing wrong with that, but playing dress up is quite nice from time to time too.

10. Attitude. Now this is a point of discussion, because I know a lot of people will not agree with me on this one. But there’s something about New York’s attitude, or those of New Yorkers maybe. No, I don’t think they’re the friendliest of people, but you do know what you get. It’s very out there, very present, it’s welcoming and closed off at the same time. Every person for itself I think, and that could be good and bad at the same time. Good because you’re free to feel, do, look, say whatever you think. You can be you and no one would care. Bad, because it might not feel very warm. But hey, it’s a big city and it definitely has balls. And I like that!

Now about the outfit. This one is definitely one of my faves from New York. I loved being able to wear shorts again! The look is a mix between the Cali cool vibes I adore, the Northern European layering and a bunch of 70s touches. I keep on thinking what I would wear if I could choose one outfit for the rest of my life (weird but true). I think this could be it, although it surely is not all-age appropriate, but that’s something I will not worry about for now. What would you wear? Would it be something similar? Dying to hear!

This post originally appeared on Raspberry & Rogue. Follow her on Instagram here.


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Emmy Rossum - Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List 2014 - First Time Honoree

RESIDENCES: New York City and Los Angeles.
FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: McKenna & Co. jewelry, One Kings Lane, Topshop, Bergdorf Goodman, Inhabit, Smythson.
FAVORITE ACCESSORY: Ralph Lauren Alligator Ricky bag in red.
SCENT: I Profumi di Firenze Vaniglia del Madagascar Eaude Parfum.
STYLE ICON: Cate Blanchett.