best pilot ever tbh

OK so my experience working twenty one pilots

First of all best show I’ve ever worked. 10000/10 tbh. My boss knew I loved them so she let me pick my position so I chose the sound booth bc it’s easiest to enjoy the show.
Now I got there early to hand out top stickers for the street team and that was so much fun, people were so happy it was cute. And when I got inside one of my supervisors was like “have you fainted before” and I was just like no why but she wouldn’t tell me
Then at meeting my boss said “now I know Kelly’s going to hate hearing this but the lead singer is going to come out and climb a thing in the mix to sing on” and I almost yelled bc hell yeah
So I I took my position, the show started, the crew were all wicked nice which is always great. The openers were both amazing.
And tbh I think it was between echosmith and top (I’m not sure bc it’s all one big loop in my head rn) markceshleman came to the gate and ngl he showed me his badge and I was just like “it’s okay I recognize you” not entirely sure he heard it but yeah that’s a thing I actually said without thinking about how lowkey creepy it was. Also tbh my heart stopped a lil bc I’m a very big fan of his work so yeah but he seemed very nice, he spent a lot of time in there during top.
So did Jenna who like before car radio checked the thing Tyler was supposed to stand on, like tried to shake it and it was really cute, like I get that I was also lowkey worried about its stability. And she watched most of the show from there, she was extremely sweet of course.
And yeah just watching top was great, I had a good view, I got to sing along to every song. Tyler came into the mix and was about a couple inches away it was great. I didn’t actually freak out.
It was funny though, all the captains, supervisors, and security kept coming to me with their set lists so I could update them on which song we were on.
And one of them let me keep their setlist, plus my friend got me a beanie and bc I was in the sound booth I have the paper with all the badges on it (which is the only thing I won’t be posting a pic of obviously bc security reasons that’d be fucked up)
And yeah basically tonight was amazing and I love my job so much. And I’m so glad I got to meet a bunch of you too!!

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