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Seriously let’s make this a trio so I can hang out with ya’ll. I can be your constant (and blissfully happy) third wheel

I feel like if anyone ever asked Tony what his sexuality is he would reply with the longest most in-depth title ever, and when the person who asked inevitably asks, “What does that mean?” Tony just looks them up and down and goes

“Fuck you.”

And turns on his heel and walks out.

It’s great. Natasha is cackling in the background.


Fun UPDATES… or catching up really…

I basically haven’t been on tumblr in a year/ year and a half….so inactive no stuff yada yada. BUT. but. On my hiatus I did try my best to take pictures of projects that i worked on over the year (YAYYYY) 

This was my Halloween costume for 2016, the first picture is actually me and my coworker(she’s Lucy and will probably be lucy this year too xD I love her so much) at kmart taking pictures since there were no customers. At all. We didn’t even give out much candy… and only three of us dressed (BOO) 

Anyhow I wanted to show the process as to how I made the Shy guy mask, it’s still ridiculously amateurish with all the lumps. BUT. You always have to keep moving forward, and maybe i’ll look back this and be like EW, but right now I’m not ew about it so i’m posting it.

The materials I used for the project: Balloons, Paper Mache(newspaper/flour/water), A hot glue gun, some plastic mesh, homemade paper clay (I used a tutorial on youtube, she was a great sculptor), some brown fabric, white acrylic paint, and sandpaper(because I was a dummy and didn’t roll out the clay first…roll out the clay and make it as flat as possible. Makes your life easier.)

What I could’ve done differently: For the most part, it was a really successful mask. However, I would have cut it an inch or two further. It scraped my chin a bit. Also rolling out the paper clay, as well as looking into ways to create a better harness so that I don’t have to worry about it falling off. Lastly, lining the inside, just to make it look nicer.  

THE BEST PART? Selfies. Dramatic Selfies.

Constant doodles I tend to put on my Instagram bitt3rsw33t, but I’m going to try to keep bigger projects and comic on here ^^

This year, I plan on making a fun spider costume. I’m going to TRY to make 6 doll arms, and I’m definetly going to be looking for materials now. I MEAN WE’RE ONLY A SUMMER AWAY FROM HALLOOWEEEEENNNNNN

In the mean time I’m going to be uploading what I worked on over the past year, I have a few other projects, and maybe I’ll find time for some fanart as well ^o^

Im a Vegga…🙅🙊
Caitlyn Jenner is not a wom.. 🙅🙊
God hate…🙅🙊
Im a Femi…🙅🙊
Climate change is not rea…🙅🙊
illegals are ruining our coun…🙅🙊
Thats rasi…🙅🙊
Minio… 🙅🙊🔫

*hugs you all*


After finishing my portfolio yesterday (which will also be displayed in my school next to the comic), I’m finished with working on my final art project. So that was a nice 3 months.

It was the first comic I’ve worked on that I had a strict deadline to keep in mind and it’s easily the longest comic I’ve drawn. Previously the longest one was about 3 pages. But it was a nice experience to work on a bit bigger project and maybe next time I’ll base a long comic on an original plot. Y’know, when I’m not hurried up by a deadline and I can have all the time I want to come up with a plot and a story.

But I’ll continue the comic with original plot some time.

~a trash can never looked that beautiful~ @phantheraglama

I know i’m late, but last night i was lurking in the last 15 pages of your blog… Like always (im sorry, im so weird) and after seeing your selfie -FINALLY WE KNOW YOUR FACE YAY- i had to draw you :)

You are one of my absolute favorites phan bloggers here and i really appreciate how much time you take in this blog, doing your best answering anons and cheering people up with your art.

As this is your selfie, i would understand if you want me to delete this post :)

-Btw your answer to the hate anon was savage, i want that printed out yo-


ESW Best Picture Project: no. 11 of 87

This is the first Best Picture winner to feature two People of Color exchanging dialogue with each other.


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