best picture of the night by far


during still breathing billie joe leaned out so far to the audience and i managed to get these beautiful pictures (please credit if you use them)!! there is no zoom just me stretching my arms out as far as I physically could!! honestly the best night of my life, didn’t think they could get any better than the two times i’ve seen them before but of course they did! absolutely love this band and will die a hardcore green day fan ❤️

Well I did a fit test last night, but unfortunately no one was awake to take a picture of me, and my selfie stick was out of batteries. So here’s the best I could do with my phone before that died too XD I’m fairly happy with the costume so far. It will definitely be getting improvements after PAX - LEDs, but also some minor things that I didn’t get to.

Leaving for PAX soon. I’m also bringing the black knight, which I’ll wear on Friday and then it’ll be the Abyss Watcher the rest of the time. Sadly, Tyrael couldn’t fit in my car because we have 5 people, so it’ll have to wait another year (I do seriously want to bring the wings back though. It will happen, I promise.)

Am I a traveler?

Attention! This post is written from the perspective of me, an autistic person, and is targeted mostly at other autistic people. If you are allistic you can still find this text useful, but be aware that some of the things here can’t be applied to you.

One of the most popular questions I get on Autistic Worlds is ‘I do X, Y and Z – am I traveler?’. Considering the complicated nature of maladaptive daydreaming (or as I call it, traveling) I can understand why it’s hard to draw a line between casual daydreaming and traveling. In this post I will try to answer this question the best I can.

What is daydreaming?

Most people on Earth daydream to some extent. We all see dreams at night when we fall asleep, though some neurobiologists think it is closer to hallucinations. We can imagine scenes and situations, translate words into pictures and recall more or less accurate memories. And as far as we know, you need to be conscious, self-aware in order to experience daydreaming.

However some of us clearly have more vivid imagination than others. Talented writers, artists, musicians and other creators have a capability for producing something new and unique. At its core daydreaming is creating a reality from nothing, sometimes by detaching yourself from the outside world and letting your mind wander. Ideas that some people come up with are literally out of this world, too new, exciting, and complicated for the majority of people to understand. Many wonderful artists, writers, musicians, etc. were rather underappreciated by their contemporaries.

Let’s talk about maladaptive daydreaming. Commonly described as “extensive fantasy activity that replaces human interaction” it is a relatively new concept. Media describes it as a disorder, a dangerous symptom that separates the person from society and makes their lives miserable. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Why autistic people are more likely to be travelers.

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leftmyheartinyokohama  asked:

2PM as dating profiles (on a dating site)

A/N: I took this as what their “About Me” (or description or what have you) would say… I hope that’s okay.

Jun. K. Profile Picture: Probably his dogs. Singer, songwriter, dancer. Father to two wonderful sons: Noopy and Denver. 2PM by day, soloist by night.

Taecyeon. Profile Picture: Either a rare Pepe or a really really nice selfie. Puns are my life. Meme-lover. Traveler. Rapper.

Nichkhun. Profile Picture: Selfie. Writer. California native. Quiet nights in with books or at the bookstore are the best.

Wooyoung. Profile Picture: Either nothing or some edgy meme. (Would have nothing, or would have a really cheesy pickup line or pun)

Junho. Profile Picture: His cats or a selfie with one or all of them. Cat lover. Singer. Songwriter. Save a drum, bang the drummer. (A/N: As far as I am anyways, he knows how to play the drums.)

Chansung. Profile Picture: Nothing or a simple selfie. I just want to put myself out there. I’m not too great describing myself. I want to hear about you.


Opie Winston was by far your best friend, and the fact that you possibly had feeling for the big bad biker teddy bear was terrifying. You two grew up together, both your fathers were first nine, but your daddy died a long time ago, when you were five, now you were 35, and watching as Opie casually rode in, followed by Tig, who was your stand in father. He was the one who threatened your first boyfriend, took picture with you at prom, treated you like one of his own daughters, he was your whole world and one night after getting you very very drunk found out that my heart was starting to lean towards Opie.

“I knew it, ever since you were little you have followed those boys around, and I knew one day it would lead to this. My money was on Jax though.”
“You know somethin, imma tell him right now!” You slurred loudly as you pulled your crappy flip phone out, he snatched it though before you could even dial the area code.
“Easy there tigger, maybe you should tell him when you are in a less drunk state.

Unfortunately when you were in your less drunk state, AKA sober AF you lost the balls to do it and sadly were back at square one.
"Hey Baby girl!” Tig screamed towards you causing you to remember that you were standing by the outdoor wrestling rink, zoning out.
“Hey Tigger!” You smiled as his middle finger raised at you. Opie was not far behind, and instead of going inside like Tig, he went to you.
“Where’s my hello?” He playfully asked, causing a smile to spread over both of your faces.
“Well hello Mr. Winston, I’m so glad you have returned unharmed.” You faked a posh accent and watched as he shook his head and laughed.
“I mean I dodged a few bullets, figured the maid didn’t want to clean up all my blood.”
“Are you saying I’m your maid now Winston?”
“No just that you don’t wanna clean up my blood.”
“Hey lovebirds! Wanna cold one?!” Tig yelled from inside causing a blush to wash over your face, you hurried inside, without even looking at Opie’s face, making it so that you failed to notice a similar blush on his face.

“I’m telling you [Y/N], you are a total light weight.” Opie exclaimed as you finished your fifth beer, you were at the point of very, very drunk, as Opie continued to drink his fifth. He was still acting normal, while you looked like a trashed college student on a Saturday.
“I am not!” You slurred
“Count to ten.” He demanded with a laugh.
“1,2,4,5,3,6,7,9,11,10!” You smiled all proud at yourself, as Opie chuckled.
“Sweetheart you skipped 8, mixed up two of ‘em, and added eleven.”
“You wanna know something?” You slurred
“What Miss Light weight?”
“I love you. Like love you, love you.”
Your words hit him like a ton of bricks, and the only thing to come out was, “you love me?”
This wasn’t the response drunk you imagined because after it you just covered your mouths and ran out to your car, and drove home before Opie could say, “I love you too”

Part 2??????

Last night I got to see The Front Bottoms play a 20 song set, Smoke a blunt with Brian Sella (Pictured Right) and also throw a football around with TFB. Best night ever.


At the risk of sounding like a melodramatic teenager, Saturday night was quite possibly THE best night of my life with my best friend Geneva @scariefaerie ,in which both my dreams and my fears came true, but let me tell you about the night Ricky Horror wanted to fight me. This is long, sorry, but this needs to be shared. 

At the meet and greet, they started to sign the poster like they do for everyone else, but I had a special request: I had decided that I absolutely HAD to get MiW to sign the pictures that I had taken of them back in March, knowing full well how far they had spread, memes and all. 

So I asked nicely if they would sign my pictures  and Ricky, in a perfect deadpan, says “No, I’m not signing that.” Recognizing it for what it was, I made a face and he said, “Yeah, I’ll sign it.”

Then, after I explained where the pictures were from, Ricky looked me right in the eyes and asked, “Are you the one that took all of those horrible pictures and posted them all over the internet?”

Caught, I said, “Yeeeaaahhhhh…I’m so sorry,” which I have felt compelled to do for months. 

Ricky kind of shook his head and Chris immediately jumped into the conversation, leaning down to me until he was about eight inches from my face, making that “oooooohhh” noise like I was five and in big trouble, before asking if I had taken the one where Ricky was making a face that he mimed as being a really dorky smile. 

“I’ve got it on my phone, let me find it,” he said as we lined up to take the picture. He pulled out his phone and started scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, determined to find it. I got out of the line to give him space to look for it and when he finally did, it was definitely one of mine (the last picture in this post).

What followed is a little out of order because I was trying to talk to all of them at once, but essentially they all caught on to what was happening and all of them asked me versions of “That was you?” 

I told them yes and Balz advised me to “run, just run” while Ghost just laughed. Ricky said something about fighting me, but I as I didn’t quite hear him, I didn’t acknowledge it anyway, other than to apologize a few more times  as we went to take the picture for real. 

He told me “the damage was done” and I said that “all we can do is move forward,” which made him chuckle. 

With the picture taken, I went to gather up my stuff and as I turned back around to say thank you and goodbye most of them had already gotten back in position for the next person, but Ricky was standing apart from them looking at me like “What happened? Where are you going?” and then did that thing with his arms and chest like “You wanna fight?” I just looked at him like, “The fuck you want?” and then I shrugged and backed away to wait for Geneva. 

Later, when I found him at the Worn Doll table - and I have no idea where the balls to do this came from - I started to conversation with “Do we have to fight?” which caught him completely off-guard, but he laughed, really laughed, telling me that “No, no, we’re good.”  

Thank you, guys, (Ricky in particular) for helping to make this a night to remember. 


that was by far the best night of my life! the guys are all so lovely! Johnny said he liked my hair after apologising for pretending to jerk off on the hot guy in front of me (that he though was my bf). danny was saying how much he loved my top #reptherose then he noticed I was nervous cause I was at the m&g by myself & after I got the picture kept looking over & smiling @ me to make sure I was okay. then I got barrier & he caught my eye to see if I was okay again he is actually the sweetest human I have ever met😭 & the other guys were just making small talk but they’re all so sweet & polite like totally not what you’d expect😂 (all my pictures)


Bottom picture is an old coil twist out from last week (July)! The shrinkage is definitely real. Took off a few inches in April bc of heat damage but this big chop was def the best thing I’ve done to my hair by far! Oil morning and night, faithfully Lol. I keep about 3 different oils in a spray bottle and use the nozzle for my scalp directly. I so my hair doesn’t dry out. Try to cowash 1-2 weeks.
It will be 7 months on August 9th!

Personal IG/ Tumblr: theycallmedyme
Beauty & Fashion Blog: thexvanity

igavethatbitchalink dude omg. Okay, Steve being REALLY enthusiastic about googly eyes, like “these are by far the best modern invention” enthusiastic and sticking them EVERYWHERE. Him doodling pictures and using googly eyes. Buying those massive ones to just stick on doors. The toaster gets be-googly-eyed. Tony nearly has a heart attack going to the bathroom in the middle of the night because “the toilet is staring at him wtf.” Tony finds googly eye nipples on his suit DAMMIT STEVE I TOLD YOU TO STOP DOING THAT.


Backstage at Gucci A/W 2015

Alessandro Michele’s first womenswear collection for Gucci had something for everyone: the Parisian fashionista (with those cool, reinvented berets), the romantic (those dresses), the bohemians (winter florals updated) and the androgynous dressers (bow ties, oxford slip-ons). 

Best look of the night: Esmeralda Seay Reynolds’s dress with a sequined bird (last picture, far right). Totally unexpected, but seemed to blend right in with the eclectic collection.  

Much Too Far || Hanbin Ft. Jinhwan

+1470 Words

“Do you think it’s on?”

You smiled at the sound of your friend’s boyfriend’s voice. The picture still hadn’t loaded on your phone, but you were already happy to see what awaited you when it did.  It had been a few months since you had last seen Hanbin, and the same amount of time that your friend hadn’t seen Jinhwan. She often came over to your home to cope with the distance—it proved sufficient. Girl’s nights were the best way to pass the time, but you often found yourselves talking about the two boys, missing them more and more.

Finally the video loaded, revealing Hanbin’s handsome face to you with Jinhwan slightly in the background. The two of them still looked confused.

The light is blinking, I think it’s on,” Hanbin said before a wide grin spread across his and Jinhwan’s face. You called for your friend, bringing her over to plop down on the couch with you.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Hanbin and Jinhwan sent us a video,” you replied to her, holding the phone out to show her just enough for the both of you to see. A smile spread across her face as she sighed, too. Her heart fluttered seeing Jinhwan, the same way yours did seeing Hanbin.

“Hey, babe. We had a little bit of free time this afternoon. So, I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and what better way to tell you than over video, where you can see my face, too. Ahh, I can almost feel the smile on your face.” And you did—have a huge smile on your face that is. Damn, your boyfriend was handsome. “I hope you’re doing well without me. I’ll be home soon, you hear? I miss you, baby. I miss you a lot. I love you.”

“I love you, Bin,” you whispered to yourself, only to be nudged by your friend who smiled at you before it was Jinhwan’s camera time. He addressed your friend the same way Hanbin addressed you. Even as Jinhwan talked to her, your heart fluttered. Just the thought of how much those two loved the both of you.

You watched your friend essentially melt in front of you, holding a half-clenched fist over her heart as tears gathered in her eyes as they were now in yours, too. She watched the screen, watching Jinhwan, lips pulling across her teeth in a small smile, tears trickling down her face.

“We love you and we’ll see you soon!” they harmonized in the video before you took your phone back, dialing up Hanbin’s number to see if he could talk for just a minute. You wanted nothing more than to hear his voice live, right now. The phone rang in your ear as you held it up against your head, waiting for him, hoping for him to answer and when he did, you bit your finger on your free hand, overjoyed to hear him.

You couldn’t even find a voice to speak after he had answered. He repeatedly said hello, called your name, and asked if you were there before you could finally choke out a soft, “I’m here.” You could practically feel his grin as he asked how you were doing and you explained to him that you had gotten his video and that your heart was fluttering out of control right now.

“I’m so glad you liked it. I wanted to send you something sweet to let you know I’m thinking about you. We’ll be home soon. I can’t wait to see you. I’ve missed you,” he said, becoming short-breathed by the end of the sentence as he remembered what it was like to be in your arms, hand in hand, your warm lips on his. He sighed.

You repeatedly opened your mouth to speak, but nothing would come out. You were too excited thinking about what it was going to be like to have him back with you, finally, after such a long time it felt like.

“I know, cat’s got your tongue,” Hanbin said to you, and you couldn’t help but chuckle, “How about you do me a favor and go open your front door; I have something waiting there for you.”

You were confused, telling him that you couldn’t possibly know how he had this all so perfectly planned out and your friend watched you as you headed to the front door, unlocking it and opened it. Your jaw fell open and your phone fell out of your hand, but that was the least of your concern right now as you were pretty sure your tear ducts had processed what was happening before you did. Jinhwan was standing directly in front of you before he pushed passed you—as happy as he was to see you, he had bigger priorities.

But the moment he stepped away, your hand covered your gaping mouth as you laid eyes on your handsome man. The tears stung your eyes as you closed them after scanning his smiling face, chuckling quietly as he stepped to you.

“Hanbin, I… I don’t…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence before he stepped towards you, taking your free hand to lace his fingers with yours while the other touched your hip, drawing you closer to him. You couldn’t even process anything right now; you knew you were already bawling your eyes out. You were so happy to see him, almost too happy, and it was apparent to him as your face buried deep into his neck, dampening that and his shirt collar as he cradled you against his warm chest.

“Don’t cry, baby girl. I’m right here with you, didn’t you miss me?” he laughed. He wasn’t being insensitive; this was just how Hanbin was. He loved you, and he loved that you loved him. So much so that you just couldn’t contain the tears of joy.

“Of course I missed you,” you whined into his neck, holding him tighter, pulling him as close to you as possible. “I just didn’t know I would see you this soon, I’m so overwhelmed and—”

He tilted your chin up to silence you as his hands cupped your cheeks, brushing them free of tears. His lips were as warm and soft as you remembered; his hands as tender and caring as they ever were and you were sure you couldn’t even stand on your own two feet after the reality of everything that was happening had finally set in. After his lips finally left yours, you were instantly lost in his soft brown eyes as he picked you up. His arms tucked under your thighs to support you as your arms draped around his neck.

With tears still in your eyes, you looked over to you friend who was in just about the same state that you were as she cuddled up to Jinhwan on your couch. Hanbin took you over to plop down next to Jinhwan, sandwiching both of them in the middle, especially as you slid off to the side. The afternoon was filled with a lot of I missed you’s and I love you’s before night was falling. You had agreed to let Jinhwan and your friend stay in the extra bedroom downstairs (even though you knew some interesting things would be going down); since your and Hanbin’s bedroom as upstairs in the loft.  Now the four of you were crammed on the three person couch watching a movie.

But you weren’t sure how much longer you could keep your eyes open. Hanbin’s scent, his warm bare skin exposed by the tank he had changed into, his soft stroking through your hair, his occasional sweet nothings in your air and soft kisses against your neck had you falling asleep against him and soon you did.

Hanbin made sure Jinhwan and his girl made it to their room for the night, Jinhwan falling asleep himself after the long plane ride before Hanbin gathered you into his arms to take you upstairs. Thankfully you were already dressed for bed since you had spent all day inside so all he had to do was pull back the clean sheets to lay you down. He leaned over to press a soft kiss against your cheek, stirring you a little to elicit his name in your small voice.  He undressed and then crawled into bed.

“Ahh, my own bed in my own home, with my girl—the only thing I could possibly need—right here in my arms,” he muttered out loud to nobody really except himself. He tucked his arm under your head, bringing you onto his shoulder to form against his body.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” you muttered into him.

“I couldn’t be happier, baby girl.”



hahaha I’ve found myself in many pictures and many friends sent me these pictures saying they could see me from far away! LOL


You killed it, I love you!

ps: I’m sorry I lack on collage skills, but i think these did the job hahaha


two days ago i met the nicest and funniest person to ever walk the earth: jack barakat. everything i thought before about him, he’s even better. he was so fucking drunk and it was freaking 4 am and he kindly stopped at the hotel door where we all were waiting for him. he took pictures with every single one of us, even more than one picture. i asked him for a hug an he said “yeah, sure” i thanked him for everything and he said “thank YOU” and i will never forget those words, the way he said it to me, like, he really meant it, i felt it. he is so damn kind and greateful and he was so happy to be there having a conversation with us and just being all goofy and silly as always. he gladly signed my ticket show for me and we took this piture and a selfie. that was by far the best night of my life and i will never be able to thank him enough. i’m just doing this to let you know that jack fucking barakat is the best human being i’ve ever met

i love you jack <3

Hiiiii, And welcome to One Direction Shoe Emporium! Every Shoe for Every Need! 

Let me take you through the types of shoes we have:

We have the, Casual, yet not so casual, faces of fetus Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn as seen here in the colours of purple, green, tangerine, periwinkle, and rose pink. These could be seen in everyday wear, but let’s keep it to the afternoon.

Then we have these bad boys, One Direction Kicks Asses Now and Takes Names Later They are black with red lining and fun art done by the boys!  You could wear these on a night time walk or at sunset, to give you an edge and scream, “Bad Ass”. By far, one of our best sellers. 

Here we have these sweet things, Pretty in Pink, 1D A simple pink shoe with beautiful embellishments, what else does one need? These could be worn anytime, everywhere-well maybe not ANYtime or EVERYwhere, but you get the picture. 

Looking for a hot night on the town? Step it up with these sexy flats, Step on Our Faces, but Look Fierce Doing It. The black patent leather shows sophistication and growth as a woman. However, the best part-to give you more confidence, you get to step on the fetus faces of the makers of the 1D brand! How fantastic.

Come back next week to take a sneak peek at season’s 2 newest design sketches!