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pls give us some fluffy klance headcanons i'm starving

i’m literally just.. gonna pick some stuff i saved in my drafts randomly lmao

  • the first time they properly hug, they have that classic “never letting go till someone starts coughing behind them” moment. when they realize for how much they’ve held each other, they separate at the speed of light blushing profusely
  • now that the paladins know there’s a space mall, lance is determined to ask keith on a date there, so he pretends they have to go for a mission. “soooo, coran told me we have to get something for him at the space mall and specifically said he wants you and me to go get it for him” “are you sure? i’ve talked to him 10 minutes ago and he didn’t mention anything?” “uh…yeah? he told me ‘cause i’m his favourite paladin duh!” “alright let’s go”. so once they’re there lance confesses there was no commission to do for coran he just wanted to ask him out and keith smiles fondly, takes his hand and they walk together around the shops
  • supposing lance was jealous of keith during 2x06, i want him to ask keith again about him and allura. “you know i just wanna make sure….not that i like you or anything…” “lance. you know there’s nothing between me and the princess i just wanted to see how long it would take for you to confess”
  • i’m not exactly fond of angst, but near death experience love confessions are starting to grow on me so there’s that
  • red and blue are married and therefore have a deep connection so they spill to their respective paladins what the other thinks of them and :)
  • or even better…. meeting some aliens that can read minds or something and one of them is like “the red paladin is in love with one of u” and lance *laughs nervously* “ahah it can’t be me right” keith: stares at the camera
  • i want!! more lance gushing over keith but this time keith actually hears him and does the same back. basically the next time he notices lance hanging around the hall, he brings shiro with him and starts talking about how amazing lance is and makes sure he hears him
  • lance being aware!!! of the effect his flirting has on keith to the point he flirts with him pratically everyday and keith doesn’t know if he can’t handle it and shiro has to listen to every of his love problems
  • keith being able to recognize lance’s smell. i assume he likes to put cologne and smell nice, so keith’s pining ass would probably recognize his scent even a mile away. “still no news on lance?” “he’s coming back. i can smell his perfume” “how the hell do you know that” “….. it’s a … galra thing” (it’s not)
  • keith dragging lance along his plan to help shiro and allura get together but in the process they manage to resolve their own feelings
  • once in an established relationship, i want them not only to be a power couple, but to be so proud of it they actually brag about it with the enemies they meet
  • lance coming up with the most silliest pick up lines just to make keith laugh: “are you a tv? because i would watch you all day” “lance please” “only the best pick up lines for the best boyfriend” “i’m pretty sure you’re talking about yourself then” hashtag plan backfired
  • keith struggling about finding lance a gift once he knows his bday is coming up, so he goes on a solo mission to try and find a planet that has nice flowers in it. but he doesn’t have the courage to give the bouquet to him, so he writes him a card and leaves them in front of his room’s door. “most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful boy i know” keith thinks he’s slick because lance doesn’t know his handwriting, but he actually does, so the next day lance puts a card under his door that said “thank you -L” and keith falls on the floor
  • lance was very popular in class back at the garrison because of his friendly personality and keith tells that to him one day and how much he actually wanted to be his friend and lance is like “you know….there was this guy at the garrison, he was good at many things, except talking to people. but…. i liked him anyway”
  • keith saying that he doesn’t smile often and lance retorting “you’re not that grumpy i’ve seen you smile” “what do you mean” “You know….that smile you do when your eyes are shining…. like y’all have seen right” shiro: lance i’m pretty sure you’re either imagining it or he smiles like that just at you. cue a very flustered lance leaving the room
  •  this is super overused but i love the idea of keith telling lance “I’ve already lost Shiro I can’t lose you too” and then hugging him
  • “are you a tree? because i pine for you” “lance why are you practising your pick up lines with me” “Ha..ha….of course….just…practising.”
  • if lance can surf i really want to see him teaching keith how to please beach episode i need you
  • blatant flirting!!!! without realizing that it’s flirting!!! which is basically what they do in canon but you know….basically a “everybody can tell except them” kind of situation
  • cheek kisses, because i live for them, even better if it’s something done on impulse and unexpected
  • keith watching lance proudly doing something and accidentally slipping “that’s my lance” out loud. shiro: i didn’t know you two were dating? keith: i left the stove open i gotta go
  • keith and lance have never actually referred to each other as friends and i want that this is not a romantic thing but i just need to hear them saying “he’s my friend” ya feel
  • lance meeting a very awake keith in the middle of the night and asking him what’s wrong. “trouble sleeping?” “yeah” “is it because you’ve been thinking about me? :3″ “GOODNIGHT LANCE”

ok i hope i satisfied you enough lol <3

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okay but how many terrible physics pick up lines would viktor use on yuuri

“Oh, Yuuri, are you okay?” Victor asks over dinner. “Did you swallow a magnet?”

Yuuri knows where this is going. He winces. “Don’t…”

“Because you’re so attractive.”


“So I know that you have work today,” Victor drawls, nipping Yuuri’s ear. “But how do you feel about group research?”


Victor kisses his cheek, a hand slipping up his shirt. “Yuuri? Want to hear how I feel about you? I feel like you’re an ideal vacuum. Because you’re the only thing in my universe.”

Yuuri puts a hand on his chest. “Do you even know what that means?”

“No clue, but it sounds romantic.”

Yuuri thinks for a second. “Victor?”


“If you were a verb and I were a noun, would you incorporate me?”

Victor freezes, shocked. Then, he laughs. “You looked up linguistics pick-up lines?” When Yuuri nods, Victor kisses him again, proud.

headcanon that shiro is actually super smooth, but only when he’s Wasted

so the team goes to this planet for a celebration (like a secure-the-alliance party or a holiday idk) and there’s these drinks which have no effect on the other aliens but are apparently really toxic to humans so after like one sip shiro is drunk off his ass

so he starts flirting with allura and just. spouting out the best, most masterfully crafted pick-up lines one has ever heard. lance is off to the side writing down every word coming out of shiro’s mouth and being a supportive best friend because allura.exe has stopped working

the next day allura comes up to him and is like “so what was that last night?” and shiro fuckin. Freaks out because “omg i can’t remember anything what did i do fuck”

(lance uses some of the pick-up lines on keith. they don’t work)

The Torrents that Rule Us

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Pairing: Vernon/Reader

Genre: Time Traveler!AU

Word Count: 4.2k

Summary: Time travel is not for the faint of heart. 

Author’s note: ½ of a Two part series-should be done soon I hopeI supposed since The Painters Muse finally made it to 400 notes (Which is crazyyyyy) I would write a little something. Thanks for all the sweet messages, I read them over and over again almost everyday. I love you cuties.

For as long as you could remember you loved Chwe Vernon.

You felt it whenever you looked at him; his soft eyes and gentle smile curating a euphoric feeling within you. He laughs when he catches you staring at him from across the library; the kind that’s breathy and quiet but leaves the same, dizzying effect on you.  

He props his head onto the palm of his hand, his pencil still twirling between his fingers. His lips curve up into a subtle smile, his eyes telling you more than anything. You pout when you remember that you can’t move, there’s a reason you moved away from in the first place. Yet, Vernon doesn’t seem to care too much for the massive finals you both need study for when he motions for you to come sit with him again. The side of his body that usually is occupied with your own is feeling painfully vacant and he wants you to clear up the issue. 

You sigh, shake your head and return to your textbook, pencil twirling the same way his does. Neither of you know who you got it from. Vernon lets out a loud cough, one that jerks everyone’s head in your direction. Disdain covers most of their faces, for they’re all trying to do the same thing you are and once again Vernon is getting in their way. He sends an apologetic expression to a quadrant of the library, burying his face in the pages of his own book to hide his embarrassment. 

An hour passes at two different paces for the both of you. You finish your session of cramming and Vernon finishes his own session of pretending to read a book to look busy. You gather your things, and exit the building fully aware of the heavy steps that follow after you immediately. The doors out of the building feel a lot farther than usual, and when you finally make it out Vernon’s instant presence feels like even more of a relief.

He pushes himself against you, your body instinctively turning around to meet him. His lips fall hurriedly onto yours, impatience leaving a sweet taste on your mouth. Vernon always kisses you with purpose, and you can never find yourself doing anything else. You separate, both smiling gleefully at each other.

“How was abandoning your boyfriend to study?”

“How was being hopeless without a girlfriend?” Vernon feigns offense, hand rushing dramatically to his chest as he gasps. It’s fast however, soon dropping the act and grabbing your hand instead. He pulls you forward, following into his stride as you walk further.

“I was studying though.” Vernon retorts, his voice sounding like an incoherent murmur to anyone but you.  You know him better than anyone in ever could. 
The two of you have been best friends since the day you met, this is something you were sure of when you greeted him with a smile on the first day of 6th grade. The idea of your child coming home with a newly proclaimed best friend usually isn’t an event to think much of, but when your parents catch the rosy glint in your eyes when you utter his name, they know that it’s different. 

Growing up with your complete and utter faith in someone is far different than the lack of. Sixth grade to you meant hanging out either of your homes-you had the keys to both- energy rushing through your veins and exploding into burst of colors. Ninth grade meant venturing out into the city, Vernon trying to carefully track exactly where the two of you were walking to as well as keep a firm grip on your hand to make sure you didn’t disappear. Eleventh grade meant trying to figure out the exact nature of your relationship with Vernon because a casual kiss during a game of truth and dare should not feel that intoxicating. 

He was never meant to just be your friend; this is something everyone knew, especially Vernon of all people. 

So when Vernon appeared at your door in the hazy early hours of day, it was almost too obvious that he knew you were going to bury your head into his chest whispering a string of I love you’s. You forgot that you even noticed because when you finally kissed him again, it feels as if this was where you were supposed to be.

“I have to go.” Vernon retracts his hand from yours, interrupting your train of thought. His tone sounds nervous and all the more unwilling when he usually does this. You send him a disappointed look, fully aware of the situation.

Vernon always had somewhere to go, yet you never really know where it was exactly. It wasn’t that you want to know where he was constantly; it never pleased you to keep a radar on him. But when he disappears on the day of your graduation, or during diner with your parents, you can’t help but feel uneasy about the situation. 

You don’t know why you don’t stop him, or ask why. Instead, you nod carefully, receiving a kiss on your forehead reluctantly before you watch him run off around the corner. 

When he’s out of your sights, Vernon presses his back against the wall with a huff. He feels the prick of needles begin at his feet until the surge of discomfort washes over his body. He always likes to watch himself fade, the matter of his body dissolving into a waves of time and energy. 

The particles that create his eleven year old self collect in a home: his childhood home. The sensation of desolation is overwhelming despite the bodies that fill the room with chatter. It’s his mother cooking in the kitchen; her youthful smile restores her appearance. Vernon smiles, he has forgotten what his mother looked like when she was alive. 

He almost reaches a hand out to touch her, to brush his fingers against her cheek, but he knows better than to interfere with the past. He believes it’s all he’s meant to do. That the one who regulates his travels simply wants him to witness something once more, or give him knowledge of what’s to come.

“That y/n is a sweet girl, you seem to like her a lot. 

Vernon feels himself nod, a hum in agreement sneaking past his lips. His mother turns from her work to look at her son, “you knew her already, didn’t you?” Her tone is not reprimanding, rather already aware of her son’s gift. 

There is few times when Vernon drifts to the future. Three times exactly. Each time he is greeted by the dazzling aura that could only belong to you.He has met you, confess to you, and loved you before you could ever witness it yourself.  He already thinks he knows why it’s only instances that include you; the world wants him to be with you as much as he does. 

His mother asks what age he appeared in and when Vernon answers with a puff in his chest and a triumphant swing in his voice as he says, “Eighteen” his mother smiles.

“That’s my boy.”

Vernon returns to his apartment, your trail evident the moment he opens the door. Your glass of water sits on the counter, the condensation leaving a circle of liquid on the surface. The habit of yours makes Vernon cringe. Your shoes sit neatly next to the door. Dinosaur printed socks are tucked within the shoes, the ones Vernon picked out against the sloths that you claimed “got to be the cutest things on the damn planet.”

He walks down the hallway; the door to the bedroom cracks open just enough to see the yellow toned light that illuminates the space. He pushes it open to see your things scattered across the floor. Notes line the bottom edge of the bed and you lay on your stomach trying to figure out the best way to write on the floor. You look up, eyes big yet oh so tired.

You force a smile, though you don’t really have the energy or motivation to do so. Vernon takes a seat next to you, hand instinctively reaching to trail your back. You sit up to face him, and push your body weight onto your knees. 

“How was work?” He asks, and you shrug.

“It was fine, pretty chill day. I just didn’t have a ride home.” You watch his expression shift, his calm appearance becoming struck with panic.

“Oh shit.” Is all he says and you roll your eyes. Your hands push yourself onto your feet, bending over to pick your papers off of the floor, “I’m so sorry, I lost track of time, and –“

“Doing what?

Your question stops Vernon in his tracks. The papers sit between your arms in a frantic mess, only making Vernon more nervous. You raise an eyebrow, expecting a complete answer. 

If it was any other day, you may have shrugged it off and made peace. But tonight was the night you had promised your professor you would turn in the papers he agreed to put an extension on and being an hour late getting home was not aiding your patience. It has also been the third night Vernon has dropped out of his previous engagements, something even he doesn’t expect. His journey never take more than half an hour at most, but lately he thinks that time wants to show him more. 

Needless to say, you’re not too inclined to be as understanding.


“I don’t know, you seem to lose track of time a lot lately. I just want to know what exactly is making you lose the consideration to shoot your girlfriend a quick text so that she doesn’t wait an hour for you.” Your tone is scathing, and you shoot a merciless glare at the boy across from you. He stands slowly, eyes leveling with yours for a split second before he’s looking down on you. Your eyes show little anger, rather desperately in need of an answer. 

“I was helping a friend with his classes. He’s been having trouble with keeping up with his course load so I wanted to give him a hand.” Vernon is surprised at how easily the lie slips through his teeth and off his tongue yet it still hurts to know what he’s doing. He wants to tell you the truth, he wants you to know every thing about him, but he’s scared that the one who’s behind it all doesn’t want you to know. Even he doesn’t understand the powers of time that he holds. 

However, Vernon knows what time can do, he knows it is brutal and merciless and he decides he isn’t willing to risk it. 

You stare at him for a moment longer, your eyes prodding him for another answer. Your hands clench around the edge of your paper in dissatisfaction. You bite your lip as you take a long breath through your nose. 

“That’s the answer you’re going with?”

“It’s the truth.” 

You shake your head, knowing too much for you own good.  Vernon takes a step closer to you, hands brushing down the back of your arm and trailing back up to your nape. His feather light touch calms you down enough for you to drop the subject and when he pulls you into a kiss, you can’t see yourself holding your rage over him anymore.

He separates, hands still holding the back of your neck and thumbs tracing over your jawline. You feel his lips ghost over yours as he speaks, his breath warm and soft against your face.

“I’m sorry, I’m a douche for letting you wait for me without a text. I will dedicate my time to your day off tomorrow, I promise.” You close your eyes and nod, sending a flow of relief to course through your boyfriend’s face. He leans in again but your voice stops him from reaching any farther. 

“Let’s start now, you can help me with my papers that are due in an hour.” 

He smiles, arms dropping in defeat, “As you wish.”

A day with your significant other is supposed to be far more relaxing than it is for Vernon. He curses himself the moment he makes his promise to you, but when he watch your face light up with glee, he can’t find himself to regret it. 

That is, until he thinks of what your face would look like once he fucks up.

But Vernon waits, and hopes for the best. Instead he observes how the sun kisses your face in the most exquisite way he could possibly imagine. He focuses himself on the soothing sound of your voice, a sweet concoction of honey and sugar that he cannot bear to miss a single moment. Your hands push against the ground behind you, arms straightened to hold you up. Vernon head rests in your lap, his hands fold neatly over his stomach to hide his nervous twitch.

“So, Soonyoung is having a party tonight, and your unsociable butt is coming with me.” You don’t look when you speak, simply letting your gaze fall on random clouds, trying to assign meaning to their shapes.

Vernon groans in response, “Why can’t you be a normal person and spend your free day with your boyfriend making out with him or something.”

“We can do that, at the party.”

“I meant at home.” 

When you look down at him you shake your head, a sly smile creeping on your face. You’re well aware of Vernon’s distaste for parties but you’re still angry with him for last night and revenge just sounds too good. 

Vernon agrees reluctantly, sitting himself up beside you. You lay your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapping around your body with ease. You place a light kiss on his jaw and he smiles with content. This could have been the most perfect moment for the two of you. It could have been one of the moments you would go back on and remember how dearly you love each other. It could have been exactly in Vernon’s favor. 

But time is a bitch, and Vernon is the firsthand witness to it. 

He feels it in his toes again, the wave of needles commence in a surge far more painful than he has ever experienced. Yet it is not painful physically, what pains him gnaws his insides at the mere thought of what he has to do. He looks at your peaceful figure, eyes flutter closed and your lips tighten into a smile. You must have felt him tense up because you’re soon raising your head from his shoulder, the same look on your face from last night.

“You’re kidding.”

“What?” Your intuition almost makes Vernon jump, his anxiety completely evident to you.

“You have that look on your face again. I know that look Vernon, you’re going to tell me you have to leave.”

“I’m sorry.” You sigh and begin to collect your things. A part of you wants to react. It wants to yell and curse Vernon for doing this to you again but another piece feels like he has a reason. You don’t bother to send him a word of confirmation but Vernon forces himself to run the other way. He apologizes a few more times as he runs, his regret eating him up inside. He finds himself in between two trees, cast away from the crowds of people that filter through the park. Conveniently his choice gives him a perfect view of you right before he fades. 

He watches you wipe tears from your face with your sleeves, your presence a frantic mess of emotions. His heart hurts at the scene, but he still cannot tear his attention of the undeniable fact that his current situation is a lot more excruciating than it should be. He feels the hands of time rip his body apart, not knowing if he’s going to see the other side of this drift.

But when he recomposes in a new time, he wishes he didn’t see what he’s seeing. He’s standing in front of a car, his rav4, the windows cracked in a myriad of pieces. The car sits on its side, another smashed in the front to the point of no survival; smoke rises from their crevices. Sirens sound close behind him and the dizzying gleam of lights are enough to blind him.

The night air nips at his skin and Vernon listens as a voice ask for him to step back. The stars shine dimly beneath a sheet of grey clouds, the purple tint of night leaving a somber mood. 

People move frantically back and forth between the two wrecked cars before him. He takes a step forward, the glass shards giving out beneath his shoes. The sound of his heartbeat pounds against his ears, creating a deafening buzz within his skull. He peers inside his car, a sickening feeling ravaging his insides. 

The sight of your body tears every part of him into shreds, but what seems to baffle him the most is the fact that you do not look the slightest bit older. Your body is strewn across the front seat of the car, streams of crimson flowing from your head, but your face still glows with same youth as when he last saw you. You wear the same t-shirt that he has seen a few moments ago, when he sat with you in the park exactly how he left you when he left you. He is almost thankful for the hands of time that rip him away almost immediately, for it is all he needed to see. 

When Vernon returns to present day, the weight of what he has seen leaves him a gasping mess of panic. The night sky illuminates his face, the park empty and void of any patrons, he didn’t know that time passed so quickly while he was away. Vernon searches the seen, disoriented at the very least. His hands shake when he picks up his phone and the dull LED light that illuminates his screen feels blinding. He brings his hand to wipe his face, sweat and tears mixing into a mix of sheer despair. 

He calls you first, though he thinks he knows where you are already. One ring, two rings, three-

“Hello?” Your voice sends a wave of relief through Vernon, but the way you giggle and slur your words rips it away soon after. Music beats through the speaker and you move the phone to see who’s calling. You squint your eyes a few time to focus on the caller ID, frowning when you make up the name. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Y/n, listen to me, you can’t go anywhere. I’ll pick you up at Soonyoung’s party, don’t get in any car.” Vernon voice shakes, but you hardly notice through your haze of drunken anger.

“You already let me down once today, let me have fun. Stop being a buzz kill mister.”

Vernon wants to scream, he wants to shout at you until you understand what he’s saying. He walks to where his car is supposed to be parked but he isn’t surprised that it’s gone. You must have taken it earlier in the day. 

In a fit of panic, Vernon begins running. His feet slam against the floor as he picks up speed and he almost forgets that you have already hung up before he can say another word. He wipes away more tears, his fears shooting adrenaline through his veins. He runs so fast, he almost forgets to breath and when he finally focuses himself on the steady puffs of air as they leave his body he remembers that he’s alive. But you won’t be soon, and this makes him run faster than ever.

Soonyoung’s house is closer than he remembers, or it may be the fact that Vernon has beaten the speed of light in his pursuit When he arrives the air moves through his lungs as if acid where running through his body. His chest feels as if it may burst open and his eyes search the crowd desperately. He pushes through the throngs of partygoers, finding no use in looking at their faces. He knows you like the back of his hand.

It is one single laugh that escapes your mouth that allows him to find you, and when he hears the same cheery tone, he runs to it immediately only to catch you swinging sloppily side-to-side in a futile attempt to dance; yet you stop almost instantly when you see him too. It’s as if, even in your drunken state, the string of fate that connects you two still tightens and twists around you at full force. 

Your eyes narrow in disdain, and you scoff at his audacity to show up now of all times. His face falls at this, body slumping in reaction to your dissatisfied look. He takes another step toward you and you cross your arms over your chest, closing yourself off even more. For a moment your hate stops him, but he picks up speed when he remembers what’s at stake.

You feel his hands wrap around your shoulders tightly when his face comes into view. It takes every pit of your will to remain angry at him, though every inch of you wants to embrace him. 

“You came.” You say meekly, the words don’t even feel as if they have left your mouth. 

Vernon nods, “Of course I am, you’re here.”

“It’s a shame I’m going home now.”

The look of fear that rushes through his face is striking, it’s as if he has seen you drop a bomb onto his entire world. His grip tightens as he moves his hands down to steady your waist and he pulls you closer. It is a silent plea for you to stay, but your stubbornness takes the best of you. You push him away, a weak attempt, as you couldn’t give yourself enough strength to tear yourself from him. Instead, you’re hands grip his shirt tighter and the moment you feel the strength surge through the tendons in your limbs, it fades away into oblivion when you look at the sheer face of desperation in front of you.

But the alcohol that pulses through you leaves a scathing reminder that you’re angry and you cannot let that go. 

You manage to wriggle yourself from his hands, and take a step back away from him. You cough, look away from him, then bring your arms closer to your own body before you speak again, “I’m going home. 

Your tone is low, and entirely sure of what you want, and it scares Vernon far more than he can comprehend. He shakes his head immediately, “Babe please, you can’t go home like this, just stay here with me.

“What’s the point of staying with you if you can’t do the same? I don’t know what’s going on with you Vernon, but I hate that you don’t trust me enough to tell me.” You’re crying, and up until now you didn’t realize that so was the boy across from you. He looks so broken in front of you, the haze of alcohol not nearly enough to hide that fact. “I’ve been there for you for eight years. Seven fucking years, doesn’t that give me some eligibility?” 

He looks at you, your eyes torn apart with utter sadness, but the rivers of tears that runs through his eyes can’t quite see them clearly as he’d like to. The feeling of a dagger sits uncomfortably in his chest; your hands wrapped around the handle, begging him give in. Each moment he waits, he feels it bury itself a little deeper, a dizzying ache leaving him stumbling. 

A sound escapes his throat, a mix of hesitation and apology. You react instantly; pleading eyes send a wave of destruction over Vernon very being. He hates what you do to him, but he loves you far more than that.

“I-I can’t.” Is all he can say, and the flicker of disappoint that runs through your features is the final blow that sinks the blade to the point of no return. 

You take a step back, hands clutch around your car keys. He watches you drift further, further away from him. A crowd of people push themselves in the growing gap between you and when they pass, you’re gone, stumbling to the door of your-no, his- Rav4. The metal feels cold under your fingertips, the sting reminding you that you can still feel alive. The door swings open, and you start the car faster than Vernon can push through the crowd for you. You tell yourself you’ll talk to him tomorrow, that this is all a petty fight and that you’ll get over it by the time you wake up. Tomorrow you’ll see him, you’ll kiss and make up and everything will go back to normal.

But tomorrow is too far away, and so much can happen in the brutal hours that pass until then. 

A sick feeling settles within him, other than the heartbreaking beginnings of isolation that you leave him with but a terrible darkness that eats away at his stomach. He pushes through the crowd, aggressively shoving helpless students aside, paying no attention to who is in the way.  He follows you blindly, trying to imagine where you walked off too, but when he finally makes it to the sidewalk, you are nowhere in sight.

It is then when Vernon gives up running, when he realizes that nothing can be done to save, though he desperately wants to. He screams into the darkness, a strangle noise that is laced with painful grief, yet the world around him is far too intoxicated to notice his display. His hands clench until his knuckles turn into the a ghostly white, spit and tears falling to the floor around him. 

He thinks it’s over, yet when he feels himself drifting, far into the void of time, he finally breathes again. He watches himself fade to black, the world around him dissolving into stream of nothingness until an old classroom manifests before his eyes. He feels himself shrink, smaller, smaller until the hands that clench beside him are so small and lacking of any experience. His clothes recompose into a school uniform so familiar, he knows exactly where it’s from.  

He sits in his desk, and when he looks up at an awfully sweet smile that greets him, he knows exactly what he needs to do. 

For as long as you could remember, you hated Chwe Vernon…

fic recs: sheith

so @amillion-smiles did a wonderful and super sweet sheith fic rec list (that i am still not over), and i would love to make a list of some of the great fics i’ve read in the tag! was supposed to have finished this for fanfic appreciation day, but well. i won’t be repeating fics on that list, and this is definitely not exhaustive and limited to my taste, so i might have def missed out some other great ones     


transgalactic, 1:30 AM by themorninglark: Lark is one of the writers I’d follow into any fandom, which is true, since I followed her into the voltron fandom. Her prose is one of the best I’ve ever read, and the imagery she always creates is like a piece of slow music or an intricate painting. The words flow so smoothly and I never cease to be amazed. This fic touches on long distance and coping with that distance. Characterizations were done so well, I’m crying. (Read also: Victorious, Too Young To Die)

tonight i can write the saddest lines by amillionsmiles: Why does amillionsmiles make me cry a million tears? This eternal sunshine of the spotless mind AU was the perfect amount of happiness, angst, and recovery. I need to lie down forever because of this. Characterizations were also so! on! point! and there were just too many beautifully constructed scenes to pick a favorite. (Read also: according to protocol, keep up with you)

compass always points north by duelstance (valoirs): One of the best writing I’ve read in a while! This takes place on an unfamiliar planet, and in all that unfamiliarity Keith find something familiar. The use of fire and fire flowers imagery was beautifully done. Watching the events in this story unfold was such a ride - one that I’d like to go on again, and again, and again.

Downtime by utsu: I’ve been following utsu for quite some time and I was so pleasantly surprised to see her work in the tag! This was such a sweet, slow, and romantic piece. I loved the intimacy between Shiro and Keith and how, in just the slightest of touches, everything between them is revealed. still screaming about this

we’re on the road to messy by cherryvanilla: Pre-Kerberos sheith gives me a lot of fluff and angst and heart wrenching feels and this one does it. The fic’s structure highlights similarities and contrasts between then and now, which made it all the more special. I thought dialogue here was so good and I really enjoyed this! (rating: explicit)

oh how i miss that bright sun by CarbonFootprint: A wonderful take on pre-Kerberos sheith! I loved how sweet and gentle this was. I loved how it picked up in intensity and hit me with the feels;; The fic’s summary describes it so well:  In which Shiro leaves and returns, and learns and relearns Keith’s body as many times as needed. 

victims of the night by Tropical: Another super sweet take on pre-Kerberos sheith and a beautiful contrast in the second part that highlights growth in the characters years after. A story about Keith navigating the complexities of formals and dancing, and eventually catching up with missed opportunities.

Sticky Eyes by stephanericher: I have a thing for reading about ships through the eyes of someone outside of the relationship. I loved how this was written from Coran’s POV and watching Shiro and Keith’s relationship grow was just so satisfying. AHHH

Escape Hatch by Glossolalia: An interesting take on how Keith and Shiro meet at the Garrison! I loved their dynamic - how Keith is resistant to Shiro offering his help at first, and how this exchange helps them to really understand each other. This was so realistic and genuine, and hopefully there will be a part 2 to this work!

That’s it for now! I’ll work hard on reading and commenting more on fics! And hopefully be more punctual the next fanfic appreciation day lol

afujioka356  asked:

One more from me cause I just thought of this. Can I have Oikawa being seduced by his s/o using alien or space pick up lines (nsfw or fluffy whatever you are in the mood in)?

“Was your father an alien? Because there’s nothing like you on Earth!”

OIKAWA bit his lip as he fought the urge to smile, determined to win this little flirting game that you initiated. It didn’t help that you were constantly looking up alien-related pick up lines and reading them off your phone.

“Oooh, how about this one?  Your eyes shine just like the twin suns on my home planet.”

Coughing into his fist, Oikawa shrugged and made a face that practically screams ‘I know.’  Rolling your eyes, you continued to read off the pick up lines on your phone in hopes to get him to chuckle in the least.

Scrolling down the page, you suddenly found yourself in the sexual side of the pick up lines. Putting on your best straight face, you looked up at Oikawa for a few seconds before wagging your eyebrows. “If you think a meteor is hard, just wait until you see what you’re doing to my missile.”

Your exaggerated wink was what set Oikawa off into a laughing fit. He was used to seeing the cute expressions you’d make, whether you were angry or happy, it was never unpleasant. Never in his time spent with you has he ever saw such an ugly expression on your face before.

“Damn, I wish I caught your expression on camera,” Oikawa said, wiping his tears, “If I showed it to Takeru, he would definitely cry.”

That pretty much earned him a slap on the arm.

“Ouch, _____-chan stop hanging around Iwa-chan! You’re becoming brolic by day just like him!”

Actually, make that two slaps.

Letters back home: Lance to Cath

Dear Cath,

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. I’m in space right now. Yes, outer space. No, not because of the Garrison. I found an alien lion shaped spaceship in the desert, and accidentally got involved with a ten thousand year old space war.

That’s a lot to take in. Sorry about that. You probably want to know more about that (I sure would) but that’s not what I’m writing to you about.

Do you remember when you fell in love with Maria? You kept tripping over your own feet when you were around her, saying the worst jokes, fumbling with those pickup lines that you’d taught me. You gushed about her for hours and when you finally asked her on a date, you couldn’t stop smiling.

Well, I think I feel the same way about this girl I work with (that’s an understatement, but it’s the best description I can come up with.), and I don’t know what to do. I can’t just ask her out on a date. Where would I take her, when we’re barely ever on an actual planet? And she’s grown immune to my pick-up lines, cause I use them so much.

Every time I see her, my brain stops working properly. She’s amazing, Cath, she really is. She’s probably the smartest person I’ve ever met, and she’s funny, and snarky, and dangerous. She can beat me in sparring any day, and has whooped my ass more than once. And god, you won’t believe how cute she looks.

Just yesterday, she caught me staring at her, and when she asked me what the hell I was looking at, I said, “You and your stupid, smart, face.”

Can you believe it? I contradicted myself in the same sentence. I insulted her and complimented her at the same time! I didn’t stay around to see her reaction. I kinda just did finger guns and backed out.

I could really use your advise, sis. Write back soon!

-your favorite little brother, Lance

P.s. I know that since I’m kinda in space and space doesn’t have internet or mail or anything, but I’m gonna pretend that you are gonna get this. Send me some good thoughts instead!

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lance and klance??

My two favs ; )))))


  • Lance’s biggest insecurity is going home and his family not recognizing him because he’s changed so much in space
  • Lance vents all his problems to the mice because he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s weak but he needs to let it out somehow
  • One of Lance’s favorite spots on the ship is the observation deck. He likes to watch the stars move by because they remind him of the rain.
  • Lance makes his own face masks from things he finds on the ship or on planets.
  • Lance is afraid of being forgotten, which is why he does anything he can to make people remember him.
  • Lance has an older brother who everyone looks up to, which is why he’s always trying to be the best (to beat him)
    • Alternatively: Lance is the oldest in his family and wants to do his best just to inspire his siblings.
  • His biggest regret is that he forgot to call home the day he left. At the Garrison, he made weekly calls home, but he never got the chance to when he left.
  • Lance uses his jokes and flirting as a defense mechanism. This is so he won’t show his weakness to the team and because it helps him forgot his worries.
  • When Lance can’t sleep, he’ll usually sneak into Hunk’s room in the middle of the night.


  • Lance’s favorite part of Keith is his eyes. They remind him of space and how deep it is.
  • Keith is the power bottom (sorry fluffy not giving this one up)
  • They always fight over who’s the big spoon. Keith complains that Lance is too bony to be the big spoon, but Lance likes spooning Keith because he’s super soft and warm.
  • Lance is actually the one most embarrassed by their relationship. Keith’s pretty chill with it, but Lance will blush whenever they talk to him about Keith or their relationship.
  • The best way to get Keith to blush is by telling him awful pick-up lines (Lance is very good at this)
  • Their favorite activity on the ship is stargazing. Lance always gives them ridiculous names or forms silly constellations and Keith joins. He also likes the way the light of the stars light up Lance’s smile.
  • When Keith is about to run off or do something rash, Lance uses Keith’s mullet as a leash to stop him.
  •  Lance has offered many times to cut Keith’s hair, but he’s grown to like that stupid mullet.
  • Keith likes how Lance always smells fresh and good, like some weird planet flower or whatever. Lance likes how Keith smells like home, like sweat and sand and heat.
  • While Keith and Lance still have their separate rooms, most nights Keith wakes up to Lance snuggling up to him. Sometimes Lance will talk or cry in his sleep, and Keith feels awful he can’t do anything but hug him.
    • Additionally: Keith will have nightmares some nights that wake Lance up. Usually he wakes Keith up and strokes his hair until he falls back asleep.
  • Keith is infamous for stealing Lance’s shirts and jackets.

“Uh, h-hey there. How’s it…going? No, wait, that doesn’t sound right!”

Hater paced nervously as he made his way closer towards where he had his third in command locate where his enemies were. Enemies… former enemies? Was it okay to make out with somebody and still call them your nemesis? BAH! Who cares— point was, the skeleton was on his way towards the location. Why Wander and his pet body guard would choose the pink planet of all places to rest was beyond him.

Then again, wasn’t most things?

“Yeah, alright. Point there. Now how about you stop looking at the place and actually help me think of something to say, brain! So help me, if you make me look stupid out there…”

Best not to think about the fact he just called himself stupid.

The overlord paused, as he tried to come up with something cool and suave to say. Most things he thought up with sounded more like dumb things a certain shark-man would use as pick-up lines… And there was NO way he was actually going to use them! However… everything else sounded pretty lame in comparison. Hater looked down towards the bouquet of flytraps he had in his hand, before looking down at the tie he was wearing. Wait, was this too much? Was he supposed to play it casual? He DID already make out with the guy already…

Hater blushed as he remembered the previous day— feeling himself grow hot in the face.

“UGH! I’m such a dork, ” the skeleton grumbled. “This is stupid, WHAT am I doing?! No, I’m just…yeah, I’m just going to go home.”

Anything was better than the embarrassment he was feeling already. Yes, right. So new plan. Lord Hater found himself turn around as he began sneaking back towards where he had Peepers park the ship. If he was lucky enough, he could pretend this never happened, and he could just go hide in his room until everybody died and then he could just forget about anything ever relating to Wander in the first place.

Yeah, that sounded like a MUCH better plan!


But as soon as he turned around to head back to the ship…

External image

“Hater, hiya! I did not expect t'see you today. Not that I ain’t super excited about it!” He noticed the bouquet and gasped. “Are those for me?”

Deleted lines from the Avengers script #517
  • Thor: I thought humans were more evolved than this...
  • Fury: Excuse me, did *we* come to your planet and tell you what TV shows to watch?
  • Thor:
  • Fury: Now hush the fuck up; the secret CEO is about to pick out his bride from the winners of the baking contest before their long-lost siblings vote them out of the house!

You were sitting on the couch, surrounded by the ones you loved most, your teammates. These were the moments you appreciated most, the ones where you could relax and have a laugh with everyone who meant the world to you. Moments like these however where also the rarest as you were almost always separated by people going on solo missions or you were together hoping no one would get hurt or worse die on the battlefield.

Tony’s voice perked up. He had had a few drinks so you were shocked when it was a decent idea.
‘I know what we should you, we will go around and each say are best pick up line’ Tony started it off obviously with something only he could come up with.
'There is about to be seven planets because I’m going to destroy Uranus’ Everybody started laughing. Soon it got to the man who you had a crush on ever since he had joined your team during the battle or Ultron Pietro.
'I like every bone in your body especially mine’ You laughed and sarcastically stated
'That was amazing, would turn a lass on any day of the week’
'Oh yeah because you can do any better eh printessa?’ You loved it when he called you that it sent shivers down your spine.
'I think I can actually… Your shirt has to go but you can stay’

Soon it turned into a full on pick up line battle between you and Pietro.
'You know why they call me the cat whisper? because I know what the pussy needs’ Pietro had the smuggest look on his face thinking he had won. You got up off the sofa making him believe he really had won, which shocked him a bit as it was no secret that you were very stubborn. However, this was what made a brilliant addition to the team.

'Fine you win Pietro but… You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree but the best way to fall is in love with me’ You proceeded to run to your room so that he couldn’t reply so technically you had won.

Zoie Palmer - Planet Comicon

My girlfriend and I arrived around 11am. Bartle Hall was filling up, but we made it to the back area where the celebrities were. Some lines were long, some were empty. We found Zoie Palmer’s booth. She was there with a very friendly, older woman - her agent, I assume? Signatures were $30 and she had multiple prints to choose from. I was kind of at a loss for which one to pick, they were all really great, so I asked Zoie what she liked best. She smiled and explained that she liked the one in the bottom corner most - as it was a new print they haven’t offered before. It was the one I was eyeing as well so I snagged it. We had already introduced ourselves so Zoie got to writing while we talked her.

I thanked her for coming, really gracious that she would come all the way out to the middle of the country without anyone else from the cast. She was just as thankful that we had come to see her. Since no one else was in line (NO ONE) we got to talk to her for a while.

My girlfriend joked and said, “I actually imagined you would be taller.” Zoie grinned and said, “Huh, I imagined you would be taller too.” Just as funny as she is any interview you’ve ever seen - was as funny as she was then. We talked about Doccubus being endgame and officially know as much as she does. Seriously. We know what Zoie Palmer knows. And guess what… she knows nothing! She told us that they are going to begin filming in a couple of weeks and she hasn’t seen a single script or anything. She asked if we were caught up on the fourth season - and shared a laugh with us when we discussed what that meant - watching illegally because Syfy has yet to air the whole season.

Our photo with her was next. It came along with the signature. I couldn’t believe I was going to stand next to her…. but there I was, smiling like an idiot. We’re keeping the photo to ourselves, on account of me being shy, but she was dressed comfortably and wearing a scarf. Is it just me or does she really like scarves?

The conversation was then turned by the other lady. She told us to think of some good questions to ask at the panel, to which we had to inform them we wouldn’t be able to attend. We mentioned that we had someone watching our puppy for us and we couldn’t wait until after 4pm to return. Commence another conversation all about our dog with Zoie Palmer. It was great. She wanted to know how old he was, what breed, asked if we could bring him, and then told my girlfriend to stuff him in her shirt and sneak him in because she loves puppies.

She appreciates her fans and was nothing but polite - smiling the entire time. I was so nervous until I actually got to talking to her, then it was like visiting with some average person you’ve never met (imagine, celebrities are real people….). You have things in common, you share interests and joy in the world. Small talk is accepted, perfect even. I don’t doubt that Zoie could see we were a couple. She didn’t bat an eyelash about it. Meeting her was the reason we went, and it was 100% worth the crowds, the confusion, the lines, the traffic, the noise, and the heat.

Making our way around the building an hour later, we got a glimpse of Zoie’s booth. Her area was packed and Lost Girl fans were everywhere.