best pic yet

I actually made this for stickers, but it turned out so well. MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!!! Just saying, I mix up the month and day dates when I date my pictures. I’m sorry.

…I plan to make a Cat Noir to follow her, soon. If I get around to it. When I do, I’ll turn them both into stickers. :D

Heard you liked mutual pining and both thinking they don't have a chance with the other

submitted by anon

“How about this one?”

“Don’t see it”

“Okay this one?”

“Eh not really?”

“How bout this one?”

“Honestly it makes him look worse.” I flopped on my bed as Sid shrugged continuing to scroll through my phone. “Explain to me why you think he’s cute again?” I rubbed my eyes and turned over resting my head in the crook of my arms.

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This is my cat Georgie.  Clearly, he takes after me, because I too like to sit and stare at Stucky pictures for long periods of time.

Fanart by hamletmachine and alatherna