best physics teacher ever


hooray for astrophysics!! fallin’ in looooooveeeee with this subject and also my notes 💫 IBDP doesn’t start until next academic year (July) but I’ve already gotten the physics syllabus from the best physics teacher ever 🌙 (that’s you ms. dewi!)

so now I’m basically getting a headstart! aaaaa it’s amazing!!

So I have my physics teacher, Mr.Elias’s phone number and he watches Supernatural. Being the little shit that I am, I asked him to put Supernatural references in the test and he was like “Ill think about it”. I shit you not, when we got our tests, the first question was like “If two men named Castiel and Dean were driving a 1967 Chevy Impala to get to their home at…” I dont remember the question fully but I got a mini heart attack when I saw it and I fell off my chair and I could see my best friend across the room dying too. Mr. Elias was just watching me have a fucking seizure with a grin on his face and I gave him the YOU MOTHERFUCKER look and he just nodded.
Best teacher ever.