best photos of 2012

35mm home-processed Kodak film negative scan:

This one happened just by being at the right time and right place. I had set out to shoot a series of specific shots for a few dear supportive friends that meant a lot to me and this one was the first one of the series. My friend J and I had been working on several collaborations and geometrical concepts and psychology was the base of some. So in dedication, I shot this one at a specific angle away from direct noon sun and towards an architectural incline. The rest of the planning was geometric imagination since it’s film.
I was able to compose a cube under a box, square under rings and circles along with some added planetary symbology under a rectangular marker. This was a precious moment and absolutely cherished the feeling after development. 3 different versions were taken but these multiple exposures came out best. Photo was taken at the LA River.
35mm multiple exposure.

©auxiliofaux, 2012

365 Days of Sharon den Adel: day 276

“Sometimes I’m like “in which year are we?”, time goes by so fast! (laughs) But yeah I think I’m still very proud of it, because we didn’t have much experience when creating the first album. Actually, I didn’t have much experience. Rob and the rest were in the band way before me. I was also in another band, but I didn’t write my songs and stuff like that. So that was the first time for me. So I learned a lot from it. Not only me, but the whole band. It was the first time people saw us as a band. I think for that time we were still refreshing and new. Looking back now, of course, you would do some things differently, but still that was then and now is now. In the time frame that it was, I think it was the best we could have done.”

Photo from Sonisphere Festival 2012