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“I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world.” - Rihanna ~~~~~~~~~~

Vitamin C Baby 🍊🍋| Finally got around to shooting some looks in my new cargo fatigue pants. Lately I have became infatuated with creating tomboy x sexy looks to prepare for summer ‘17. What do Hot Boys, Freaknik and my childhood have in common?………….Inspiration for the looks I will be serving this summer ( Cash Money Taking Over for the ‘99 and ‘00s). These pants were a bit big in the waist area but they have toggles that can cinch in, but I would definitely recommend sizing down ( I ordered a large). This too I have had for two years. I brought it back in 2015 because it reminded me of Selena and I wanted to pay ode to the “Queen of Tejano” music. Well that never happened so here I am two years later finally wearing this top.m and I must say the look came together cohesively💖💖💖.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Best Photographer Ever: Tahira Jackson | follow her on the gram @_tahirahhh 💕

Moriarty x Reader | ‘Always Take The Shot’

Hey! So this is gonna be my first ever Moriarty x Reader fic, I hope you guys like it. (It might be a series…)

Plot: You are a crime scene photographer working alongisde Sherlock, John and Lestrade. You capture something you weren’t supposed to… 

Warnings: None,

Guide: C/N = Client Name


The sound of your camera snapped a photo of the dead body in front of you. You quickly looked down at the screen and blankly stared before it disappeared again. You were a photographer. 

Well… You took a course at university to be a creative photographer but ended up being a crime scene photographer. You also worked alongside Sherlock and John. The two were very famous in the media, Sherlock was a ‘consulting detective’ whilst John was a blog writer and wrote about the two. Sherlock said you were the best photographer he’s ever seen and regularly uses your photos for evidence. John also uses your photos on his blog. It has given you quite good rep in the past. 

But you were just working alone this morning. Sherlock and John were caught up with a particular man called Moriarty. 

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  • kerrimurph A penguin video to get through the middle of the week. One of my favorite days shooting was near Port Lockroy, an old British station/post office that has been turned into a historical site and museum. We hung out with thousands of Gentoo penguins for several hours. The summer staff at Port Lockroy not only maintains the site, but they also study the affects of tourism on the penguin colony (as this site is one of the most visited in Antarctica). Later in the evening, the clouds over the mountains in the back of this video opened up for sunset. A few of us who weren’t frozen solid hiked up the glacier and sat in awe (more like took a ton a photos in awe) at the beauty of the changing light through almost midnight. We kept saying ‘amazing’, 'breathtaking’, etc. etc. I’d say this was the best photographic day I’ve ever had (photos to come).
Boys on Film

A/N - Another random original fic, another awful title that doesn’t really reflect the story at all! So yeeeeeah, this was yet another product of an insanely self-indulgent idea I had, that my lovely pals @mandywritesrtthings and @howmanypointsisthatdick both encouraged me to actually write after I spilled the beans to them. So hopefully someone enjoys this long ass fic! Oh, and just to be 100% clear, the ex-wife and kids mentioned in this fic are NOT Ryan’s IRL wife and kids - they’re fictional because I just wanted Single Dad! Ryan working part-time as model. And I never really mentioned them in detail here, so if you wanna headcanon that Ryan’s ex-wife is a lizard creature and their kids are humanoid-lizard hybrids, be my guest!

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex - kiiiiiiinky-ish sex…

Word Count - 6, 782

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The Wellspring - June 2016
Pacific Northwest photography © Michelle Nicole.
My Blog // My Flickr
Please do not remove the caption or add your own. 


The Wellspring - June 2016
Pacific Northwest photography © Michelle Nicole.
My Blog // My Flickr
Please do not remove the caption!