best photo ever omg

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

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okay, I know this is kind of random but one of the photos you reblogged was categorized as sensitive and I was curious to see what it was so I click on see post and... it's just a photo of a fat cat with its front paws sticking out the windows and I just... I just don't know what to say other than that its a great photo

omg ok this is the best message i have ever gotten on this site


Twenty One Pilots | Paradiso | Amsterdam | 10/11/14

My favourite show I’ve been to of theirs so far, it was absolutely amazing, and we even got to meet Tyler afterwards - he was so lovely! |-/


Just look at these photos, and let me tell you the story behind how ridiculous (in the best way) this man is. Actually, I’m an idiot and missed the whole thing, so here’s the story from the two that were right there.

Joyce (@Joyce317jaw - who is my hero and has no shame in her game) went up to the signing table on Sunday: 

“Hi Tom, my name’s Joyce & I’m a SleepySister. You met our English SleepySister Tas in Birmingham & she told you about her twitter message that was published in the SleepyHollow magazine about loving your open faced shirts you wear as Ichabod & you pulled open your shirt for her, so you have to do it for me.” He said “Like this?” I said yes then tried to take the pic, hit the wrong button on the iPhone & he waited for me to fix it then he pulled open the shirt with that little smile of his (don’t know how I did not faint right there) took the pic and he started to button up the shirt all the way up and said “Thanks Tas” (photos 2 &3).

OMG, best experience ever he was so sweet and he’s a little imp


From Cyn (@CynaColorado), who was in the right place at the right time…

On Sunday, we were standing around the autograph area again, watching Tom sign more autographs.  At the very end of that signing session, She Who Has No Shame (our indomitable Joyce) went up to Tom, still sitting behind the autograph table, and started chatting with him.

I was standing right next to her – tagging along in her bold wake.  She asked if he remembered meeting Tas at the B’ham Con, and he asked her to remind him what Tas said.  Joyce told him that Tas had told Tom that one of her tweets about him was in a UK article about Tom’s success in Sleepy Hollow, and when Tom had asked Tas what the tweet was about, Tas had admitted that it was about how much she loved how many buttons were usually UNbuttoned on Tom’s shirts.

Then this magical thing happened.  I was about two feet away from him, so I saw this up close.  Very close.  Tom paused, then sat back and let his eyes get squinty.  I was struck at how light and translucent his eyes were.  He sat there for a beat like that, and I thought, “You bastard, what are you going to do?”

Then he slowly undid another button, then pulled his shirt open a bit more, showing a pleasing amount of chest hair, and just held that pose.  We all reacted vociferously (I said, “Minx!”) and then he acted all flustered, waving his hands around and rapidly buttoning the shirt back up to the very top button. Then with a look of utmost seriousness (albeit with a cocky twinkle in his eyes), he composed himself, like a chastised schoolboy, folded his hands together in front of himself and just sat there, looking at us.  It was a little improv moment; Tom as Chaplain, free of charge; a small, silly moment with a complete, teeny-tiny story arc just for our little knot of Sleepy women, all in love with this lovely fellow.  

It was not until a couple of days later that I looked at that last, buttoned-up photo and discovered an additional surprise.  The only button buttoned was the top one- the two below were still unbuttoned.   He had only been miming buttoning!!  I thought to myself, “Ah - I see. The shirt gets the joke.”

Thanks, Tom.  You not only made my day, but my month, my year – oh hell,
my life.  I will never, ever forget this.

And that is reason #153 why Tom won Wizard World Las Vegas 2015.