best photo award


Came home this afternoon to find a beautifully wrapped package of Leonidas fine belgian chocolates from my Dad with the sweetest little note attached. When I thanked my Dad for the chocolate, he followed up with, “I know it’s been a rough couple of months since your return. I just wanted to send something special so that you understand how much you’re loved.” My Dad is the most thoughtful, hardworking, caring, and the most loving father. My Dad has truly set the bar high for any man that walks into my life. He never fails to make me feel special and cared for. I’m blessed in so many ways. 

BTS Mcount (101217)

Its over and i cried tears of joy

1) Jikook won best photo award and they sang serendipity while Jimin pickybacked jungkook

2) Jungkook is an ass man. lmao. He just couldn’t stop himself from wanting to smack those asses

3) Jimin once again questioned why Jungkook keeps coming to thier room. Now Kookie did give some lame ass reasons and he said he will sleep in SIN room but i hardly doubt it.

4) Jimin deep neck sweater during DNA (kill me plz)

5) If not for anything, you should rewatch for thier outfits. They looked super yummy. (yup, i said it)

6) Despite winining, the DNA team joined the Dope team in the punishment and it was super fun.

7) Tae was super duper sweet and chose Jhope to the end. ( lmao at Bang PD)

I missed 30 minutes of the show and i cannot wait for someone to reupload like NOWW!!!