best performance of the catalyst ever

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Amy (on webcam, with an undersea background): So, what do you think?

Sheldon: It’s a charming illusion, but it does not cheer me up.

Amy: Not even when I do this? (Pretends to be a fish)

Sheldon: No.

Amy: Well, that was the last arrow in my quiver of whimsy.

Sheldon: Do you realize that teaching is the first thing I’ve failed at since my ill-fated attempt to complete a chin-up in March of 1989?

Amy: If this humiliating experience is really troubling you, there are things we could do about it.

Sheldon: For instance?

Amy: Well, the first thing that comes to mind is isolating the part of your brain where the memory is stored and destroying it with a laser.

Sheldon: Hmm, no. One slip of the hand, and suddenly I’m sitting in the Engineering Department, building doodads with Wolowitz.

Amy: All right. Have you considered improving your socialization skills, thus allowing you to communicate more effectively with other people?

Sheldon: Isn’t that their burden? I’m the one with something interesting to say.

Amy: Fair enough, but in its essence, teaching is a performance art. In the classroom paradigm, the teacher has the responsibility to communicate, as well as entertain and engage.

Sheldon: I sense that you’re trying to slow-walk me to an epiphany. Would you mind very much jumping to it?

Amy: Perhaps you should consider taking acting lessons.

Sheldon: Acting lessons. Interesting. It might help if I could act as though I care about my students and whether or not they learn.

4 x 14 The Thespian Catalyst