best performace of the night

The Man that is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!

From start to finish, I know everyone everywhere was on their feet for Justin Timberlake. He started with his newest single “Take Back the Night” off of his second installment of “The 20/20 Experience” which releases on September 20th (a lot of September albums). Transitioning into one of his biggest singles “SexyBack”, Timberlake strolled down the steps and went from one hit to the next. “Like I Love You”, “My Love”, “Cry Me a River”, “What Goes Around”, “Senorita”, “Rock Your Body” (that had Jay Z’s “Give It To Me” as a back beat") all lead up to a mini b-boy breakdown with Timberlake popping and locking, but no breaking no cardboard (which I was waiting for for some reason). He went into the smooth classic “Pusher Love Girl” from his current album. But this all was nothing compared to what he had in store for us. The beat for “Gone” plays and four men arise from the stage masked in smoke. Lance, JC, Joey and Chris face away from the crowd in suits. Timberlake takes his position and they lift off with “Girlfriend” (which is one of my favorites). Then, their biggest hit “Bye Bye Bye” drops and the crowd goes wild!!! I know there were many that were doing the dances moves in their mirror. He slapped all his boys with a smile on his face and went right back into  JT mode with “Suit and Tie” (minus Jay Z). We probably would’ve died if Jay came out. Now what could possibly end this night? "Mirrors"! The whole crowd claps with the beat, and when it ends, the deafen the arena with screams and a chant of his name.

Jimmy Fallon, who is a close friend of JT, went all out when presenting him with his award. This could be his way of making up for interrupting JT when he gave his speech to his wife at their wedding. JT humbly accepted his award by saying that he really shouldn’t be winning it but he would take it anyway. He dedicated his award to his four band mates. He added that they could share it but it would be at his house. GREAT JOB JT!!! Best performance tonight? I think so.