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Could you explain to me what History's song "Wake Up" is? Is it a cover or an original? I've never heard it before, and I thought I had all the songs bought and downloaded on my phone, but once again.. I've never heard it until now. I'm sorry for the annoying question, but I'm really confused. ^^;

Hey anon~~~ 

“Wake Up!” is one of HISTORY’s BEST SONGS EVER!! original Japanese songs from their LOST album. It was only on the Limited Edition and A versions of the album. If you check our post >here< you can see the specifics of each version of the LOST album. Basically one had “Wake Up!!”, one had “Beautiful My Girl” (also BEST SONG EVER, do you know that one because I have two words for you: “disco kazoos”), one had “Liar”, and one had everything.

And in case you or any of our other lovely followers were unaware of “Wake Up!” etc. previous to this post, allow me to provide you with some references. 

Great, view from above perf of “Wake Up!” from actual Lost promos

One of the best perfs of “Wake Up!” ever (specifically around the middle)

Beautiful My Girl - “kawaii your face”, “it’s only my STORIA”, gloryyy

And speaking of HISTORY’s lesser known Japanese songs, do you know about “怒るなよ(Don’t Be Mad)” from the About HISTORY album, or “Green Days” from the Japanese version of the “Might Just Die” album? 

“Don’t be mad” perf

“Don’t Be Mad” perf from above (this song is still one of my fave dances)

Iconic umbrellas in the rain perf of “Green Days”

Another great “Green Days” perfㅠㅠ


Wild Boy?? WILD BOY??! ANYONE?!?


..did I go overboard..? 

-Admin FS