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Illustration of Chapter 13 of SOUL, by the incredible @lkrecic whose delicious art I stare at for hours

And now his eyes are closed and his face is turned away. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because,” says Ino, brushing her lips to his as she speaks. “I’m cruel. It’s what you like about me.”

anonymous asked:

hi there! may i request alex reaction to a ftm trans farmer that hasnt had top surgery and alex sees his binder ? and what you think will follow when he sees it ? thank you so much!!!

“Dude, your tank top looks really tight.“

The Farmer looked back at him, a solemn look in his eyes. He hadn’t told Alex yet, but… he guessed the moment was now.

“It’s not a tank top.”


“It’s a binder. It’s to flatten my chest. I… I wasn’t born with the right parts.“

Alex was silent for a long second, although it seemed like hours to the Farmer. He didn’t know what Alex would think, but as the moments ticked by, his hope sunk down to his stomach.

“Dude! Why didn’t you tell me?“

“I… I didn’t know what you would think and–“

“All this time I thought you had the best damn pecs I’ve ever seen! Why did you think I kept asking you about your workout regime?“


“Yeah! I was super jealous of your pecs when I first met you.“

“They… They don’t look like breasts?“


“Holy shit.“

Olympic Crush of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian may have the best pecs I’ve seen at the Olympics so far. 

Adrian and his teammates Michael Phelps, Ryan Held, and Caeleb Dressel all won gold in the 4x100 relay! 

Nathan is definitely the hottest of his relay teammates. Those pecs are glorious. He’s also half Chinese which adds some diversity to the US swim team. 

Nathan still has the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events coming up. 

Hopefully the sexy 27 year old stud will be bringing home more gold from Rio! 

pikminpedia  asked:

What drawing, that you've done, would you say you're the most proud of?

Actually I have 3

Because of the background. It’s simple, but I took me time for learning new technics for all shading details. 

Again because of the background. I tried something new to give more 3D-depth to my background and I’m pretty proud of the result.

And finally this one, because those are the best pecs I drew in my life.