best parts of the movie tbh


“This, you know, what you’re feeling now, it gets multiplied by 10 when you’re 34 and you’re not the hot young thing anymore. But that’s not you. You don’t have to worry about that yet.” 1 Night (2017)

saw beauty and the beast. and tbh. emma watson is a terrible bell. everyone else is great. lefou was both the best AND worst part of the movie, because it was so obvious that he was gay, but was the butt of every damn joke. and disney’s FIRST EXCLUSIVELY GAY MOMENT!!!!!111!!!!1!!! is literally a 2 second insert of a shot where lefou and some nameless guy touch hands during a dance. that’s literally it 

fuck disney for patting themselves on the back for that like it was some big progressive moment in disney history

The Summer (31/33)

The Summer (31/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 400,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 18,257 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

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Warnings: teasing, edging, dirty talk, neck kink, handjobs, stretching, penetrative sex, schmoop

A/N: Hey guys! Honestly, we cannot believe what a wild ride it’s been over the course of the last… how long? Few months that we’ve been posting this. When we started this RP, I don’t think either of us realized it was going to end up being over 400,000 words long, and yet it most definitely did. We set out for this fic to be an exploration of sexuality and, obviously, sex, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We honestly hope you guys have enjoyed this wild ride as much as we have! But don’t worry, this isn’t quite the end! We’ve still got the massive epilogue to go, a whopping 55K words long that we’ve decided to split in half and post back to back thanks to your guys vote!

On Friday, we’ll hit you with part one of the epilogue over at @snowbunnylester ‘s blog, followed by part two on Satruday on @botanistlester ‘s blog! Of course, it’s also getting posted to ao3 in the same chaptered fic as chapters 32 and 33, so stay tuned, and I can’t believe the ride is nearly over… I’m going to try not to cry!

Chapter Thirty-One

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Main Cast
  • Movies: Jedediah is a cowboy who likes to feel in charge and doesn't like it when people are condescending. Best friends with former enemy, Octavius.
  • Fandom: gay cowboy who is jealous and gay and also really adorable with Oct tbh. OWEN WILSONNN
  • Movies: Roman general who weara a pteruges and is also gay and has unreciprocated feelings for Jedediah. He is brave and in a scripted part, he was interested in Amelia
  • Fandom: GAY GAY GAY sad anxious man. Sensitive and also a grump and very meticulous.
  • Movies: Sacagawea is a very knowledgeable girl and has survival skills. She is tolerant but also a no-nonsense girl. She's with Teddy.
  • Fandom: ooh badass girl who is with Teddy but would also be great with Amelia.
  • Movies: Theodore is a braggy guy but knows when to admit that he is wrong. He's great under pressure.
  • Fandom: like that one kid who people ship with Sac idkidk
  • Movies: Attila is a screaming hun but has a large caring heart.
  • Fandom: who tf is Attila
  • Movies: Ahk is the slightly sassy (first movie) fouth king of the fourth king of Egypt from 4000 years ago. He has been stuck in his sarcophagus for over fifty years because his 'roomies' were scared of him. Makes dark jokes and loves his family (not Kah though)
  • Fandom: NB!!!! GAY!!! BISEXUAL!!!! Really cute, Rami, is in love with Larry. Sassy Egyptian baby uwu
  • Movie: Larry like has no personality lol. Dreams big, but also kinda bland and stoic. Loves his son, and is a divorced ex husband of Erica.
  • Fandom: closeted bisexual, closeted gay, MUSEUM DADS, TABLET GUARDIANS, is very emotional actually. Wants to be with ahk

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hey I really liked your post about "like Hamilton? Check out these other musicals" but I was wondering where someone would be able to watch them? I have watched some musicals as movies before, but some haven't been made into movies and usually YouTube doesn't have the complete things ur to copyright...where would one usually go?

YES OK I GOT YOU! I actually answered a someone about this same thing- maybe i should put a page on my blog (?) who knows- here goes. This was the anon, and in my answer i included bootlegs (illegally filmed video) to Rent, Spring Awakening, and proshot Sondheim musicals.   I also talk about ways to watch proshots and find other bootlegs. 

In the Heights 
Next to Normal (also I forgot to put on the powerpoint- trigger warning for mental illness and mentions of suicide) 
(for 1776 I’d watch the movie, it’s actually wonderful, it and West Side Story are prob the best-made movie adaptations out there.)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (part 1 part 2) this is a college production, and the best i could find. 
Ragtime (This is the original broadway cast from 1998. so really not good quality, but there is other versions from colleges and such on youtube just type it in.) 

Les Miserables has so many options, tbh, and i can’t recommend one in particular. there’s the 25th anniversary concert, the 10th anniversary concert (tho there isnt any staging, the actors are in front of microphones) the movie, and there are bootlegs, i just can’t find a good one rn.
Bare (part one from nyc, part 2 from nyc) (part 1 from la, part 2 from la
Fun Home (password is funhome) 
South Pacific- now there WAS a proshot broadway version (thnx Lincoln Center) but it’s been taken down from youtube. You can buy it though! 

Master post of other bootlegs:

Also, look for theaters around you! check out what they’re doing, a lot of regional theatre isn’t that expensive, there’s a wonderful playhouse near me that does AMAZING work and it’s only $15 for a front row seat! PLUS there are national tours (a bit more expensive but it’s basically the same as the broadway productions. Fun Home, Rent, and Spring Awakening have tours that are opening soon, unless you’re not in North America, i’m sorry i didn’t check to see where you’re from)  And don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are SO MANY shows. Take it a step at a time. To find even more shows outside my list, i suggest this- find a show or a performer you really liked. From there, internet stalk. If you loved the music, look at what else the composer has done. If you like the book, look up what else the book writer has written, if you like an actor or actress, look up what other shows they have done. (for example, i got into theatre by accidentally finding the Wicked cast album on youtube. watched a bootleg with Idina Menzel and looked up her other stuff. Found Rent, watched it, found Adam Pascal, googled him, found Aida) Also, if you see a show playing near you and you have no idea what it’s about, google it! If you like how it sounds, check it out! the best thing about theatre is that it’s so diverse with every topic and music type under the sun! 

Anyways, I hope this helped you! Have fun, and let me know if you have any other questions, or you just want to tell me you watched one of the shows and loved it etc,etc.       

APH England (to Canada): We always said you were the cute one!

APH America: I thought I was the cute one!

APH England: No, you’re the stupid one with the big mouth!

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I'm sorry if this is offensive somehow, but how did you learn to speak english so well? Also, is portuguese a difficult language? I want to learn a new language and seeing you talk in portuguese with the other brazilians seemed fun :)

Haha, I see why you think I could be offended, but don’t worry. Well, let’s say I’m part of a very privileged minority that can afford specialized language schools (since the english they teach at regular schools is just the very basics, best case scenario), also, I rely a lot on TV series, movies and music. (and who am I kidding? Google Translate is a great friend too)

As for portuguese, I won’t lie: it is difficult. God, is a beautiful language, but the grammar is pure hell! So many rules and so many exceptions! And verb conjugations and pronouns… arrrrgh! It’s hard as fuck, tbh. But if you’re willing to try, I would consider a great challenge ;)

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What's your favourite films from each guy your imagines on? (Love you blog btw)

Thank you, dear! I know! You’ve been here for a while so thank you for that! <3

My absolute favorite Tom movie is “Only Lovers Left Alive”, with “The Deep Blue Sea” coming in a close second but there’s no competition. Vampires own my heart.

Favorite Chris movie: I’m between “Push” and “London”. “Snowpiercer” is amazing. But tbh the first two i mentioned are the ones i watch and re-watch endlessly.

Favorite Sebastian movie: The best film he’s been in is hands down “Black Swan”, but since he has a small part, i’d say “Civil War”. I’m pretty sure “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” will become my favorite if it ever comes out D:

Favorite Jared movie: “Dallas Buyers Club”. ;) Amazing film.



When you get this reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten people.

I was tagged by @pepperwoodatnight (love ya!!)

1. Rob Benedict of course. He’s the one that i turn to for happiness. the fact im meeting him in 3 months makes life worth living tbh

2. Books. im honestly such a book nerd and theyre a way to escape.

3. Movies. im a big movie bluff (if you didnt know). no matter what genre the movie is i love it

4. Music. music plays a big part of my life. no matter what i go through music will always be there.

5. Supernatural Family. I’ve been apart of many fandoms but the spn fandom has been the best one i’ve ever joined. i’ve never met a more loving fandom then this one. 

I tag: @super-john-locked @emilyymichelle @wolfyangel-is-a-pluviophile @fuckyeahdestiel @nerdyforyourbooks @castielismyfavouriteangel @multi-fan-dom-madness @agent-superwholockian @glorianerd @your-not-invisible-to-me

Can I Have This Dance // L.R.H.

a/n: I literally wrote this in fifteen minutes just now but idk i like it. and I watched all 3 high school musicals yesterday and I cried so here’s this I guess

summary: you and Luke have some fun while watching your favorite movie ;) jk but no this is pretty cute tbh

You can feel Luke’s breath on your hair as he lays behind you on the couch. You’re on the last movie of your High School Musical marathon. High School Musical 3 was your personal favorite, but Luke insists that the first is the best, as the original always is. You can feel him give a little kiss on the back of your head occasionally, or his quick, short laughter at the funny parts. It was difficult for you to sit still and not get up and sing and dance, but with Luke’s arms wrapped around you, you were trapped, not that you were complaining.
As Gabriella was talking about prom on the roof with Troy, Luke started to shift behind you. Assuming he was only trying to get comfortable, you stayed in your position but not for long as Luke swung his legs over yours, stood up, and reached out for your hand.
“What’s this about?” you laughed as you took his hand and stood. As Gabriella offers to teach Troy to waltz, Luke says, with a ear to ear grin,
“May I have this dance?” you couldn’t help but smile and giggle as you replied,
“You may.”
As the song Can I Have This Dance (your personal favorite) began, Luke put one hand on your waist and the other held your hand out to the side. You rested your hand on his broad shoulder as he began dancing almost perfectly, except with his long legs and big feet he couldn’t help but step on you a few times. He sang along, too, starting quietly, almost whispering, and eventually at the top of his lungs. You joined in, laughing every time he stepped on you or either of you messed up the words. You danced all throughout the living room, Luke spinning you every once in a while, and even lifting you once. You couldn’t take your eyes off of the beautiful, goofy, grinning boy dancing in front of you. you grinned back, feeling yourself suddenly flood with love and happiness. It seemed as if you were dancing for ages, but eventually the song came to an end. Luke gave you a final twirl then pulled you back over to the couch and pulled you into his lap. He kissed the back of your neck through your hair and whispered,
“What would I do without my dance partner.”