best parts of a book

Imo the best part in any of the Harry Potter books was the quidditch commentary

Like you either have Lee Jordan being hilarious and fabulous or you’ve got Luna telling you to look at the clouds. Win-win situation

“When you spend so long trapped in darkness, Lucien, you find that the darkness begins to stare back.”
Did anyone else get chills when they read this part? Seriously, I think I reread it 10 times. The entire snowy trip with Rhys was just the best damn part of the book for me. ♥

The best part about Carry On is that Simon never really seems overly concerned about other people judging his sexuality (*cough*bisexual*cough*) but more about the fact that he is dating sworn enemy and actual real life vampire Baz Bitch and I think that that is awesome

So imagine with me Magnus sitting in the loft reading a book and it’s pouring rain outside and he’s drinking hot chocolate and Chairman Meow is snuggled up in his lap and everything is peaceful when suddenly Alec bursts in and runs straight towards the window without saying a word, pressing his hands flat against the glass, his breath fogging up the rainy window. He stands for a second, just staring out the window and Magnus is watching him curiously and then Alec whips around and says with a new confidence that Magnus has never quite heard before, “We’re going out" and Alec grabs Magnus’ hands and pulls him up from the couch and knocks a yowling Chairman Meow off of his lap whilst doing so and Alec starts dragging Magnus towards the door and Magnus is protesting the whole time, spluttering things such as “Alexander, it’s pouring outside! We can’t just go out” and “What about the Chairman?” and “I was on the best part in my book!” and “THIS IS A NEW OUTFIT I AM NOT GOING TO GET IT WET!”

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One of the best parts of the first Magnus Chase book is that Rick Riordan keeps making meta references to his other series. Like, during suggestions of what Sumarbrander could turn into: “A pen sword. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” Or the chapter title “Hearthstone Passe out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)”. It’s great.

Something the entire Throne of Glass Fandom can agree on

I know there’s a ton of disagreement about a lot of things in the Throne of Glass series, but I think we can all agree that the ToG ladies are the best part about the books, right? They’ve all been through so much and have scars both mentally and physically but they go out everyday and rise up to whatever’s thrown at them. They don’t take orders, they’re the ones giving the orders and they’re always several steps ahead of our ToG boys. I’m just so thankful that Sarah’s written such strong female characters that make me feel like I can go out and conquer my own demons and achieve my goals no matter what they are.

There a lot of good things in the Maximum Ride books. But let’s all remember the best one:

Ari was about to capture the flock in Disneyworld, waiting for them to get off the Splash Mountain ride, when a little kid came up and asked for his autograph. The kid mistook him for Wolverine, one of the good guys of the X-Men. That’s probably the best Ari ever felt in his life. That is the best part of the Maximum Ride books.

the best part of saw 7 is when john shows up to the book signing with the hoodie and the backwards hat… it makes me think of that picture of steve buscemi where he’s like “how do you do fellow kids”

punk–kenobi reblogged your photo:@awkwardanakin LOL OMG REMEMBER THIS?!  For the…#WHY DOES OBI-WAN WRITE LIKE THAT THOUGH#HIS E’S ARE ATROCIOUS#The worst part is I can totally see him having shit handwriting

LOL YES. I’m willing to buy that he had kinda crappy handwriting. 

Honestly, the handwriting is one of the best parts of the book and I am DYING that they all, INCLUDING SIDIOUS WHO DREW HIS OWN PERSONAL EMBLEM, signed the inside cover like this is a yearbook or something. 

Also why does Luke write his name like it’s a corporate logo? And why does Anakin who probably never had formal schooling until becoming a Jedi at age 9 have the Galaxy’s Fanciest Signature? Someone’s been signing a lot of Chosen One 8x10 glossy autograph photos, I guess. Obi-Wan must have been jealous of his handwriting. 

Also LOL @ Qui-Gon and the green pen. And Sidious with the red one. Can’t even let an ink color just be an ink color can we guys. 

best cal parts of the book, u can’t tell me different ok.

Gasping from exertion and heat, I smack him in the ribs until he rolls away. He does so slowly, lazily, almost drifting off to sleep. Instead, he goes too far and falls right off the narrow bed onto the hard, laminated floor. That wakes him up. He vaults forward, black hair sticking up at angles, naked as a newborn.

The driver behind the wheel pushes down his sunglasses, eyeing me over the brim.

He cocks his head to side, a picture of innocence. He even claps his hand to his chest, forcing a false gasp as if to say Who, me?