best part of the video

Imagine bones on father’s day. Its one day he KNOWS he’ll hear from Joanna, no matter how busy both their lives are. BUT while he’s on the enterprise one year he makes a point of having the day off so he can take her call and they can talk as long as she can. So he’s in his quarters with a book, in his PJ’s, with soft music in the background. He has a cup of Sun tea (replicated, unfortunately) by his side and a throw blanket falling off the back of the couch onto his shoulders. When one of his favorite songs comes on during a slow part of the book he uses his finger as a placemark to close his eyes and softly sing along. The best part? When he finally hears his comm chime for a video call and you see his big smile with dimples. His eyes sparkle and crinkle at the edges. A soft chuckle escapes.

I just love Bones, okay?