best part of the movie hands down

Do you ever honestly wanna cry because Steve and Sam are so close and trust each other with literally anything and everything, and ‘That man and I are joined at the soul’ is an actual quote from the comics, and they both watched their closest friend/person fall to their deaths and went through so much pain but somehow found each other, impossibly. And that last shot of Steve in front of Sam’s cell in Civil War is hands down the best part of the movie and and and!!!! Samsteve is like Christmas morning guys 

Reasons why Sony is the worst film studio today!

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This … this “company” … is now an absolute travesty!!!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m focusing on this “studio”!

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I am now gonna try my very damn best, to rip and tear down this freaking studio to shit!!!

Lets get right to it! 


1. They have made some of the worst decisions ever in the film industry!

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s all part of life.

And when we make mistakes, we learn from them and do better in life.

The same goes for making films, directors, writers, producers, etc.

Great filmmakers like Spielberg and Scorsese for example have made mistakes, but then went on to create better movies because of learning from those mistakes.

Sony on the other hand, just fucks shit up almost every time!

Not every Sony movie is bad. They’re great movies from Sony. There’s for example such as “Sausage Party”, “Fury”, the original “Spider-Man” movies, “The Interview”, and “21 Jump Street”.

But … Sony has made more piles of shits than masterpieces! 

The decisions they make are unforgivable! 

For example, Avi Arad.

This motherfucker decided to produce “The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2″

I think they’re decent, but these movies are huge disappointments! 

Avi, who had creative control on two of these movies, decided to make Spider-Man not as inspiring and uplifting as Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man!

While Andrew Garfield did a great job as acting as Spidey/Peter, his character is not who Spider-Man is!

It’s supposed to be inspiring and uplifting! It can be dark in some moments, but it doesn’t have to be mopey in every single scene!!!

In the sequel, Avi then decided to cram in so many fucking villains that didn’t really serve a purpose, and motivations that made little to no sense! 

Learn from “Spider-Man 3″! Oh wait, they didn’t… never mind. 

The director, Marc Webb, deserved to make his version! Garfield and Stone deserved better!

Now they gave up creative control to Marvel Studios, but Sony is still distributing the films.

While I am happy to see Spidey with Marvel, I still wondered what it would’ve been like if “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ happened.

Another example is them just making films that are desperate to be turned into franchises and in the end… it’s all shit!

“Spectre” and “Aloha” are some of the most boring movies I have ever seen!

Sony is now still going to hire Daniel Craig for “Bond 25″! I love Craig, but come on! Hire another bond, like a “passing the torch” type of thing, with the theory of “James Bond” being a code name!

They also take creative control away from talented directors that deserve better!!!

Final example out of many… ADAM SANDLER!!!

Sony allowed this “comedian” to make one of the worst comedies of the 2000s and 2010s! 

“That’s My Boy”!

“Jack and Jill”!



I don’t need to say more!

2. They are desperate to release any movie that comes out of their ass!

So… Sony has many movies that are in development and production. 

Some good ones are coming up! But they’re movies that I think are destined to fail! 

First, they are trying to make a crossover between “21 Jump Street” and “Men in Black”!

Also, Sony is gonna release another “Resident Evil” movie!

They are now making a sequel to one of the best Robin Williams movies of all time, “Jumanji”!

And … there’s “The Emoji Movie”!!!

Holy mother fucking shit!!!! This leads to my final problem!

3. They’re animated movies are perfect examples of how to make animation terrible!

Animation is … unique. Imaginative. Innovative. Creative. 

Animation is not a genre … it’s a way to tell a story in a unique way.

It’s too add beautiful visuals with good storytelling.

“Disney” and “Dreamworks” have been doing this very well with their recent films.

But Sony just fucks it all up! 


“The Smurfs 1 and 2″!

“Cloudy 2″!

And Sony’s upcoming film is a fucking emoji movie! 

It’s a fucking travesty!

They are not thinking creatively, they’re thinking on trends!

What plot can Sony pull out of their ass?!

Animation is supposed to inspire creativity to everyone! 

Kids especially adore animation! They can learn so many life lessons, and learn how to be better people!

But Sony just does whatever they want! 

If you want Sony and Hollywood especially, to stop making these types of bad pieces of shits, then don’t go see this movie! 

Their language is money, nothing more!

*Deep Breath*.


That seems to be it.

That’s my take.

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Nicepants headcanon; What if BurgerPants has lots of kitty tendencies?? Like sometimes when Nice Cream guy is petting his ears or stroking down his back BP starts purring uncontrollably and leans into the warm hands touching him. Sometimes when they hang out and are watching movies or cuddling BP doesn’t notice that he’s begun kneading whatever part of his boyfriend that he can reach, it kinda hurts but NC thinks its too cute to mention and make BP self conscious about. BurgerPants has those teeny tiny kitty sneezes and doesn’t realize that everyone around him thinks its the cutest thing ever. When the two of them go on dates and BugerPants is super excited but playing it cool he doesn’t realize his cover’s been blown by his tail that is lashing excitedly. His pupils enlarge when he catches sight of things he really likes and he wiggles his hips when he’s getting ready to chase something or perhaps when he’s going to attempt to jump and grab something. My point being that BurgerPants with kitty tendencies would be the cutest fucking thing.

Stay over

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Warning:Strong language and sexual content ahead. M

You spent a whole day at Taehyung’s  house and it was getting late. Your eyelids were getting heavier and Tae’s bed was so comfy you felt like you would fall into a dreamland any second.

“Come on Y/N, you can’t fall asleep now. This is the best part!” Taehyung excitedly said as he shook your whole body.

“That’s great Tae, but the movie is so long. Let me close my eyes just for a second please” you mumbled as you shut your eyes and positioned yourself into comfortable spot.

You felt something tighten around your body which woke you up from your sleep. You opened your eyes to see Taehyung pulling you closer into his embrace and lightly brushing the side of your face, going down your arm to your stomach and stopping his hand on your hip.

“What are you doing?” you ask Taehyung still dazed from your sleep.

“Stay over” is all he says, continuing to caress your side and moving his hand down on your ass.

“Taehyung have you gone crazy?” you raise your tone as you remove his hand from your behind. But it looks like Taehyung doesn’t care, instead he swings his leg around your waist and locks you in between the bed and his body.

“Come on Y/N, we’ve been friends for so long. I could see you stealing glances at my body when I pass shirtless or how you look at my lips when I get to close” Taehyung says while pulling you into him even closer and you gulp rather loudly because his proximity is making you nervous.

“But that’s because you take showers and walk here only in your underwear whenever I come to your house” you try to defend yourself, but Taehyung doesn’t listen. You feel his hand back on your ass and with a light squeeze Tahyung continues talking.

“Ooh Y/N that’s not my point. We’re both grown people, single, and with needs. You shouldn’t be shy about this” Taehyung practically whispers, his deep tone vibrating in the quiet room and doing things to you. You can’t deny what he said, you’ve been single for a while now and craving for a men’s touch on your body. Also, even though Taehyung was your best friend he was always so attractive with his sunbathed skin that practically glowed, eyes that pierced right through you whenever he would give you a look. You would be lying if you said you didn’t imagine his long sleek fingers on your skin or how would it sound if he talked dirty to you with his deep voice.

This time you don’t move his hand from your ass and Taehyung takes it as a sign of consent. He then slowly moves his hand up, moving the hem of your shirt away and you feel his hand on the small of your back. You slightly shudder under his touch and Taehyung smirks as he notices.

“Don’t be shy Y/N. I’m going to make you feel so good tonight.”

Without a warning he slams his lips onto yours first lazily kissing your lower lip with a few nibbles, but continuing rather strong end energetic, separating your lips with his tongue and entering your mouth. You moan into his mouth because it feels so good and his tongue is so skillful. While he kisses you, his tongue deep in your throat, Taehyung moves his hand even higher and with one simple movement unclasps your bra.

His touch on your body is much more sensual than you could ever imagined so you feel your panties getting damp much faster. The tingling in your core is getting stronger with every move of Tae’s tongue so you press yourself against his crotch to relieve some of the building heat.

“Not so fast Y/N. I need to show you everything I know” Taehyung says and moves his leg that was wrapped around you all this time, rolling you to your back and unbuttoning your jeans.

“Come on Tae, hurry” you say irritated, wanting to feel him right now.

“Not so fast baby. What’s the fuss about? Are you too hungry for Tae’s cock?”

His words drive you crazy and you feel wave of heat spreading from your center all over your body. It’s the first time Taehyung called you other than your name and the way he says it, so deep and low, made your mind go crazy and your pussy wet.

Your jeans are already on the floor, but Taehyung is taking time with your panties, instead he goes up taking off your shirt and unclasped bra together. He takes a look at your exposed breasts and licks his lips. You see lust in his eyes and it makes you even more horny so you spread your legs wider and start touching your boobs. All the control Taehyung had is now gone as he lets out a loud growl seeing you play with yourself. He quickly hovers over you and takes your boobs in his big hands. You moan at the much more pleasant feeling, his hands definitely feel better than yours.

“I knew you had good cleavage, but I never imagined your boobs being this majestic Y/N” he says before putting his mouth on your hardened bud. Firstly he gives it a good lick and then starts sucking your nipple. Your whole body is burning and you arch your back in need of more contact with his body. Taehyung loves how your body responds to his touch so he goes to your other nipple, flicking it with tip of his tongue. You put your hands tightly around his neck, pushing him harder onto your nipple and you’re thankful that he takes the sign and starts sucking and nibbling it even harder.

“Tae come on, I need more” you moan irritated.

“Exactly what do you need? Tell me baby, tell it out loud” Taehyung says teasing you by pressing his hardened cock onto your womanhood.

You whine into his shoulder, sick of his teasing.

“For fucks sake Tae. I need your hard dick, give it to me already.”

“I love that you’re so needy baby. Tae will give you what you want” and with that he takes off his sweatpants. You take a look on the bulge in his boxers and now you push him onto the mattress and he giggles at the changed situation.

“Take off your boxers. Show me the cock you’ve been hiding” you order as you straddle him.

“I love that you’re ordering me baby.” He puts his hand in your hair and pulls it hard, jerking your head backwards.

“Now!” you shout and without a word Taehyung takes off his boxers, revealing his hard length. You lower yourself so that your head is between his crotch and take his cock, squeezing it hard and jerking it few times. Taehyung tangles his fingers in your hair and pushes your head down onto his pulsating dick.

You lick his length all the way to the tip, moistening it before you put it into your mouth. His dick is filling your whole mouth and going even deeper, hitting the back of your throat. You can’t help it and you gag making Taehyung even more aroused so he pushes your head down again and lets a loud moan.

“Ooh baby you’re so good at sucking my dick. I want to see how good will you take it” and he slowly pulls your head up, so you suck it till the tip and let it with a loud pop.

“I’m in charge now baby. Take your panties off and spread your legs for me” Taehyung orders as he opens the drawer next to his bed and takes out condom, putting it on. In the mean time you take off your now completely damp panties and do as you’re told, spreading your legs waiting for him to slip his cock inside you.

But he doesn’t enter you straight away, first he brushes your entrance with the tip of his dick and you grab his back, scratching his shoulder blades and Tae growls, thrusting into you without a warning.

You scream as you stretch around his length. Taehyung waits for you to adjust and when you nod in approval he starts thrusting at slow pace. From all the teasing you felt your pussy was dripping and made it easier for Taehyung to fuck you.

“Omg Tae” you loudly moan and he responds with picking up his speed. “Fuck you’re so good. It’s been so long I felt cock inside me” you say as he pumps into you harder and faster than before and you feel the knot forming in your stomach.

“I knew you were hungry for cock baby, I bet you’re happy I’m fucking you this good” Taehyung says in between his loud moans. Deep voice coming from the bottom of Tae’s throat and sound of skin slapping against skin are filling quiet room and making you go wild.

You grab Taehyung by his hips and almost shout to him: “Fuck me harder, I’m so close.”

With your plea Taehyung starts pumping into you even harder, hitting your walls every time. Your breathing speeds up and you let out moans one after another, each coming out with Taehyung’s thrusts.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so good and tight, my cock can’t take it anymore” and Taehyung reaches down to rub your clit. Just a few more pumps inside you and few more circles around your clitoris and you feel explosion from your core spreading all over your body.

Taehyung tells you he’s close too, so with every thrust he makes you feel waves of pleasure hitting your body. With one last, deep thrust Tae comes letting out a loud growl. You feel his dick twitch inside you and you squeeze your walls around him to drain last drop of his juice. Taehyung pulls his dick out and crashes next to you. For few minutes you both lay down, panting for breath, your bodies sticking together from the sweat that is covering you.

When he came back to his senses, Tae took off his condom and disposed it to the bin in the corner of his room.

“Omg Y/N, I never imagined you’re this good. We should definitely do this again” he says as he takes you into his arms and brushes your hair away from your face.

You lay your head onto his chest and fondle his soft skin.

“We definitely should” you respond closing your eyes, too tired to move.


Jimin sexy drabble Namjoon smut JB sexy drabble Jungkook sexy drabble

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True/false: you once stayed up all night to watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy extended editions

this is true.  except it was even longer than all night because someone who shall remain nameless kept making us rewind whenever he missed anything and chavez and i got bored and started reenacting some of the coolest fight scenes at some point which was apparently very distracting.

we also watched all of the bonus content.  the thing with dom and elijah and the fake interview and the dead dolphin is the best part of all of those movies, hands down.

L: Location

Aaron Hotchner

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The couch.

Aaron absolutely loves it when he can work you up into a tizzy while the two of you are taking in a movie while Jack is off on one of his sleepovers.  He’ll start by sliding his hand deep around your waist, pulling you almost into his lap as his lips find your ear, his breath wafting upon one of your most sensitive areas as he chuckles lowly at the puckering reaction of your skin.  He loves it when you spread your legs so easily for him as he slides down onto his knees, pulling your hips to his lips as he laps at his dessert for the evening.

But the best part of the couch?  Because of the fact that he is so tall compared to you, he can bend you over the arm rests, your hair flailing over the edge as he pushes himself in from behind, watching your ass bounce around his fingers as he pumps his hand in and out of your puckered hole while thrusting into your dripping wet folds.

The primal sounds that drench the living room, flying from your mouth incoherently as he throws his head back in pleasure, is music to his ears as you brace yourself on the cushions.

i wish we had seen more of Bucky. Don’t get me wrong, he was hands down the best part of the movie (besides my number one warrior king T’challa, ofc), but there wasn’t much of substance between him and Steve, and what there was might as well have been stamped with NO HOMO in big red letters. 

There should’ve been a scene where you see Bucky pissed. Not at Tony, not at Zemo, at Steve. 

“What is wrong with you?” Bucky demands, whirling on him as soon as they find a place to catch their breath. He can see the apprehension in Steve’s eyes, the question of whether or not Bucky is in his right mind. He honestly doesn’t know. He hasn’t known since before the train. 

“Buck - ”

“You were safe!” Bucky goes on, fighting to keep his movements contained. He knows anything sudden will spook Steve but he’s barely managing to keep a lid on his anger as it is. How could Steve be so stupid? Bucky is dangerous. He is a fucking weapon with the target of all targets painted on his back and Steve  just waltzed into the line of fire in the most recognizable getup on the planet. “Christ, Steve, why did you think I stayed away? You shouldn’t be in the same country as me.”

“They were coming to kill you, Bucky,” Steve says and Bucky’s heart breaks in time with Steve’s voice. 

“You should have let them,” Bucky snarls and immediately wants to take the words back as shock and horror cross Steve’s face in equal measure. 

“I couldn’t,” he says, wringing his hands helplessly. “I had to - ”

“You had to what, Steve?” Bucky demands, his metal arm whirring like it always does when he gets like this. Fuck somehow he managed to forget what a moron Steve is. A stubborn, bullheaded, fucking moron, but God Bucky hates that he’s the reason for that look in Steve’s blue eyes. “Did you think I wanted to stay here? That I wanted to be halfway across the world from you? I couldn’t come home, Stevie, because then you’d get hurt too.” He pauses, trying to collect himself but after two years of only seeing Steve through newspaper clippings and the pictures in his book, after trying to keep tabs on the Avengers - just in case, he always told himself - having Steve here in the flesh is almost too much. There’s something wrong with his chest and the corners of his eyes are prickling like someone’s thrown sand in them. 

Steve doesn’t say a word, just holds his hands out, telegraphing his movements. Bucky doesn’t move as Steve comes closer, and those warm, muscular arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him close. There’s a beat and then Bucky melts into the hug, clutching at Steve like he’s a goddamn lifeline and Bucky is drowning.  

“I just wanted to be with you again, you fuckin’ jerk,” Steve whispers into his neck and then Bucky can’t help the tears that snake down his cheeks, wetting the fabric of Steve’s uniform. 

“Had to keep you safe, punk,” Bucky replies in a hoarse whisper. “That’s my job, remember? Your ma always told me to look after you.” Steve pulls them apart after a few long moments, his eyes searching Bucky’s face. 

“Now it’s my turn.”

Meet the Avengers

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Author’s Note: eh. Definitely not my best, but it’s as good as it’s going to get.

Summary: Based on the Disney movie ‘Meet the Robinsons’. Part of @sincerelysaraahh‘s A Month of Fairytales.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Words: 2700+

Shadows traveled down the hallway walls, heading straight towards the orphanage’s nursery. A hand was placed on the doorknob and slowly twisted it open. The figure slowly opened the door, letting the hallway lights beam through the small crack of the door. The old hinges creaked as the door continued to open, the light showcasing the sleeping babies in their crib. The dark figure carefully entered the nursery as to not wake up the sleeping children.

A baby was coddled in a blanket burrito, sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her lips. The figure loomed over the baby’s crib and gently picks the baby up, holding her to their chest. The baby cooed at the new position but stayed asleep. The figure looked left and right to ensure the room was clear before fleeing the room with the baby in stow. The figure carefully left the orphanage, leaving no traces behind.

A car was parked across the street with its lights off. The figure entered the car, and the car drove away into the night.

“You have her?” the driver asked lowly.

The figure moved the baby away from their chest to get a good look at her. “The mission is complete. We have Y/N,” he stated before looking at the driver.

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Luke is totally the type of boy to text you “Netflix and chill?” and you’d just roll your eyes because Smooth Lucas, but you’d get ready anyway, putting on a cute pair of underwear and make your way over to his house. When you got there he’d already be set up in the living room, with snacks and a movie already set up so you’d just curl up next to him on the couch while he turned on some documentary about lions. And like halfway through the most he would have done is slide an arm around your waist so you took matters into your own hands and started kissing down his jaw but he’d just say “Wait, babe, you’re gonna miss the best part.” And you’d stop and look at him and then burst out laughing because he really did just want to watch movies with and be with you. He would be a little confused and say “What, what’s wrong…? Oh.” And lean over to where you were laying back still giggling at his dorkiness, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth and whispering. “I like your idea better.”