best part of the movie bar none

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I think fandom reaction says more about the writers than it does the fandom. I see a lot of blogs bashing CSers for being upset when Colin doesn't film or we see heavy Regina scenes, or people bashing us saying "it's not always about CS" but honestly I feel this way mostly because todate it's always about Regina in some way and I'm very worried that this arc is gonna play out to the same. 4B finale had potential for epic CS and we got quick little scene and immediately back to Regina's prob

You know what, you have a point. I think saying that part of  CS fandom has PTSD from 4x11 and even parts of 4b is true and I understand where those people are coming from. 

Here’s the thing, though, you can choose to live in that place where you’re suspicious and pessimistic and unhappy for month and months and months on end. 

Or you can choose to move on, try and wipe the slate clean and approach S5 by remembering that this show and these writers also gave us:

  • A romantic adventure meet-cute on a Beanstalk
  • Too many bitter sweet Neverland moments to count
  • The equal parts delicious and painful slowburn of 3b
  • The only believable villain to hero redemption arc on the show (Hook, I’m talking about Hook)
  • The Captain Swan movie, which is the best thing any shipper has ever gotten anywhere. Bar none. Fight me on this. (I mean they waltzed together like the royal prince and princess they are!)
  • About a dozen of the sexiest, most heartfelt screen kisses I’ve ever seen. Each one is different, but amazing.   
  • Numerous first meetings in a variety of times and places, where he always falls for her at first sight. 
  • The most cathartic hug in the history of hugs (4x02)
  • The date… umm… he gave her a frickin rose and she wore a sweet pink dress and then she had on his leather jacket when they got home, it’s like they went on the sweetest first date ever circa 1955!  (Scuze me, I need a moment to collect myself before I go on)
  • Heart-to-hearts near the water.
  • MUSCLE MEMORY (’nuff said)
  • The characters both saying ILY  in a variety of ways before the exact words were actually spoken.

And there are a dozen other things I could put on the list. Now don’t you think your fandom experience would be better if you consider all the good things rather than the few bad things when looking forward to the new season?

I promise you, if they screw up, we’re going to have plenty of time to be disappointed, but looking at that second list, they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt from me.