best part of the movie bar none


Words: 455

Summary: Watching scary movies with Gabriel.

Warnings: none.

For @sdavid09 TaleTeller’s Fright Night 2016 challenge 

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“Quit crinkling the bag, you’re ruining the best part!” you whined as you poked Gabriel with your toe where he lounged on the other side of the couch, sprawled like a king surrounded by bags of candy on his blanket.

He had been reluctant, but eventually he agreed to join you during your horror movie marathon, only on the condition that he was going to supply the snacks. Had you known that it was going to involve several bags of mini chocolate bars, gummy candies of all varieties and goodness knows what else he left in the kitchen, however, you may have reconsidered. While Gabriel was the best friend you could have asked for, he didn’t understand your love of horror movies, nor did he have the appreciation for silence during the scary parts. Not to mention the wicked stomach ache you were sporting from eating so much of his candy, but that was more your own fault than his.

You had just started watching Night on Elm Street and it was at the part where Freddy Krueger dropped his, “This, is God” line while holding up his glove, which caused Gabriel to bark out a laugh.

You shot a glare at him and lobbed a sour candy at his face.

“… I’m not supposed to laugh, am I?” he winced before finding the candy you threw and tossing into the air. He easily caught it in his mouth and grinned wide as if he were pleased with himself.

“No, you’re not!” you hissed back, though after a moment you couldn’t help but smile at him.

He was here to keep you company and though it wasn’t his thing, he hadn’t complained once through the first 3 movies you’d already watched and was still seated comfortably next to you looking entertained as ever.

“Gabe?” you asked quietly after a pause, watching his amused expression as he stared at the television.

“Yeah, sugarplum?” he responded, turning to you with a quirked eyebrow.

“Can I come snuggle with you?” you requested, gesturing towards him with a tip of your head.

The grin that spread across his face was infectious as he moved the candy and pulled the blanket away from him, beckoning you over with both hands.

“Bring it in, sweetness!” he teased as you crawled over, nestling up against his chest as he wrapped the blanket around the both of you.

After that you hardly noticed the crinkling of his candy bags, and even joined him in his laughing at the so-called ‘scary’ parts. This felt like the beginning of a new tradition to you, and as you drifted off to sleep somewhere between the third and fourth Freddy movie, you couldn’t recall a more perfect Halloween.

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