best part of the episode

the best part about friends is that it had the most iconic twist in romance ever like in the beginning seasons they really played us with the ross/rachel dynamic and how they were the absolute “it” couple of the show and that everyone will want to root for them to get together and then all the sudden???? chandler and monica literally come out of nowhere in a span of three episodes?? but the best part is,,,,,,,they actually have a great dynamic?? like they had a great dynamic as friends but as a couple,,,,,they brought out the absolute best in each other??? And they grew slowly and worked through both of their insecurities and became an even stronger couple?? and then the writers tried to bring back rachel/ross again and it just,,,,,,didn’t compare because chandler and monica had surpassed their trash dynamic by 1000x at that point. anyway, god bless chandler and monica

  • ------------How Andrew pretends to be--------------
  • Andrew: Who needs witches when you have riches?
  • Andrew's dad: Nice one, son.
  • Andrew: Posh Posh Smarm Smarm
  • -----------How Andrew actually is-----------------
  • Andrew: Hey you guys know what this fucking needs?
  • Andrew: Battle Music.
  • Andrew: Flight of the Bumblebee. Get it? I'm hilarious!
  • Andrew's dad: I thought I said no pi-
  • Andrew: FUCK YOU DAD

brandnewz x blackpink’s as if it’s your last

  • Robert: Where have you been?
  • Cain: Away. Not that it's any of your business.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, Aaron is. Do you have any idea what he's planning on doing today?
  • Cain: Go on.
  • Robert: He's gonna fight that Jason kid. The one that made his life hell in prison.
  • Cain: Right. And you want me to stop him.
  • Robert: Well, I've tried but it didn't exactly go to plan, so... you're my last resort.
  • Cain: Wow, I'm flattered. So, go on. Better start talking.