best part of the entire night

I lie in the dark counting your heartbeats. I imagine our life together. I imagine the words I will say when we get married. The thought of trying to put together enough sentences to describe the depth of my love brings tears to my eyes. My love is blind faith, miraculous and divine. Hearing you breathe beside me at night, that is my religion. You said you wanted to grow old with me and I held it in my lungs, trying not to let it escape so that I could let it saturate in my veins. You are not the best parts of me. You are the most beautiful parts of the person I want to become. You are the love story I have been trying to write my entire life.
—  Ambra J. Wilson

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai - Christmas Greetings: Tsushima Yoshiko Yohane and Kunikida Hanamaru

Tsushima Yoshiko
Christmas —
For the Fallen Angel Yohane, it’s nothing but the unluckiest day in the entire year!! That’s why I’m currently looking for people to come with me to yell about this past year’s unluckiness at midnight during the party ♥♥
I’ll give every single of you participants the best present from the Little Demon Yohane ♪♪

Kunikida Hanamaru
Maru’s Christmas always—
Starts with singing “The First Noel” with the choir ♥
I would be really happy if you could listen to my solo part ♪
After that, I would love it if you could spend the Holy Night with you in the church. It’ll surely be a fateful night—zura ♥♥

Cocky (Jungkook College AU)

Originally posted by kookie-bts

Jungkook x Reader AU (Gender Neutral)

a/n: wow it’s been a long time. I’M SO SORRY OMFG IT’S BEEN SO LONG HOLY FUCKC. BUT I’M BACK !!!!! also, I’m really not sure whether to continue this or not, to make it a 2/3 part piece but I’m really not sure. Let me know !

type: university/college au, fluff (??), mild angst, romance-ish

word count: 1.7k

The last thing you wanted to do today was to be told that your project deadline was being moved. Moved so that it had to be handed in a week earlier than what your whole class had been told before. Shit, you thought, I really need to focus.

You’d not woken up in the best mood, one of your flatmates had decided to bring around his entire sports team last night, and they’d been extremely noisy and loud until probably around 4am, meaning that you got hardly any sleep and that you woke up late, forcing you to skip breakfast and rush to your morning lecture. Just making it in time, you somehow powered through it, grabbing a coffee on the way to your favourite section of the day. The project and drafting room was the other side of the university campus, unfortunately for you, but the coffee kept a spring in your step and you arrived just in time, taking a seat at the side of the room by the door, on a small table away from the bigger round ones, where people all worked on their projects together. 

With being in an art and design course, you didn’t really have to focus too much in the lectures as they weren’t as beneficial and important as the project and workshop things that you had to focus on, so this was your favourite part of the day, and you and your teacher/tutor got on really well. 

The only downside, though, was the cocky bastard that always came in late. There was always only one seat left - next to you. 

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My Best Friend’s Wedding Part One

Originally posted by buckypupbarnes

Based on the film: My Best Friend’s Wedding. I will be following the plot but not entirely. I really hope you guys enjoy part one :) 

It was a typical Saturday night and you were on your sofa eating Chinese takeout completely content. After a long week, you needed time to relax and to unwind. You were wearing your favorite joggers and a hoodie since the weather in Seattle was getting colder and colder. 

Your phone rang while you were in the middle of an episode of Gilmore Girls. You had seen the episodes a million times but couldn’t stop yourself from rewatching them over and over again. You grabbed the phone from the coffee table in front of you and saw your best friend’s image on the screen. 

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Enjoltaire night shift headcanons

For @revenjolras

-Grantaire works the night shift at the university library 

-He honestly hates it, but there is one good thing about the night shift: the cute blond guy who’s in some of his classes that always comes in to work on homework until ungodly hours of the morning

-Grantaire might have a slight crush on the blond dude with messy curly hair and bright fiery blue eyes with bags under them from lack of sleep

-He soon learns that the guy’s name is Enjolras and Enj has probably checked out every book on the French Revolution in the entire library at some point or another

-Grantaire totally starts debates with Enjolras over everything (it’s the best part of his shift, watching Enjolras fired up, because he’s learned that it takes a decent amount to get Enj started, but once he starts you can’t get him to shut up and R just loves watching Enj go on long rants)

-Enjolras keeps trying to get him to come to his activist group meetings

-One night Grantaire and Enj are having a debate, and R can see that Enjolras doesn’t look that great, but brushes it aside because surely Enj is smart enough to take care of himself…

-Enjolras is not.

-Next thing R knows, Enjolras is holding onto him whispering “help, I think the room’s spinning”

-When R figures out this is because Enj had the brilliant idea to not sleep for three days straight, he gets someone to cover the rest of his shift and walks Enjolras home

-R makes a deal with Enjolras: he’ll go to Les Amis meetings if Enjolras promises to get some sleep

-R always checks out new books on the French Revolution the second they show up at the library because he knows it will get Enjolras so excited he won’t stop talking for at least an hour

-Enjolras checks out books on Greek mythology because he knows they are R’s favorite, and when the library isn’t busy, he’ll read the out loud to Grantaire

-I’m not saying Grantaire asked Enjolras out in puns and mythology/French Rev references, but he totally asked Enj out with puns and mythology/French Rev references 

-on weekends Grantaire forces Enjolras to rest and take a break from everything, so they have days where they just stay in and watch movies together or lie on the couch together reading

-they both struggle getting to sleep early (Grantaire because his body is used to night shifts, and Enjolras because his first instinct is to work through the tired until he literally almost passes out), so when Enjolras has been working himself too hard and Grantaire isn’t on night shift, Grantaire forces Enjolras to sleep over at his place because he knows all he has to do to get Enj to sleep is lie in bed and cuddle with him and bam sleeping Enj

-whenever Grantaire gets back from the night shift, there’s usually a hot chocolate waiting for him, and when he gets up the next morning (or, well, later that morning?) there’s a coffee waiting for him along with a quick note from Enjolras. Sometimes the note is a quote, a reference, a badly draw doodle, or just some words of encouragement to get Grantaire through the day

Prologue - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Tagging: @noctem-vincere, @cait-writes-stuff, @avengerdragoness, @kamuithedragonlord, @birbs-and-the-bat, @hey-haylee

A/N: This is the first part of the series! I am so excited y’all.

Y/N laughed as her father picked her up and spun her around. The music from the symphony was upbeat as the aristocrats danced the night away. Everyone was dressed in their very best outfits and colors from every part of the rainbow were present. Jewels sparkled on the hands, necks, and ears of the women who smiled coyly at their dance partners. Y/N could see her sister Olga dancing with a handsome soldier. She stuck her tongue out at her and giggled at the disapproving glare her sister through over her shoulder.

Through the twirling, Y/N caught sight of her favorite person in the entire world. Her grandmother, the dowager empress and the mother of Nicholas II, Tsar of Imperial Russia and Y/N’s beloved father. She smiled and wriggled out of her father’s arms in favor of running across the dance floor to see her Grandmama.

“Grandmama, Grandmama! I drew this for you look! For you to look at and remember when you go to Paris.” Y/N said excitedly as she handed the childish drawing over. Her eyes grew solemn as she thought about her Grandmother’s imminent departure and their separation. “I wish you did not have to go.”

“I know, my darling, but I also have a gift for you to remember me while I am away.” Grandmama said as she reached into her purse. As she rummaged around looking for her surprise, Y/N looked over her grandmother’s shoulder and made eye contact with a boy about her age. His clothing was dirty and not nearly as grand as what she was used to, but his eyes were a vibrant blue and his dark hair kept falling over them. He tossed his head and smiled at her, giving her a wink before one of their serving staff grabbed him and dragged him back to the kitchen. Y/N might have said something, had her grandmother not found what she was looking for at that very moment.

“Look, my darling. I had it made special just for you.” Her grandmother held a little gilded box. Y/N turned it over in her hands, examining it and trying to figure out exactly what it was.

“Is it a jewelry box?” She asked. Her grandmother laughed.

“No, my darling, much better.Look!” Her grandmother clicked a necklace into where a missing flower was and cranked it several times. Music began to play as the lid popped open. In the now open box, a miniature statue of Y/N’s parents dancing spun in circles.

“It plays our lullaby!” Y/N exclaimed as she swayed to the music.

“You can play it at night, before you go to sleep, and pretend it is me singing.” Her grandmother said with a gentle smile.

On the Wind/ Across the Sea/ Hear this song/ And remember/ Soon you’ll be/ Home with me/ Once upon a December.” Y/N and her grandmother sang together. Grandmama smiled again and handed Y/N the pendant that winds the music box. “Read what it says.”

“Together in Paris.” Y/N said, twisting her head to read the letters. “Really? Oh, Grandmama!” Y/N cried out as she throw her arms around her.

Suddenly, an evil laughter echoed through the room. Gasps sprouted from many corners as people realized who the newcomer was.

“It’s him. It’s the Joker.” Y/N heard a petrified lady whisper to her former dance partner.

Someone dropped their glass of wine and he took great joy in stepping on it to hear the glass crunch underneath his heel.

“Nice night for a party, Nicky. The only thing is, I find myself asking where my invitation is.” The green haired fiend said as he came to a stop several feet from Y/N’s father.

“You are not welcome here.” Nicholas growled, his face as hard as the marble they stood on.

“But I am your confidante! Your dearest friend!” The Joker purred as he stepped closer.

“Confidante? You are a traitor and a heathen. Get out!” Nicholas cried out, gesturing for guards to come and escort the man out.

“You think you can banish me? That’s rich. By the unholy powers vested in me, and all that good shit, I banish you with a curse to end all curses. You and, oh, I’d say your entire family? Yes, all of them. Will be dead within a fortnight. I’ll not be happy until I see your family line go up in flames.” The Joker laughed maniacally and gestured with the glowing green reliquary in his hands. A blast of green energy shot out and hit the chandelier. When the shock from watching the enormous decoration fall to the floor cleared, the Joker was nowhere to be found.

Nicholas did his best to calm the panicking aristocrats, but the celebratory mood was ruined. That night, her father sat Y/N and her sisters down and did his best to reassure them, but the unrest in the streets was obvious even to those who didn’t walk them.

Within two weeks, the gates to the palace were stormed and rioters broke down the doors. Y/N and her family scrambled to escape the murderous crowd, but Y/N fell back. She ran to her room and grabbed her music box. Her grandmother followed her and tried to hurry her to catch up with the others, but they could hear the soldiers outside. They would have been lost if not for the serving boy, the same one that had winked at Y/N that wretched night Joker cursed them all. He grabbed Y/N and her grandmother and opened a secret passage in the wall.

Y/N dropped her music box right as he was about to close the door, but he shoved her in and sealed the passage just as the soldier began to open the door. Y/N and her grandmother heard him deny what he knew, but they ran before they could find out if her survived.

They ran out of the palace and across the ice of the frozen river. Y/N heard that same terrible laugh and turned around just in time to see the Joker jump from the bridge onto the ice. It cracked beneath his weight and he began to sink. “Well, quite a predicament I have gotten myself into, eh, dearie? No matter! I’ll just have to take you with me.” He grabbed her ankle as he began to go under. Y/N kicked with all her might as her grandmother pulled her onto the bank. They ran before they could see his hands disappear into the frozen water, burying him in ice.

Y/N and her grandmother made it to the station in time to catch a train out of the city. Grandmama jumped on just as it began to move and she reached back to help Y/N, but the train was gaining speed too quickly for her to catch up.

“Take my hand, darling, please take my hand.” Her grandmother cried out as Y/N ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

“Don’t let me go!” Y/N cried out. She could feel her strength giving out as she gave one last ditch effort. With her final burst of speed, she lunged for the train and caught her grandmother’s hand, but it was not enough. She slipped and fell to the unforgiving wood of the platform. She heard her grandmother scream as her world faded to black.

i like what you like
you like what i like
i just know
this is the start of something.

knowing you’re online
well that’s the best part of my entire day.

we send messages back and forth
i lie in bed
waiting until my eyes can no longer stay open
just to read your reply.

exchanging phone numbers
only feels natural
like this is the next step for us to take

you’ve become
the first person i text when i wake up
and the last person i text before i go to bed.

the first phone call
the first time i hear your voice
sends chills down my spine
and plays on repeat in my head all night.

the first
(and only)
time you broke my heart
was finding out just how far away you are from me.

distance is a bitch
but it doesn’t come between us.

i miss you
is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met?

video calls
bridge the gap
between you and i
it almost feels as though we’re together.

i love you
is it possible to love someone you’ve never met?

we’ll find a way
to make this work
this i promise you.

the first year
is the hardest
but we’ve found a way to survive.

you and i
we will survive
and so much more.

i miss you
every minute
of every hour
of everyday.

you and i
will meet
and it will be everything we have ever wanted.

but until that day comes
i will wait for you
darling, you are worth the wait.

i love you
more than
i hate
being apart from you.

it isn’t always easy
and some days we both want to give up
but i promise to never give up on you.

we fall into a comfortable routine
it’s almost as if
we aren’t oceans apart.

i can pretend you’re here
it’s enough.

it hurts
not being able to be with you
it’s a pain i never felt before.

but knowing
that one day
you and i will be able to hold each other in our arms
makes all of this worth it.

xxiv. and after all this time
i still love you
as much as i did
the first time we met.
—  hopefiendsblog said: Write something for my soumate separated by Pacific ocean and 24 years… still in love…
(cc, 2017)
“The Best Man” Pt.2

Words: 5.3k+

Genre: Fluff, smut

Plot:  Your childhood friend is getting married to Kim Namjoon and they hire you, a tailor, to sew the suits for his best men. What you weren’t expecting was you, an awkward single woman, to get with someone as mesmerizing as Park Jimin.

Warnings: slightly vulgar language, graphic smut, lots of cheesiness

a/n: The parts in bold are y/n’s thoughts! The flashback is separated with “~”. There’s also going to be a final third part but I’m going to post it in a few days because I haven’t finished it yet!

Part 1, Part 2 ]

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Play the Odds - written by alivingfire
By Organization for Transformative Works


Harry and Louis are best friends since childhood who, after a night of drinking, find themselves locked in a bet: first one to kiss the other a thousand times wins. Wins what? They don’t know. Glory, Harry supposes. Bragging rights, though those don’t do much in this economy. All Harry knows is that this is one bet he can finally win. What he doesn’t expect, though, is what happens when he starts kissing his best friend on a daily basis.

Namely, he doesn’t expect falling head over heels in love with his best friend.

Now all he has to do is make sure the bet never ends, so he never has to stop kissing Louis.

Author - alivingfire            Tumblr - @alivingfire

One shot  |  26,963 words  |  Fic published December 22, 2016

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!!

The cuteness of this fic… it knows NO BOUNDS!! From delightful drunken conversations to even more adorable best-friends-maybe-more-that-friends kissing sessions, this fic is top notch. Be prepared to read it all in one go. Its sweetness is highly addicting! 

I genuinely had so much fun reading this. It’s sweet and charming, funny and lighthearted, really well written, and full of good times. If you’re looking for something fluffy with a splash of hotttt chemistry - here’s the fic for you! 

I’m going to take a moment to talk about how amazing Louden Swain is. First of all, they are all spectacular performers and the concert was the best thing I’ve ever seen. Rob was so full of energy the entire night. It was emotional, exciting, and incredible. My favorite part of the night had to be when they did ‘She Waits’ because personally it’s my favorite song by them. Hearing Rob talk about the backstory behind it and sing it with so much passion was really incredible. Another time being during 'Fare Thee Well’ when everyone had lights to wave which Rob said almost brought him to tears. Overall, Saturday night will be an experience I’ll never forget and cherish forever. I hope they come back to Houston one day. Xx

anonymous asked:

can u explain ur post about the thread/aqulio? who you were talking to? so confused!

I wasn’t talking to anyone, that was a screencap from Twitter haha. I don’t know all of the details, but someone made a thread of Bellarke songs to be played in season 4. Someone DMed the list to Charlie and said he would forward it to Tree Adams. Then someone messaged him about the thread again and *HE* linked to one song in particular from the thread (Silhouette by Aquillo to be played on Bellamy and Clarke’s last night on earth) accidentally before linking to the entire thread. This means that they could use this song, but the best part is that he’s kept up with the thread for months hahaha. 

Sober Thoughts: The Morning After (Jimin)

some people requested i write a 2nd part, when initially i just wrote “Sober Thoughts’ as a one shot, so please forgive me if this isn’t as good. i don’t like it as much as i liked part 1, but please be understanding! hope y’all like it though.


Word count: 2300

Rating: E for everyone was included! (you’ll see what i mean) 

Click here to read part 1 

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jin as your boyfriend

way he confessess - Jin confessing wouldn’t be Jin confessing. It would just be the rest of the boys teasing him relentlessly until you’re pushed to ask them why the hell they always snicker every time you walk into the room or why all of their elbows are always being shoved into Jin’s ribs whenever you had mentioned thinking someone was cute. Everyone could see the reason why but yet you remained oblivious. That’s why every piece of the puzzle was put in place and everything started making sense one night when you and the guys were walking around town and Jin had finally stuttered out the words of, “I like you.”

ideal date - Jin’s ideal date would be something cute but simple. He would plan out an entire night of something cliche; a nice dinner, a movie, and then the best part for last because he knew that the light show always looked better when the sun was down. Different colored lights flashing in different patterns and music playing in the background to match the rhythm at which the ights were blinking. The sight was breathtaking and the best part was seeing Jin watch the lights in amazement, blush rising on his cheeks as you took hold of his hand.

first kiss - The two of you had just met up for coffee, since you both had a full day ahead of you, and before you took off in separate directions, he would stare into your eyes for what felt like three years until finally, his hand would reach up to lightly touch your cheek. His lips would slowly follow his soft touch, landing softly on your cheek and then hovering over your lips as if asking for permission and you would get impatient with his romantic, slow side and end up smooching him before he got the chance to.

make out - Every single kiss that came from Jin was slow and easy, but as soon as you showed any sign to go a little further with it, he would surprise you with how much further he could go. He would pull your hands out of his hair and pin them to your sides, pretty much warning you to keep them there or else who knows what will happen. His hands would be the only ones moving as they roamed your body; gripping your hips, tangling in your hair, and wrapping themselves around the back of your neck. He would never fail to surprise you with what came next.

first time - As cheesy as it was, you had decided to make the move on Valentines Day. He had gotten the day off after begging his manager even though he swore he didn’t beg and decided to take you on a date. A simple one, of course, that involved you guys walking around streets that were lined with antique stores and what’s a date with Jin without a fancy dinner. You would wear the black dress that you picked out for this occasion and would pair it with a set of white lingerie, hidden underneath the soft fabric of your dress. The second you informed him about the lingerie would be the same second that he stopped at nothing to get you home. He would worship your body, making sure you knew how beautiful you were and even though it would be awkward, he never failed to make you feel good and he never once took his lips or hands off of you.

sex - At first, sex was a vanilla thing with Jin, nothing but soft touches and quiet whines, but after the first few times, those soft touches would turn into rough grabs and those quiet whines would turn into desparate groans. He would constantly have your arms pinned up above your head, whether it be his hands holding them there or some rope that he stole from BigHit’s repair room. He didn’t care if the boys heard you, although he knew would get embarrassed about it later. He loved the way you looked pressed up against the wall, allowing the loud sounds of pleasure that he was causing roll of your lips as you desparately try to get a hold of his broad shoulders. Sex with Jin would be like being stuck in a cage with a wild animal. You know you’re about to be ruined.

how he makes up after fighting - Considering Jin’s age, he would take arguements seriously and instead of actually arguing, he would try to discuss things. If you were angry with him for a reason that he didn’t know, he would ask you to sit down and to talk to him. If you admitted that you were angry at something he did, he would take full responsibility and apologize for it without hesitation. But on some ocassions, if the reason you’re mad at him is just rediculous, he would surprise you with some of the sassy things he would throw at you. Just like his kisses, his arguements would be surprising. You never knew if you would get Dr. Phil-Jin or Sasjin.

how he proposes - Jin would be so stressed about finding the perfect way to propose. The second he realized he was ready to marry you, he would start planning. He would jot down ideas and whenever you caught him writing something, he would use the excuse that he was writing song lyrics. After several too cheesy and marked out ideas, he would decide to go with his favorite. The one that he believed would be the most special to you and him: the places that he took you on your first date. He would take you to the same restaurant the two of you ate dinner at, the same movie theater you guys watched that movie in, and that same light show that you both enjoyed beyond words. The lights would blink in different patterns than last time, different songs than last time, but yet the amazement on Jin’s face was the same, except this time it was aimed at you instead of the lights. He would have a tight grip on your hand when he led you to a certain area that he spent quite a bit of money on, but he didn’t mind much because the look that spread over your face whenever you saw the bright flashing lights spelling out, “Will you marry me?” made his stomach errupt in butterflies and feel like a volcano whenever you stuttered out a quick, “Yes.”

how he acts around you with the group - He acts the same when you’re hanging out with him and the boys. He’ll have his hand wraped around yours or his arm around your waist, but he wouldn’t be kissing you all that much, which you would understand.. The boys would tease the two of you all the time, calling you love struck fools and mentioning you in interviews to embarrass Jin. Overall, the boys would be ass hats teasing Jin about his relationship and trying their hardest to embarrass him or you.

how he acts around you with the fans - Jin would be the same way in front of the fans, except he wouldn’t put his arm around you as much. He would keep it to a minimum of holding your hand but whenever he was finally seeing you after a long time being apart, he would hug you and put his arm around you, not caring if people were there to see. He missed you too much to not be close to you.

thank you for rquesting! :+)

~ admin ali - requested by anonymous

Lunar Chronicles High School AU


Cinder groans, stretching out her back as she walks the familiar path to her locker. Her final night in detention, thank the stars she can finally start going home after school again. As she rolls her shoulders, back stiff from sitting at the desk for the past two hours, she resolves herself never to get involved in Thorne’s shenanigans again.

Then she sighs, knowing that kind of promise is a lost cause. 

It’s not her fault her best friend has the terrible ability to piss off the entire football and basketball teams combined and it’s definitely not her fault that noble part in her remembers that he’s been standing up for her since she started freshmen year and people made fun of her artificial hand and leg so that of course she has to return the favor.

It’s his fault she’s in detention for a week straight, though. That one she’ll insist.

As Cinder turns the final corner to her locker, she almost turns right back around. Standing right in front of the wall by her locker is none other than Kai, appraising the poster in front of him advertising his run for student government. Beside him is Winter, his running mate. They’re talking in low voices with no signs of walking away and Cinder does have to get home at least before six otherwise her step mother will flip. 

With a sigh, Cinder walks forward and desperately hopes neither one of them see her. Not that it would be a problem, persay. Winter Hayle-Blackburn is the nicest person in the school, possibly on the entire planet and would never dream of saying a single mean thing to anyone, let alone Cinder. And Kai…is Kai. The guy that Cinder refuses to admit to anyone, especially herself, that she is kind of maybe head over heels for. 

It’s ridiculous for many reasons, the first being that they’ve only ever exchanged a handful of words including the time they met, where Kai cornered her in shop class and asked if she would help fix his phone and that time Kai asked her to the Homecoming dance and Cinder had to turn him down because Adri had grounded her for some reason or another. 

The second being she was pretty sure Kai and Winter were A Thing, considering all the time they spent together and this whole running for student council together. Winter was notoriously gorgeous and Kai was no slouch in the looks department himself; they made a very pretty pair. 

Kai and Winter are so wrapped up in their posters (or each other) they don’t notice Cinder when she gets to her locker and she hurriedly grabs her books and her bag. All hope for stealth is ended when someone falls against the lockers next to her and says, in a voice that carries, “Stars, I’m so glad to be out of detention. You’d think old Aims can take a joke by now. I think it’s time for him to retire.”

Cinder could kill Thorne for many reasons but right now, as Kai glances over in their direction, this is the biggest one.

“You bring it on yourself,” Cinder says, her voice low. “Also, try to behave yourself because I really don’t need another detention this semester.”

“I can promise nothing, gorgeous,” Thorne says just as Kai says, “Hi, Cinder.”

Cinder turns to look at him. “Hi, Kai.”

Over his shoulder, Cinder can see Winter smoothing out the poster on the wall but Kai shifts his body and she turns her attention back to him. Then immediately wishes she hadn’t as she can never quite stop herself from drowning in his eyes. 

“You’re here late,” he obverses.

Cinder makes a face. “Oh, you know how it is. Things happen.”

“Like detention,” Thorne says helpfully and for the first time, Kai’s eyes flicker over to him. He frowns. 

“Thorne,” he greets with a nod, his voice strained. 

“Kai,” Thorne returns. He glances at his watch and then reaches up to tug Cinder’s pony tail. “Come on, I have to get you home and then I have to get to work.”

Cinder snorts. “Work. Right. Also, I am not getting in that car with you.”

“You shall refer to her by her given name,” Thorne says, “And Rampion is really the only thing getting you home before six. I don’t understand what your problem is.”

“She’s stolen.”

“Borrowed,” Thorne corrects and Cinder sighs. When she turns back to Kai, she realizes he’s been staring at her and she’s very thankful that blushing is not a thing she tends to do.

“I have to go,” she says, “Um. Bye?”

Kai smiles, though its a little lack luster. “Bye.”

As he turns, Cinder blurts out, “The poster looks great by the way. Good luck with the whole election thing….You’ve got my vote.”

At that, a genuine smile crosses Kai’s face. “Thank you, Cinder.”

He gives her a small wave and then he walks back to Winter. Cinder closes her locker with a sigh and follows Thorne out.

“So adorable,” he says once they’re out of earshot and Cinder smacks his arm.

“Oh shut up.”

“You know, I’m glad he didn’t take your rejection of him to heart,” Thorne says, “And is still drooling over the very Earth you walk on.”

Cinder glances back in time to see Kai laugh at something Winter says, his whole head thrown back. “Not very likely.”

“Oh, please. I am an expert here. Boyfriends glare at me the same way every time I flirt with their girlfriends.”

“Which maybe you should stop doing.”

Thorne shrugs and pulls his keys out of his locket. When he shakes them at her, his flashlight shaped like a spaceship briefly flickers. “I promise you, Cinder. Kai is still really into you.”

“Just shut up and take me home.” 


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Living with Luke was about as amusing as life could get. Everything about it was crazy, he left his underwear hanging off furniture and he soaked the entire bathroom while taking a shower but the best, and worst, part about living with him was the singing.

“Cause if one day you wake up and find that you’re missin’ me,” Luke sang. This time in a voice somewhat resembling Chad Kroeger.

“That was awful,” you yelled from your spot on the couch.

Luke poked his head out of the kitchen, where he was making lunch, and glared at you. You giggled and got up to keep him company.

“And you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street,” he was quietly humming to himself when you walked in. He glanced at you as you jumped up on the counter beside him then went back to making the Mac and cheese.

“Keep singing,” you urged.

“I thought it was awful.” Luke huffed, flashing you a pout.

“I was kidding. Please?” You begged, making sure to give him your best puppy dog eyes.

He sighed and continued to sing.


You sat outside the door of your bathroom, listening to Luke sing in the shower. It was one of your favourite things to do because he sang in the shower different from how he sang walking around the apartment.

“I’m gonna steal your heart before it kills me, I’m gonna go too far even if it kills me,” he sang, loud and proud while doing a Kermit impression.

This one was new and you couldn’t stop yourself from giggling. He hadn’t heard you so he continued, this time in a Mrs. Piggy voice. This made you burst into cackling laughter.

“Y/N! What the hell,” Luke yelled from inside the bathroom as you bolted to your room to hide.


As soon as the first clap of thunder rang through your apartment you were at Luke’s door. He was already up and positioned on the far side of the bed so you could crawl in next to him. When he knew you were comfortable he would begin to softly sing your daily favourites.

“You will never know just how beautiful you are to me, but maybe I’m just in love when you wake me up.”

This was your favourite version of Luke’s voice, soft and perfect and comforting. He continued until you fell asleep and he meant every word he sang to you that night.

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Realm of Eternity: Part 7

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Elide had listened to the entire conversation between the Fae warriors after they had stalked by with their bloody comrade in the middle of the night. She had been unable to go back to sleep afterwards, after seeing Lorcan with that body slung over his shoulders.

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           This hadn’t been easy, not in the least. Days and months mixed together after his time in Wakanda – new improvements to his arm, being in a safe haven but still on the run, and lagging around after Steve and his new team. There was the more draining parts as well – the nightmares (they were normal), the longing in his chest, the soft twitch in his legs when he wanted to run because it was what he did best; it all started to weigh on him before he could actually have a moment to breathe and realize what he needed to do. Too many nights tossing and turning in his bed, the restlessness running through his body and entirely too many therapy sessions that T’Challa had provided for him had his mind overstimulated.

             One thing was for sure, however: he needed to escape for a while, needed to get away from the mundane that had started to slip around him. He appreciate Wakanda and appreciated Steve, but he had to do something for himself or he was going to be driven mad here. The thought to start making amends to his past had come up more than once since he had gained his memories back from the wipes, but he had never stepped forward with it. He supposed in a way he had never been ready, had never deemed himself stable enough for everything until now – and he had to start with the source, with the only other person who could possibly understand red in his ledger just as much as she understood her own. 

             Six months after Wakanda, Bucky had the information that he needed to trail one Natasha Romanoff, stacked neatly into his mind and arranged in mental folders that were constantly being rewritten. One day she was in one location, and an hour later in another – Natasha knew how to be a spy and be on the run, and it made tracking her difficult. If they didn’t have the same patterns and trains of thought at times when it came to hiding, Bucky doubted her ever would’ve actually found her. It was part of the Soldier that he was grateful to have in that moment, especially as his feet moved against pavement, boots heavy and icy eyes searching for the numbers before him. 

             No one could run forever, he supposed, and this was a good start for him, a chance to prove he could be stable on his own once more. Steve and Sam would freak out once they realized that he was gone, but he would deal with their wrath later. Now, he only had one thought and a simple mission, hidden behind a wooden door that made his stomach twist.

             Bringing his hand down in four quick knocks, Bucky allowed himself to shift a little before he wound up leaning against the railing, lip caught between his teeth when it opened. “You’re not an easy person to find, Natalia.”