best part of the choreography


rap line working on ‘what am i to you’

this is my favorite bomb of all time and i’m going to tell you why. it may not be very cute or funny like the other bangtan bombs, but this shows a side of bangtan that we fans rarely get to see: their creative process.

when they stand on stage or in front of a camera, they only present the best parts of themselves. clean choreography, stable vocals, great music, charming gestures, the whole package. 

but process is messy. three minds full of different ideas, each with their own perspective and each trying to help each other out and come to a compromise to make the best track possible. 

you can tell by their gestures and expressions that they’re brainstorming. from namjoon’s furrowed brow in confusion to hoseoks’s little nod of understanding. this is bangtan when they’re working but not in front of us. 

this is so raw and rough and i love it.


So, I recently had the pleasure and honor of taking my daughter to Houston for her birthday and we got to see none other than Got7!!! It was amazing!! A once in a lifetime opportunity that I wouldn’t change for the world. During the show, the guys played a couple of games. The first one was a dance off between “JMJ” (Jinyoung, Mark, and JB) and “Young&Rich” (Jackson, BamBam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom). They had to listen to random parts of their songs and do their best to synchronize their choreography. The team that lost, one of the members had to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Young&Rich lost and they played rock paper scissors to decide who had to sing it. Jackson lost, but begged BamBam to take his place, and this is the hilarity that ensued. Thank you Got7 for making this the best night of mine and my daughter’s lives!!! A birthday she will never forget!! ❤❤❤❤❤

“While I enjoy dancing variations, I love learning contemporary choreography. For me, the best part has always been getting to see the journey of a new dance.”