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Masquerade: Japanese choreography vs. Broadway choreography

Left: Hisako Hanaoka and Kanji Ishimaru
Right: Kaley Ann Voorhees and Jeremy Hays

[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P3)

(the interview is from 2014)
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Q: It hasn’t been that long since BTS debuted but you have released 3 albums already. Is there any moment when you feel like “Ah! I’m going crazy!” while preparing for the albums? 

V: For me it’s hard and it leaves regret with every album. When I finished recording and listened to it, I would regret “I should have done better, I should have put more emotions in”. But once the recording is finished it can’t be redone… This part always makes me regret, so it was hard for me. 

Jin: There has never been an easy album for me but during ‘O!RUL8,2?’, from a few weeks before recording until the album’s finished, my cold wouldn’t go away. Especially my voice wouldn’t turn out the way I want it to be, so it was hard for me both mentally and physically. 

Jimin: It’s ‘N.O’ for me too. I don’t know why it was that hard. 

J-hope: Yeah, Jimin had it hard that time. 

Jimin: My parts got a little longer than the previous album. (laughs) I think I was pressured by that. 

Rap Monster: Really? Everyone chooses ‘O!RUL8,2?’. For me ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’ was really hard. Because of one song… I talked about this in another interview, but we had to modify the same part of the lyrics more than 20 times. I think I sold my soul at that. Just thinking of it… (shakes head) They kept telling me to change it so one day I got so furious. I couldn’t shout out loud because I was at the studio, so I went to the park alone at dawn and plugged in my earphones and shouted loudly for about an hour? Afterwards the introduction was written and things went well. Wow really, that time I wrote the lyrics while hanging on the chin-up bar and shouting until I nearly cried. 

Suga: Well, writing the lyrics was hard that time. I looked through my mail box recently and I sent an email with the subject [No More Dream - lyrics modification - Suga 1] like this, and it advanced to 27. Looking back at it made me think “How did I do it.” 

Jimin: That time Hobi-hyung went there for a while too. (points up to the sky) 

All: (laugh) 

J-hope: (laughing) It was really hard in ‘No More Dream’ days. 

Rap Monster: Those days were scary. The psychological pressure and the anxiety of whether or not it would be okay coming out like this. 

V: Every time we do one choreography move, we had to match even the angles of the fingers. 

J-hope: We still focus on the performance now but back then when practicing the choreography, if someone didn’t match even just a little bit, we would sure be staying up all night that day.

Suga: The real hard thing at that time was that during trainee days, the members who had longer training period would lead the younger ones in everything, but then they said we were going to debut, none of us has ever debuted before. 

All: (laugh)

Rap Monster: We can talk about it now but it was very scary back then. 

Suga: It was really terrifying. (laughs) We scraped up all our worries and stayed up all night thinking about it, we even discussed what to do just among ourselves in whispers because we were afraid the younger kids would hear it. 

J-hope: We’re talking about it while laughing now but back then, just thinking of it brings in the fear. 

Suga: Now it became like “Let’s write even if just one more line of lyrics in the time we spend worrying!”. (laughs) The album that made me nearly scream “Argh!” is the most recent one. Even if I didn’t get hurt in the middle (of preparing the album), I wouldn’t think we would be this short of time. 

Jungkook: Me too. I have this regret like “If only I have some more time to prepare”. 

Suga: Right. Actually if I didn’t get hurt we wouldn’t be tight on time, but I was hospitalized so we lost 3 weeks. I finished the recording just right before mastering and we barely passed. I aged by 10 years. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: That’s right. As the time’s fixed, we had to follow the year-end award ceremonies schedule and went to the studio at dawn to work, we can’t throw away the quality factor with the excuse of not having enough time. 

J-hope: But I feel like it’ll slowly become harder as we release more and more albums, because of the lack of time. Actually rather than not having time, it’s because we’ll want just a little more, just a little more time to make better and cooler music. 

Rap Monster: We have to raise our standard. We have to gradually raise the quality. 

Suga: But if we say something that’s scary to say like “We didn’t have time” to the fans, it would disappoint them, so we should refrain from saying such things. 

Rap Monster: I think it’s the parts that we could have done better. Instead of letting them know that we have worked on it like this, I hope to tell them that “We have put in a lot of effort.” With each album there are more of those parts that we wished we had done better, but I think it shows that our view in terms of music is slowly broadening. 

Suga: I think what Rapmon said is true. Back then I thought I just need to rap well, but now I have learned to think of the details more. 

J-hope: You can say we’re really growing up. 

Q: How did you feel when you listened to the 3 released title songs for the first time? 

Suga: I listened to the song thousands of times while working on it so I thought I wouldn’t feel anything fun when the mastered song came out, but I got deeply touched like “I worked hard on it and it came out!”. 

J-hope: There was a time before when I wasn’t aware of it while practicing ‘No More Dream’, but one day it suddenly came to me “Ah! This is it! It’s good!”. 

Jimin: (laughs) 

J-hope: I got the same feeling with ‘Boy In Luv’ recently too. 

Suga: You have that feeling this time too? 

J-hope: Didn’t I say it? (points to Jimin)

Jimin: Out of nowhere! At the studio! (laughs) 

J-hope: I went to the studio and I suddenly had a feeling. Jimin was there at that time so I told him “Hey Jimin, hyung thought about it on the way here, I have a hunch about this!”. 

Jimin: Right. (laughs) 

Rap Monster: You can’t trust Hobi’s hunch. 

J-hope: I really had a feeling. (laughs) Trust me. 

Rap Monster: I’m the same as Suga-hyung. I didn’t feel anything while working on it but when it’s finished and I listened to it, I had this proud feeling “It finally came out!”. Especially when I listened to the mastered version of ‘N.O’ on speaker and the “good house, good car” part came, I thought “This is it!”. 

Jungkook: The “good house, good car” part was the best. 

V: It was really mindblowing. (dancing the choreography) 

Rap Monster: And I had a real feeling this time when listening to ‘Boy In Luv’. Not like “It’ll do really well!”, but I feel like this can become BTS’ second starting point. I think letting people know that “BTS is this kind of singers!” is the most important thing. Actually I want to show these kinds of things through this album too. 

Jin: When I first listened to ‘No More Dream’, I remembered being very excited “Ah, so this is our first song”. 

Jimin: I had a hard time recording for ‘No More Dream’. So, actually I don’t remember it very well. When I listened to the dance break part of ‘N.O’, I thought “Wow~ It would be fun performing this song!”. 

V: Right. I went “Wah~” listening to ‘N.O’’s dance break part.

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(Disclaimer: this report will not be a serious and professional one because I just can’t contain the fangirling; also I may and probably will be biased towards Aikyan and Shuka I’m sorry-
Also I’m sorry but I can’t really understand Japanese so I don’t know a lot of the things they said and what the Intermission PV was about, but maybe I will be able to update it later
Last, there will probably be a lot of mistakes since I’m writing this on my phone (since I’m going back home to Italy only after Comiket next week)

Sorry this took me a lot of time! So, on Saturday I’ve been to the first day of Aqours 2nd Live Tour in Nagoya and I wanted to write a report of it for curious people and also for me to remember it better :)

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BTS Reaction: Seeing you only wearing your underwear and his shirt. [Maknae Line]

Dedicated to: @blessjiminnie <3

Hyung Line | Maknae Line


Jimin yawned as he rolled over on the bed to pull you closer to him, only to find out you were missing. He frowned and slowly climbed out of bed. He didn’t even bother getting dressed as he made his way around the house, only wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms. He heard music being played in the living room and grinned wickedly. He had planned on scaring you as your ‘punishment’ for not being in bed with him still.

“Oh, Jagiya! I bet you know what’s coming now,~” Jimin sang out as he entered the living room. For a moment he couldn’t believe his eyes, and his jaw dropped. You stood before him, wearing your almost see through underwear and just his shirt.

That wasn’t even the best part for him was that you were practising a choreography, you had been practising, and the moves required a lot of swaying your hips. Jimin was so lost by your hips, he hadn’t noticed that you had turned around and stopped dancing when you noticed him.

“M-morning Oppa,” you muttered quietly. Jimin shook his head and looked up at your fidgeting form, and smirked when he noticed you pulling the shirt down over your legs more, stopping him from seeing them.

“Jagiya. Why hide? You look so amazing, I can barely control myself,” Jimin purred as he stepped closer to you slowly. Once he was right in front of you, he took the opportunity to wrap his arms around your waist, lift you up and throw you over his shoulder.

“H-Hey!” you yelled as you grabbed Jimins shirt and pulled it further down, making sure to cover your ass.

“Come one jagiya, there’s no point hiding from me. I was going to punish you, but this makes up for an apology. Now, where shall we start? The bedroom? Or perhaps the kitchen?”

“J-Jimin Oppa, please,” you whined cheeks red with embarrassment.

“You won’t be calling me oppa anymore, by the time I’m through with you, I’ll have you screaming ‘daddy’ when we’re done,” Jimin smirked as he carried you off into another room.

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Taehyung | V:

Tae walked through the door returning home from work and sighed, grateful that another day was finally over.

“Jagiya! I’m home!” he yelled. As he made his way over to the living room he laughed when he heard the music for Final Fantasy 15 being played. “Jagiya, are you playing Final Fantasy again?! Isn’t that like your 5th time playing it?” Taehyung laughed.

“Sorry Oppa, but this game wrecked me so hard, I was dying by the end of it,” you dramatically replied as you pressed as many buttons on the controller as you could, fighting the Leviathan. “Finally!” you yelled in happiness. “I swear killing the goddess of the sea is so hard, and it takes so god damn long!” you whined. “But it’s all over now. Okay, so what do you want to eat Tae?” you asked as you got up out of your seat and made your way to the kitchen. “Oppa?” you asked.

Taehyung stared at you wide eyes and didn’t shift his gaze from you once. His gaze fixated on your thighs from the moment you got up to make him something to eat. He was pulled out of his trance when you spoke up.

“If you’re going to keep staring at my thighs I’ll put trousers on,” you teased as you began to walk away. However, you were instantly tackled to the floor and landed on your back, Tae above you, straddling your waist.

“NO!” he whined. “I wanna know why you’re wearing my shirt!?” Taehyung asked as he pulled the material a little bit.

“I couldn’t find mine. So I borrowed yours, I was going to be dressed before you got back because knowing you, you’d get many perverted thoughts,” you laughed as you pinched his cheeks.

“Wha-! How did you know?!” Taehyung asked, completely shocked.

“We’d dated for almost a year. I know what goes on in that tiny brain of yours,” you laughed as you shoved him off of you, changing positions and you now straddling his waist. “I was planning on surprising you when you came home tomorrow, but I guess I’m in the mood now,” you smirked, eyes filled with lust.

“Ah,” Taehyung smirked as he instantly got the message and sat up, pulling you in for a long, deep kiss. Moments after he got up, with you still somehow on him, and he carried you off to the bedroom, giving you one hell of a ride.

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The maknae would wake up in the morning and pout when he couldn’t feel your arm around him. Normally when he woke up, you’d have your body pressed up against his back, trying to keep yourself warm with his body heat, rather than the covers. He then has you get you off of him, so he could get up and shower, but he missed it when you were up before him. Slowly he got out of bed and dressed into a pair of blue ripped jeans and a shirt t-shirt. When he finished changing he walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where you were cooking.

“Jagiya? What you cooking?” Jungkook asked as he stretched a little, trying to wake himself up more. His eyes widened when you came into his view, and he instantly looked away. You stood with your back turned to him, wearing black lace pants and his white shirt he had bought last Sunday.

“Morning Jagiya,” you smiled as you turned around with 2 plates in your hands. Your smile instantly dropped when you noticed Jungkook kept his gaze to the floor. “What’s wrong babe?” you asked as you placed the plates down on the counter and walked over to him.

“S-Sorry, it’s just that I-” he was suddenly cut off when you realised what he was talking about.

“Ah, sorry Oppa. But we’re dating now, you don’t need to be so shy. I’m, yours and yours only. After all, you will eventually see more of me than this,” you giggled lightly.

It’s not that Jungkook didn’t like the fact you wore his shirt. It was how sexy you looked in it. He was scared that if he stared for too long he’s lost control and just pounce on you.

“It’s just that I find you so irresistible, I don’t want to do anything, we might regret,” Jungkook’s tone darkened slightly, as he began to have fantasies about what he could do to you.

“But what if, I won’t regret it?” you asked, voice laced with lust as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss. Within a few moments, the kiss became more heated and Jungkook lifted you up, making you instantly wrap your legs around his waist for support.

“Shall we start off in the bedroom?” Jungkook smirked as his hungrily attacked your neck, making a small moan leave your lips. You nodded in reply, afraid your voice would break if you spoke. And that’s all Jungkook needed before he was carrying you off back to the bedroom, giving you one hell of a good time

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rap line working on ‘what am i to you’

this is my favorite bomb of all time and i’m going to tell you why. it may not be very cute or funny like the other bangtan bombs, but this shows a side of bangtan that we fans rarely get to see: their creative process.

when they stand on stage or in front of a camera, they only present the best parts of themselves. clean choreography, stable vocals, great music, charming gestures, the whole package. 

but process is messy. three minds full of different ideas, each with their own perspective and each trying to help each other out and come to a compromise to make the best track possible. 

you can tell by their gestures and expressions that they’re brainstorming. from namjoon’s furrowed brow in confusion to hoseoks’s little nod of understanding. this is bangtan when they’re working but not in front of us. 

this is so raw and rough and i love it.

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When Dance Moms premiered nearly four years ago, I was beginning my last year of college. Though the show was certainly more documentary-like in those days, it still centered on character archetypes and dynamics. You had Maddie as this petite perfectionist and Chloe as our soft-spoken princess. Paige was a genki girl and Mackenzie was the plucky comic relief. Very little energy or attention was devoted to Nia at the time. What we knew of her then was that her mother, Holly, was Ivy League-educated and more level headed than most, and that Nia, reserved and polite, had ambitions for a crown of her own.

Self-confidence was her Achilles’s Heel in the early seasons. What little attention Nia did garner from Abby was overwhelming critical, and often neutral in the best of circumstances. Still, Nia persisted with a smile and an exuberant amount of grace and patience. It was during this time that I became protective of her trusting and relentlessly optimistic nature. I didn’t want Nia to lose the best parts of herself because she was given whatever choreography Abby and Gianna could scrape up for her, usually racially-centered, or tackily-crafted acrobatic routines. Nia was nothing more than afterthought to the two.  

It was somewhere been season three and four where we saw Nia blossom in her transition through pubescence. She began to speak for herself, began to challenge inequities, and lead others by her example. The more that Nia pushed herself, the more she trained and engaged in opportunities, the more apparent it became that Abby felt threatened. You could see how their cordial, even loving relationship deteriorated before our very eyes as Nia grew into herself and reached even further for her dreams.  

Despite Abby’s unending quest to put Nia back in “her place,” she continues to seek positive affirmation and like-minded leaders. In this endeavor, she’s been able to work with industry names Aubrey O’Day, Mikey Minden, Coco Jones, Shangela, and even Carmen Electra. Nia has always been resilient through adversity and she continues to thrive to this day, but I just so especially admire her determination to take the high road and never let herself collapse under the pressure. Even when propagated as a “traitor” to the team, Nia defends herself in dignity and grace. Nia has always made the best of difficult situations, ensuring she isn’t manipulated into going against her visceral instincts and because of this, she is universally revered and respected by her teammates, industry professionals, and fans across the world. 

Cheers to Nia Sioux Frazier. I hope she accomplishes everything she sets out to and more. You are so hard working, baby girl, and we’re all so proud of you.