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SPEAKING of Dad Might and Toshinko fluff, here’s some absolutely excellent headcanoning on the topic courtesy of @homebeccer and @ghostfiish

After Izuku moves into the dorms, All Might makes a point of coming to visit Inko with updates on her son. He knows how worried she is and how lonely she must be without Izuku so he tries his best to be good company and put her mind at ease.

For the most part this happens while Izuku is physically at UA, so he witnesses none of it. One weekend when Izuku goes home he invites Ochako over for dinner. Meanwhile Inko has done the same with All Might, who’s now entirely comfortable and casual in the Midoriya household, helping cook and chatting with Inko. Ochako watches this unfold like, “Uh Deku…Is All Might like…your dad now?” And Izuku is completely shocked like “Haha what no?? He’s just my mentor.”

Meanwhole All Might an Inko are clearly flirting.

Then Ochako leaves for the night and Izuku lapses into existential crisis mode because “…..shit……she totally has a point….he’s so casual here what is he now?” And Izuku picks up on all these small changes in the house just “Why is there an extra futon here? Whose toothbrush is this? Where did all these large shirts come from? There’s so much All Might merch around and it’s not my All Might merch who bought these?” And All Might pops his head in like, “Oh yeah, I get my own All Might merch for free.” And Izuku’s just….screaming inside.

Break rolls around and Izuku packs a suitcase to head home for two weeks. Walks in the front door and All Might is standing in the kitchen with a chef’s hat on baking. Izuku wanders in in a complete daze, All Might acting like this is totally normal as he pulls out bowls and spatulas while Izuku starts muttering, “Why are you…. here all the time…??? how do you remember where all the kitchen tools are when I don’t…???” and he glances at the partially-frosted cake on the counter, “Why are you making a cake that says ‘Welcome home son’????” And All Might starts blushing furiously like, “Well I was finishing this for your MOTHER.”

School resumes and all the Class 1-A kids are walking to class. They pass by the school grounds entrance and suddenly Inko is there running toward the main building. Bakugou notices first like, “Hey Deku, isn’t that your fucking mom over there?” Izuku turns, startled, and intercepts her thinking it’s got to have something to do with him. She just kinda blinks at him when he asks what’s wrong and says, “Uh actually… Toshinori forgot his lesson plans at home… Could you give this to him?“ Ochako, Iida, and Bakugou who are all listening internally go “Who tf is Toshinori…?” Until they all walk into class and Izuku sheepishly hands the papers off to All Might and the rest of the kids just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

During class break Iida and Ochako look at each other like "ALL MIGHT WAS IZUKU’S DAD” They turn to izuku with gaping mouths like ‘ALL ALONG???’
Izuku flails a bit. 'I DIDNT - HES NOT - THIS!…”
Izuku, still sputtering, “THEY AREN’T??? DATING????”
Iida nods like he understands and says “Well of course not Izuku. Why would they go on dates when they’re already married?’
Ochako answers “Not true my parents still go out sometimes.”

They just keep having a conversation without Izuku. Izuku instead passes out against the wall muttering. Iida and Ochako finally notice. “Should we call his parent?” “Which one?”

They’ve got a class trip coming up and after lunch Aizawa hands out permission slips. Izuku’s is already signed with an enormous ALL MIGHT signature.

Since everyone seems to know now, it’s go big or go home.


Part three of the Miraculous x Hunter series created by @emthimofnight, featuring a prickly Killua (secretly Chat Noir) being saved by Ladybug (secretly Gon), who is determined to protect his best friend no matter what, even if said best friend doesn’t want his protection!

All parts of this series will be put up on my ao3 soon, and there will be more drabbles to come! I wasn’t joking when I said me and emthimofnight were talking about this au nonstop haha XD

Word count: 2067

Other Miraculous x Hunter links: 

GonNoir mirror drabble, Killugon ballroom scene drabble

Fanart by @emthimofnight that started this whole thing

Killua really hadn’t planned on spending his free afternoon running away from the Mayor’s akumatized daughter- but, well. That’s just the kind of thing he’d gotten semi-used to since becoming Chat Noir.

“KILLUA ZOLDYCK!” came the horrible ear-piercing wail. The sound made Killua want to cover his ears as he pelted down the cobbled street but he resisted. He had to find a place to transform as soon as possible, or else that girl would terrorize the entire city-


“Why don’t you try and make me, huh?!” he hollered over his shoulder and smirked at the shriek of rage that echoed off crooked rooftops and looming skyscrapers.

He didn’t have anything against the Mayor’s daughter, really. She was a pretty but shy girl whose parents- along with Killua’s own mother and father- were adamant on setting her up with Killua. 

And that was about as likely to happen as Killua giving up on chocolate.


The pavement shook underneath his feet and he nearly stumbled. Shit. He couldn’t afford to lose his footing now; if he did, he would be caught by the newest akuma victim before he could change into Chat Noir.

Civilians screamed and pushed him to the side in their attempt to get away from the chaos unfolding behind them. Killua did his best to duck around them while simultaneously peering down alleyways, searching for a hidden place to transform.

He cursed under his breath. None of these would work. Not as long as people were still running around in masses like this-

A sharp, sizzling noise filled the air. Nearby buildings took on a greenish hue and Killua’s hair stood on end.


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lololol i want 2 read this ~call out~ post now

fucekning - it’s 1am in the morning and i’ve been awake since 5:30 am but why the fuck not, let’s do this. I’ll probably forget Someone so don’t be surprised if i edit this and add more - especially since there are people I regularly talk to but forget their tumblr URLs since I mostly talk with them over other platforms. 

  • @theinevitablesense is a wonderful and talented human being and a blessing in my life. Parker is so intelligent and so great to talk to. We’re writing a fic together which is a #blessing, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. We became friends because Parker messaged me one day like ‘i love ur fic!!!’ and while our first few convos were awkward we are at a Really Great Place rn
  • @lol-phan-af is my Sunshine. Bella is the person who got me to start writing for hamilton, and as such I’m forever grateful to her for a multitude of reasons. We became friends because I literally kept pestering her on tumblr until she agreed to write a fic with me because i’m that kind of annoying. 
  • @iwritelikeimrunningoutoftime is the one who started it All. Irene is the miracle person who first messaged me about 177(6) RP, and honestly it is because of her that I know anyone that I do now. She’s a brilliant, beautiful, and gifted blessing in my life and I don’t know where I’d be without her.
  • @emmiimmeme stepped into my life as the jemmy RPer, and honestly i love her. Someone who has been around for about a year now. We talk about Seth Numrich and Ian Khan a lot. She seems to think I ghostwrote the moreos guy posts
  • @shipsdreamsandmakebelieve was the John RPer. She messaged me on tumblr a little after she started commenting on 177(6). At one point she decided to say fuck it and gave me her snapchat so I could experience chris jackson singing on the forth of july, and afterward I persuaded her to join the RP. we still talk now, it’s a great existence. I have a mom t-shirt and mom sticker from her. It’s a Fantastic time.
  • @thalia-the-guitar was the Dori RPer. It took us longer to hit it off, in all honesty. We got closer because of talking about writing. I like to think I was kind of a wall to bounce ideas off of for the train fic she wrote with rowan, but that’s probably inflating my importance in that process. She’s someone who I talk to more via text and snapchat than fandom platforms tbh.
  • @bewitchinghowell was the lizzie RPer. HOnestly an all around gift, a joy and light in my life. The one who made us make the groupchat, and literally where would we be without that gropuchat. 
  • @ceracero was the Philip RPer. they’re literally so pure and so wonderful and i love them so much and they send me cards and i treasure them in a drawer next to my bed to read when i’m sad and i just,, they’re so good 
  • @hamilshot was the Burr RPer. Honestly one of the most brilliant, most motivated, and strongest people I know. Real life goals, tbh. They’re the type of person I will gladly admit I look up to. I literally wrote an essay about them and started to cry while interviewing them because they’re just that Great. ONe of those people that once they set their mind on something, it will take the entire universe and Then some to prevent it from happening. 
  • @rhfe was the dolley RPer, joining us a little later on in the game. Honestly, he’s made my life so much better. A source of joy that also took me longer to get close to. I didn’t realize that was his URL until like yesterday so that’s how attentive I am. 
  • @little–feather was the maria RPer. I’ve actually met her, and hoenstly, it was a Great time. We got ice cream and were super cute and it’s one of those cases where over the past year I’ve really gotten to seem them grow and honestly? a Blessing in my life
  • @night-lester mads is fantastic?? someone i’m still not as close as I want to be to but literally every interaction I’ve had with them has improved my life in some way and everyone loves them so much and that is such a good because they spread love and positivity in a way i don’t think they even do on purpose and they’re just a Good. originally the seabury RPer
  • @clarind-uh was the George-io RPer. Honestly, just,,, incredible. Another person that took me longer to get close to, but I’m so glad I did. We initially communicated via heart emojis, which was a good thing that i’m very happy happened. 
  • @the-real-m-vp was the martha RPer (obvi). Sam is literally one of the nicest and most beautiful people i’ve ever seen in my entire life??? like??? so nice and kinda and positive and perfect and sweet and literally Everything
  • @alexangery is someone I met through rowan - someone who RPed lance - and we ended up writing kinkcember together. We kinda drifted after a bit since the health chat got busy and what not, but we keep ending up back together and it’s a MIracle because honestly?? alex is one of the best parts of this fandom and where would we be without him is the real quesiton
  • @roseclipping is so sweet, and someone I kinda watched from a distance for a little bit because I knew she was a really talented writer from the gift exchanges. We kinda had a word here or there, mostly communicating via drabble prompts in all honesty. We became closer because I ended up answering some questions for a college au of hers haha and now we’re in a writing chat!!
  • @thellamaduo is someone that I started talking to because we were thinking about doing a big bang of sorts. It never happened and probably will Never happened. Rainah is literally someone who I know Knows her shit. Like, if I were to ever doubt a characterization I could go to her and be like “HELP ME” and she’d be able to with reasoning and explanations to back of her words. She’s so smart and knowledgable and literally everything she writes is ironclad and I’d trust it with my Life. And she’s just really great to talk to in general? I consider her to be a good friend and i’m so happy I can because honestly Where would I be without her. I’m slowly progressing, but everytime I do take that brief second back to think about a writing decisions, it’s with her in mind “what would rainah do”
  • @franciskinloch is a recent friend but a Good one. Their very attractive face is a blessing in my life and something i can look forward to and i know that if i ever have lams feels they’re feeling it times a gazillion and also the first person who i saw recognize just how attractive cravats and knee-breeches are and i’m never letting that go. Ever.
  • @ham-for-ham is also a recent friend, but one i’m glad to have. we were thrown together in a group chat and then we talked about turn and it was a Good decision
  • @hambrr amber is also more recent and is in the same writing chat/network as alex and sarah and is Good. honestly, if you have any appreciation for hamburr as a ship, i’d recommend checking them out. They’re vv supportive and vv good.
  • @procrastinatingbookworm is also a new friend and one i’ve yet to get to know very well but as we’re in a writing chat together i imagine we will grow closer in their future. very sweet <3
  • @speedilyunabashedhologram is someone who was just kinda tossed into a big chat with the RPers and Friends because why NOt and she’s become a constant presence and honestly it wouldn’t be the same without her
  • @weehawken-dawngunsdrawn is also someoe who was just kinda tossed into the big chat with RPers and friends and hoenstly super sweet and super nice and super thoughtful and also from ohio which means i might get to see her in real life which is superr !!! because honestly !! best things
  • @exadorlion i assumed i already put them on here but honestly mari is a fantastic person and someone i can trust to have something interesting to say and they make my life Better which is more than I can ask from anyone and they’re just important to me okay. where would i be had they not pestered me about the fic i probably wouldn’t have ever written otherwise
  • @fortheloveofhegame marah, my real life friend. we go way back. i don’t know what else to say for her except that she was introduced to the RP chat as daddykinkfriend around a year ago and that’s defined her online presence partially ever since,. i love her. she’s a Good and my bff


My name is Imelda (E-Mel-DUH), or pequeña latina as my followers like to call me. I am a writer, more specifically a food and travel blogger! Basically I get paid to travel places, eat exciting foods (like this milkshake!) and write about it! Needless to say I love my job. Btw this milkshake is just a lot of diabetes waiting to happen but it’s soooooooooo good!

I have travelled to many a places but I’m currently “stationed” in New York, where I hope to travel the world without actually traveling too far haha. New York has been one of my many food destinations for a while now! The best part of my job is I get to choose when and where I go, and get to meet and expose people to new things they may have never tried on their own.

I really wish I could describe myself in just a few words but I feel that is unfair to you dear readers! Get to know me on your own and come to your own conclusion about me, whether it’s through the adventures I choose to share with you or by chatting with me. I love meeting new people, sharing stories and experiences, laughs and more.

I think I will end this post here, it’s already getting pretty long (sorry…). If you’d like to know more about me, ASK!! or stay tuned for the next adventure

❥ Tiny Latina

Moving Forward Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that the next chapter of Moving Forward may be a bit more delayed than I would like. I got a concussion two days ago and while I’m starting to feel better my doctor said side effects like memory loss (which I’m already having a lot of) and difficultly concentrating can last for up to six weeks after the injury. This will make it difficult to write.

Part of chapter 4 is already done and I have been trying my best to work on it. I will do everything in my power to make it not take as long as 3 did to come out, but I don’t know

Thanks to everyone who reads and I hope I can get more to you soon! In the meantime feel free to ask questions or chat with me about the fic or anything else! I don’t really have much else I can physically or mentally do at the moment haha

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Ok, i tried ahhah Im Gemini and i feel Effy sooo bad, You know Maybe ur right bc Effy dont speak at all and gemini IS so chat but scorpio? I dont like scorpio uff ahah😂😁 Btw loving You all the time💜🦄☪

I’m a scorpio! haha we’re the best zodiac sign ever, kay? Effy has lots of traits tha scorpios have: she’s mysterious, drawn to mystery and manipulation. She’s very fragile and sensitive but tries to cover it up looking though and being distant from people. She’s observative, quiet and understands human nature (that’s how she manipulates people) and usually understands situations she’s not a part of (her parents stuff, sid and cassie, bla bla). Being so sensitive makes her feel scared; she’s very sexual and likes to seduce people even when she doesnt want them. These are all scorpios  traits and these are also the traits that I think that define herself the most 

But I mean, sometimes we have things in common and feel like them even when we dont have the same zodiac sign as them, it’s a thing haha (I’ve dated a gemini for 6 years, so I know you people weeeeell)
💜☪ Loving you too, sweetie! Thanks for sharing!

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How did you and jet get together? And who made the first move? I love you guys and your cosplays!

Thanks so much! 

I hope you don’t mind this might be a long response! I get asked this question a lot and I’m not sure if I’ve ever given a full story! So here we go!

 I think most people are acquainted with my “first meeting” story of seeing her by the bus stop and thinking she was absolutely the coolest thing ever, trying to approach her (and probably looking like a huge loser) and her shutting me down xD 

We met officially after that through mutual friends! I was a Freshman in High School and she was a Junior. All my of friends were in her grade so we just sort of happened to end up in the same circles. Since all of us would see each other everyday for breaks and lunches and such, her and I got familiar just from day to day exposure. 

I would say that we became really close during the second half of my Freshman year. We hung out a lot and since we shared a lot of interests, it was easy to connect. I remember we had class in the same hallway, so I would always walk her to her classroom, and we’d just chat and such, and I remember being super nervous because I really wanted her to think I was cool haha XD 

 I think our friendship sort of transcended into “best friends” when we were both a part of a talent show together at the end of that year. We had a lot of rehearsals for that, and we stuck together and really cemented our friendship. Jet has some really sweet memories from that experience, and she always tells that story really well. 

When summer hit, we spent a lot of time together. Our friends were always having get togethers and we would all just hang out together, and her and I always stuck together during those times and our relationship just kind of got stronger. 

That summer was the first time we ever cospalyed together, it was just some fun, casual cosplay while hanging out with friends, and I think that was when I actually realized that my feelings for her had transcended friendship, though I was perfectly content in having a platonic relationship with her as well, mostly I just really really loved her, and it didn’t really matter to me how that love was labeled. However, we were both giving each other unspoken cues and vibes, and I don’t really think it ever needed to be discussed. We both really cared for each other and it was all very natural how that love grew. 

By the end of the summer and into the beginning of the new school year (now my Sophomore year and her Senior year), it was pretty obvious that we were into each other, but we still hadn’t talked about it XD 

On Jet’s birthday, was when things really sort of became a reality. We were pretty much inseparable the entire night and then when it came time to start getting ready for bed, we broke off from the rest of the party to go and get blankets and pillows for everyone, and we were alone in her kitchen and I sort of just stole a little kiss and held her, and then I think someone totally walked in so we had to pretend like we were just grabbing the stuff haha xD 

When we all went to bed her and I shared a sleeping space and that was the first night I slept with my arm around her. So it was sort of definitely a thing haha, even though we STILL HADN’T TALKED ABOUT IT. 

So for like a couple more weeks after that we just existed in this like excited, happy limbo, where we were stealing kisses and STILL NOT TALKING ABOUT IT, until FINALLY: On September 21st, 2009, we went into town together to do some shopping/hang out and we kissed again, sort of, more substantially (and again, everyone probably knows this story too, because I tell it all the time) but we both were too eager and smacked heads accidentally. 

Basically that night, after we had been out all day and STILL NOT TALKING ABOUT IT I sent her a messaged and just basically said something like: “Hey, I dont want to be forward or rush you, but I was wondering… are we a couple?” and she was like “Do you want to be?” and I was like UMYES. And yeah. Haha, that’s more or less how it happened! 

Of course there are a lot more details to be included, but that’s the gist! 

I’m sorry this was so long but I’m happy to have the opportunity to talk about it! Thanks for the ask! 

There was alot more people than expected that started to chat with me on kik since I posted it on here, but I’m trying my best to get to everyone!
Sorry for being rather slow but I can’t sit with only kik for the whole days haha!
I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised since the blog actually got about 3000 followers by now, but still.

What I didn’t expect though was that the majority didn’t even seem to know that I’m transsexual. I guess I should be flattered, but since I really don’t hide it and it’s kind of an major part of my blog it would also imply that those people don’t actually read what I have to say, at most they may just look through my pictures, which is less flattering haha.

There were also alot of people that seemed to miss out on my simply rules, which is funny since I made sure to post my username at the end of the post just to prevent that.
The rules were just: nothing sexual or inappropriate or else you will be blocked,
Sounds pretty simple, but I guess they just looked at the picture and then looked for the username. When I think about it I shouldn’t have posted an picture directly linked to my kik in the first place but oh well haha.

Other than that it’s been pretty fun to talk with most of you guys, just a shame that I’m being so slow since I have to go through some of the shitier chats and block people. But I guess it was to be expected.


Picnic Pre-Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, we went to UP to have a simple pre-birthday celebration at the UP Lagoon. My close (at least for me) Tumblr friends were present there yesterday. We, together with mom and dad, helped us cook roasted chicken and lumpiang shang-hai. We also bought some soft drinks for our good drinks. Haha. They, on the other hand, bought me a cake, and gave me gifts. It was really heartwarming.

Then, we ate there and chit-chat and played until it was already around 9 or 10 in the evening. We also played “Luksong Baka” even we were wearing pants or jeans or whatsoever. We also put cake icing on each others’ faces. We even scared each other with kunwaring tikbalang sighting at the trees towering above us. We were also playing other games and singing and things like that.

But the best part of yesterday was when they surprised me with a cake and a banner and some gifts. I was just walking towards them when they started singing and smiling and taking pictures.

Again, thank you very much everyone for making me feel special yesterday. Hooray!


The selfie and the official picture. Heh. I’m a bit partial to the selfie but the official one isn’t too bad either. It’s been a few days but now that I’ve been able to process everything, here we go. 

It was really great to be able to really chat with Aaron for those five minutes. I’ve met him before and chatted very briefly but having an actual conversation was a real treat. We talked about Assassins, Hamilton, and Graceland. I could write an essay but I will try to keep it brief as possible. So here we go. I’m gonna put this under a read more just in case.

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