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Bucky Barnes x Plus Sized Reader 

Word Count: 2133

Warnings: mild cursing 

  Summary: The reader turns into a twelve-year-old boy when Bucky is around.

The headline of the magazine you were reading read:

Tony Stark is finally tying the knot.

You had re-read the headline at least five times, each time it made you feel all mushy inside. For as long as you could remember Tony Stark had been a huge part of your life. He was there for everything, every birthday, every holiday, even all your graduations. The day had finally arrived one you had anticipated for so long, him and your mother—Pepper were finally going to get married.

This had been a dream of yours since you were a little girl. Ever since your mom introduced you to him, you knew for some reason that he was the man your mother was going to end up with. Honestly, you couldn’t be happier, because tonight was going to be one of the best nights of you and your mother’s life.

The wedding ceremony was something else. Your mother had at least five panic attacks before walking down the aisle. Then when she finally did, Tony was standing at the end of the aisle wearing a red suit. A few months ago, he had joked about wearing a red suit. It had sparked up a huge argument between the two of them until he confessed that he was just joking. And if your mother wasn’t so busy walking down the aisle trying not to trip, she would’ve torn him apart. The best part of the whole ceremony was Tony crying while he read his vows out loud. You swore you could almost hear the shocked faces of your friends and family. Everyone knew Tony Stark wasn’t completely emotionless, but crying was certainly something he ever did. Which, made the whole situation completely enjoyable.

Right now, you were trying to enjoy your time at the wedding reception, but you just couldn’t. Tony and your mother had asked you to give a speech since you were the maid of honor saying no wasn’t an option. Here you were looking at the wedded couple dance, hoping the song never ends. Public speaking wasn’t your thing, even though you were surrounded by family and friends, your nerves wouldn’t die down. It reminded you of that time in college, when you had to give a speech in front of your speech class. Tony had found you in your room so distressed that he decided to stay over and help you through. He stayed up with you all night, easing your nerves as well as giving you pointers on what to do and what not to do. It worked, the next day you had given a bomb ass speech that you even ended up impressing yourself. But right now this wasn’t a speech class or a speech Tony could help you through, the song had finished and the pressure was building.

You could feel your cheeks getting red as you stood up and did the whole fork tapping on the champagne glass, grabbing everyone’s attention. All eyes were on you and it made you feel even more anxious than you were before. “Wow.” Was the first you said followed up by, “this is a lot of people.” Making everyone laugh, you closed your eyes for a second, counted to ten and opened them again looking at the wedded couple. They were your parents, your family and now a sense of comfort.

“So, Tony and my mom asked me to give a speech tonight, God knows why they know I’m terrible at these kinds of stuff.” You said while placing your glass of champagne down along with the fork on the table in front of you. Your hands were shaking so much, that if you didn’t they would’ve fallen. “But, it’s time to put my big girl pants, and get this over with.” The crowd laughed and you well, you did the most logical that you could think off, you face palmed yourself. Only earning more laughter from everyone.

“That’s embarrassing I’m sorry.” You smiled gripping the side of the table to steady yourself from falling. Knowing if you didn’t you could’ve easily fallen from how much your legs were shaking.

“So anyway, I’ve honestly tried writing this speech at least a couple thousand times. Every time I sat down I would either get really distracted or the right words wouldn’t come. I decided to not write anything and just stand here in front of you all in my most vulnerable state and speak from my heart.” You finished and looked at your parents, while they smiled nodding for you to go out.

“I never knew my dad, in fact, I would stay up at night wondering who he was, what he did for a living if he was the reason why I was so stubborn. For years, I wanted to meet him, ask him he had been, or why he left my mom and me. I wanted to see him at my birthday parties, at all the holiday celebrations. I wanted him to console me whenever I cried. I thought that if he just came back to us he would automatically be the best father ever.” You blinked trying to keep yourself from crying.

“Tony you’re the only father I’ve ever known and hands down you are the best dad in the universe. I know we aren’t biologically related, but family isn’t just blood. You helped my mother raise me and I couldn’t thank you enough. I hope I managed to make the two of you proud.” You smiled. “Congratulations, I love you guys.” You finished and rant to your parents, while everyone else clapped. They both hugged you and kissed your head, it felt to right, you felt so at home.

The night carried on with lots of drinking and dancing. Currently, you were sitting with Nat and Wanda talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The three of you had been obsessing over it for years. Wanda was in the middle of saying something about character development. When you noticed, Bucky walking over to your table in the coolest way possible. If this were one of those cheesy romantic comedies you liked to indulge yourself in. You were sure that he would’ve been walking in slow motion, throwing out like guns with his hands, winking at all the girls he passed by as they fainted. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case because you would’ve been one of those girls.

Bucky arrived at your table just as Wanda finished her statement on character development. Which you hadn’t paid attention to at all. Your mind was on Bucky overload and your heart, well if it kept beating at hard as it was you would’ve gone through cardiac arrest. Before he could greet the three of you, you stood up. The three of them looked at you raising their eyebrows. Your mind generating thousands of excuses, finally, you had settled on one. The one that screamed: THIS IS A SHITTY EXCUSE.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” And before you let either of them reply, you ran away. Literally ran out of the reception hall.

Since you didn’t really need to use the bathroom, nor did you want anyone to find you. You made your way up to the roof. If anyone was going to go out looking for you, the roof was the last place they’d look.

You sighed and looked up at the night sky, wishing light pollution wasn’t a thing and wishing you didn’t turn into a twelve-year-old boy whenever Bucky was around. You weren’t sure when you had developed this middle school crush on him. You were 24 years old, acting like a middle schooler in front of a man that was almost thirty or a hundred, depends on how people liked to look at it. You ran your hands over your face groaning, he made you so nervous, as well as reckless, you hated it.

“Thought you were going to the bathroom.” You jumped and turned around meeting face to face with the one person you wanted to avoid right now. He was standing so close to you that you could literally feel his body heat. “I-I got lost.” You took a step back trying to give yourself some distance. Except he didn’t agree with this and took another step closer to you.

“Uh-huh.” He said raising his eyebrows at you, clearly not believing you. “Anyway, wanted to come find you and tell you that you owe me a dance.” He smirked and ran his flesh hand through his hair. “What, wait how’d you find me?” You asked wrapping your arms around yourself, the wind had picked up since being here. And everything Bucky just said made your skin rise.

“A dance, it’s what I came to ask you before you walked away, and you’re always up on the roof.” He shrugged. You looked around, avoiding his eyes, maybe if you did he would’ve laughed in your face and tell you, you were being punk’d. There was no way in hell this was happening right now. You didn’t get enough chance to come up with any sort of response because the next thing you knew Bucky’s arm was suddenly wrapped around your waist.

“W-What are you doing?” You asked watching his every move.

“I’m dancing with you.” He answered nonchalantly while taking your left hand in his metal one. The coldness catching you off guard giving you goose bumps once again.

“I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but to dance don’t you need music?” He chuckled and shrugged. “You could, but this is better.” He started swaying the two of you. Now you were sure you were being punk’d. This only happened in cheesy romantic comedies, and somehow Bucky had found out your obsession with them. That he decided to prank you because there was no way this was happening.

“Don’t look so confused, just relax doll.” He whispered in your ear before twirling you around. His chest was now against your back. Surprisingly, your heart hadn’t stopped beating. “You look so beautiful tonight (y/n).” He whispered in your ear before turning you around to face him again. Again, you wished light pollution or light was a thing. Your cheeks were so red from blushing, you looked almost like a fucking tomato. Your mind had gone blank once again.

“Do I make you nervous doll?” Bucky asked as he stopped the two of you from dancing. “W-What why would I say that?” You replied looking at the single strand of hair that had escaped his perfect hair do. You had to fight the urge to push it back, knowing if you did it would’ve made the situation more awkward than it already was.

“It’s just that every time I’m near you or in the same room as you. You get all jittery or run away.” He answered catching you off guard. You knew Bucky was an observant person, but you didn’t realize he was also observant of you. Instead of answering him back you just stared at him, the city lights making his blue eyes shine like diamonds. The wind carelessly blowing through his hair, making it messy, and your knees were seconds away from giving up on you.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.” He said before taking his suit jacket off and placing it around your shoulders. He smiled at you and began to unbutton his dress shirt, making your eyes go wide. A few minutes ago, you thought you knew where this was going, now you weren’t sure.

“What are you doing?” You swallowed

“Relax.” Was all he said as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. He took your hand in his, this time he didn’t hold it. Instead, he brought to his chest and placing it on his chest where his heart was located. You gasped and looked up at him. His heart was possibly beating just as fast as yours if not faster. “You make me nervous too.” He smiled down at you and blushed, you were at a loss for words and you did the only thing you could think off.

You kissed him and he kissed you back. You knew it was the most reckless thing you had ever done, but it felt so right. Like you and Bucky were supposed to be kissing. Your body was on high alert and you could tell that so was his. The two of you pulled away out of breath and just stared at each other. “Took you long enough.” Was all he said before stealing a kiss from you. You laughed and smacked his chest playfully, before wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling his closer to yourself as he hugged you back. For the second time tonight you had felt like you were home.

Aftg Headcanon

Neil and Andrew get eloped and have to go a few years later and have an actual wedding ceremony because the foxes (especially Nicky) are absolutely offended that there was no wedding and that they weren’t invited/didn’t know. Nicky demands to be best man and out of spite Andrew makes Renee his maid of honor and gets Neil to make Matt his best man. Nicky doesn’t even get to part of the wedding ceremony. Instead of smashing cake in each other’s faces Neil starts a food fight. Andrew raises his percentage. It’s a lot of fun and Wymack gets ordained for it and it’s beautiful.

J’mon can’t come for the Pikelan wedding, but they send a dress to pike as a gift. It’s very beautiful and there’s a congrats note there. Also like Tary,Keyleth and Vex help Pike get all pretty for the ceremony, but the best part of the ceremony is that Pike has her wings out and Scanlan has his third eye.

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Another prompt: Hartwin and their worst kiss as well as their best kiss :3

So I also have a suuuuuuuuper angsty ending to this … but this is the fluffy version.

Also, what the fuck this is like the fourth thing I’ve posted this week?!

The worst kiss Eggsy ever experienced was when he was nine and Natalya cornered him behind the school. It was wet and slobbery, and Eggsy decided then that kissing girls was not for him.

His first kiss with Harry was only marginally better. Even that was being generous, really; it was shit.

They’d been on assignment in Amsterdam tracking some high-level mob boss, and it had been nothing but a waste of their time. Their informant had been wrong, leaving the two of them to their own devices while Merlin sorted out what was going on and where they needed to head next.

Eggsy, to his credit, refrained from doing anything illegal, but on their last night in the city he found himself paying for just enough weed to stay off the cop’s radar. When he got back to the room he and Harry were sharing, he offered the man some.

“Come on, guv, loosen up a bit, yeah?”

“We’re still on a mission, Eggsy.”

“An’ a bit o’ weed’s gonna impair you that much?” Eggsy fished out his Rizla and rolled a joint expertly, offering it to Harry. “We got nothin’ better to do.”

That one joint ended up being just the start; soon the entire bag was gone and the two of them were certainly loose. Eggsy was laughing as Harry tried to recount an old story about his school days and the only fight he’d ever won before joining the army. “I was amazed! Finegan had at least three stone on me, and he was as dumb as the wall he resembled.”

“So what happened?”

“I … don’t know, actually. I was fairly certain he was going to kill me, so I hit him as hard as I could. I wasn’t going to let him walk away easily after insulting my friend and then—then he was on the floor and I was in detention.”

“Nah, you gotta dress it up,” Eggsy said. “Gotta embellish a story like that so’s you get laid.”

“I hardly think I need the help.”

“Long’s I’ve known you, I’ve never even seen you lookin’ at nobody. If you ain’t keen for it, that’s fine, but I bet if you added sommat about wranglin’ him to the ground and him beggin’ for mercy the whole story’d be—”

Harry pressed his lips to Eggsy’s, and it was just as wet and slobbery as the kiss from Natalya, but with the added benefit of dry, stale weed-breath. It was, honestly, disgusting, and Eggsy pushed Harry away in revulsion.

“Go brush your teeth before you try that again, yeah.”

There had been dozens, hundreds, thousands of kisses since then, of every sort imaginable and a few Eggsy was certain they’d invented, but one topped the rest of them easily.

After all, it wasn’t everyday he got married to the love of his life.

Harry looked gorgeous in his tuxedo, the pink waistcoat complementing his eyes perfectly. Those plaid pants looked good, too, but Eggsy supposed he was a bit biased, seeing as he couldn’t get enough of his almost-husband’s impossibly long legs. They did look good alongside Merlin’s kilt, though (Eggsy still hadn’t gotten a straight answer about what was under it).

“You are gorgeous,” Eggsy whispered, wishing the ceremony was already over so he could get on with snogging Harry stupid. “An’ fuck you for stayin’ with Merlin last night.”

“I’m sure you had a lovely evening with Miss Morton.”

“Yeah, we got shitfaced an’ she had to stop me goin’ to Merlin’s to fetch you.”

Harry smiled fondly. “I love you.”

“Gentlemen, if you’re finished …?” Eggsy cleared his throat and looked up at the officiant. Right, they were here for a reason, in front of all their friends and family: they were moments from marriage. At least Harry appeared unfazed by the interruption; he merely nodded for the man to continue the ceremony.

If asked what he’d promised to Harry later, Eggsy would shrug. The ceremony, no matter how beautiful, no matter how adorable Daisy was in her little flower girl dress, no matter how his mum was crying and smiling, was just for show. He and Harry were permanent, and the vows and rings unimportant. Eggsy repeated what needed repeating and placed the ring on Harry’s finger when prompted, but all he’d remember would be Harry’s smile—the soft one he reserved only for Eggsy, but so much brighter and lighter than Eggsy could recall. How fucking lucky was he?! He was never letting Harry Hart go.

“… you husbands. You may now kiss.” Eggsy blinked. They were at that part of the ceremony already?

It was the best kiss ever. The one talked about in The Princess Bride (Eggsy swore he only watched it for Daisy, but really he loved it more than she)? Utter horse shit compared to this. Soft, with Harry’s long fingers cupping his cheeks—the cool band of his new wedding ring pressed against Eggsy’s jaw, and the deafening cheers of their loved ones mixing with the sound of Eggsy’s blood rushing in his ears.

“Fuck me,” Eggsy breathed when they finally parted.

“After the reception.”

Eggsy made sure to hold him to that promise.

My favorite Game of Thrones headcanon is when Sansa and Sandor get married* Sansa’s maid of honor is Jeyne Poole because obviously Sansa promised Jeyne she could when they were little. All the surviving Starks are there, even Lady Stoneheart. The Elder Brother performs a ceremony before the Seven at the Quiet Isle, and then another ceremony is performed at the Godswood at Winterfell.  Bran gives away the bride at both ceremonies. The best part is that because Sandor has no family, he has no one to stand up with him. So he asks Arya to be his best man. She bitches the whole time but secretly loves it.

*Yes, I am aware that Jonsa is endgame and this will not happen. Let me dream.

You’re Invited

(graphic by @d-s-winchester)

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 2325
Summary: A day a year in the making.
Warnings: You’re going to swoon a lot. I’m that confident in this piece.

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i know you've done a few tomco weddings but was wondering can you please write a janstar wedding

Yes I can! I really liked writing this and had a fun time! I hope you like it and I hope it makes sense. This is my first time writing about Buff Frog, I think he’s more of an ally now, and I think by this time he will be! He warned Star and they watched his kids and all, I think he’s a friend.

Star smoothed out her big dress and took a deep breath. This one was her real wedding, so it was a lot more nerve wracking. To clarify, Star and Janna agreed to have one real wedding, and one wedding on Mewni in front of all the citizens. It gave Star what she wanted, her own fairy tale wedding. And it also helped Moon and the citizens. It was customary for them to see the new queen wed, nobody had to know that it meant nothing. Star looked crazy in the ceremonial dress, and Janna had to wear a knight suit for whatever reason, it didn’t feel like their wedding, more like a costume party. But now it was the real one, and it was going to be amazing.

“Star! You look amazing!” Marco cried, stepping in through the door. Star jumped and ran to Marco, giving him a big hug.

“I was starting to get nervous, wondering where you were!” She exclaimed.

“There was cake drama.” Marco laughed. “Me and Tom had to pick it up from across town, we didn’t know the bakery was so far away. If we did we would have left sooner.” He giggled. Star smiled and gave Marco a kiss on the head.

“I’m so happy you’re here!” She grinned. “Mostly because you need to help me put on my shoes, I can’t really bend down in this dress.” She explained. Marco laughed and helped Star sit down in the chair, he then helped her put on her shoes. “My mom came by and helped me put on my dress, and she gave me all this wonderful jewelry to wear. I thought she would be angry about us doing a whole other wedding away from Mewni… but she was so happy that I was happy!” Star smiled.

“I’m so happy for you, Star.” Marco grinned. He helped Star up and she spun around. “I didn’t think the Mewni wedding was that bad, me and Tom had fun watching the Warnicorns run around the ballroom.” He giggled. River had wanted to let them out for a ceremonial stampede, as he called it, and Mon’s protests turned to be true when they all ran loose in the castle.

“It was chaotic…” Star smiled. “That’s why I want this wedding to be perfect. No drama.” She told Marco. Marco tilted his head confused.

“You, Star Butterfly, don’t want drama and chaos?” He asked. Star nodded.

“Janna is an Earth girl! I want her to have an Earth girl wedding. So I’m leaving it up to you! To make sure this wedding go smoothly, nothing out of place, nothing chaotic and intense.” She instructed. Marco shrugged, this was weird, but it was Star’s wedding.

“Whatever you want.” He assured her.


“Jan, you look great!” Tom grinned. Janna was in a well-fitting wedding dress, it didn’t puff out so much like Star’s, it seemed a bit more like a white tuxedo, only with a skirt attached.

“You think?” She asked, smiling. “Marco told me I remind him of a business princess.” She giuggled. Tom laughed a shrugged.

“Well that doesn’t mean you don’t look beautiful.” He smiled. Janna made a happy face and gave Tom a hug. Tom grumbled. “Okay, okay, enough of that.” He muttered, but the affection from a dear friend was loved. “When is the wedding starting anyway? You’re almost ready.” Tom pointed out.

“Yeah, but you aren’t.” Janna responded. Tom tilted his head, looking down at his black tux. He looked pretty ready.

“Uh, why?” He asked.

“Because I have a job for you.” Janna told Tom. “We all remember the Warnicorn incident at the Mewni wedding.” Janna reminded. “So that’s why I want this wedding to be perfect, no drama.” She added. Tom looked confused.

“You, Janna Ordonia, don’t want drama and chaos?” Tom asked. Janna shook her head.

“Star is a princess, she deserves a princess wedding. Perfect, everything to be perfect!” She cried. “So I’m leaving it up to you! To make sure this wedding go smoothly, nothing out of place, nothing chaotic and intense.” She told him. Tom rubbed the back of his head and shrugged.

“I’ll… do my best.”


The ceremony went smoothly… for the most part. Tom and Marco were both on edge the whole time, looking out to make sure nothing would fall over, nothing would catch on fire, and nothing would explode. This seemed overkill, but for them it was normal. After the ceremony everyone was making their way to the hotel for the wedding reception.

Before he could go, Marco got a hug from Star. “The ceremony went perfectly!” She grinned. “Nothing bad happened at all!” She smiled.

“I know, I’ve been on edge the whole time.” Marco laughed. Star smiled.

“Well now you have the reception to keep in line, remember, no drama.” Star instructed. She then got sort of a bored look on her face. “Just a dull party…”

Meanwhile, Tom was having a similar conversation with Janna, only Janna was more vocal about her boredom. “Well, at least Star looks happy.” Janna smiled, and walked off to meet up with her new wife of fifteen minutes. Tom just stood there as Marco approached him.

“You too?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“Well if it’s any consolation, Star is bored out of her mind with this ‘no drama no chaos’ wedding.” He laughed. Tom stopped and turned to face the human.

“Wait, what? Janna is ready to die, she’s so bored!” Tom exclaimed. Marco sighed.

“What can I say, they both love adventurous experiences, but want to make the other one happy.” Marco shared. “I just want them to enjoy their wedding.” Marco shared. “They clearly love these chaotic adventures, it’s how they fell in love.”

“I think I have an idea.” Tom grinned.


Star and Janna danced at their wedding, although they seemed content with each other, both of them had that tired look after six dances. Just dancing to the same type of song, with the same room, in the hotel. Of course they loved each other, more than anything! But they were BORED! And neither wanted to say anything, afraid they would hurt the other’s feelings.

But the boys got that covered.

“STAR BUTTERFLY!” A voice boomed. Everyone in the ballroom turned and saw Buff Frog in the doorway. “I AM HERE TO FINISH OUR FIGHT!” He cried. Star tied her dress up, not even thinking to question why a newly found semi-ally was here to fight. She wielded her wand and motioned to Janna. The girls charged at him and the fight raged for a long while. Star ended it when she casted an Emerald Snake Strike, and blasted the frog out of the room.

“Janna! We did it!” She grinned. Everyone in the room cheered and the newlyweds hugged. “That was so awesome!” Star jumped.

“I know!” Janna cried. “I… I didn’t want to say anything… but I love my warrior princess, I guess a casual wedding wasn’t for us.” Janna joked. Star giggled and pulled her down into a kiss.

Tom and Marco ran out of the ballroom and helped Buff Frog up. “We are so sorry! She wasn’t supposed to hurt you that bad.” Marco stressed.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” He assured. “You promise you watch my kids, anytime I need, no pay?” He asked. Tom sighed.

“Yeah, we promise.” He assured. Buff Frog smiled.

“Good, I have few more jobs coming that I need babysitter for.” He cut open a portal, but before vanishing he stopped. “Oh and, after party, you tell Star that I was not actually attacking. I don’t want her to re-think of me as villain. We are friends now, da?” He asked.

Tom gave a thumbs up. “Yup, we good pal.” He grinned.

“Thanks again Buff Frog!” Marco waved and the monster disappeared. “A good old, wedding monster battle.”

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*Part 1* You and harry were in a great relationship but it ended. And it didn't end in some terrible fight, no one cheated or lied. You two could just never meet in the middle and it wasn't always this way- no, in the beginning it was amazing you two clicked instantly, you were soul mates. So thats why it hurt so much when you both decided to go your separate ways. Some years later a mutual friend of you two is getting married and you both try your best to avoid each other during the ceremony

*Part 2* but there was no way you could avoid him at the reception. Neither of you had a date and just came with other friends. You would look over at Harry’s table every now and then when his laugh would erupt but quickly looked away with an achey heart- of course you still loved him and he still loved you. The night was dwindling down children asleep and people leaving for home. You sat alone messing with the half eaten cake on your plate. You know he’s looking at your from across the room
*Part 3* but you couldn’t bring yourself to look. The day you two broke things off came into your mind and you closed your eyes to stop the tears. The DJ announces the last song for the night and when the opening to When We Were Young by Adele comes on your head slowly turns to Harry. He looked at you with eyes that said, “I know, I still do too” and he got up almost hesitantly and walked over to you holding out his hand for you to take. The song said it all. you still loved each other
*Part 4* but it was never truly meant to be. Your lives didn’t match up and no matter how badly you both wanted to be together again, it wouldn’t work. So you both took this moment to just hold each other in your arms and pretend nothing hand changed. Just for tonight.

You come… into my house….. just to attack me like this…..

I still encourage anyone who feels at all compelled to write to do so. I just try to warn people who hope to get published that publication is not all it is cracked up to be. But writing is. Writing has so much to give, so much to teach, so many surprises. That thing you had to force yourself to do – the actual act of writing – turns out to be the best part. It’s like discovering that while you thought you needed the tea ceremony for the caffeine, what you really needed was the tea ceremony. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.
—  Anne Lamott
fic: Cooper Anderson, Best Man

Cooper Anderson, Best Man 

word count: 1,500

summary: The one downside to a surprise wedding is your brother not being told until after the fact. Cooper insists on doing his best man speech anyway. It’s not a proper Anderson wedding without Cooper at the reception, after all. 6.08 fic cause yay Klaine wedding!

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“Blaine! Blainey! Blainey!”

Blaine turned around, letting go of Kurt’s hand just in time to catch his mother as she stumbled from Puck’s arms. “Mom,” he said brightly. “Are you having a good time?”

“Your friend Puck is such a good dancer,” she beamed. “And quite handsome too. Did you know he’s in the Air Force?”

“Yep, I was vaguely aware of that,” Blaine chuckled. “You’ve met Puck before, remember? We went to McKinley together?”

“I cleaned your gutters,” Puck supplied.

Kurt jerked around, his eyes wide. “You did what to Blaine’s mom?”

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I still encourage anyone who feels at all compelled to write to do so. I just try to warn people who hope to get published that publication is not all it is cracked up to be. But writing is. Writing has so much to give, so much to teach, so many surprises. That thing you had to force yourself to do—the actual act of writing—turns out to be the best part. It’s like discovering that while you thought you needed the tea ceremony for the caffeine, what you really needed was the tea ceremony. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.
—  Anne Lamott

Ashton Imagine: He Surprises You at Graduation After You Two Fight

Author: Julie


Your senior year was coming to an end, which meant your mother was sending out cards to all your closest relatives to tell them about your graduation. Finally getting a set date for when your graduation would be also meant you could call your boyfriend, Ashton, to ask him to come. You knew he’d be excited about going, as he’d promised to attend no matter what he had going on.

It only took a few rings until Ashton picked up. You could barely hold back the excitement when you heard his voice and didn’t even respond to his greeting before telling him the news. “Babe, I finally know the date of my graduation ceremony!”

“Really? That’s great! Go on, then, tell me when it is,” His tone instantly got cheerier and had no trace of the grogginess that he had when he first picked up. You probably woke him up, but you couldn’t think of that, not when there’d be a reason for Ashton to come visit you relatively soon.

“It’s June 12th, so in a couple weeks,” You chirped, the smile you wore since that morning not fading one bit. You were met with only silence, so you repeated the date before continuing on. “You’ll come, right?”

“Uh, I – (Y/N) I’m sorry, babe, but I don’t think I can make it then,” His voice instantly dropped down into a solemn tone you weren’t used to hearing often.  “We start touring the 10th again and I don’t think we’d be able to – ”

“But, you said you’d be able to come,” You said slowly, your mind taking its time to work out that Ashton wouldn’t be coming, mostly because you didn’t want it to be true. “Is this some sort of joke?”

Of course it wasn’t a joke. If it were, he wouldn’t have sounded so serious. That phone call ended with some loud words exchanged that left you feeling the worst you ever have in a long time. It’s not that you wanted him to stop everything that had to deal with his band just for you, but you hadn’t seen him in so long and graduating was so important to you that you thought he’d be able to attend.


Sitting through long speeches from various staff members and the Valedictorian wasn’t what you’d call the best part of the ceremony. If you were being honest, not much of anything you’d been doing lately made you feel any better. You and Ashton hadn’t talked since that phone call, and while you smiled for the photos your mom made you take with visiting aunts and uncles, none of the smiles were actually genuine.

You hadn’t noticed that they were starting to call people up to receive their diplomas. As a student got called up, a few cheers emitted from somewhere in the crowd to indicate that’s where their family were sitting. Your mom had told you nearly a dozen times to make sure to look to the left so that she could take a million pictures of you with your diploma in hand.

Your name was called, and you could hear the cheering of your mom from the audience along with a couple of ‘whoop’s from a few friends in their seats as you made your way out of the aisle and to the stage. After shaking hands with the Principal – a man you only saw at spirit assemblies and occasionally in the front office – you were directed to where you’d exit the stage. As promised, you looked to your left to where you could tell your family would be, and among their smiling faces, you saw a familiar one you hadn’t seen in so long. Just the sight of it nearly made you stop in your tracks.


He apologized endlessly after the ceremony, saying how he actually had a day off and could’ve made it but he didn’t want to cut it too close. You admitted you, too, were in the wrong for getting angry at him over something you couldn’t change.  He told you he could only stay for the night before he had to be on a plane back to Italy for their next show, which you didn’t mind one bit because he was there with you now and nothing was better than seeing his face after so long.


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Hello newly engaged Brittana!

We’re so happy for you.

Guess what?  You won’t believe it…but in a very short time Dave and Blaine will be manipulated into breaking up, Kurt and Blaine will get back together…

and here’s the best part…you’re going to invite K/laine to share your wedding ceremony and reception.

Isn’t that super exciting?