best paper toilet

Little things Hoseok does to make you happy

-waking you up in the morning with happy shouts and kisses all over your face and when you finally get up you see him holding flowers which he found who knows where considering you didn’t hear him leaving the apartment

-doing little dance performances for you when you’re feeling down and then not letting you go until you dance with him, claiming that ‘’HIPS DON’T LIE JAGI’’

-wants to make a lunch for you at least one time so he spends hours in the kitchen not accepting defeat even after he accidentally poured like a whole box of salt in one of his ‘’experimental’’ soups

-hugs…HUGS ALL THE TIME, no matter what you’re doing he’s always somewhere close searching for an opportunity to give you one

-like, you’re doing the laundry or just laying on the couch watching a tv show and he suddenly appears like a happy seal ready to hug the life out of you

-you don’t have any doubts about how loved you are since as soon as he sees you his face face suddenly shines you much that you’re pretty sure it’s capable of making people go blind

-doing ‘’Bapsae’’ choreography for you   because if that doesn’t make your day i don’t know what can

-you can appear in front of him with bed hair, no make up, wearing some old clothes and he would still stand there with his mouth open looking like he just fell in love with you all over again

-every ‘’couple thing’’ that exists in the this world…well, he probably bought it at some point

-but then you found matching toothbrushes in your bathroom and you were like ‘’what…is there still something in my apartment that isn’t couple thing?’’ and he was like ‘’You mean soulmate thing, jagi?’’ with smile a brighter than sunshine  and then he has to chase you around the house desperately trying to kiss you while you’re running away laughing and cringing because of cheesiness

-if you come home extremely tired he’ll notice it right away and even though he might want to spend hours talking to you or just quickly tell you about that amazing things that happened to him today he’ll won’t do it

-instead he’ll carry you princess style all the way from the front door to your bedroom, which he not so secretly enjoys doing, and put you on a bed leaving you alone so you could get some rest

-still, only a few minutes after, you would hear the bedroom door opening again and the sound of his footsteps getting closer to the bed…maybe you’re too tired to do anything else but he can still lie there cuddled up to you, right?

-using random English words because he know’s his English is your favorite type of English

-sending you cute  and sometimes really cheesy  voice messages while he’s at practice

-even just shopping for groceries seems like an adventure with him since he makes a whole show even about choosing the best toilet paper

-not a day would go by without him saying ‘’I love you’’ at least once and he will say it at most random times making it seem like every time he looks at you he remembers one more reason why he loves you

Yoongi version

My colonoscopy prep tips

1. Put on cosy clothes and have a breakfast full of energy.
2. Make yourself a bottle of your favourite tea.
3. Prepare yourself with films or books beneath your bed.
4. Start as soon as possible with the prep (it’s nicer if you don’t have to go to the bathroom the whole night).
5. Buy the best toilet paper and enough baby wipes or baby oil.
6. Drink enough other fluids with your prep, even when you get nauseous. Then you have to slow down.
7. Prepare your family: choose a bathroom and say “it’s mine today!”.
8. Let it flow.
9. And don’t forget to put a sanitary pad in your slip :)