best panels

lmao all throughout highschool i took a lot of abusive shit from a “friend” on the idea of being the bigger person and de-escalating their rage by taking the blame on their fabricated arguments
which was wrong of me. i deserved better than that

and i should have said goodbye years ago.


“You smell like coffee!”

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds


tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think


@eriecanary: I literally just found your comic and binge read all of it and? It’s so freaking cute? I love it and your art style so much I made a quick compilation of some of my favorite panels :D I either chose them for their cuteness or the amazingly hilarious faces. Like I swear Flowey makes some of the absolute best face ever. AAAAAA also your Underfell Pap is my favorite take on him ever!


Oh my! A new reader! Welcome, deary <3 Glad you like the comic! 

I can see many beautiful panels there <3 Wow, you sure took some effort on this, didn’t you? I’m flattered <3 I hope you’re not too sensitive and like what’s going to come! Thanks for sending!