best pancakes

kamikaze calisthenics

hes the best pancake that ever lived!

im so tired of myself that i dress up as
an asexual panda with a ginzu knife
who chops canned bamboo shoots

or i wear my jeans inside out and
walk a trendy street as
a form of martial artistry

cannibalism crosses my mind

i say to him,
thank you for being so sweet lately.
then he says,
but im always sweet.


i imagine a line of sugar ants.
they walk across the counter
to where he sits.
they carry him away
through a poorly mitered corner
by the toaster oven.

then, i take a cold beer into
a hot shower

1. Never leave cookies in the oven too long. Even if they’re still really soft, take them out after the recommended time. When they cool they will harden. Trust me, no one likes cookies that taste like rocks.

2. Always take a jacket. Even if you think you’ll be fine. Even if you’ll be inside. Even if there’s a heater. Bring your jacket.

3. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it because everyone needs help sometimes.

4. The best pancake recipe is 1 cup equal parts flour and milk, ½ cup sugar and a pinch of baking powder. Add chocolate chips for extra deliciousness.

5. Go outside every day. Even if you don’t want to. Even if you have to use all your strength to drag yourself out of bed. The sunshine might not cure your problems, but it’ll do you so much good to breathe fresh air.

6. Don’t let your hobbies fade away. Keep reading, keep drawing, keep singing, keep painting, keep running. Keep doing what you love.

7. Carbs are not the enemy. They fuel your brain. So eat those potatoes and that rice and don’t you feel guilty about it for one second.

8. I know it sounds cliché but time really does heal all wounds. Give yourself 6 months and it won’t hurt so much, trust me.

9. Be kind. There is no reason for you to put someone down.

10. Learn to love yourself loudly and unconditionally and never apologise for it.

11. If you ever find yourself involved with someone who treats you like you’re nothing, run for the hills and never look back. They don’t deserve you.

12. Rose hip oil is a miracle worker. Gently rub over your face each night before bed and your skin will feel like silk.

13. Drink. Three. Litres. Of. Water. Every. Day.

14. Take pictures. Document everything. One day you’re gonna want to look back at all of this, make sure you have the photos to look at.

15. Let go of anything that weighs you down. The past is the past and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Every day is a another chance for us to do better, to be better.

16. Spend as much time as you can with the people who make you laugh.

17. Set up goals for yourself and keep yourself motivated in whatever you’re doing. Always have something to work towards.

18. Try to make your bed every morning. Yes it’s a hassle when you’re half asleep but there is no better feeling then coming home to a nice clean freshly made bed, especially if you’ve had a bad day.

19. Treat yourself but also look after yourself. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and move your body then dance all night and have a doughnut as a midnight snack. Life is about balance.

20. Never be afraid to love, even if you’ve been hurt before. Live life with an open heart and you might be vulnerable but you will experience so much joy.

—  words of advice from a 19 year old

BANANA PANCAKES! The best and easiest in the world. And perfect for lazy mornings. Oats –> flour, blended with 1 (ripe!!) banana and non-dairy milk of choice. 👏✨❤ { instagram: planthappy }

Okay but pay attention to this:

In one of the last scenes when Sybil came into Damon’s mind, it was a memory between he and Bonnie. Not his first time meeting Elena, not his and Elena’s kiss under the rain, not even his last memory of Elena, the dance. It was this reoccurring thing that he did with his best friend, had pancakes every morning while trapped in the Hell world. That tells us something, liiiikkkeee, Bonnie is the good in Damon? Like Bonnie is Damon’s safe place? Like Damon’s happy place really is Bonnie? Like Bonnie plays more of an anchor for Damon than Elena does? Are you antis really gonna sit here and try to tell me Bamon isn’t real? Mmmm.

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Becoming an apprentice chef for an episode it’s pretty cool ! Join Alex Morgan, Caroline Seger and Saki Kumagai to discover a purely French tradition: La Chandeleur. Inside of the Brasserie Bocuse du Parc OL, they will be coached by best chef Eric Pansu, to prepare the best pancakes.

Headcannons: Your First Sleepover With Them.

a/n: I hope you all enjoy!


-Darry was really worried that the boys would scare you away.

-He would ask them to tone down the crazy.

-But of course they would be just as loud and obnoxious as ever.

-While Darry cooked you sat with him and watched him with a fond smile.

-Late that night while you two were laying in bed he would apologize for all of the guys.

-You would call him crazy.

-You loved his family and his friends.

-And you made sure to tell him that.

-The next morning you got up to make everyone breakfast.

-Darry insisted that you didn’t have to because you were the guest.

-But you loved how domestic it felt.

-The boys say you make the best pancakes.

-They all want to keep you around forever.

-And Darry figures he just might.


-Sodapop is just excited to be able to hold you close to him all night.

-He is really excited for your arrival and makes sure all your favorite foods are at his house.

-You guys go to bed pretty early but it’s mostly so you two can cuddle.

-You think he’s pretty adorable when he’s tired.


-He’s definitely nervous at first.

-But of course you two watched the sunset together.

-And that calmed his nervousness.

-You two would lay facing each other.

-And hold hands.

-You two would have the best late night talks.

-He would fall asleep first.

-And you would kiss his cheek before you fell asleep as well.


-Two-Bit definitely wants to build a fort with you.

-You will gather up every single pillow blanket and sheet in the house.

-And you two would actually get into it.

-And when you actually got into the fort things were so comfortable and warm.

-You two slept in the fort and woke up early the next day.

-You shifted the fort so you could still sit in it and watch cartoons while you ate breakfast.


-Your first sleep over wouldn’t be planned.

-It would be a random surprise for both of you but you didn’t mind.

-He would give you one of his t-shirts to wear.

-And you wouldn’t want to give it back the next day.

-Dally is actually kind of cuddley when he’s tired.

-And you love laying with him.

-The next morning you two would go out to breakfast.


-You’d sleep over Steve’s for the first time because you two were hanging out and it got to late for you to go home.

-When you two got to his house you’d eat a midnight snack of ice cream.

-You’d never been to his room before so when you were alone in there for a moment you liked to look around.

-When you two finally went to bed he was definitely the big spoon for you.

-And you absolutely loved sleeping by his side.


-Johnny wouldn’t bring you back to his house.

-He wouldn’t tell you why for a while until you saw the bruises on him.

-So you invited him over your house.

-You hadn’t been going out that long.

-And you figured it might be early in the relationship for a sleep over.

-But you did not want him going back to his parents.

-When he showed up at your house one night you made him hot chocolate.

-And when you want to sleep you held each other close all night.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Makes 1 serving

100g unsweetened coconut yogurt*
½ cup egg whites
2 tbsp coconut flour
¼ tsp baking powder

Oil, to grease pan

1. Grease a nonstick pan, and set to medium-high heat.
2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and mix until fully incorporated.
3. Spoon batter onto the pan, and let sit for about 3-5 minutes, or until the pancakes start to bubble.
4. Flip the pancakes, and let cook for another 3-5 minutes.
5. Serve with choice of nut butter, syrup, fruit, etc.*


* I used YOSO unsweetened coconut yogurt, which is vegan.
* I served mine with almond butter, banana coins, and cinnamon.


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Imagine always laughing at Dean’s stupid puns, making him smile a lot more and making Sam laugh at how oblivious his brother is to your crush.

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Of all the poltergeists you’d hunted with the Winchesters over the years, you’d never expected to come across one in a breakfast diner. You thought it was the head chef that died thirty years prior, but you’d salted and burned the bones and it was still haunting the place. That meant you, Sam, and Dean had to go back to the source: the pancake house.

“Despite the fact someone was murdered here, those pancakes look amazing,” you comment, pointing your finger at the advertisement plastered to the wall, boasting of the best pancakes in all of Arizona.

Dean shakes his head, an expectant grin coming to his face as he shoots towards you jokingly, “Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.”

You snort in your amusement, your laughter coming out loud in the abandoned pancake house, “Nice one, Dean.”

Sam shakes his head, rolling his eyes, “Can we just handle the ghost, please?”


because f*ck you, connor! (and your eyebrows!)

wes gibbins would be a father who:

  • was so tall baby gibbins-castillo would be able to see the entire world from his shoulders, and don’t even talk to me about how he would help them place the star on the christmas tree!
  • gives you a piece of cookie dough when mom isn’t looking
  • says: “of course i’ll make a fort with you!”
  • reads bedtime stories every night
  • has an apron that says: ‘AMAZING CHEF, AMAZING FATHER’
  • tells his kid that the colors have no gender
  • lets his kid wear his flannel shirts that are at least 12 sizes too big for them
  • has a seat for the back of his bike, in which his child can sit
  • makes the best pancakes on a saturday morning 
  • does his daughter’s hair 
  • gives perfect hugs and piggy-back rides

Fluffy Puffy Pancakes
I am on a carb kick. I used to hate pancakes as a kid and actually up until just recently - still wasn’t a big fan. My husband loves pancakes. So I set about trying to make a pancake we both could love. I took a basic pancake recipe and twiddled with it until I found the right balance: creamy on the inside, airy, light, puffy and slightly crunchy on the outside. The secret is not in the ingredients, the secret lies in the preparation.

Alvey Family Pancakes
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
2 eggs
4 T baking powder
1 T sugar
1 t vanilla
4 T butter melted
½ t salt
Real Maple Syrup and butter

In a blender - place eggs and milk. Blend on high. While the eggs and milk are blending, melt the butter. The milk and eggs should be about double volume - pour the hot butter into the blender while it is running. This will emulsify the egg/milk mixture. Add the vanilla.

Blend the flour, sugar and baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix well with a wire wisk.

Heat a large flat skillet (I have a big griddle that sits on half my stove) When hot spray lightly with “grilling” pam. It takes higher heat and won’t scorch or discolor. Pour about ½ cup of batter for each pancake and spread to about ½ inch thick. This batter is very thick - you may want to thin a little with milk - but don’t thin it too much or you will lose the fluffiness. Flip when bubbles appear. Cook for a couple minutes more and transfer cakes to a warm plate - top with real maple syrup and butter or topping of choice.


Running to Finn, she threw herself into his arms. Neither could hug the other hard enough or long enough. The embracing pair finally separated, if only to look into each other’s eyes.


Because I know you want to~

Mix 120 mL of milk and an egg in a bowl. 

Sift in 100 grams of plain flour, 3 table spoons of sugar, 0,5 teaspoon of Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and 1 tablespoon of corn starch.

Mix this quick and easy with a whisk, no machine needed- when mixed together, it’s good, do not overmix it.

Add 1 tablespoon of unflavoured oil, I prefer sunflower oil, into the mix and mix it through.

Heat a pan to medium heat, place the batter in the middle of the pan and let it flow out naturally. Once bubbles come up on the surface, flip it. This needs experience to do well. Bake both sides golden.

Serve with butter and syrup.

- Also great with really finely smashed banana into the batter.

- Out of eggs? No worries! Just use 50 mL of blood of your enemies like I did, and you will be fine! 

- Red food colouring is fun too. Put it in the pancakes, the syrup, and the tea! :D

a/n: i wrote this because i need a backrub. that’s it. that’s why i wrote it. and it took me three goddamn days.

if you don’t have inherent womanly wiles, store-bought is fine

[jonxsansa, modern au ~3k+]

The Stark estate is a madhouse on weekend mornings. They’re late to bed but early to rise, still riding on the high from the night before (with a little help from a few ibuprofen and several cups of coffee each). The kitchen is a mess of sugar cereals, sausage and bacon snapping on the stove, dogs begging for scraps, loud music, and Robb’s attempts at keeping time to the beat, using his cutlery and mug as a makeshift drumset.

Sansa is up first every morning to beat the rush. Not to mention, she makes the best pancakes, so she’s needed in the kitchen before her ravenous siblings if she wants to avoid a replay of the last time they were left alone with the oven. She’s not sure that Bran’s eyebrows would grow back a second time, and Arya would certainly be at risk of busting her gut from laughing that hard again. Dramatic, perhaps, but Sansa likes to get a jog in while the sun rises, anyway, and she prefers to come home to a smoke-free kitchen.

The midsummer heat is stifling, and Sansa is slick with sweat when she returns from her morning run. Her siblings have just trudged downstairs, groggy but nevertheless ready for the day. Bran passes her a cup of the Irish cream blend as soon as she steps through the sliding glass door.

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X-Men, ranked by pancake-making ability

1. Gambit: obviously the best at making pancakes. Topped with crème fraîche and lemon zest and fruits you’ve never even heard of.

2. Storm: controls the amount of water and air in each pancake so that they always turn out mysteriously perfect in fluffiness, roundness, and mouthfeel.

3. Colossus: does that thing you see on YouTube videos where he squeezes out little bits of batter at a time to make a picture. So gorgeous you almost can’t bear to eat them.

4. Rogue: makes ‘em huge, super-sweet, very buttery, and plentiful. Pecan pancakes a specialty.

5. Jean Grey: uses cookie-cutters and fruit toppings and whipped cream to make cute little faces and stuff. Not nearly as impressive as Colossus’s, but very endearing.

6. Jubilee: technique is nothing to write home about but always includes chocolate chips, which absolves her of any pancake-related sins.

7. Beast: experiments with strange ingredients from across the world and gives lecture on the history of pancakes (or flapjacks, as they called them on the frontier) while making them. Better to think about than to actually eat.

8. Kitty Pryde: uses organic whole-wheat flour and yogurt and Stevia and stuff. Says it tastes just as good. It does not taste just as good.

9. Iceman: makes them from a mix, gets distracted and doesn’t flip them in time, all his pancakes are burnt and hideously misshapen. Smothers them in ice cream and hopes nobody notices.

10. Wolverine: shut up and eat your bacon.