best overall disney blog

Disney Princess Blog Awards: Winners!

Belle - Best URL 

@studinspire, @ravenclawstatus , @highlighteurs

Ariel - Best Theme

@ellastudyblog, @studyfeather, @studycholic

Aurora - Best Icon

@theteadesk, @aesthetically-study, @stvdybuddies

Snow White - Best Original Content

@skiesandjournals, @stvdybuddies, @pcntagon

Jasmine - Personal Favorites

@skiesandjournals, @theteadesk, @stvdybuddies

Tiana - Nicest Bloggers

@adhdacademia, @kikkistudies, @studyingnic

Cinderella - Best Baby Studyblr 

@hoshi-studies, @hannhstudies, @studyfeather

Merida - Best Studygram

@stvdybuddies, @pcntagon

Rapunzel - Best Overall


yo guess what  ??

i decided to do a mini tumblr awards. so yeah. lets do this-


  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best sidebar
  • friendliest blog
  • best posts
  • best disney
  • best other??
  • best overall

and ya. Prizesa follow from me (if i’m not already following), a link on my blog for the month of march, eternal friendship, i’ll like make you a lame icon or idk whatevs.


  • yo just reblog this
  • basically
  • you don’t have to be following me
  • but if you’re not following me then like i don’t get a chance to know you ?? and ya like i love you and I’m p cool so why not
  • that’s it
  • this’ll probably end late february. idk. depends on how this goes
  • lol it’s gonna get 3 notes tho
  • anywho
  • ya

so that is all and also don’t you appreciate my BEAUTIFUL edit up top? thanks. i made it myself. on polyvore. in 2 minutes. “wow are you an art student, lily?” why yes, i am. k i’m sorry for this. bye bye

I hit 3k awhile ago (I am at 3.3 now so a bit late) so I am doing an awards thing!! Must be following the princess @miss-glinda and you have until december 14th to reblog, likes count for bookmarking but that is it! If you win you will get a spot on my blog and random promos!  If you have any questions message me! The category are:

Aurora Award- Best url

Tiana Award- Best Icon

Hamilton Award- Best Theme

Valjean Award- Best Mobile Theme

Bonnie and Clyde Award- Best Posts

Ariel Award- Nicest Blogger

Sylvia Llewelyn-Davies Award- Best Blog With Under 500 Followers (must submit a screenshot of your followers to me)

Thomas Jefferson Award- Best Edits (send me a link to your edits)

Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton Award- Best Multi Fandom Blog

Glinda Award - Best Theatre Blog

Snow White Award- Best Disney Blog

Annaleigh Ashford Award- Best Overall Blog

In honor of all of my lovely followers, I’m going to host my Tumblr Awards! Ready?


  1. Must be following me
  2. Reblog this, likes do not count, to be nominated
  3. This must reach 50 notes
  4. There will be 7 categories
  5. I will choose 6 for each category
  6. I will notify the nominees on March 29th










  • Listed on my blog for a month
  • Any blog rates or promos for a month
  • A follow from me (if I’m not already)
  • Pride of knowing people think you’re awesome
  • My love and affection
  • I can also make you gifs (the gif above was made by me)

So, in honor of 500 followers, I’m going to do a Tumblr Awards! To participate:

  • Must be following me
  • Must be a partially/mostly Disney blog
  • Reblog this post! Sorry, likes don’t count :(

The Awards:

A Whole New World Award (best new blog- 2 months or younger)

Almost There Award (best blog with less than 200 followers)

You’ve Got a Friend in Me Award (friendliest blogger)

Two Worlds Award (best multifandom)

Daughters of Triton Award (best URL)

Reflection Award (best icon)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Award (Best overall Disney blog)

To be considered for the A Whole New World and Almost There awards, you’ll need to message me and let me know which one you would like to be considered for. These categories will be taken out if there are not at least 5 nominations. You can nominate other blogs for any of the awards, just message me who and for which award you want to nominate them for. 5 blogs will be chosen for each category, and there will be a winner and a runner up for each!


First place:

  • Follow from me, if I’m not already following
  • Spot on my blog for two months (with screenshot)
  • Promos whenever you want for two months, and one every two weeks

Runner Up:

  • Follow from me, if I’m not already following
  • Spot on my blog for two months
  • Promos every two weeks
Prizes might change, just depends on how good I can get at making edits ;) Reblogging will end July 31st at midnight. Thank you guys so much again for 500 followers!

Hi everyone! I recently reached 8000 followers (WHATTTTTTT) so to say a massive thank you I’ve decided to do a Tumblr Awards!! Even if you don’t enter I’d just like to say thank you so so so much for making this website such a fun place to be xxoo

  • These awards are for my fabulous followers so you must be following me! (Just let me know in the tags if you’re reblogging off a side blog :D)
  • Reblog this post once- likes do not count as entries, but feel free to like to bookmark!
  • Ends in two weeks, on the 14th of June (unless I don’t get enough entries!!_
  • One winner and one runner-up per category
  • If I don’t get say 30 notes you have to just pretend this never happened
  • Pocahontas Award: Best URL
  • Belle Award: Best Icon
  • Rapunzel Award: Best Theme
  • Jasmine Award: Best Original Content 
  • Tiana Award: Best Posts
  • Merida Award: Best Non-Disney Blog
  • The Royal Court Award: Best Overall 
  • My eternal love
  • A follow back
  • A link on my blog forever
  • A sweet award-icon thing… kinda like this?
    External image
    (I’m working on them :D)
  • Anything else you want! Promos, HTML help, edits, gifs, whatever!

Hey everyone! To celebrate 6 months of Tumblr I decided to do my very own Tumblr awards!


  • You must be following me.
  • In order to be entered you must reblog this once, I will choose 6 for each category! The nominees chosen will only be in one category
  • There will be one winner per category
  • This post must reach 50 notes
  • The nominees will be announced on the 17th of March, voting will begin the same day and the winners will be announced on the 23rd of March. 


  • Best URL
  • Best theme
  • Nicest blogger
  • Best overall
  • Best RP
  • Best OUAT blog
  • Best Disney Blog
  • I will add more depending on how many notes this reaches

Winners will get

The winners will get a spot on my blog for the entirety of April, I will also follow back any winners that I am not currently following and I will do promos for all of the winners throughout April.

Hello everyone! To celebrate reaching my follower goal, I’ve decided to hold a Tumblr Awards!


  • Must be following me
  • Must be a (mostly) Disney blog
  • Reblog this post ONCE to be considered, likes do not count.


  • Best URL
  • Best Icon
  • Best Posts
  • Best Theme
  • Best Disney Family
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Best Overall


  • Link on my blog for a month
  • Promos for a month
  • A follow from me
  • The pride of knowing how awesome you are :)

There ya go, so please join in and reblog! The awards will only take place if I receive over 50 notes, and the deadline is May 12th.

In celebration of me reaching 500 followers, I am holding my first Tumblr Awards, yay! To enter:

  • you must be following me since this is a thank you for all the lovelies following me. 
  • Reblog this at least once but you may reblog as many times as you’d like
  • LIKES DO NOT COUNT only like this if you want to bookmark it. 
  • Edit: You should be mostly Disney, 80-100%. I will also count Marvel, and Star Wars (and any other franchise I forgot) as Disney blogs since Disney owns them 
  • Edit: This has to get at least 80 notes so I have enough people to choose from 

Entries(reblogs) will stop on May 27, and voting will open May 30. Voting will end on June 7. There will be one winner for each category, and one runner up. The categories are as follows:

  • Best URL
  • Best Icon
  • Best Theme
  • Best Posts
  • Best Disney family
  • Best Overall Disney blog 

I will post 5 nominees for each category on May 30, and I will also include an honorable mention category of blogs I feel were very close to making the cut, but in the end I didn’t choose. There will be however many blogs for each category I choose. 

Prizes for the one winner:

  • Follow from me if I don’t already
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • Promises I don’t intend to keep
  • An icon of a Disney character of your choice made by me
  • Eternal love and friendship
  • Seashells for paint
  • A (crappy) drawing made by me of any Disney character of your choice
  • The colors of the wind
  • Up to 10 promos wheneeeeever you want it
  • Link on my blog

Prizes for runner ups:

  • Follow from me if I don’t already
  • Gadgets and gizmos aplenty
  • An icon of the Disney character of your choice made by me
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Eternal love and friendship
  • A total of up to 5 promos, with no expiration date. 
  • Honor to your family

That’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me at any time. Get reblogging, and good luck!

Hi everyone, I also said that when I reached 500 followers I’d do a Tumblr Awards sooo yeah here it is. I will definitely do this if it gets like 80+ notes.

To be considered one of the winners:

  • You must be following me.
  • Reblog this at least once, reblogging any more than once won’t make you have a greater chance of winning.
  • Likes don’t count, you can bookmark though.
  • You have to be a blog that is mostly Disney, that does include Marvel and Star Wars etc.

Entries will stop on the 24th and when I will pick the nominees for each section around the same time. The voting will end the 1st of July!

The categories are:

  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best Posts
  • Best Disney Family
  • Best Overall Disney Blog

I’ll pick arounf 3-5 nominees for each section and I’m also gonna do a special mention thing for blogs that are still fabulous but just missed out on being picked!


  • 5 Promos whenever you want them
  • You can be my best friend forever (I’m not lying we have to become friends that is the rule)
  • A link on my blog for a month or so
  • An icon of a Disney character of your choice
  • An edit (I can’t do gifs but I can do edits) of your preference
  • Follow from me

Prizes for runners up

  • A promo whenever you want
  • An icon made by me of any disney character you want
  • Again my friendship
  • Follow from me

That’s all for now guys! Ask me if you have any queries and please try and get this to 80 notes otherwise I’ll violently sob to sad Disney songs!

i-shere-khant-believe-its-disney's TUMBLR AWARDS!

Since I’ve reached 500 wonderful Tumblr followers I decided to do a tumblr awards! It’s going to be a bit different for two reasons. One because I have two sideblogs, I will have awards to do with both of those. Some Doctor Who Awards and a Theatre/Film/Tv awards! :0 The second reason being that I’m going to announce nominees and the winners through a YouTube video!


  •  Must be following me
  •  This post must reach 75 notes or it was never made.
  • There will be a 2 week reblogging period today (7-20-14) through July 27 (US Central)
  • Voting will be open from August 3 through August 20
  • Winners and Runner-ups will be announced August 23
  •  Only REBLOG for a nomination, likes only for bookmarking purposes.
  •  If you would like to nominate a URL for a specific category send me a message of who you would like to nominate.
  •  To be eligible for the “Big Hero 6” award, send me a message saying you’ve been active since around March of this year.
  •  To be eligible for the “Tramp” award (less than 100), send me a message with how many followers you have.
  • To nominate yourself or someone else for the Ponds Award send me the URL of the Whoblog.
  • To be nominated for the “You’re the Top” award (Fandom-esque) also send the name of the URL.

 The Awards:

  •  Belle Award: Best theme
  •  Vanellope Von Schwetz Award: Uniqueness
  •  Tramp (movie of course) Award: 100 followers or less
  •  Big Hero 6 Award: Disney Bloggin since March
  •  Stitch Award: Best Disney Family
  •  Shere Khan Award: Best URL
  •  Jane Porter Award: Best Edits
  •  Flynn’s Smolder Award: Best Icon
  •  Piglet Award: Friendliest Blogger
  •  Beast’s Mirror Award: Best Gifs
  •  Walter Elias Disney Award: Best Overall Disney
  •  The Ponds Award: Best Doctor Who Blog
  •  “You’re the Top” Award: Best Theatre/Broadway Blog

There will be 5 nominees for each category but no less than 3. If not enough are nominated that award will be taken out.


Grand Prize Winners

  •  A link on my Tumblr Awards page until the next one, if I ever do one again. :D
  •  Screen Shot Promo to announce along with personal photo I’ll attempt to make.
  •  Promos each week for a month. Each month will be a different category.
  •  A follow from me if I’m not already
  •  Added to my FF if not already in it
  •  And a special surprise that I’m still trying to figure out 

Runner Ups:

  •   Group promo to announce
  •  Three promos
  •  A follow from me
  •  And my eternal Disney

Hello everyone! So recently I made it to 2,700 followers which is so amazing that I wanted to commemorate it by awarding you for being so goddamn awesome! Therefore, I will be holding my first ever TUMBLR AWARDS (yayyy!)

Obviously, there’s the boring stuff (the rules):

  1. You must be following me
  2. Likes AND reblogs count!
  3. You have until September 30th, and then on the 1st of October I’ll be choosing the winners! Please track the tag #lovethawstaone because that is how I will be posting the winners.

And now the fun stuff!

The winners are going to be promoted on my blog, plus I will make a promotional gif set of their choice. Honorable mention (there will be two for each category) will receive a singular promotional post. All of these will be posted under the tag above. And everyone who enters will get an automatic follow from me, and my eternal friendship. :)

The categories:

  • Favorite Blog
  • Best Gifsets
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best URL
  • Best Non-Disney blog
  • Nicest person

You do not have to be a Disney blog to enter this. Obviously, those who post more things I’m oriented towards will have an advantage, and I’ve set aside a separate character to represent all those fandoms that I care about immensely that aren’t Disney, but that doesn’t mean a non-Disney blog can’t win Best Overall. 

Have fun, everyone! And know that even if you’re not picked I’ll love you always :)