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Blackpink as types of bffs

Jennie: the mom friend. Will always make sure you got enough food on your plate. Might appear cold sometimes but she lowkey cares a lot for you. Will give you a judging bitch face when you crack lame jokes even though she secretly finds them funny.

Jisoo: dinner dates. So many of them. Any time of the day. “I’m kinda hungry let’s grab some food I heard there’s this new Italian restaurant?” Stare contests that end in weird grimaces. “You don’t think I can eat 50 chicken wings ? OH LEMme show you” -“no jisoo don’t” always protect this smol bean okay.

Rosé: might sing 24/7 when you’re hanging out but you gotta appreciate it okay I mean your ears will probably thank you. Lots of outdoor activities like going to the amusement park or picnicking. Also lots of random jokes that are actually funny.

Lisa: idk but I think of playing mario kart. Or like games in general. Lots of games when being rather at home, enjoying a lazy day with pizza, blankets, pillows and netflix. And mario kart. Deep conversations about life and questions like “are hotdogs sandwiches?”

1D Hiatus: Day 437

* Louis meets fans in London

* Louis, the boys’ friends and family members vote for the boys to win the Brit via Twitter

* The boys win the Brit Award for Best British Video and Liam shows up at the ceremony to pick it up

* Each of the boys thanks us via Twitter and Instagram

* ‘Just Hold On’ is played at some point of the BRITs ceremony

* Digital Farm Animals post a picture with Louis on Instagram

* #ReleaseTheHug and #WeLoveYouLiam trend on Twitter

* Ed Sheeran talks about Harry’s music during a recent interview

It’s Feb 22nd, 2017.

Oikawa reaches out, wrapping his long limbs around the closet body. He slides closer as warmth surrounds him, a content sigh tumbling past his lips. Peeling his eyes half way open, he finds Iwaizumi sleeping peacefully. A lazy smile spreads across his face, and he snuggles closer, nuzzling against his chest. It was a warm, peaceful morning-

A small yelp has his eyes snapping open. He slowly sits up, looking around in confusion until his eyes land on Matsukawa- who was now laying on his stomach, one arm by his side the other thrown across the pillow he was sleeping on. Furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, Oikawa hesitantly places his hands on Matsukawa’s bare back, leaning against his body to peer over the side of the bed.

Hanamaki lays on the carpet, back pressed against the carpet with his legs thrown against the wall, head tilted towards the bed- a very shocked look plastered to his face.

“Whatcha doing, ‘Hiro?” Oikawa asks, trying to not laugh. It was obvious what had happened.

“I can’t believe I got thrown off the bed,” He whispers under his breath, his gaze sliding to meet Oikawa’s eyes. “That asshole.”

“Ah, yes,” Oikawa chuckles, gently smacking his palm against Matsukawa’s back, “what an asshole.” In response, Matsukawa begins to snore softly.

“Look what you did, Tooru.” Hanamaki tsks, crossing his arms over his chest. He doesn’t bother to remove himself from the wall, in fact he let’s his eyes slide close- as if he was fully content with falling asleep in that position.

“Taka-” Matsukawa suddenly shifts in his sleep, rolling onto his back. Oikawa squeaks as his hands slip away from Matsukawa’s back, and his whole body surges forward until his face plants into the carpet, his legs thrown up into the air.

“Oh my…oh my god..I can’t believe I just witnessed this,” Hanamaki wheezes, his eyes now wide open- sleep totally forgotten. “I can’t believe I didn’t have my phone on me.”

“Thaf so ruhe,” Oikawa mumbles into the carpet, groaning as he slides forward a little more. He lifts his face up from the carpet, looking at Hanamaki.

Hanamaki’s legs were now away from the wall, tucked close to him as he clutches his stomach, his body shaking with silent laughter. Oikawa blinks as a fond smile spreads across his face, watching as Hanamaki tries to contain his laughter.

He was surprised Matsukawa could sleep through this noise. (Iwaizumi slept like a rock; so it was no surprise that he could sleep through this.)

After containing his laughter, Hanamaki stretches out on the carpet, eyes turning to look at Oikawa. “Holy shit,” He breathes, another laugh bubbling out of his lips, “He made your nose bleed.”

Oikawa sputters in surprise, bringing a hand up to his nose. When he pulls away his hand, he finds that, indeed, his nose was bleeding.

“Holy shit,” He mumbles, looking up to stare at Hanamaki. Within moments they’re both wheezing in laughter, their voices echoing around the bedroom.


Steven Universe OT3 (technically an OT4 but I consider Stevonnie their/his/her own person.): Stevonnie x Sadie x Lars

Stevonnie is the best, I mean I relate to them/her/him so much (because for one they/she/he is genderfluid/bigender which I strongly identify with and support as well as their personality is kind of like mine.) and the fact that he/her is so amazingly wonderful. As well as the fact that Steven x Connie are the best, mix them/him/her with the always wonderful Lars and Sadie who are just amazing in every way. 

Artist credit: *Wish I knew because of this beautiful work*