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I was so excited, I decided to rush out chapter 5!

There are a couple of moments though when she acutely feels things.

There’s the time when they begin to settle down for the movie (Manos: Hands of Fate) and it’s like a perfectly choreographed piece. Damon and Elena sit together at the far end of the couch. Katherine flops down onto an ottoman next to them. Klaus sprawls on the rug, with his back resting against the couch. Stefan drags the sofa chair towards his end. And Caroline takes her place next to Damon, pulling her legs up to make space for Klaus. They perform the moves smoothly and without getting in each other’s way and she realises that they’ve been sitting in the same positions for years, whether it’s the blue couch at Damon and Elena’s, the red one at her place, the cushioned one at Katherine’s or the sleek leather one at Klaus’s.

Then there’s the moment when Damon goes to the kitchen to look for more alcohol and Katherine orders her to check why he’s taking so long and she stumbles upon him kissing Elena passionately, the wine bottle still in his hand. None of them so much as notice her, and it’s far from the first time she’s come across them making out like teenagers but just something about this stolen moment makes her feel wistful.

Then there’s the time when Stefan and she are making wild cocktails for everyone. As they mix spirits randomly (scotch with chocolate sauce, topped with cranberry juice) and laugh maniacally at the outcomes, her mind can’t help but wander back to what Elena had said earlier.

And for the first time that night, she allows herself to think. She lets herself consider the future through Elena’s eyes and finds that it makes for a pretty picture indeed.