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‘If Bo had a lil bro’ headcanon: Bokuto is very enthusiastic about Christmas. The whole holiday is just a lot of fun, it’s not even about presents for him. It’s also his fav holiday because it’s his baby bro’s birthday. Shouji gets really embarrassed about it because everyone makes a huge deal out of it.

November 1st, there are decorations already up lol

I loved this little headcanon of mine enough to draw it, I found it very cute and endearing. I had the comic idea in my head and I really do miss making comics.


Shouji, you make the cutest birthday christmas tree. Just be glad no one is wrapping christmas lights around you.

I have never met one of my best friends in person, and we have been friends for 11 years. I’m in the US and she is in the NL. I met her when I was playing Ragnarok Online, and we bonded over our mutual sass and similar tastes, and have been friends since then. She’s always been there for me when life gets ugly, and I try my best to be there for her. We’ve seen each other go through bad times and have seen each other grow into beautiful, and successful, young women. Some times my heart aches because I haven’t been able to hang out with her in person yet, but I am so thankful that fate allowed our paths to cross and let one another into our lives.

One Year


In honour of Hollywood U’s first birthday, I decided to write a fic based around this anniversary and also try to incorporate as many HWU characters as possible. I think I’ve only missed two or three at the most… But there’s some of everything. Various characters we haven’t seen in a while… then there’s some Hunt and Chris and Ethan, of course. Enjoy!

Word Count: 3112

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