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Why you should buy: Nova 2016-2017

The Nova Corps, if you don’t know, were basically the intergalactic police force of old. Powered by their technologically advanced helmets and armor, the Corps are now nonexistent except for two Novas of Earth: Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. Marvel’s 2016 series Nova, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez, is essentially a buddy cop series in space. Comedy, adventure, drama, family, friendship, romance, and more, Nova has something for everyone, and is (for me) one of the best ongoing comics hitting the shelves.

This comic really compliments Marvel’s more comedic yet heartwarming tone that they’re implementing in their cosmic/space adventure genre. If you like Guardians of the Galaxy in any form, Nova is definitely for you! Some other reasons to read Nova: 

1. Captivating Characters and POC lead

Richard Rider was the original Nova, who died a hero by sacrificing his life for the galaxy, but mysteriously returned to life. Sam Alexander is a mixed Mexican teenager from Arizona who inherited his Nova helmet from his missing father, who was a part of the Nova Corps. While Sam’s character is more focussed in growing up, high school, and family, Richard’s is completely different, tackling issues of life, the difficulties of moving on, and trauma. The contrast between the Novas of new and old also add to why the comic is so diverse when it comes to genres, but instead of feeling convoluted, the narratives compliment each other extremely well. The bond that builds between Richard and Sam create a really interesting and fun dynamic that’s less of a typical mentor/mentee relationship then something much more complex and personal. They both learn from each other and grow through their friendship, which makes their character development intriguing and appealing.

The artist and co-writer, Ramon Perez, is also Latino, and he’s made it clear how much he loves Sam (lol), and is keen on depicting him and his family very visibly Not White. So you’re also supporting creators of color by buying this series! 

(There’s also a talking Russian astronaut telepath dog, Cosmo, who’s a friend of the Novas and a very cute and hilarious addition to the cast) 

2. Gorgeous Art/Colors

Ramon Perez’s art style is extremely dynamic and beautiful, and Ian Herring’s bright color palette full of pinks, purples, and blues create a visually stunning comic. Fight scenes are thrilling, and alien and enemy designs are completely lovely. 

My favorite parts of the comic art-wise is of Richard and the demons that torment and infect him (no spoilers…) These depictions are mind-blowingly gorgeous and haunting. Not much else to say other then to take a look for yourself! 

3. Its Pretty Fucking Funny/Endearing 

Jeff Loveness is a Emmy and WGA nominated comedic writer for Jimmy Kimmel, The Onion, and more. His extremely well-crafted dialogue is full of humor and fun, and the comedy makes the characters even more charming. He also enjoys poking fun at the ridiculousness of the comic world: 

(This scene has like 20,000 notes so why did none of ya’ll actually buy the comic)

I also love how the humor in Sam’s scenes make him a very endearing kid you really want to root for. Sam’s self-doubt and typical teenage insecurity is very relatable and always depicted in the best ways: 

Unfortunately, despite all the good reviews and positive fan feedback, this comic is getting cancelled after 7 issues, which is a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Nova really feels like its just starting on something big, and it was heartbreaking for me to hear about its cancellationI really wish I wrote this sooner (Loveness and Perez were so bummed out about it, I feel like I personally failed them) but I’ll still do anything to promote this comic as much as possible, the creators deserve that much. Its a very charming and entertaining series, and I love this hidden gem with all my heart! I hope this convinced you to read Nova!

Definitely check out if you like: Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Power-Man and Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Green Lanterns, and Blue Beetle. Tbh i’d even say space dramas like Voltron and Cowboy Bebop have a similar vibe.

If you enjoy the comic, please support these creators and sales by buying the comic instead of torrenting! Check out your nearest comic book store, or buy digital issues on or for #1-5! 

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by @papi-chulo-bucky
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Reader is the reincarnation of Bucky’s fiance from before the war. Ongoing Series

Under The Hood Into The Heart
by @the-pri-experience
Dean Winchester x Human Impala!OC
The Impala gets turned into a human and falls in love with Dean

I Am Baby
by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog
Dean Winchester x Human Impala!Reader
Reader turns into a human after being the Impala for her entire life.

Dean Winchester x Reader
by @kittenofdoomage
*A/B/O Dynamics* Pure smut. Just smut. If you like smut then read this. Make like Nike and Just Do It.

When Quiet Is Violent
Barnes x Reader
by @imhereforbvcky
“You’re retired, living a quiet and secure life when your ex turns up on your doorstep with his best friend, seeking refuge.”  Ongoing Series

Animal Instincts
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
*A/B/O Dynamics* Reader helps Steve through his rut. PURE FUCKING SMUT, OKAY? Ongoing Series

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
Reader educates Steve about her favorite band, Nirvana.

Sex With Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
Basically headcanons of what sex with Steve Rogers would be like.

Sex With Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
Headcanons of what sex with Bucky Barnes would be like.

The Night Before
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
Steve leaves hand shaped bruises on your hips after riding him the night before.

Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingavengers
Steve helps a wounded reader after a mission.

I Think She Likes You
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
by @emilyevanston
Just another cute coffee shop AU

Remember Me
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @bionic-buckyb
Reader is in a similar Winter Soldier-esqu memory wip for HYDRA and is found by Steve. Ongoing Series

New Girl
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @jezzula
Bucky shows the reader around the tower when she first arrives at the tower and the two of them get off on the wrong foot.

Ilvermorny Headcanons

I can’t remember if I already posted these, so here:

* House Points aren’t shown in totals but in percentage. There is a huge pie chart on the wall in the dining hall that adjusts to show which House has the biggest percentage of House Points.
* Free-dress Fridays
* Many years ago, an Ilvermorny student started a book, filled with all the secrets and hidden passageways of the school. They enchanted it so that it was almost impossible to destroy and so that only other Ilvermorny students could add to it and nothing could be erased. For the first several years, it was amazing- an easy source of secret information- but then some students start putting in false information. Pretty soon, it’s all a big jumble of fact and fiction, tons of bizarre theories and conspiracies that make no sense. Finally, a group of Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents forms with the purpose of checking the validity of every fact in the book (which is both an adventure and a quest for knowledge). The challenge is trying to check all the facts faster than they’re being written down.
* Pukwudgies are who you go to for contraband electronics
* Ilvermorny students still have to take the Pacer Fitness Test once a year. You can always tell which House and age group is next by the mix of dread and depressed resignation on their faces right before.
* Pukwudgies always have pockets full of homemade cough drops that taste like a dozen different good things
* Wampuses give the best hugs
* There’s an ongoing debate on whether the plural is “Wampuses” or “Wampi”. A handful are pushing for “Wampodai”.
* Pukwudgies are some of the quickest to anger, but they’re shit at holding grudges, no matter how hard they try.
* Inter-house bonding for Horned Serpents and Pukwudgies means making wizarding parodies of no-maj pop songs
* Thunderbirds know the most about secret passageways because they love to explore
* Horned Serpents know the second most about secret passageways because they’re always looking for new quiet places to study
* Thunderbirds will celebrate anything. Valentine’s Day? They’ll celebrate. Mothers Day? They’ll celebrate. National Pancake Day? Damn, will they celebrate.
* Wampuses regularly have hardcore pillow fights
* There’s a pajama day once every quarter
* Horned Serpents love to debate because they enjoy finding arguments and challenging them. Pukwudgies love to debate because they get really passionate and worked up about things. Horned Serpents have more facts at the ready to back up their claims, but Pukwudgies refuse to give up. If they lose, they’ll just come back later with more arguments. “-oh, and another thing!” “Jeffrey, it has been two months!!”
* Ilvermorny is a lot more lax about electronics at school. Plenty of kids have phones, and there are Pokéstops all over the castle.
* The non-Americans get really sick of Americans acting like its a USA-only school, so they edit a version of Pokémon Go where it’s Team America, Team Canada, and Team Mexico, and they’re constantly fighting to prove they’re the best by holding as many gyms as they can.
* Wampuses race everywhere and for everything. “Do you want the red straw or the blue straw?” “WHOEVER REACHES THAT WALL FIRST GETS THE RED STRAW” “No, just take the fucking red straw if you want it so bad.” “But I wanted the blue straw.”
* Thunderbird always organizes huge games of Capture the Flag during breaks
* Horned Serpents are always making jokes in other languages (Latin, Hebrew, Tolkien Elvish, etc.) to annoy the other houses.
* Thunderbirds’ need to experiment when cooking/baking results in either the most amazing or most revolting creations
* Pukwudgies are the students most likely to do harmonies when singing Happy Birthday
* The tables in the dining hall rotate and move at random intervals during meals so you end up sitting next to some new people a few times per meal. The table segments seat six, though, so you can still be near friends. There’s no House separation.

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Any voyuer fics pls! .ㅡ. (bottom!soo pls)

Hey! So I put in everything type of way I could think of where they watch each other. Hopefully some of this works. Meanwhile thanks to  wtfuckaisoo for helping with this list!  Enjoy! 

Late Night Urges: One shot (with sequel) Kyungsoo makes a homemade video for Jongin to tease him

A Birthday Favor: One shot. Jongin asks Sehun to have sex with Kyungsoo while he watches for Kyungsoo’s bday present. (ok, that would work for me too if anyone is wondering what to get me)

Halloween is a Magical Holiday: one shot (no one tops) Jongin meets the camboy he is obsessed with

Look at me: One shot. Kyungsoo is trying to get Jongin’s attention

Eyes in the Gutter: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo accidentally gets sex glasses and everyone he sees is up to no good.

Melting Ice: One shot, Kyungsoo puts on a show for Jongin who is hiding in a closet

Ignite My Senses: One shot. Kyungsoo spies on his brother masturbating and then gets invited in

Little Voyeur: One shot classic, Baekhyun spies on Kyungsoo and Jongin

Cam Boy: Ongoing, OK so this is like oteverybody but the Kaisoo parts are good, Kyungsoo is a camboy who got rejected by Jongin a long time ago after they got caught together at a party 

(First time?) Meeting: One shot (only kind of but I liked this one) they are having online sex and don’t know that they’re best friends

Doll Me Up: Ongoing. Not sure yet, but it’s in the tag and I trust tags, so far Kyungsoo likes to secretly cross dress and he doesn’t seem to remember Jongin, much to his dismay

N-W-C: One shot. Kyungsoo accidentally sees Jongin through his window and then can’t stop looking

Keep An Eye Out: One shot. Jongin is Kyungsoo’s Gardner and sees something through the window that he wants to join in on

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Have you read The Metropolitan Man? I don't know what's your policy on fanfiction but it's a "realistic" take on Superman arriving in the 30s.

Haven’t read that one - looking over it briefly it seems pretty damn depressing, though I suppose that’s kind of the point. I’ll probably check it out sometime.

I’m definitely down for fanfiction, but there’s precious little with Superman I’m into - when I occasionally think of Superman fanfic I hope “cool, maybe there’s finally some cool cosmic adventure stuff in here given the comics so rarely go there, or some really insightful character observations of the kind writers too sparsely touch on!” and then it ends up being 7000 pages on a powerless high-school aged Clark’s torrid affair with Jason Todd behind Congorilla’s back or something. But keeping my eyes open, there’ve definitely been some over the years that worked for me:

* Superboy: A great little moment of growth for a young Clark Kent in a short animated comic by @jordangibson.

* All In A Day’s Work: Good chance you saw this floating around on Tumblr awhile back, this is another really great little short comic by Tom Gimlin and Marcellis Wentz, on the weight of the job.

* Superman’s Story: Opposite Number: An excellent short piece by @spectralspices based on an idea he was nice enough to bounce off me, as Superman goes up against a pair of challenges unusual even for him - one comedic, one very much not.

* Pop-Drama: Superman: I don’t know how much this really qualifies as fanfic in the traditional sense - it’s a broad story proposal by @andrewhickeywriter on an ‘end point’ for Superman - but it’s damn fun and satisfying. There’s also a follow-up article where he elaborates on a major plot point.

* Superman Lives: Another short comic, this time by Joe Otis Costello and Des Taylor, where the Superman of 1938 is beamed in a fight with Brainiac into the world of 2014, and Lois Lane naturally gets the exclusive interview with the returned hero, the story being presented in magazine format. The characterizations may or may not work for you - parts do for me, others not - but it’s an interesting exercise nonetheless, and Des Taylor’s work is absolutely gorgeous.

* @ck1blogs: Clark Kent’s reasonably infamous Twitter account. He is not good at the internet, or humans.

* @filmcriticsuperman: Less well-known than its cousin ck1, which is a shame; unlike most “Film Critic X” feeds, it’s actually…well, really good, courtesy of @charlotteofoz. It maintains the voice throughout and perfectly, and while half the feed is indeed movie reviews - always through the filter of Superman - the other half is just Superman talking about his day, and while it was coming out it was probably the best ongoing Superman material of the last several years. If starting at the beginning of the feed to get a feel for it seems too ominous, worth it though it may be, a good sample would be the more traditional short story she did connected to it, a Superman Halloween spooktacular by the name of Yellowfire.

* Kosmograd Blues: A short story by The Quantum Thief and Invisible Planets author Hannu Rajaniemi focused on a Russian Superman analog, it’s a beautifully written, somber story of a superman who’s long since lost what made his own life worthwhile, but knows he still has a job to do. This was to be one part of a series of superhero short stories set in a larger world he had built - he wrote a little more about the details of it once - but to my knowledge this was all that ever came out of it.

* Kahlil: An ongoing webcomic by Kumail Rizvi in which the last son of Krypton landed in Karachi; it’s been awhile since I last checked in on it, but I recall it being very good, with some spectacular artwork making the few moments thus far of super-ness really pop.

* Superman vs. The Universe: A spiritual cousin to Joe Keatinge’s Strange Visitor, this is the story of an all-powerful Superman at the end of time looking back on his existence as he prepares for his last duty; the prose is stilted in places, but there are enough great ideas and emotional moments in here to make it more than worth your time.

* Repairing The World: I’ll admit some bias up front since the author’s a friend of mine, but starlightify’s DCU series of fanfics - largely centered around Superman and Batman - are a lot of fun, very funny and heartfelt. Some good samplers with Superman would be Salutation and Canidae.

* Silver Age Superman: I’ve never gotten my hands on this semi-legendary bootleg 1990 comic by Ed Pinsent and Mark Robinson, but the likes of Al Ewing and phenomenal comics critic Colin Smith have both declared this comic - starring by my understanding perhaps the most alienated version of its title character ever - among their absolute favorite Superman stories, and their word is more than good enough for me; if you see it out in the wild, I’d absolutely say pick it up. And grab a copy for me, would ya?

* Luthor’s Gift/Starwinds Howl: Bizarre as it is to list any Superman work of Elliot S! Maggin’s as fanfiction when he’s one of the characters’ most beloved writers, I suppose that is what these two stories count as given that they’ve only ever been published online and maybe in a fanzine or two to my knowledge rather than with DC’s official sanction, and they’re absolutely of a piece with his novels Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday. The latter is his take on how Krypto arrived on Earth; the former shows how Superman finally left Earth around the end of the 21st century the way he often hinted at in his other works.

* Tales of Smallville: Near as I can tell, I’m the only person on the face of the Earth - other than maybe Elliot Maggin, who endorsed these stories himself - who’s aware that on the site supermanthrutheages, Samuel Hawkins posted a series of 4 Superboy stories; him revealing himself to the world, his first big adventure with the Legion of Superheroes, a memorable dinner with a guest, and Martha Kent on her deathbed. On these stories, I know two things. 1. Posterity will unquestionably not validate him. It’s a handful of Silver/Bronze-Age Superboy fanfics on an out-of-the-way fansite, no one will remember them. And 2. He is a Morrison/Ennis/Maggin-tier Superman writer. If I have ever written anything in my life on Superman that you’ve agreed on, for the love of god at least read Martha’s Story, it might honestly be my favorite Superman story other than All-Star.

So along with those recommendations, I do have to throw a request on top: I vaguely recall having once read a short story somewhere online years ago about a Superman-type hero found in a field as an infant by farmers - one’s an alcoholic and one sleeps around, but they clean up their acts for the sake of the kid. He grows up to become a superhero and occasionally fights a Lex Luthorish scientist with an appropriately alliterative name who accuses him of impeding societal progress. Eventually, the hero flies off into space once everyone he knows dies, returning occasionally to Earth as he feels drawn back, to defend it, or rule it, or just wander it in obscurity; his longest and last stay is when he falls in love with a woman who he meets at a restaurant, when she’s the first in all those thousands of years to make apple pie as good as his mother’s. Eventually, he lives to the end of the universe, where he finds himself rocketing back through time and de-aging, crash-landing in a field and completing the time-loop. If anyone could point me in a direction towards it, it’d be very much appreciated; I don’t even recall if it’s any good, but I’ve been trying to find it for years and it’s the principle of the thing at this point.
Gajevy Week 2017: Gajeel of the Shinsengumi, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Some reincarnations are harder than others. Left behind in Kyoto at age five, Levy is a servant-girl in late Edo Japan (1864), at a time when girls are barely taught to write. When the Kyoto police known as the Shinsengumi raid the inn where she lives and works, how will she defend herself and her adopted family? Can she trust a certain black-haired, red-eyed police officer who seems to know magic when he sees it? Words: 2050

Bonus Prompt for January 31: AU (Alternate Universe)

Available at above or below under the image.

Chapter 1—Gajeel of the Shinsengumi

She couldn’t remember having a name other than Levy, and nobody called her that anyway. The first part wasn’t especially surprising, since under the laws of the Shogun, Lord Iemochi Tokugawa, only members of the samurai class were allowed to use a surname. The second part was also simply explained: the family that housed her, and more or less fed her, found the name ‘Levy’ too foreign for either safety or convenience; instead, they called her Aoi, meaning blue, which was the colour of her hair.

Levy remembered the day that her father had brought her to the Ikedaya, a mediocre inn found in the central part of the vast city of Kyoto. She didn’t know his name, because to her he had just been otosan,(1) but she wished he hadn’t left her in this place. He was the only person she’d ever known with hair like hers. Of course, he was probably dead now. It had been a dozen years since he had gone out to meet some friends and never come back. Ikeda-san was now the master of the house, instead of merely the heir. Levy didn’t like him much, but fortunately his mother was still alive and she had been the one to insist on keeping the girl in the first place. It was assumed that Levy’s father had been swallowed up by the dangerous streets of Kyoto like so many others.

The day had started out like many others: she’d gotten up before dawn, started the cooking fire, and taken her mistress her morning tea. At this point, Ikeda Keiko-san was the one person Levy cared about in the household. Keiko-san had been kind to Levy when her father hadn’t returned, and the only member of the family to return the tentative embraces of an affectionate child. There was a lot of gray in the woman’s hair now, but otherwise she wasn’t much changed. She had been stoic when her husband had died, but Levy thought that she was rather lonely, and didn’t approve much of her son’s friends. However, apart from refusing to be parted from Levy, she had acquiesced to all of her son’s orders: after all, he was a man and the head of the family.

“We have special guests arriving today, Aoi-chan,” Keiko remarked as she sipped her tea. “At least, my son thinks they are special, so he will want to have extra food and drink on-hand.”

“Yes, Keiko-san.”

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Childhood friends

Tao and Kris has been friends for as long as they know. They had from day one in elementary school, stuck together…He never thought that his secret would lead him to so much pain, he thought he would stop loving Kris sooner or later, but it never stopped. He never thought it’d be that big a problem, until college.

pg13 | college!au, drama, angst | ongoing

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any recommended galennic fics?

Quite a few, actually! (particular faves are marked with *)

Brentaal (student days):


  • Beneath the Surface - Orson is from a horrible family and Galen protects him. An interesting reversal of the usual galennic dynamic; child abuse mention warning
  • Flower Petals On My Pillow - Galen is a tattoo shop owner and Krennic sends him flowers to win him back, with really cute Jyn/Cassian
  • Scenes from the Stardust Cafe* [ongoing] - coffee shop AU, Galen owns the coffee shop (Bodhi is his assistant) and Orson is an Australian architect
  • try our best to recreate* [ongoing] - Jyn tries to mend Galen and Orson’s relationship, with cute background Jyn/Cassian and Chirrut/Baze (Orson is Jyn’s professor)
  • Lies series [ongoing] - Galen and Orson are Jyn’s parents. Betrayal and angst as per usual for the pair.
  • Promise - inspired by the Lies series but more lighthearted

angsty/tragic/Orson pining:

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I would like to see a AU with the Eldarya guys/people in a coffe shop

Let’s be honest: it’s going to be the single least efficient coffee shop in the city. But people will keep coming for the eye candy… >u>

Warning: Longest head-canon, ever. 14 characters, each with their own little stories.

Nevra, the Head Waiter

Naturally, this snake oil merchant with fangs ladies’ man is going to be where the action is: on the main floor, catering to all the customers personally. (Because no one can trust him in handling kitchen or bar-top equipment.) He’s got the drive, the guile, the inbred hospitality, and the metaphorical eyes on the back of his head to pull off even a morning or evening rush single-handed. And later brag about the triple-figure tips, phone numbers, and juicy gossip he collected that day to his coworkers in the back-room, even when his voice is hoarse and his feet have lost all feeling. Nevra actually keeps track of his ‘scores’ in his personal agenda-book, always ready to outdo himself every month. (Because let’s face it… there is no competition for him from the rest of the servers.)  

Though quite a few of his coworkers feel like putting fresh garlic in his next espresso (for himself or for his ‘beloved customers’), they can’t do it for a few reasons: 1.) The customers and tips that Nevra brings in make up half the café’s total income. The place will sink without his pretty, monocular face on the floor. 2.) He’s actually generous with his coworkers. Newbies on the staff know they can rely on him (until they’re used as customer bait during evening rushes for ‘experience’). And he never keeps any of his tips for himself, always making a point of strutting to the collective tip jar to put in what looks like the price for a new smartphone. So whether they like him or not, the gigolo has to stay.    

Nevra is quite proud of his job, and hopes to eventually see the café become the city’s next ‘must-see destination’ (or, more likely, buy and renovate the place as part of his network of high-end dining spots). So he doesn’t tolerate unprofessional shenanigans on his floor (beyond swapping phone numbers, which is sanctified activity as far as he’s concerned). What’s guaranteed to tick him off: if a customer is boorish to one of his babies junior serving staff, if one of his coworkers half-asses an order, or if he catches anyone stealing from that tip jar he’s filling. In either case, the criminal party can expect to find themselves sheepishly shuffling to the door under the force of Nevra’s gimlet smile.

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New 52 Pick-Up: Batman and Robin, “Born to Kill”

So here’s some spoilers for what I’m gonna say later on in this blog post: I love this comic so much. As a whole, Batman and Robin is, in my opinion, the best ongoing published during the New 52, AND the best Batman book of the past 6 years. The team of Tomasi and Gleason is a winning combo, and their Superman series in DC Rebirth is my favorite book currently on the market. If you’re not reading it, you need to. I once said that if you enjoy Rebirth Superman, you owe it to yourself to read Batman and Robin, and I stand by that. But the inverse it true too. If you liked Batman and Robin and haven’t been reading Rebirth Superman, get on that.

Series: Batman and Robin

Issues: #1-8

Writer: Peter Tomasi

Artist: Patrick Gleason

What I thought then: I shared this story in the link in the intro, though some of my recollection there was incorrect, so I’m retelling it here:

I started with five books. There were the four I’ve covered the first arcs of already (Justice League, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Demon Knights), and then I knew I was going to get something with Batman. Because I loved Batman, and he was my favorite character. But the problem was, at the beginning of the New 52, DC had SO MANY books with Batman in them. Ignoring the ones starring spin-off characters like Nightwing, Batgirl, and Teen Titans, Batman himself was starring in SIX books: This one, Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: The Dark Knight, Justice League, and Justice League International. I knew that if I didn’t restrain myself, I’d try reading all of them, so aside from Justice League, I made a rule that I was only going to read one Batman-centric book. I kind of knew who Damian Wayne was thanks to the Blackest Night: Batman miniseries, and I figured a book where I was guaranteed to get Batman and Robin was more bang for my buck than a book starring only Batman, so I went for it.

I don’t think it was until issue #5 when I realized that both this book and Green Lantern Corps were written by the same guy, so this book and that one get bonus points for making me care about creators not named “Geoff Johns”. And while it really wouldn’t be until the “Death of the Family” tie-ins that I started to appreciate Patrick Gleason’s art, there are some bits that blew me away here.

Of the five books I started with, this one was the best. I knew it then, and I still know it now.

The story: Batman has a new Robin, his son, Damian Wayne. Raised by assassins, Damian has a lot of talent for fighting crime, but also a lot of rage. Desperate not to fail his son, Batman needs to find a way to connect with Robin so the boy doesn’t go over the edge. This is made harder when NoBody, the son of one of Bruce Wayne’s masters, shows up in Gotham, dedicated to tearing down everything Batman stands for and poaching Robin for his new apprentice.

What I think now: This comic is a gift to the world.

Like Green Lantern, Batman’s continuity didn’t really reboot with the New 52. It got condensed and confusing (we must accept the fact that there is no satisfactory explanation for how Batman could burn through four sidekicks and all his biggest stories in five years and move on with our lives), but most of it was still there. Like Green Lantern, this was because Grant Morrison was telling a years-long story that was coming to an end with his Batman Incorporated material. But it’s also just due to the fact that Batman’s popular, and if you get rid of his 50 satellite characters, you can’t make money giving books to those 50 satellite characters. But the bright side to all of that is that unlike Green Lantern, you don’t need to reboot Batman in order for people to know who he is. Batman is such a huge figure in pop culture that it’s a reasonable expectation that everyone knows his deal. Sure, maybe they don’t know Damian Wayne in particular, but just to be safe, Tomasi drops in information about his background, plus Bruce Wayne’s general origin story. This book is friendly to both old and new readers, catching newbies up without making the old-timers feel like they’re just retreading old ground. It’s a really good balance.

Unsurprisingly, what makes Batman and Robin work is the fact that it’s about Batman and Robin. The father-son relationship is portrayed masterfully here. Right off the bat (pun not intended), we see Bruce and Damian having an interaction a normal father and son would, with the dad trying to impart some details about his personal life and the kid not really caring. It reminds me of more than a few conversations I’ve had with my parents over the years.

Of course, the big draw is that this is not an ordinary father and son. This story is about Damian suppressing his urge to kill, and Batman asking how he can control that, especially in his own flesh and blood. Damian Wayne is not like the previous Robins. He’s not some kid Batman took off the street to give closure, he’s his biological responsibility, and he’s used to playing a game with very different rules. There’s a thing people like to say about Damian in pretty much every discussion I’ve had about him: “He’s a little shit”. And that can either be the reason you love him or hate him. But the thing I like here is that in this first story arc, while you COULD say that, it’s overly-dismissive of the complexities of his character. Damian is a kid struggling to adapt to a world and lifestyle unlike the one he’s grown up in, and that’s a tough situation, both for him and for the people trying to help him into it.

Alfred’s inclusion in this story is nothing short of impeccable. We get to see him playing the role of grandfather to Damian. He’s raised Bruce, and now he’s watching Bruce make mistakes with his own son, and he’s really trying to keep everything together. He gives Bruce parenting advice while also trying to get Damian to understand Bruce’s struggle as a father. Like the story as a whole, Alfred doesn’t take one person’s side. The story doesn’t preach the idea that parents are uptight or that kids are just brats, it acknowledges that family is a tricky thing.

NoBody is also a great villain for this arc. He’s a foil to both Bruce and Damian. He’s the failure Bruce could’ve been if his standards weren’t so high. He’s this chaotic, unleashed being that Damian is on the verge of becoming, and trying very hard not to. And he really stress tests just how much faith Batman and Robin have in each other. He’s also got a nice backstory that gives us a cool look into a lesser-discussed chapter of Batman’s history, and he’s got this really good balance of cool and crazy that a lot of Batman’s villains lack.

It’s just hard to go into better detail about this comic’s quality without spoiling absolutely everything. But I think it sells the pair of Bruce and Damian very well. Traditionally, Robin’s always been the thing that softens Batman’s hard exterior. When Dick and Damian were Batman and Robin, the draw was the reversal of the dynamic, a more fun Batman and a more intense Robin. Now we have a hard Batman and a hard Robin, and it seems like that should work, but it only goes so far. Having this more troubled kid be Bruce’s son forces Batman to dig deep and find some of his own softness, to challenge the way he sees and interacts with the world and the people around him. More than any of his sidekicks before him, Damian Wayne forces Batman to grow as a person. And that’s what this first arc is about, and it’s what Tomasi and Gleason’s entire run on Batman and Robin is about. As you stick through the ongoing story arcs, you’ll see both Bruce and Damian put through the emotional ringer and grow as people, and it’s a goddamned treat.

If you like Batman, you can’t let yourself miss out on this one.

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When I found your blog I was a mess. But you helped me discover what I am. I did discover that I'm not part of the dd/lg community. Yes I'm a sub but I'm not a little. I want to thank you for helping me realize who I am. I have an amazing dom now who I really love with all of my heart. You would like him. He's really funny. Thank you! Even though I'm not into dd/lg I will continue reading your blog because you'll always have a place in my heart. Thank you.

I wish you the best of ongoing success and fortune for the future.

Very proud of you.
Never stop growing.

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I'm not sure if you rec wips, but Callaway Place by sunshineoptimismandangels on a03 is one of the best ongoing fics right now in this fandom. It just keeps getting better and better with each chapter! highly recommend!

Thanks so much for the rec!

Callaway Place by sunshineoptimismandangels  

Callaway Place is an old coastal mansion filled with magic, history and secrets. To eleven year old Blaine Anderson it is the place he is forced to spend his summer vacation when he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. But a magic mirror and a spine-tingling enchantment soon have Blaine glad he came.

Kurt Hummel is a young boy growing up in a quiet little town hoping for a bigger future. He is holding onto secrets few know about, while learning about an ancient magic that will transform his life.

Kurt and Blaine’s lives intersect in the most unexpected way and they are both forever changed, but what will they do as they grown into young men and are unable to leave the magic of their childhood behind? 

(Rated M - WIP - 110K so far)

I love love love love straight boys who don’t know how to handle their man-crushes on Adam Driver. I love how they describe him. I love the visible struggle to find a word that’s suitably masculine yet not too obviously effusive. (“He’s so… distinctive?” “He’s so… stoic?” “He’s so… intense?”). I love the tone of voice they use when they talk about him. (Admiring, but confused.) I love that they bring him up at the slightest opening in the conversation. I love that I’ve been lucky enough to have this conversation more than once, with different guys.

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when u have a crush on ur best friend and u dont know if u should ask them out or not and ur scared if they say no itll ruin the friendship

Okay, serious talk here (for once). The only 2 serious crushes I’ve had in my life were my best friends and these were definitely not fun situations. The first was when I was 17, and it was the first time I ever felt anything serious about anybody. I ended up telling them because my emotional stability couldn’t hold up around them anymore, after many many months, and I actually broke down in front of them. And the result of my emotional confession? They turned me down. Amazingly, we stayed best friends tho! (even after a second time I had to admit I still had feelings for them, but that’s not worth talking about). The point here is, I told them and things stayed fine between us! I didn’t exactly feel better, but after a while, I eventually did. It helped that they got a girlfriend soon after (ha, did I say helped? I meant ‘destroyed me’) and that made it so I had to move on. 

Well, the friendship didn’t last, just before I turned 19 I realized how much of an asshole they really were and they’ve been erased from my life, but  that was definitely for the best. I just want you to do what feels right. Relationships that start with friendship are the best (from what I’ve heard) and telling them your feelings shouldn’t ruin things, even if they say no. If they’re a good friend, they’ll still be your friend. You’ll be alright :) ♥♥

- Mod Sparky

For Socrates, “the best human life involves ongoing devotion to another individual. This life involves shared intellectual activity; but it also involves continued madness and shared appetitive and emotional feeling… the feelings of tenderness, respect, and awe.

“In the Phaedrus, the lovers’ search for understanding and goodness is accomplished, throughout life, in the context of a particular relationship with an individual whose distinctive character is nourished within it. Instead of loving one another as exemplars of beauty and goodness, properties which they might conceivably lose without ceasing to be themselves, these lovers love one another’s character, memories, and aspirations–which are, as Aristotle too will say, what each person is ‘in and of himself’.” 

Martha Nussbaum, Fragility of Goodness

100 Bullets #100 by Dave Johnson

100 BULLETS #100
Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Cover by Dave Johnson
This is it. Nearly a decade in the making, the Eisner Award-winning, critically acclaimed series comes to its inevitably blood-soaked end. What final fate do agent Graves and the rest of the cast face? Who will be left standing when the gun smoke clears? Find out in the epic, final issue of the series Playboy magazine called “a meditation on money, power and morality…for our money, the best current ongoing series.”
FINAL ISSUE • On sale February 11 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS