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“There’s no reason to believe Hux hadn’t seen his face before.” –@pablohidalgo

There’s no reason to believe Hux hadn’t *kissed* his face before.


Steroline Season 7 Appreciation Week day 1. Favorite Steroline Centric Episode: 7x01. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take.

I made this, uh, a thing, didn’t I? I told you how I felt about you, and now it’s- it’s weird.

It’s a funny feeling

I recently came across someone’s Star Wars/TFA-related comments on a completely different platform. As I was reading, I realized that this unknown person (maybe someone who follows my blog but maybe not) was almost certainly familiar with my essays/metas, based upon the way they were discussing aspects of the story and its possible interpretations.

It’s a funny feeling, hearing one’s own ideas articulated by someone else, out in the world. As a writer who hopes to write convincingly about what I believe, it’s both flattering and gratifying to realize that there are people who have: 

1) Read what I’ve written

2) Found it valid

3) Are sharing these ideas with others

So thank you, most sincerely.

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It also made me feel nervous and a bit worried. I recognized the points being made because I may have a strangely… specific set of headcanons which I’ve brought to my writing about Star Wars. 

I don’t know how well some of these ideas play outside of the hothouse atmosphere of Tumblr. I worry that the arguments I’ve made in support of my interpretation of the story may fall apart without nuanced explanation, background information, or hell, the whole nine yards of footnotes and citations. 

So, I guess what I’m saying is also - please be careful. When trying to build a case from a minority position; make sure your arguments are well-constructed. Don’t expect your audience to be able to make intuitive leaps. Present your evidence as completely as possible.

For my part, I will do my best not to lead anyone astray. If I come up with stuff that looks and sounds like arrant nonsense, I hope and trust that folks will call me on it. 

I know I tend to treat this platform like a live action diary; I work through ideas that are important to me personally, and I do not necessarily expect anyone else to latch on to them (that’s stupid and disingenuous, I know. I act like I’m writing for myself in a closed room, but really, all of us are sitting on stage as we do this, and yes, apparently the mic is on).

OK, that is all. Carry on, friends!  

Power to canon Reylo


I had the dumbest dream the other night I met Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale and we sat down and talked for about an hour. We said goodbye and they left and I was so incredibly ecstatic that I called up a friend (a fellow mass effect enthusiasts) and just started freaking out about it. I hear “uh huuuh” from the other side of the phone and I just say “NO I’m not lying!” once again followed by the same response. “listen, I’m not dreaming. They were just here.” there’s a chuckle from the other end of the phone and I look around. I’m at a grocery store. I just had the best hour long interview with two of the most talented voice actors from my favorite video game in the meat section of a grocery store…

Mass Effect has destroyed my life.