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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do people hate ron weasley for having such human reactions? why can't they understand he was raised in near poverty and didn't feel like he had any special talents compared to his brothers? it's like people want realistic characters until they're presented with one. it would have been so boring if ron didn't have jealousy and doubt and faltering confidence. he could've been written off as a one-dimensional best friend character but that's not how life works. so many people can identify with ron, he adds a different level to the friendship that creates tension but also makes the golden trio way more meaningful because through all the crap they go through they are always together in the end. how on earth would a perfect, unrealistic ron be any better? and i'm not even done sit down we have at least 500 more pages to go, janice pull up a chair it's going to be a long night
Spoiler Alert: Finding Dory

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Ok, so I just came back from Finding Dory. And just…can we talk about how Hank crashed a fucking truck!? Like for real dude, Hank could kill a man. And he wouldn’t even care.

Mondo is my absolute fav and I think for the most part, one of the best pulled off characters and i’ve never talked about him in general so im going to. Also him and Ishimaru.

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Dear Marc Guggenheim...

I’m from the UK so it hasn’t happened yet, but Laurel Lance has officially been fridged by you so-called Arrow ‘writers’. Marc Guggenheim, you honestly think that killing off Laurel (one of the best characters on the show, who’s been more or less ignored by you) over Felicity (who was once a fantastic character, but has now been ruined by you and is now ruining the show via Olicity) makes me seriously question your ability as a writer. Not only this, but you believe that this was the best option without repeating a storyline, GEEZ IVE NEVER SEEN THE LANCE FAMILY SUFFER A DEATH BEFORE. I mean, clearly you hate the Lance family so much, why didn’t you kill Quentin? I’d have hated to see him go, but that would’ve been a more unexpected choice, that could have an impact on some of the characters. But, no, not only did you fridge BC purely for shock factor, you used her final words to prop up the ship that has been destroying the show since S3. It wasn’t about her, it was about Olicity. It wasn’t about her progress, it was about Olicity. It wasn’t about Tommy, Sara, or anyone else in her family, it was about fucking Olicity. You even had the audacity to make Oliver the LOHL despite the amount of times he fucked her over. I’m not saying this specifically as a fan of Laurel; if you had killed Diggle, Thea, or even Quentin in this way the fans would be just as mad. (Notice how I excluded Felicity because 1. You wouldn’t dare touch her 2. You would give her a decent send off) Despite this, I’ll continue watching Arrow till the end of this season and make my own decisions about continuing to watch it. I’ll continue with The Flash, LOT and might even start Supergirl because as far as I can tell they know how to respect their characters. But kindly, Fuck you, Mr Guggenheim, You Have Failed This Fandom (Sorry this isnt really PJO related but i needed to vent)

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Character: Gabrielle
Appears in: Xena: Warrior Princess (and occasionally Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
Commonly Interpreted As: Straight with a best gal pal, or a lesbian

But Really: Gabrielle is definitely bisexual. Xena is her best friend and lover, as evidenced by the fact that they refer to each other as soulmates, kiss, and there’s even an episode where a reporter spends the whole time trying to get them to admit they’re lovers. Xena finally does so, but the camera runs out of room and goes staticky as she confirms it. (She is definitely confirming; it wouldn’t make sense for her to say “well…technically…” if she were simply saying they were friends.)

Gabrielle also has male romantic interests: Telus (a one-off character), Hercules’ best friend Iolaus, her husband (for a very short time) Perdicus, and her friend Joxer’s son Virgil. None of these are long-lived relationships, but they all mean a lot to her at the time. So Gabrielle is bi.

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In all absolute seriousness, I love Alycia Debnam-Carey to death and I will support her in every project she’s a part of and I wish her nothing but the best.

But it really ticks me (and others, apparently) off that one of the main reasons she was free to do FT/WD is because The 100 didn’t have the sense to see how brilliant the character of Lexa was and book her with a long-term contract. She could be playing Lexa right now. But instead she’s playing a character that, while I enjoy it simply because it’s ADC in the role, it’s just… BLEH!

Alicia (at least the ADC version) wouldn’t exist if Lexa were still alive. And given the choice between the two, who do you think we’d take? If Jason and Co had any kind of business or storytelling sense, they would have signed Alycia. But nope. And that pisses me off. That we lost Lexa, one of the best characters I’ve ever seen on TV, and instead we have… not Lexa.

2040 History Class

Me, a slightly bitter history teacher: so in 2016 trump, the devil, became president, he ruined america but that isnt even the worst part. This other devil named Jason Rothenberg, or shall i call him Jason Rottenbread, killed off one of the best lesbian characters in history, Heda Lexa of Trikru. She was glorious, spectacular, and queer and you know how he killed her off class?

Class: *crickets*

Me, a slightly bitter history teacher: A FUCKING STRAY BULLET! HE KILLED OFF THE BEST WARRIOR WITH A FUCKING STRAY BULLET. and so clexas and t100 fans becmae veryy angry they started unfollowing him on twitter and the show got cancelled it was the best karma ever yall… so anyway then Alycia Debnam Carey killed trump and thats how she became president of the United States. you’re all dismissed


What’s trending this summer and what Disney characters can pull that look off best? Part one!