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#thankyoubones week: day 2 → 11 temperance brennan character growth moments

↳ brennan + her changing views on love

If you were to look for a character who has grown so much from falling in love with her significant other, look no further than Temperance Brennan. She exemplifies the term “character growth”, and her changing views on love, sex and relationships comprises one of the many different things that has made her one of the best (IMO, THE BEST) character in the history of television. This gifset only touches on a small part of her character growth over the years, because she has truly grown in every aspect of her life, and I have loved watching her grow and truly flourish all these years. She also makes me believe that it is possible to find true love, and not completely change yourself and your morals for the other person, as when the time comes, nothing else will matter except for the person standing right beside you. Like always, and like they always will.

Abbie Mills Shines

For some canon ended at S2 Premier, for others it ended at S2 Finale. But for All of us who love Abbie Mills She lives on as the bad ass, beauty that captured our hearts and imagination.

So today we celebrate One of the best female heroines to ever grace our TV screens (The best IMO), The Heart of TeamW, And the incredible Duo which can never be duplicated!



Stargate Atlantis 2x14 “Grace Under Pressure”

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How do you like the bold type? Is it worth watching? We like the same type of shows that's why I'm interested to know your thoughts!


It’s honestly one of the best shows on tv rn imo. It’s basically about these three best friends and how they all work for this fashion magazine. It’s very feminist and has some good representation as well. It’s also a good mix of seriousness and funny and the three main girls are all flawed but you can’t help but love all of them!! Seriously i need more people watching this show bc I really don’t want it to be cancelled.

Everything I love about Agent Carter so far, aka everything:

  • Peggy kicking everyone’s asses
  • Peggy defending other girls
  • Peggy totally embracing her femininity and using said femininity as, essentially, a weapon
  • Peggy running circles around p much all her male co workers
  • Actual puppy Edwin Jarvis
  • Jarvis’s domesticity
  • Disabled war veteran as a main character (Agent Sousa) who is also grossed out by his misogynistic fellow male agents
  • The accurate representation of post WWII America and how grossly misogynistic it was
  • Specifically the accurate representation of misogynistic post WWII America from the eyes of the actual women experiencing just how shitty it was 

But perhaps my favourite, and the most important, thing is the fact that we have this female lead who can kick ass and look good doing it, but who is ultimately still very vulnerable and flawed.

She’s a three dimensional character! She’s allowed to be sad, to cry, to mourn the loss of the people she loves. She’s allowed to still be grieving over Steve. She’s allowed to have this utterly human and real response to seeing her (best?) friend killed. She’s allowed to hurt, she’s allowed to feel. She’s allowed to be vulnerable. She’s allowed to have flaws. Peggy Carter is flawed. She needs to learn to let people help her when she needs help. She needs to learn, like Jarvis said, that no one can carry the entire weight of the world on her own shoulders. Peggy Carter is flawed!!! And I am so extremely happy about it.

tl;dr Agent Carter is one of the most important shows on television, and I urge everyone to watch it

No seriously though

“Hey!  Let’s have Snow White and Prince Charming have a daughter – and then when she grows up, she can fall in love with Captain Hook.  LEGIT.”

Like seriously, OUAT IS fanfiction. But that’s why it’s so amazing, because it’s a new take on stories we already know and love.  I’m super excited about the Frozen arc and about everything coming up in season 4 tbh.

It gets so much hate, but really, IMO, it’s the best show on TV right now.


Best live performance of the song so far imo

Static Shock was great because he was a black superhero living a life that many high school kids do, and in some cases it was specific to black males. They talked about real issues I could relate to on the show like racism and parents pushing their kids way too hard for excellence. Still the best superhero TV show ever imo.