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Who’s excited for Rammstein: Paris already? I know I am 

Band Preferences: Types of Friends...


THE LIFE COACH: Patrick Stump

THE RISK TAKER: Brendon Urie


THE LOYAL ONES: Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes

Jealously - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N-  hiya! just wondering if you could please write an imagine where you’re best friends with oli and dating joe. you’ve just spent a whole day hanging out with oli, and when you get home joe acts a bit jealous?

“Hello everyone, today’s video i’ll be doing the best friends tag with one of my best friends Y/N” Oli started his introduction to his video.

“One of your best friends? I think you mean I am your best friend” I sarcastically added. 

“So she believes” Oli winked to the camera. 

“Just get on with the video”

“So i’m going to ask Y/N some questions and we’ll see how well she knows me. Every time she gets one wrong, a pie will be thrown into her face” 

“Ugh i didn’t agree to this” Mentally preparing myself because i was rubbish at these games. 

“Right we’ll start off easy, when is my birthday?” 

“I know this!! 26th January” I grinned knowing i was right. 

“Correct! If you didn’t get that right i wouldn’t of been happy. Next one what was my first youtube video called?” 

“Oh god, i dont know!”

“You don’t know? Thanks Y/N you helped me film it” 

“I remember but i dont know what you called it! Im going to have to guess.. Introduction to my channel?” That’s when i knew i was wrong as a pie was splattered into my face.

“It was A New Start” Oli laughed while i wiped pie out of my eyes. 

The video continued and i only ended up with 4 pies to the face. What can i say i’m a pretty good friend. I helped Oli clean up the mess which was made and help pack his equipment away. After all that was done we ordered take-away and watched a film. Loved having quality time with my best friend. Realising the time, 8pm, i knew it was about time i heard off back home so with saying my goodbyes off i went. 

“Babe i’m home” Closing the door behind me taking off my shoes and coat before continuing into the front room.

“Babe?” I called out again as there was no response the first time round. 

“Where have you been?” I saw Joe sitting on the sofa editing his new video, speaking without looking at me.

“I’ve been at Oli’s filming a video why?” I placed my bag on the table looking at him confused. 

“You went there this morning and its now night” Still no eye contact. 

“I got caught up with time” 

“You said before you left you would be back for dinner, i even cooked you a meal yet you never showed up”

“I’m sorry ok just got caught up ive already eaten but i can just warm the meal back up” 

“You already eaten? Well that was a waste of time cooking”

“What has gotten into you?”

“Nothing just that my girlfriend was meant to come home for a meal i specially cooked but she never told me she was eating out with another guy”

“That guy being Oli. Are you jealous or something?” 

“No? Why would i be jealous?”

“Because you don’t normally act like this” I headed over to the sofa taking a seat next to him. “You are jealous arent you?”

“You spent the whole day round there, you didn’t even tell me you werent coming home for dinner” Joe mumbled clothing his laptop screen down to finally look up at me.

“You’re jealous” I smirked, 

“If i agree will you shut up?” I nodded waiting for him to continue. “Fine yes i am jealous” I giggled and pinched his blushing cheeks. 

“Aww my babe is jealous, you don’t have to be jealous you know” 

“Yes i know but i missed you” 

“Well now i’m all yours” I smiled placing a kiss on his lips. 

Busted (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Warning: a bit smut going on, but nothing too explicit

Request: Can you do one where you and joe have sex at his dad’s house and his dad finds out 

I changed it a bit, but it’s kinda the same but with a different setting. Hope that’s okay :)


You closed your eyes and smiled as the sun touched your skin and made it warm. It was January in Los Angeles so it almost felt like fall feels back in England. You, your boyfriend Joe and his two best friends Caspar and Oli had travelled to Los Angeles for a little getaway. You stayed in a beautiful mansion in Calabasas with a view over the ocean and a heated pool. It was perfect for a nice little holiday. Right now you were seated outside by the pool in one of the chairs and was just enjoying how quiet and nice there was out here. It was hard finding a quiet place with three hyper boys in the house, so it was nice to get to relax in quiet out by the pool.

“And Y/N is out here getting her tan on. Is it nice out here babe?” someone suddenly said and you opened your eyes and saw Joe walk towards you with his vlogging camera filming you. You nodded with a smile as Joe took place in the chair beside you. Joe always vlogged when he was away on holiday and so did Oli and Caspar, and since you and Joe had been together for 3 years, you were kind of getting used to always having cameras around.

“Oh it is really nice out here, isn’t it?” Joe said and laid back in his chair.

“It’s like fall in England,” you said and Joe nodded before putting his camera down.

“What are the other boys doing?” you asked as Joe took your hand in his and kissed it.

“They drove with Sawyer out to get some more beers, I think,” Joe answered and you shook your head with a laugh.

“You drink way too many beers,” you laughed and Joe smiled proudly.

“ We’re quite cool, aren’t we?” Joe said with a smirk and you nodded.

“Totally,” you answered sarcastically with made Joe chuckle.

“Actually, I have an idea since we’re alone,” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked at him and you instantly knew he was being dirty minded.

“Where do you wanna have sex this time?” you asked which made Joe burst into laughter.

“You make me sound like a nymphomaniac,” Joe laughed and you couldn’t help but laugh either.

“Actually I would just like to please my lady in the bedroom,” Joe said in a formal voice, which made you look at him with a disgusted face.

“Only if you stop phrasing it like that,” you said and Joe chuckled.

“Let’s go,” Joe said with a smirk as he stood up and pulled you after him. You couldn’t help but smile. You had been here for 3 days and you and Joe had never really gotten a moment alone together, to it would be nice to be together without anyone interrupting.
Joe led you to your shared bedroom and closed the door behind him. He put his lips passionately on yours as you made your way towards the bed. He pulled your top off revealing your bra which also quickly landed on the floor a long with your pants as well. Joe pushed you on the bed which made you smile at him, and he threw his shirt on the floor. His naked body turned you on even more, and you pulled his face to yours so you could kiss him again. You were both quickly naked and Joe began doing his thing which made you moan in pleasure. Since you were alone in the house and up in the mountains no one could hear you anyways, so why not?
Joe started of slowly before thrusting into you in a fast tempo, which made you moan even more. Suddenly you heard something from outside the room and Joe stopped his movements. You looked at each other with a horrified look.

“GUYS IM STILL HERE. JUST SO YOU KNOW!” Caspar suddenly yelled from outside the door and you could feel yourself blush. You covered your mouth in embarrassment before you and Joe bursted into laughter. You had never been busted before and you felt so embarrassed.

“I can never leave this room again,” you said which made both of you laugh even more.

“Well, that was a buzzkill,” Joe said before he fell down beside you.

“Totally not in the mood anymore,” you said, still red in your face. It was so embarrassing. You could not imagine anything worse than someone walking in on you having sex.

“At least it wasn’t any of our parents,” Joe said, whilst you were still just laying in bed looking up at the white ceiling.

“Yes omg. That would be even worse,” you answered and you looked at each other before you started laughing again.

“Let’s get dressed and face Caspar before the others get back and hear about it,” Joe said before he stood up from the bed, still naked. You couldn’t help but laugh again. The whole situation was somehow funny. You could still feel your cheeks being red as you took your clothes back on and prepared yourself to face Caspar. This would not be anything else than embarrassing. That you were sure of.

Cream My Back and I’ll Cream Yours (Joe Sugg Fluff)

Summary ~ He doesn’t want me to burn and i don’t want him to hurt

Words ~ 1383

Requested ~ No

I stood in front of the mirror and smiled nodding. Not for vanities sake, I was the last person that would be checking themselves out. I had come on holidays with three of my best friends Joe, Oli and Caspar. They had first planned on going on a lads holiday, but they decided to invite me along. I was spectacle at first not wanting to intrude but I could not resist the chance after watch there LA vlogs. So I packed and hopped on a plane. I had arrive the day after them because I had to finish up some work things, but when I were arrived they were all asleep, so that made me feel like I hadn’t missed anything. The next day when they did wake up I was greeted by hugs and cheek kisses. They decided that they would spend the day by the pool and go out later tonight. So I stood in front of the mirror making sure that I looked okay in my swim suit. I grabbed my towel and went down to the pool, to see the boys lying on loungers already. I smiled and thought of something fun to do. I carefully placed my towel on the chair and slowly grabbed Joe’s camera. I positioned it on the table facing all three boys, then I went to the bar asking for a jug of iced water. I walked back jug in hand. I stood in front of the boys before shouting.
“Wake up” They all sat up fast as I threw the water at them. Oli shouted as the cool water hit him. Caspar rubbed his hands over his face groaning but also laughing, but Joe hopped up and ran towards me. He tackled me and we both fell into the pool screaming. We both resurfaced laughing, he hopped out and pulled me out. I dried off and reached into my bag to get my sun cream. I did all my body expect my back. I looked at Joe and sighed.
“Em…. Joe” I said.
“Yeah” He said not opening his eyes.
“Would you mind em…. putting some sun cream on my back?” I asked awkwardly.
“Yeah sure” He said not bothered. He sat up and I gave him the bottle, before turning and lying down. I felt his cold hands begin in the middle of my back. He ran them up and down getting every inch of my back. I started to relax as he almost massaged my back.I was very much enjoying his touch, until he moved his hands away.
“All done” He said sitting back down.
“Thank you” I said in a sigh.
We spent the rest of the day sun bathing, swimming, and drinking. We remembered funny things that had happened in the past and ordered the weirdest sounding cocktails. As the sun began to set we decided to go back to our room and get dressed for tonight. I went into my room and got dressed, making sure I looked good. I then went to the boys room. Oli opened the door looking very good and I was relieved that I hadn’t wore anything too fancy.
“You look very handsome” I complimented.
“So do you” He said as I walked past him. “Caspar is just finishing editing his video”
“Were is Joe?” I asked.
“He is having some trouble in the bathroom” Oli laughed.
“Oh….. Does he need some tummy tablets? Cause I have some back in my room” I said.
“No not that kind of problem” Oli chuckled. Before I could reply I heard Joe shout my name from the bathroom. I walked towards the door knocking and asking if he was okay. He opened the door in just a jeans pouting. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t stare at his body. It was hard enough having him beside me all day in his swim suit.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Look!” He said turning his back to me. I gasped seeing all the spots, wait? Not spots, bites. Loads and loads of bites all over his back.
“Oh my god them have eaten you alive” I exclaimed.
“Yeah I know, I am so itchy” He said trying to reach his back.
“Stop you will make it worse” I said swatting away his hand.
“Yeah well, I got this cream to stop the itching” He said holding up a tube. “But I can’t reach and those dick heads won’t help me” He said throwing the cream on the counter annoyed.
“I will” I nearly whispered.
“What” He said turning around.
“I’ll put it on your back, I mean I guess I owe you, because you put cream on mine” I said looking at the floor.
“Seriously?” He asked and I just nodded. “Omg thank you so much” He said giving me the cream and turning his back to me. I put some in my hand and took a deep breath. I started to rub in the cream. I ran my hands up and down his back. I felt his strong muscles as I rubbed it in. He kept sighing and groaning.
“Ugh I feel so much better” He said turning around.
“Good” I said looking at all the cream left over on my hands.
“Is that extra” He asked.
“Yeah, I thought you needed more then you did” I laughed.
“Please rub it here” He said pointing at his collar bone and biceps.
“Oh okay” I said placing my hand on his arm. I rubbed my arm up my muscles maybe lingering slightly. I moved on to the top of his chest as I went over his collar bone. I looked up to see him staring at me. I looked back down quickly, but I felt his hand under my chin. He tilted my head up and leaned down placing his lips on mine. I leaned into the kiss feeling my longing be filled. I have wanted this for so long and it is everything I thought it would be but better. He turned me around and pressed me into the counter, before he grabbed my hips and pushed me to sit on it. He stood in-between my legs as hands went under my shirt and mine ran up his chest. We heard a banging on the door and we pulled away quickly.
“Are you done? I need to use the toilet” I heard Caspar’s voice. I looked at Joe but he was looking at the floor. I walked out of the bathroom and smiled at Caspar.
“All finished” I walked over to Oli, waiting for Joe to get ready. He didn’t even look at me as he went around the room pulling on a shirt and looking for his shoes. I sighed nodding on the inside.
“Ugh guys I don’t feel to well” I fake groaned.
“Aw what’s wrong?” Caspar said wrapping an arm around me.
“Cramps” I lied.
“Do you still want to go out?” Oli asked.
“Not tonight” I said shaking my head. “I will just stay in tonight, but I promise that I will go out tomorrow” I smiled.
“Okay, but I’ll miss you” Caspar said wrapping his other arm around me, and squeezing me tight. I left walking towards my room as I started to walk through the door someone shoved me in. I screamed as I was pinned against the door. I looked up to see Joe.
“What do you want Joe?” I said sad.
“I love you. I have ever since Caspar made you try and kiss me. I liked you then, and I like you now. When you helped my pull the alarm clock prank on Caspar, I realized I loved you, and I still love you now” He said placing his lips on mine, the kiss deepened and he started pushing us towards the bed.
“Wait” He said breathlessly. “Tell me you like me too”
“I love you Joe, ever since I had to pretend to be Caspar girlfriend and try to kiss you” I smiled thinking of how we first met.
“I think I will stay in tonight as well” He smiled as we lay down.


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Wir waren bei der heute show!!!

Hier unser kleiner Bericht dazu:

Nach 8 Stunden Anreise kommen wir endlich in Köln an.

Wir bekommen unsere Tickets und dürfen ins Studio (omfg: es ist DAS heute show - Studio und wir sind mittendrin).

Oli kommt rein und albert mit dem Publikum herum
(und steht dabei DIREKT vor uns #erstereihe).

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Die Aufzeichnung beginnt und trotz kleiner technischer Pannen war der gesamte Cast extrem lustig und entspannt (sogar Gernot Hassknecht!!!).

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Oli verabschiedet sich nochmal persönlich vom Publikum… Wir verlassen überglücklich das Studio und gehen ins Foyer.

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Wir wollen uns gerade auf den Heimweg machen, als Olaf Schubert und Alexis Kara (”Dennis Knossalla”) aus der Tür des Studios kommen und sich unglaublich nett mit uns unterhalten.

Als nächstes kommt Morten Kühne (Autor und Produzent der heute show) aus dem Studio und gibt uns den Tipp, dass Oli noch drin ist und es entwickelt sich bei uns ein verrückter Gedanke:


Also warten wir…30 Minuten…60 Minuten…80 Minuten

Pförtner: “Wir schließen jetzt, ihr müsst gehen”

Wir: “Noch 10 Minuten biiiiiittte”









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Wir stellen ihm Fragen über die heute show, machen Fotos, bekommen Autogramme und er wünscht uns einen guten Heimweg.

B  E  S  T     D  A  Y     E  V  E  R