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Who’s excited for Rammstein: Paris already? I know I am 

Band Preferences: Types of Friends...


THE LIFE COACH: Patrick Stump

THE RISK TAKER: Brendon Urie


THE LOYAL ONES: Kellin Quinn & Vic Fuentes

Jack Maynard // Drunk Calls

Requested By: anon

Hope you Enjoy It Love! <3

Number Requested: 4: “Are you drunk?”

               Your phone vibrated on your nightstand, the bright light flooded into the room and woke you up. You pushed the pillow away from your face and looked over at your phone. Joe’s face was glowing on the screen and you groaned, pushed your hair away from your eyes and picked it up.

               “Hello?” you asked and your voice was raspy and you cleared your throat. “Hello?” you asked again as you checked the clock. 3:00 AM, Jesus.

               “Y/N?” Joe’s deep voice rang through and it made you jump slightly at the loud tone. “Sorry, hi,” he realized his tone, “I’m sorry to do this but we can’t get Jack to leave the curb of the club, he keeps babbling about wanting to see you and I know it’s so late but do you think you could possibly- “

               “Y/N! Is that you?” Jack screamed on the phone, “Y/N I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU TONIGHT!”

               “Jack, are you drunk?” you teased, already throwing on a pair of sweats on and threw your hair into a bun as you grabbed your keys.

               “I am not,” he grumbled and the slur in his voice told you otherwise.

               “Jack, what club are you at?” you asked and got into your car and started it.

               “We went to XOYO love,” Jack replied, “It was fantastic love, you should’ve been here.”

               “Jack, I’ll be right there alright?”

               On the other side of town, Joe, Oli and Josh were all sat around as Marcus tried to calm down Jack who was happily jumping around waiting for you. “Is he always like this? I didn’t realize the two of them were dating,” Marcus asked Joe as he took a deep breath, Jack sitting down on the curb in the background.

               “They aren’t dating but they should be,” Josh cackled and the rest of the boys chuckled at the look Jack had in his eyes. “They’re in love but they know it’s not the right time. Every time we go out without Y/N, Jack makes us call her to come get him so he can go stay at hers,” Josh explained.

               “They’re the best of friends,” Oli agreed just as they saw your headlights in the distance and then there you were, messy bun, sweats and Jack’s long sleeve sweater.

               “Babes,” Jack yelled excitedly and ran to you, hugging you tightly to him.

               “Hi there Mr. I’m Not Going to Drink Tonight so That I Can Come Over,” you joked and he kissed your cheek and sniffled.

               “I’m so sorry, I’m such a dick,” a tear slid down his cheek and you realized how drunk he really was. You ran your hands through his loose curls that were on the outside of his snapback and kissed the tip of his nose.

               “Oh babes, you’re fine, let’s go home and snuggle, yeah?” you smiled as a grin came back to his face. The four boys laughed in the background and waved goodbye to you as you shuffled Jack into the car and slammed the door shut behind him. You ran over and hugged the four of them before hopping into the car.

Selfish Happiness - Jack Maynard

Request: I thought personal photographer was so cute do you think you can do kinda so like the same thing but for jack if you can

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: So I switched up the plot (just so it wasn’t exactly like Personal Photographer) but I kept the whole “she makes me happy” type thing (which is the main plot anyway) I hope you like it!

Personal Photographer (Conor Maynard)


Jack’s POV

“Are we ever going to meet this girl?” Mikey asked, causing me to look up from my phone. “You’ve been smiling at your phone everyday for at least two months and we still don’t even know her name.”

It’s true. I was seeing someone. I met (y/n) while I was at the shops, picking out a new suit. I saw her from across the store with her brother and I just knew I needed to have her in my life. When it comes to girls, I know what I’m doing but when it came to (y/n)…I was lost. She was a very shy individual so getting to know her was a little difficult and usually, I’d give up by now but she was definitely worth the effort. She was different than the usual type I go for and I think that’s why I like her. She levels me out and it just seems to work. However, whenever I brought up meeting the boys, she got nervous and would instantly say no. It’s not that I was keeping her from them but it’s just that I want to her meet them when she’s ready so she feels 100% comfortable.

“I just want to make sure it’s an actual thing.” I replied.

“You’ve been saying that for weeks now.” Oli pestered. I mean, he wasn’t wrong. I already knew (y/n) and I were an actual thing but I can’t bring myself to force the boys on her. It doesn’t feel right.

“I’ll speak to her about it.” I said, getting up from the couch. “I’m off to meet her anyway.”

As I left Oli’s place, I headed towards the park where (y/n) and I usually go for a walk. We really like to be outside and I definitely take advantage of the fact that she’s not from London and hasn’t been here for long. Even though, I’m not from London, I definitely like to pretend I’m more confident about where I’m going than I actually am.

“You look nice.” I said, walking over to her. I kissed her cheek as I placed my hand in hers and I couldn’t help but have the biggest smile on my face. I honestly don’t know why but I’m so happy whenever I’m around her.

The two of us walked around the park, hand in hand, talking about our days and the plans we had for the weekend when I saw two familiar faces.

“What a coincidence! Jack, it’s good to see you, mate.” Oli said, sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at how stupid the two boys were being but I turned my attention to (y/n) when I felt her grip tighten on my hand. This is exactly what I didn’t want.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, annoyed. I knew they must have followed me out of desperation to meet (y/n). 

“Just enjoying the day with one of my best mates.” Oli said, placing an arm around Mikey, who stood there staring at (y/n) with a stupid grin on his face.

A silence filled the air as I didn’t know what to do. Should I introduce them? Should I pretend this wasn’t happening? Should I pull (y/n) away? As I questioned what the right thing to do was, she spoke up.

“I’m (y/n).” She said, extending her free hand. The boys smiled and shook it, exchanging their names. I smiled at her surprising confidence, pressing a kiss to her temple. “I’d love it if we could stay and chat but Jack and I are meeting my brother for lunch.” She explained, smiling sweetly.

“Well hopefully Jack’s not selfish and let’s us get to know you at some point as well.” Mikey said, giving me the side eye.

“When it comes to happiness, boys, you’ve got to be selfish.” I said, before the four of us exchanged goodbyes.

“They seem really sweet.” She said, as we walked towards the cafe.

“You weren’t that shy.”

“Well, if I want your friends to like me, I’ve got to open up.” She explained and I could tell she really meant it.

“Hey,” I said, stopping in my tracks and turning her towards me. “You don’t have to impress them, okay? I like you and you’re the first girl in a long time who has made me this happy, which at the end of the day, is all that matters.” I said, kissing her.

“For the record,” She whispered against my lips. “You make me pretty happy too.” 

As the two of us reached the cafe, I heard my phone go off and couldn’t help but smile at the message from Oli.

“She seems great. Haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time.”

Band & Youtubers Masterlist...

You guys asked for one so here you go :) Will try and keep updated every month…enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending me those imagines :)

-Beth *fangirl94stuff*


All Time Low

Finding out he has a crush on you (Jack)

Acoustic (Jack)

Attention seeker (Jack)

Bookshop Encounters (Jack)

Movie Night Trouble (Jack) (SMUT)

Did We Forget Something? (Jack)

Backseat Serenade (Jack)

Omegle Boy (Alex)

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex)

Time Bomb Dawson (Alex)

Vocal Rest (Alex)

Things Always Happen In Lifts (Alex)

Dammed If I Do Ya (Alex)

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack)

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack) (TRIGGER)

Fall Out Boy

Demon Patrick (1/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (2/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (3/3) (Patrick)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Patrick)

Stumped Love (Patrick)

Age Is Just A Number (Patrick)

Skype Sex (Patrick) (SMUT)

Pete sets you up (Patrick)

The Proposal (Patrick)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick) (SMUT)

My Student (Patrick) (SMUT)

Dirty Boy (Patrick) (SMUT)

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick)

He walks into your music class (Andy)

Just A Girl (Andy)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Pete)

You interview them (Pete & Patrick)

Cheering him up (Pete)

Fall Out (Pete)

Summer Makeover (Pete)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Colour (Pete)

Stop Biting Your Lip (Pete)

High School Flirt (Pete)

Out Of My League (Pete)

Pet Shelter (Pete)

Tall Cuddles (Pete)

Wet Dream (Pete) (SMUT)

Two Can Be Better Than One (Pete & Joe)

Tease (Joe) (SMUT)

Model Love (Joe)

Pierce The Veil

Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (1/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (2/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (3/3) (Whole Band)

New merch girl (Vic)

Height Doesn’t Matter (Vic)

Show Me What Love Is (Vic)

Firebug (Vic)

Broadway Duet (Vic)

Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic)

Beautiful Scars On Critical Veins (Vic)

Celebrity Crush (Vic)

Little Baby Fuentes (Mike)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mike)

Show Me Your Best Tattoo (Mike)

Dance In The Rain (Mike)

Drumming Lesson (Mike)

A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony)

Girls Can Play Guitar (Tony)

Skater Boy (Tony)

Comic Con (Tony)

Be The Luigi To My Mario (Jaime)

Record Store (Jaime)

Panic! at the Disco

Runner Runner (Brendon)

Strangers On A Plane (Brendon)

Coffee Shop Conversations (Brendon)

Defending you from haters (Brendon)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Brendon)

Meeting your parents for the first time (Brendon)

Late night Skyping (Brendon)

You’re his stylist (Brendon)

He’s a Vampire (Brendon)

Reading P!ATD smut (Brendon)

Signing (Brendon)

Black Veil Brides

Stay Behind (Andy)

Meet Uncle Andy (Andy)

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy)

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover (Andy)

Easter Egg Hunt (Andy)

Young Love (Andy)

I Can Date Who I Want (Andy & Oli Sykes)

Earthquake Shock (Ashley)

I’m Not One Of Your Whores (Ashley)

Purdy’s Girl (Ashley)

At The Rock Show (Ashley)

Daddy Jinxx (Jinxx) (SMUT)

My Boyfriend Is A Vampire (Jinxx)

Candy Shop (CC)

Of Mice & Men

Secret Kisses (Alan)

Cat In A Tree (Alan)

Food Court (Alan)

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan & Austin)

Daddy’s Little Dancer (Austin)

Not Just Another Girl (Austin)

Best Friends Before Hoes (Austin)

Friends With Benefits (Austin)

Christmas Surprise (Austin)

Duet Love (Austin)

Lady and the Tramp (Austin)

The Amity Affliction

Signing (Whole Band)

First meeting (Ahren)

Not Just Another Merch Girl (Ahren)

More Than Friends (Ahren) (SMUT)

Bring Me The Horizon

He finds your scars (Oli)

Kiss At Midnight (Oli)

How he wakes you up (Oli)

Sweet Nothings (Oli)

Dark Secrets (Oli)

Best Little Sister (Oli)

Cuddle Buddies (Oli)

I Can Date Who I Want (Oli & Andy Biersack)

Old Friends (Nicholls)

Sleeping with Sirens

Dedicates a song to you (Kellin)

Your family disapproves but he tells you he loves you (Kellin)

Possessive Quinn (Kellin)

Family Stick Together (Kellin)

Santa Kellin (Kellin)

Take Me Away (Kellin)

Alone (Kellin) (TRIGGER?)

Motionless In White

Scream My Name (Chris) (SMUT)

Dance With Me (Chris)

Parental Disaster (Chris)

Be My Cannibal Queen (Chris)

Guitar Shop (Ricky)

The Stripper (Ricky) (SMUT)

Camp Counsellors (Ryan)

Beat Me Black And Blue (Ryan)

Lost In The Crowd (Ryan)

Corpse Bride (Devin)

Demonic Ragdoll (Josh)

Asking Alexandria

Camera Crush Pt.1 (Denis)

Camera Crush Pt.2 (Denis)

Blogger Blues (Ben)

Tease (Ben) (SMUT)

Twenty One Pilots

Baby Preparation (Josh)

Daddy? (Josh) (SMUT)

Crazy Meeting (Josh)

First Word (Tyler)

Falling In Reverse

Haunted House Scares (Ronnie) (SMUT)

Teenage Kisses (Ronnie)

Rough Patch (Ronnie)


Promise Ring (Lynn)

Rude Barista (Alex)

New Years Day

You’re My Girlfriend (Ash)

You Me At Six

Red Carpet Proposal (Josh)

My Chemical Romance

The Busker (Gerard)

Street Artist (Gerard)

I Trust You (Gerard) (SMUT)

You’re Mine (Frank) (SMUT)

The 1975

Surprise Encounter (Matt)

Set It Off

Please Take One Small Bite For Me! (Cody) (TRIGGER?)


Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Calum’s Little Munchkin (Calum)

State Champs

Don’t Listen To The Haters (Derek)

Imagine Dragons

Wake Me Up (Dan)

Violent New Breed

Lift Your Spirit (Max)


Dan Howell

Daddy’s Little Girl

Do You Like What You See (Dan & Phil)

Ice Skater Blues

Secret Tattoo

Halloween Costume

Make Love Not War

You’re Beautiful

Phan Is Real? (Dan & Phil)

Takes care of you when you’re ill

Finding out he has a crush on you

Help them escape from fans (Dan & Phil)

Friendly Pain

Love At First Twirl

First Night Nerves

Caught Red Handed (SMUT)

Dirty VidCon Messages (SMUT)

Publicity Love 

Existential Crisis

Phil Lester

Tries to get you out of bed

Finding out he has a crush on you

Best friends (Dan & Phil)

Jack & Finn

Cheers you up on Skype (Finn)

Bored in class (Jack & Finn)

Chris Kendall

Making faces behind the camera