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I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

Promise (Thomas Shelby x Reader)

Title:  Promise

Pairing;  Thomas Shelby x Reader

Request:  Yes.  “Hellooo,I’m kinda new at this whole requesting stories so ima try my best lolz,your Ada Shelby’s bestfriend and you hear Tommy having a nightmare and you comfort him”

Word Count:  2,341

Author:  Emily

Author’s Note:  This imagine was way too long, but I got caught up in it.  Of course, hope you all enjoy!  There are two more requests I need to do!

Date Written:  Friday, December 30, 2016

Date Posted:  Friday, December 30, 2016

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Caspar’s Sister (Joe Sugg Imagine) - requested

Caspar’s Sister (requested)

Anonymous asked: Hi! Love your best friend story. I was wondering if you could do one were Y/N is caspars sister and you start dating joe secretly! Love ya😄😚

“Caspar, I’m here!” You voiced as you walked through his apartment door.

Caspar Lee was your younger brother and he had asked you to come round to help film a video. Caspar had a roommate, Joe Sugg. Surprisingly, Joe was also your secret boyfriend. However, no one knows, hence the secret boyfriend.

You and Joe had a thing for each other since the day Caspar introduced you both. You didn’t get together until a year of drunken kisses and childish flirting had gone by and Joe decided to just kiss you one night, sober of course, making it official. However, no one knew. They couldn’t, especially Caspar. He’d go crazy if he found out his best friend and his older sister was dating. So, you guys kept it on the down low.

“Y/N!” You heard Joe exclaimed from downstairs. You softly smiled to yourself at the voice of your boyfriend.

“Hey, Joe!” You exclaimed back as you hung your coat on the coat hanger. You placed your bag at the foot of the couch and slumped down on it.

You heard footsteps coming from the stairs after a minute and then the voice of Joe. “Caspar isn’t here. He popped down to the shops to get last minute items for his video,” he said from behind you. You turned around to come to face with Joe’s bare stomach.

You smirked as you slowly got up and made your way to him. “Well, you know what that means.”

Joe smirked as well and grabbed your wrist and pulled you to him so that your body was against his. His face was mere inches away from yours as he said, “I do know what that means,” and then slammed his lips onto yours.

Your hands wrapped around his neck while his wrapped around your waist. He pulled you closer, if that’s even possible at this stage, and deepened the kiss. You felt him softly bite your lip and you opened your mouth slightly to allow him access.

After a few minutes of a deep make out session, you both pulled away for air.

“Caspar’s going to be back soon. I think we should leave this for another time,” you said as you let go of Joe and sat back down on the couch.

Joe pouted and sat next to you. “But baby,” he whined and kissed your shoulder, “I can’t wait for another time.”

“You’re going to have to. We can’t risk Caspar walking in on us,” you said, turning to face him. You pecked him on the lips and smiled softly.

“I still think we should tell Casp,” Joe said, tucking a piece of stray hair behind your ear.

“Tell me what?” The sound of your brother’s voice made both you and Joe jump away from each other.

“Caspar! You’re here!” You exclaimed and quickly made your way to your brother to give him a hug. He placed his bag on the floor near the door and hugged you back.

“Tell me what, Y/N?” He asked again.

You waved your hand dismissively and squeaked, “oh, nothing. It’s not important. Now, come on, we have to-” you were cut off from dragging Caspar to his room by the sound of your boyfriend.

“No, wait,” Joe said and got up from the couch. “There is something we have to tell you.”

“Joe,” you said, slowly, “don’t.”

“Your sister and I,” he started to say and made his way in front of you. “You see…we’re together.”

You closed your eyes and looked up, praying this wasn’t happening right now. You had no problem with telling people you’re with Joe but Caspar was just very over protective and he always went crazy when he found out about your previous boyfriends. You knew he would go mental when he found out that you, his sister, was dating his best friend, Joe. You wanted to keep your relationship a secr-

Your line of thought was cut off by a guffaw. From your brother.

You looked at Joe, who looked at you, and back to Caspar, who, at this point, was bending forward, clutching his stomach, as he continued to laugh his ass off. He kept laughing for 3 minutes straight until he finally looked up at you two with tears in his eyes.

“God, you two are so clueless,” he said, grinning and wiping a few tears away.

“What?” Both you and Joe said, simultaneously and looked at each other.

“I know,” he started, “I’ve known for months. Y/N, do you really think I don’t notice the way your face just instantly lights up whenever I mention that Joe is coming with me to meet you? Or how you always somehow manage to mention Joe in conversations? And Joe, you’re my best mate, don’t you think I notice how much you’ve changed, for the better, since Y/N has been around? Or how you always come home, dazing off, but I have a nose, you know…I can smell my sister on you. God, you two are like so hopelessly in love that it’s hard to miss.”

You stood there, speechless and your jaw dropped. You knew Joe had the same expression.

“Bu-” Joe stuttered but was stopped by Caspar.

“Everyone sees it, man. Everyone knows you’re a couple. And we all know how deeply in love you two are,” Caspar said, smiling. He put a hand on each of our shoulders and gave it a squeeze. “Now, I suggest stop hiding your secret and just be open.”

You didn’t know what to say. You were shocked. You thought you hid the relationship well. You were happy. That meant no more hiding from everyone.

“Well, if that’s the case,” Joe started and grabbed your waist. He pulled you close and planted a big kiss on your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back.

“Okay, I know I’m fine with the relationship, but it doesn’t mean I’m fine with seeing you two neck it out with each other every other minute,” Caspar voiced as he covered his eyes with his hands like the child he is.

You chuckled and pulled away but still in Joe’s arms. You rested your head on his bare chest and you felt his head rest on top of yours. You were both happy you didn’t have to hide your relationship anymore. You could be carefree and open about it now.

“But Joe, mate,” Caspar voiced as he uncovered his eyes. He had a scowl on his face, but you could tell it was a playful one. “If you, in any way, shape or form, hurt my sister, I will not hesitate to kill you.”

“Caspar!” You exclaimed and left the comfort of Joe’s arms to punch Caspar’s shoulder.

“What? I’ve always wanted to say that,” he uttered, a grin plastered on his face.

You shook your head, laughing at the antics of your younger brother. Joe laughed behind you and slid his arms around your waist.

Resting his chin on your shoulder, Joe said, “don’t worry, bro. I’d never hurt Y/N, she means too much to me.”

@kawaii-hedgehog OK SO this ^ Is like the common caterpillar cake. They sell them everywhere in literally every supermarket. They’re cheap and chocolate flavour so its a given that everyone will like it therefore it tends to get bought every year 😂


amazing girls: jung soo yeon

i know you must still see me as a child yet you lend me your ears and respect me. I’m lucky to have the best friend and older sister both in you. When I saw you, who’s such an honest and considerate person, cry in pain everyday my heart hurt for you and I cried with you. I wonder whether people realized that you are such a delicate and fragile person and it angered me. But those days are in the past now and now I hope just as you do that happiness surrounds us. I know you will get through even the most difficult things even when unexpected difficulties hit us. I believe in you and I hope you always stay as the best older sister anyone could ask for. I’ll always be there for you and you’ll always be there for me so let’s cheer up and live more fun! Thank you for being my unni. I love you

camisims  asked:

1-20 to McKenzie =)


01. Full name: McKenzie Rose Tessier

02. Best friend: Her older sister Kehlani

03. Sexuality:  Heterosexual 

04. Favorite color: Burgundy 

05. Relationship status: Single

06. Ideal mate: Someone that candle handle the crazy side of her and not love her any less. As well as grow with her intellectually & keep things exciting. 

07. Turn-ons: Good looks, confidence, humour & wealth

08. Favorite food: Pancakes & any kind of dessert 

09. Crushes: None 

10. Favorite music: Hip-hop/R&B, mainly something with a good beat she can dance to

11. Biggest fear: Being humiliated/falling in love, she isn’t up for looking stupid ;)

12. Biggest fantasy: To restart her life idk

13. Bad habits: Smoking, being petty & constantly swearing  

14. Biggest regret: Trusting her ex-boyfriend

15. Best kept secrets: Her feelings

16. Last thought: Thinking how is she still single lol

17. Worst romantic experience: Anything she had to do with her ex 

18. Biggest insecurity: Her height

19. Weapon of choice: Machete

20. Role Model: Doesn’t have one     

Don’t get mad.

Another request <3 So what about George or Fred and Reader. Reader is Dracos Best friend, older / Younger sister. Like you want. And he clearly didnt like the idea of Reader is going to marry Fred or George. Perhaps they Keep it secret the whole time? And after School they decide to say it to mr Malfoy / or he knews it (and the dumpo the bomb xD) And is just didnt like that marrige Thing. U can decide what will happen :D? I love to read your stuff vwv U know that <3

Before Fred and George left school, Fred proposed to Y/N. yes, with all the cute little things, with flowers and food that the house-elves made specially for this moment. But Y/N had to keep it a secret. Why? Oh well, it’s just her best friend since first year, Draco Malfoy. He didn’t like the Weasley’s at all. And the idea that Y/N and Fred were dating only made him want to vomit. So it wasn’t easy, hiding the ring. And when he saw the ring she told him it was just a gift from her dad. But Draco didn’t believe her. Far from even. This ring was pure gold, with diamonds in it. This was way too fancy to be ‘just a gift’.

“and then he said; “Go away Malfoy”, can you believe that? how dare he talk to me like that”, Draco’s voice filled the common room. He was, once again, telling the story that happened about an hour ago. Harry and Draco had some sort of argument and honestly Draco couldn’t shut up about it. Y/N could quote every word that the two of them said. “Yeah, unbelievable”, Y/N murmured, playing with her hands. Draco looked at his best friend. His eyebrow raised as he inspected her face. “you’ve been down lately, what’s wrong”, Draco said, his voice changing from slightly angry to worried. Y/N sighed as she, without even realizing it, played with her ring. Draco sat next to her, his arm wrapped around her waist protectively. “is it something with your parents?”, Draco asked, his voice quiet, almost a whisper. Y/N was the only one that ever saw this side of Draco, the real Draco. The one where he genuinely cared about somebody and did everything to make that person happy, and not the ‘my father will hear about this’ rich snob Draco that everyone knew.

“No, it’s not my parents”, Y/N sighed. Draco’s eyebrows knitted together as he tried to figure out what possibly could’ve happened to Y/N that made her suddenly so … sad? Unfocused? “what is it? Did somebody say something?”, Draco asked, his voice raising at the last few words, his grip around her waist tightening. “No, nobody said anything”, Y/N chuckled. “then what’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything, right?”, Draco said. Y/N sighed, she couldn’t just tell him that she was engaged to Fred Weasley. What would he say, what would he do? She couldn’t lose her best friend, not now. There were only a few days before summer break would start, maybe she could make Draco go to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and tell him together with Fred. And then, if something happened, she would have Fred, who would help her and support her. She just knew that he would do that. “are you missing those twins?”, Draco’s voice snapped Y/N out of her thoughts. Draco’s voice was suddenly a bit less friendly. “um … no, of course not”, Y/N hesitated. “Well, I know that Fred was or still is your boyfriend Y/N, you can’t fool me, It’s normal that you miss him”, Draco said, a little bit of disappointment in his voice. “Yeah, I know, I guess”, Draco looked at Y/N a small smile on his lips. “let’s do something, to make you think about something else, yeah?”, Draco insisted. Y/N nodded, following Draco out of the chilly common room.


“Freddie!”, Y/N said as she saw her favourite twin stand inside his very own shop. “hey Y/N/N, I’ve missed you”, Fred said as Y/N ran into his arms. He quickly put them underneath her smaller body to support her. “I’ve missed you too, you idiot”, She smiled as she kissed Fred briefly. “hey Y/N”, George smiled as he saw the H/C haired girl. “hey George! Have you missed me”, Y/N sang as she wiggled with her eyebrows. George laughed as he nodded. “of course I did, who couldn’t”, he chuckled. Y/N turned towards Fred, who was watching her in awe as she talked to George. “Freddie, I think we need to tell Draco”, Y/N said seriously. Fred didn’t expect this and looked at Y/N confused. “what? Why?”

“because he’s being suspicious and you know I’m a bad liar, I told him the ring was from my dad?”

“why didn’t you tell him?”

“because I didn’t want him to get mad at me! You know he hates you and your family and I … I guess I just didn’t want to lose my best friend”

“well if he doesn’t want to be friends for that reason he clearly isn’t a good friend”, George said, Fred nodding approvingly. Y/N sighed as she knew that they were right, “Can we just say it together then?” “of course pumpkin”, Fred said kissing Y/N’s forehead.


“Y/N, why did you take me here?”, Draco said as Y/N dragged him inside Fred and George’s shop. The shop was completely empty, so Fred, Y/N and Draco could take normally. “you’ll see, it’s um … a surprise”, Y/N said, sounding less confident than just a few minutes ago. Thousands of thoughts were going through her head. She closed the door behind her as Draco walked in the shop, looking at the various supplies that stood on the shelves. “Y/N”, Fred’s voice sounded from above her. She looked up, seeing Fred walk down the stairs. A huge smile plastered on his face. “how are you love?”, he said as he put both his hands on Y/N’s waist, smiling at her. “bit nervous”, she said, just loud enough so Fred could hear her. “don’t be, it’ll go alright”, Fred chuckled as he kissed her quickly. “Draco, long time no see, huh”, Fred said as he reach his hand out towards Draco, who shook it, but clearly only to please Y/N. “yeah”, was all he answered. “um yeah, I think you might want to take a seat”, Y/N said as she mentioned towards the chair behind Draco. He looked at it suspiciously. “it’s just a chair” “we still are in a joke shop”, Draco stated. “it’s a chair! Now sit down and don’t make this harder than it already is”, Y/N said, slightly irritated. Draco sat down, looking at his best friend and … not so best friend. “well?”, Draco asked. “are you going to tell him?”, Y/N asked, almost begged Fred. He shook his head.

“nope, your best friend, you tell him”

“tell me what?”

“okay, please don’t get mad, but the night before Fred and George escaped from school, Fred proposed to me and I said ‘yes’ of course I would say yes, I mean we’ve been together for so long now and how can I say no to him, I mean c’mon-“ “Y/N!”, Fred and Draco said at the same time to make her stop ranting. She blushed and nodded. “well, What I’ve been trying to say is, me and Fred are going to get married”, Y/N said. Her throat felt tight and dry as she waited for Draco to say something. But he didn’t. the only thing he did was … laugh? “and you think I didn’t know? God, Y/N, I knew it from the moment I saw that ring”, Draco said as he chuckled. “so you’re not mad?” “of course not, you’re my best friend, I could never be mad at you, but he better threat you right or I’ll come kill you personally, and without magic, mate!”, Draco said as he looked at Fred stern. “I promise I’ll take care of her”, Fred said. Draco smiled at Fred, which was the first time that ever happened. “thank you Draco”, Y/N said as she stood up to hug Draco. “you’re my best friend, gosh I can’t just leave you behind like that, Y/N, you mean the world to me. I’m happy you finally found the one”, Draco smiled as he hugged his best friend. And who knew maybe Draco would be Fred’s best man at the wedding?

Thank you, @chileananderson. It was a massive shock- he wasn’t even thirty yet and died from a stroke. No family history, and he was in great shape. He was my little brother’s best friend, his older sister was my friend, we lived next door to each other and did EVERYTHING together when we were kids. We had this bizarre addiction to going down in my basement, putting Billy Joel’s “Running On Ice” on repeat on the stereo, putting on costumes (tutus for all of us, always), and running circles around the basement for an hour at a time. So… it’s a strange song to be moved to tears by, but from now on, “Running On Ice” will probably always get me choked up.


From now on, whenever another unpredictable thing happens, I trust you will wisely get through it. I believe in you and I hope you always stay as the best older sister anyone could ask for. I’m always by your side and you’ll always be by my side. Let’s be strong and live in a more fun way! Thank you for being my sister. I love you— Krystal

Cheers For Loving You

Pairing: NicoMaki
Side/Mentioned Pairing: NozoEli
Words: 8,903
Rating: T
Summary: μ’s decides to hold a Secret Santa.  Nico’s absolutely certain her gift is going to be bomb no matter what—this is, until she gets Maki.  And, well—crap.  What’s a girl to do when she has to figure out what to get for someone who seems to hate her guts?
Mirrors: [FF.Net] | [AO3]

Author’s Notes: The LLuminati decided to do a Secret Santa this year, and I got @nishiklno​!  Merry Christmas, Eiko!

Nico likes to think of herself as an expert cost-effective gift-giver.  It’s a skill that comes from a variety of factors: conserving monthly allowances, capitalizing on sales in shopping sprees, being the best caring older sister of three.  While funds in the Yazawa household aren’t exactly tight, Nico’s learned to make the best of what she has, to get every bang for every buck.  Gifts don’t have to be expensive in order to be good.  They just have to be thoughtful.  Tailored.  Personalized.

Granted, until her third year of high school, the previous years haven’t been too kind on her in terms of friendship, so she hasn’t really been able to exercise her gift-giving talents on anyone except her little siblings, but.

That isn’t the point.

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