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The Maze Runner: High School AU; Newt - You’re Not The Only Party-Crasher In Town; Part 7

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“Why are you lying to me?” You take a step closer to Thomas and lower your voice; softer. “What happened?”

Thomas shakes his head and then stares back down at you, his eyes filled with anger. The same anger you’ve constantly seen again and again, “Because he never forgave me! Okay? I told him over and over that I was sorry, that we were sorry! But then he started panicking and he started- Thomas makes hand gestures, “Going crazy! He started rambling and it scared me! I thought I almost killed him when I found him and at that moment I realised that he would never ever be the same again and it was my fault! It’s my fault he can’t even think about what happened for two seconds before having one of those fits! It’s my fault that we can’t be friends anymore! It’s my fault that he’s messed up for life because of one selfish decision I made!”


Minho has gone back to taking a seat, obviously feeling very guilty. Gally just looks between both Minho and Thomas, not awkwardly but… sadly, he shifts his feet uncomfortably as he realises your stare. You look away.

“Why didn’t you tell me that sooner?” You feel like you should have been the one to have said it, but those words did not come from your mouth. Instead they came from someone else. You turn around, although you knew who the voice belonged to, and stare at an awkwardly held Newt.

“Newt?” You question, “What are you doing here?”

Newt’s face flushes and he stumbles over his words. “I –uh, you left without saying goodbye.”

“That would be my fault,” Thomas cuts in before you can say anything, “I needed to… Well, you did hear it I suppose.”

Newt closes the door behind him and hesitates slightly before turning around, concentrated creases in his hard thinking-face appear. You decide that he must be trying to choose his words carefully, maybe this is his only opportunity to let the healing begin. “I knew you were sorry Thomas but I – I felt like I had some sort of control if I hadn’t forgiven you.” Newt’s fingers find the edges of his jacket cuffs to tug nervously at, “That I was the one with the power instead of being this weak little boy, still stuck in that damned silo.” Newt shakes his head, “But I’ve realised something… that maybe if I forgive you these nightmares, these episodes, maybe they will leave too.”

Thomas shakes his head, “I don’t expect you to forgive us just like that, after everything we’ve… I’ve put you through…”

“I’m not forgiving you just for you,” Newt says firmly, “This is for myself as well. So I can move on from this mess, finally.”

Thomas looks to his feet and moves his head in a nodding manner, “Thank you, Newt.”

Gally shifts uncomfortably again, the side of his cheek in his teeth. “I –I’m sorry too, you know, for, yeah.” Gally awkwardly shuffles to the front door but before he can leave, Newt shoots out an arm to stop him from exiting the house.

“Now that we’re altogether, I suggest we do something.”

“What do you mean?” You ask, although you’re almost one hundred percent sure that you know what he’s going to suggest everyone to do next.

“Something to celebrate our reunion.” Newt grins evilly before continuing, “I believe, Thomas, that you already have the skills needed although as you can probably tell, Y/N has definitely improved since my teachings.”

“Oh knock it off.” You reply, shaking your head with a faint grin on your lips

Thomas looks from you to Newt, mildly confused. And then, as if a globe sparks on above his head, “Wait a second… that was… that was you?”

“That was me alright, I planned that one for a good month or so.” Newt says proudly, lucky you were drunk and I had Y/N to save the day.”

“You… crash parties?”

“Oh for the- Gally can’t help but face palm, “You’re kidding right?” He looks from Thomas to Newt, to you and then even to Minho who’s seemed to have been quiet and reserved this whole time. “Oh, you cannot be serious.”

“Mind if I come along?” Alby says through a now open door, his grin a tad crooked from nerves.

“Of course not, the more the better.” Newt says enthusiastically as he grabs a pen and stack of papers from your Dad’s office, “We are going to plan the best party crashing plan –ever.”

You sigh, of course it comes back to this. It always does in the end. “What needs to be done?” You ask, as you’ve never planned one with Newt before. It seems like a long process although you have suspicions that it won’t take as long with this many hands to help.

“I need someone to search Facebook and find a party to crash.” Newt says while frantically grabbing things from shelves. “And also –hey! Gally! It’s too late mate, you’re too far in to be leaving now.” You turn to see Gally attempting his not-so-stealthy escape through the front door.

“But I…” Gally drops his head, “Alright fine. What can I do?”

“Log onto your Facebook.”

“I thought Minho was doing that?”

“I need two of you, we need to find one fast.” Newt chucks him a phone and reaches into Alby’s back-jean-pocket, slipping out the car keys. “Y/N, I’m going to need your help.” He opens the front door and races down the front of the house, then into the car.

You slide into the front seat beside him and immediately pull up your hoodie as chills rise over the back of your neck, “What are we doing?”

“We are going to get food, can’t have raging teenage boys work without fuel.”


Once you reach the first stop, you both jump out of the vehicle and into the grocery store. Newt takes your hand into his and slips a shopping list into it, you could say you’re disappointed. “I need you to grab all these things as fast as possible, okay? I’ll be over in the snack-aisles to grab the unhealthy stuff.”

“What is this?” You ask suspiciously, eyeing the grocery list down. You can’t make out what dish these ingredients would make.

“Chicken curry.” He says straight-forwardly while pushing you towards the aisles on your list.

“You know how to make curry?” You ask curiously, almost baffled that he can do something other than crashing someone else’s party.

“Nope, but you can.”

You raise an eyebrow and turn to face Newt, ready to disagree and argue with him since last time you tried to cook you ended up buying takeout. But he’s no longer behind you so instead you swallow your annoyance and pick up all the ingredients needed.

After placing the final shopping bag into the boot, you hop into the front seat again. “Everyone’s gone to Alby’s place since… well I’m sure your mother doesn’t want a gaggle of teenage boys in her house. Besides, it’s a closer drive back. And Alby called to say he’s at work and won’t be back until after dinner.”

You chuckle and can’t help find all of Newt’s enthusiasm to be amusing and sort of cute. Some weird alternative-rock song makes its way onto the radio and you turn it down, even though Newt whines in return.

A few red lights later, you spark up a conversation. A needed one at that. “Newt…” You start, keeping your eyes on the road in front of you. “You’re okay with all of this, right?”

“Hm?” He asks, his grip tightening over the wheel.

“You’re okay with Thomas and Minho being around, right? Are you doing this because you want to or you feel like you have to?”

You watch as his eyes flicker across the road, from green lights, to red lights, to give-way signs, to stop signs. You notice his hardened jaw and tightly gripped fingers. At this moment, you realise you want him to say something; almost desperately. But all that is between you is silence, an unnerving silence that wraps itself around your mind making you think all kinds of worrisome thoughts.

“Both.” His voice breaks the silence, his reply echoing in your mind. You know he doesn’t want to be seen as weak but that’s the thing, he isn’t weak. He is strong, but he doesn’t realise that yet and for some reason you feel like it’s up to you to help him.

“If you need a break we can literally just give them random jobs and go do something ourselves if need.” You suggest, hoping that it will make him feel less lonely.

He turns to you and flashes a quick smile, “That’s what I’m doing.”

By the time both you and Newt go back to Alby’s, you see the party-crashing team working at its hardest. You glance over at Newt before he closes the front door behind him, you see a sort of happiness in his eyes.

You take the grocery shopping into the kitchen with everyone else following behind you like lost puppies, their eyes on your food. You drop the bags and turn to face them, Newt only looks amused. “You’re all like a bunch of kids.” You sigh.

Gally reaches for a packet of lollies and you whack his hand away, “Not until after you’ve had dinner,” you almost snap. You already feel like a Mom, it’s almost ridiculous.

“Alright lads, let’s leave the woman to her cooking.” Newt declares, ushering each of the boys out of the room. Newt gives you an assuring smile and says, “I’ll be back to help in about five minutes, I’ll just get them working again.”

You nod and watch as Newt leaves the room before smiling to yourself, it’s almost like you and Newt are parenting Minho, Gally and Thomas. It’s sort of fun in a way, you guess.

You look down at the contents of the groceries and groan inwardly, you’ve never cooked curry before. Heck, the only thing you’ve cooked before was that pasta bake and that didn’t turn out well at all!

“Alright, Master Chef, what needs to be done?” Newt asks as he re-enters the kitchen in a sort of fluster, tugging at the ends of his shirt.

You give him the best sarcastic, ‘you’re kidding me’ face before going on to say, “I have no idea what I’m doing, you do realise?”

“Oh come on, like I said, you’re Master Chef! You’ll figure it out!” Newt says with over-enthusiasm before taking the contents out of their shopping bags.

You sigh again and place the foods out in a line, staring them down. Your fingers hover over one group, then move onto the next as you try to figure out what to start with. “This is ridiculous Newt.”

He chuckles and passes you the starting ingredient, “There’s a nudge in the right direction.” You almost glare at his smugly-smiling but incredibly cute looking face.

“I can’t believe you,” You say, grabbing the ingredients. “You said you didn’t know how to cook! A secret party-crasher and professional chef!”

He shrugs his shoulders, “What can I say, I guess I’m just an all ‘round amazing, talented, and good-looking, guy.”

“Yeah-yeah.” You shake your head and mix the ingredients together, Newt informing you every few minutes on what to do next. It’s sort of nice, really, to be taught to cook.

“Remember not to use the meat-knife on the vegetables too.” Newt says before hanging by the doorway, “I’ll just go see how the other guys are doing, all you need to do now is chuck the chopped veggies in and let it simmer for a while.” He exits the room and you immediately chop said vegetables, pop them into the sauce and put the lid on so it simmers.

Five minutes later, someone enters the kitchen and only until they speak do you lift your head from looking down at your mobile phone. “Hey, Y/N, do you have a minute?”

You look up and your eyes are greeted with Minho’s. “Of course.”

He drops his gaze in hesitation before giving you eye contact once more, “I just wanted to apologise.”

You slide your phone into your pocket, “Apologise for what?” Your voice almost drowned in curiosity.

“Just for everything… I mean, I was there beside Thomas too. At the silo, at Newt’s apartment… at your house. I just –Thomas got to say his apologies and it feels wrong to just not own up to all I’ve done to you and Newt too. So, I’m sorry.” He holds his gaze with a nervous lip-bite.

“Minho, it’s okay. Honestly. I’m just glad we’re all… hanging out. That we’re altogether without any malicious intentions anymore.” You walk around the steel table until you’re directly face-to-face, “Did you apologise to Newt too?”

Minho bites the inside of his cheek, “Not quite yet… I’m working up to it.”

You give him a reassuring smile, “It’ll be okay. I know it feels scary because you’re admitting that what you did was bad, and you don’t want to be seen as a bad person. But you’re not, Minho, you’re not a bad person. We all make mistakes, it’s how we learn.”

Minho smiles thankfully and nods before leaving the room just as Newt enters.

“How’s the curry?”

You lift the lid and then turn back to Newt, “So far so good.”

“See? You can cook.” He smiles proudly and before long, you both serve up the curry and dish it out to each party-crasher.

You stare down at the curry, the sauce and meat looks good, and so does the rice, but will it taste good? Your eyes flicker over to each person, just as they take a bite. By this point your heart thumps in your chest, what if you’ve accidentally food-poisoned them or something?

Thomas looks over at you in surprise, “This actually tastes… really bad.”

Your eyebrows crease into a frown, “What!?”

Newt scrunches up his eyebrows too, “Let me taste it –oh it really is bad. What did you do to it?”

“I –I did everything you told me to!” You almost shout before scooping up a mouthful and shoving into your mouth. Your tastebuds explode with delight and you glare over at Thomas and Newt, still with food in your mouth, “You’re a bunch of liars, you are.”

Thomas and Newt both grin back at you gleefully before practically inhaling the rest of their meal. Once everyone has finished, Newt, Minho and Thomas proceed to set up a “movie theatre” while you and Gally wash up.

“Thank you for the food, by the way…” He mumbles quietly while drying the last dish, “Especially since I was sort of a prick to you.”

You unplug the drain and look smugly over at him, “Is that an apology?”

Gally coughs as the colour red flushes through his pale cheeks, “Y-yes, I guess it sort of is. Yeah –it is. I’m sorry.”

You dry your hands and smile up at him which only causes him to blush harder, “It’s okay, honestly. But thank you for the apology.”

His lips curl up into a small smile and you both leave the kitchen with a surprise from the other boys. Pillows and blankets are strewn all over the floor but not quite messily just… comfortably. “We got dessert coming too!” Newt shouts.

“Where? Who? What?” You ask, confused but also excited to be eating some dessert-ish.

“Alby, he’s coming back from work. He offered to grab a cheesecake on the way as long as he gets to have some curry.” Newt smiles.

The doorbell sounds and in comes Alby with his cheesecake. You microwave some curry for him in exchange for some cake and quickly settle down beside Newt in his own little nest of blankets and pillows. Soon, the random movie starts and before demolishing your cake you whisper, “You all good?”

As soon as Newt hears you whisper he slides his hand into yours, his thumb tracing circles affectionately. “Never been better.”

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