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Patrick Kane gets ‘too jacked up’. (x)

signs that you’re trapped in an unhealthy RP relationship:

  1. you develop fear of shipping with other muses.
  2. you develop fear of shipping with duplicates of your rp partner’s muse
  3. you notice your circle of acquaintances is growing smaller and smaller because your partner wants to be your ‘one and only’
  4. you feel pressured to roleplay certain plots/scenarios that make you uncomfortable or uncertain
  5. your partner ‘guilt trips’ you when you don’t comply with their demands (ooc or ic). 
  6. you feel obligated to login at certain times during the day, otherwise your possessive partner will get pissed. 
  7. your partner shows possessiveness by causing their character to be extremely clingy to your character
  8. they shower you with compliments ( aka. ‘what would i do without you?’. ‘you’re my everything!’) in an effort to keep you dedicated and devoted to them until the end of time
  9. at the slightest offense they’ll vague-post about you, ignore you, or make rude/passive-aggressive comments at you. 

I have fallen into many a toxic RP relationship, and have successfully escaped them all. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. If you need HELP, advice, or even a listening ear, please feel free to message me. <3

Emma Carstairs: A Legend

• saved the blackthorn children while simultaneously driving a dagger directly into Sebastian’s heart during the invasion of the Los Angeles Institute at the age of 12
• helped the mains in TMI find Sebastian even when no one at the Clave took her trial with the Mortal Sword seriously
• lowkey is the reason why the Mortal War ended
• a big sister figure to the four youngest Blackthorn’s: cuddling Tavvy when he has nightmares and picking up stuff for the Blackthorn family when she shops
• helps Jules explain things like sex and periods and other ways of life to the younger Blackthorn’s
• knows her place in the blackthorn household and even chose a room in a different corridor
• dedicated five years to knowing the truth behind her parents deaths spending every dime she had on clues from the shadow market and was still willing to give it up if it hurt the blackthorn family
• being unapologetically confident in her sexuality
• takes a whipping that could easily kill a mundane for her parabatai and Mark Blackthorn
• shows up the Unseelie King in .45 seconds even after being manipulated and specifically chosen because he thinks women are weak and easily defeated
• being the best Shadowhunter of her [all] time
• a feminist badass basically
• quick witted asf and not afraid to tell her superiors that she literally fucks with no one
• plotted against the man who hurt her best friend by trapping him on top of a colony of fire ants
• has some of the best and most underrated lines in the books
• kills one of the seven riders which is unheard of in all of history
• helps Julian burn down a stone building and also heals him after being shot with a poison arrow
• destroys the mortal sword which shatters into pieces