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Can we talk about this for a moment? Because this’s the best fan video I’ve seen. It was created as a tribute for early series of TG when they were some little boys who made modest car show for BBC2. But for me it’s a tribute for all series and episodes. A tribute for 13 years of smiling, laughing and, of course, crashing and catching fire.
This show will be known for many many years after because it really is one of the best program in the world.


M48 Commando Tactical Shovel 

After taking one good look at this survival tool, you can notice that the blade is quite unconventional. One edge has been serrated so this tool can be used for sawing purposes while the other features a concave bevel used for light chopping. As this tool has no collapsible parts, you will receive a belt pouch made from reinforced nylon for safe carrying and storage.


Welcome to the Transfăgărășan, one of the most spectacular and one of the most dangerous driving roads in the world.

The road climbs over 1600m in just 17km of daring switchback turns and hairpin bends. It was crowned by Top Gear as “The Best Driving Road In The World”, and 40 people died whilst building it. It has 830 bridges, 27 viaducts and 5 tunnels, and was constructed using dynamite.

As you begin at Cârţişoara, you pass by wooden chalets and weave between the river, the road begins to climb, and the mountains loom tentatively in front of you. The views are mysteriously withheld from you by the forest of trees as you climb in anticipation. You catch a glimpse of a heart-stopping drop beside you but you press on.

As the network of bridges and tunnels reveals itself in full, you can see why this road is called Ceaușescu’s Folly. It’s impossible, inexplicable, as near to a vertical climb up a mountain as you can get in a vehicle. 

The peak beholds Balea Lake, encircled by a sort of shanty shack town of women selling strong wine and honey. Then you pass through a solid half a mile of mountain, the longest, darkest section of mountain road, which brings you out on the descent, an equally as unfathomable snake of Tarmac draped across the sheer edge of the Făgăraș mountains, which surround you and cradle you on your slow decline back to earth.

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What guns best represent the cast of Top Gear?

James May is a handmade Beretta over/under.

Richard Hammond is a riced out MPX.

Jeremy Clarkson is a Holland and Holland double rifle in .600 NE. 

nathengyn  asked:

a) i've been meaning to say that i love your fics and reading your headcanons. and b) for mayumiko prompts -- one of them trying to court the other? like, mikorin playing bl games to gain experience in hitting on/being hit on by a guy. or mayu trying to indicate his interest in the laziest way possible (or conversely going super gung-ho about it?).

Thank you~!

Aaaah I love this request *u* So, uh, this… grew wings and flew away from me. Hope you like it anyway?

I hope none of you have actually played Gakuen Heaven because I haven’t. Also because of the said game, this is rated T or something… There’s a *linked part in the text you could click if you wanna know what Mikoto is uh seeing.

Knowledge is Power. Mikoto knows that. Studying for a test brings you good grades. Looking at a game’s walkthrough gives you good results. Playing different kind of games would boost your knowledge of life and human emotions.

The path to knowledge was right there at his fingertips.

So, of course, the moment he figured out that the “Mikoto-san, I like you” Mayu uttered was actually serious, he went ahead to do research.

What does liking a guy entail? What love flags are there? How different are the relationships between a boy and a girl compared to two boys? Which events commonly happen?

Pushing past embarrassment, he opened his incognito browser and typed in “popular BL games”.

From there, it was a painful process of trying to find a game that would be thorough enough to help, but not thorough enough to be… scarring. He was open to relationships with other boys, was definitely open to having a relationship with Mayu, but this was new territory and he didn’t want to see things he couldn’t handle yet.

DMMD seemed to be the popular one, but one commenter mentioned “having sex with a snake”, which was honestly something he didn’t even want to ask about. Enzai was popular as well, but the set-up seemed dark and it made Mikoto shut the tab immediately.

In the end, he chose Gakuen Heaven. If there was anything he was good at, it was school-based dating sims games. He would conquer all the routes and be an expert in boy’s love!

(He couldn’t do anything about the game being for 18+ only. He’s never played an 18+ galge, but he had not much choice in the matter. There weren’t a lot of BL games he had access to, and a “safe” BL game was even rarer. Besides, he was 17. Surely, he could handle this.)

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