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When I’m on my friend’s house and he start to fight with his mom 

and I’m just like 

Imagine: celebrating your marriage with Loki

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Glittering gold and magic surrounded you, as you became an official member of the royal Asgardian family.  Frigga futilely fought back tears as she watched her adopted son find the happiness he deserved, Thor grinned brightly as Loki lovingly accepted the responsibilities as your husband, and even Odin felt a shred of pride towards the Jotun-Asgardian he raised as a son, despite their fervent fallout.

A magnificent feast followed soon after, and the friends you had come to know celebrated with jubilation.  The joy was mostly directed towards you, due to tense relations with Loki, but both of you retained loving smiles.  Matching golden bands resided on your ring fingers, with yours housing emeralds, and his housing jewels that reflected your [E/C] eyes.  The gazes of many fell upon your new rings, which often still held skepticism.  Loki had been a powerful criminal and threat to worlds, and you were a champion of Midgard, who had been accepted into Asgard long ago.  The Golden Apples of Idun had granted you with an Asgardian lifespan, and you were still endlessly grateful to Thor for aiding you in gaining one of those sacred fruits.  The first news of your courting with the royal sorcerer had shocked the kingdom, as you were meant to be enemies.  However, your solitary souls found solace with one another, no longer alone in a world of Asgardians.

Sif gripped your arm opposite to Loki, and readily began informing you of new training lessons you would need to partake in, both for fun and regality.  You simply chuckled when she made it very clear that she expected you to be the one to clean Loki’s future messes, and you waved her off amicably.  Loki grinned at you, knowing you enjoyed his mischievous side, despite the discouragement from others.  Fandral passed by and attempted to ask for a dance, but Loki scared him off with a low growl.  You loved Loki’s protectiveness, though you did feel bad for your friend.  Fandral had learned long ago that he wasn’t your type, and in truth, he had become somewhat of a brotherly figure since you grew closer to the Asgardian royals.  Volstagg was off devouring the feast, and while you didn’t see him, you knew you would hear his praises of the meal eventually.  Hogun watched you and Loki from a distance, though his lips quirked up in approval.

As music filled the halls, Loki pulled you from bustling feast so you could share in a dance.  His lithe body was as graceful as ever, and while you weren’t the best dancer, the two of you moved together as if it was your purpose.  Loki raised your hands to his lips as the music slowed, and pressed several kisses to your fingers, before leaving a lingering kiss on your ring.  Despite yourself, you blushed at the gesture.  You had seen Loki vastly change over the years, but despite his achievements and failures, he had always been a man you held close to your heart.

A knowing smile graced Frigga’s lips as she watched the two of you, however, knowing this ceremony was more for the kingdom than either of you.  She had assisted Loki in perfecting a spell that had worked marvelously on the skin beneath your rings, where faint tattoo-like designs were your true marriage bonds, done prior to your actual wedding.  The everlasting marks bound you together, holding a stronger meaning than any metal band could.  Your lives were to be filled with battle, journey, diplomacy, and echoes of past misdeeds, and yet, neither of you held reservations about spending thousands of years side by side.

Guys remember that when Magnus tried to think positive and see from the bright side he automaticly thought of what Samirah would’ve told him

Like if that isn’t friendship at its purest idk what is