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Ok, we're not so different, I suck ass at math (yet I'm a math tutor whoops) and English is like my lifeblood (somehow, it just clicked and I could do grammar and such automatically? I'm always one of the best writers in class, my only problem outside of class is I suck at making myself write) and foreign languages is also great for me, it's hilarious when I can read the Russian/French in fics and my friends are google-translating - DA (who may or may not remain anon idk I'm sick rn maybe later)

Hahaha you can’t be too bad if you’re a tutor then hopefully!!! I’m the same with grammar and English? I’m no grammarian - and this is going to sound very rude - but it literally blows my mind how bad some people in my grade are with grammar haha. We do peer edits in my current English class all the time and it’s literally… Just the biggest errors… I’m like…. ???

Ooo that’s so cool that you know Russian and French!! I took Latin for four years and loved it but was never fantastic at it haha

I HAVE NO IDEA PLEASE HELP. I applied to 11 schools on both the west and east coast (I live on the east coast) and got into 9! (Don’t worry I wasn’t bummed about the two that I didn’t get into haha they were my reach schools.) I don’t know how I’m going to pick?? I THINK I’ve narrowed it down to ¾?? I’m planning on majoring in computer science though!

Best subjects - Computer Science & English

Worst subjects - History & Economics

So it’s been a while.

Sorry for my sudden, unannounced hiatus I’ve had for the duration of March, but social media has really been draining for me lately. My mental health isn’t at its best, probably at its worst to be honest, and I had a lot of college work and personal issues that have just been making me less and less able to come online, so I apologize to all my friends who I haven’t spoken to for a while and well, simply just apologizing for being so inactive. I’ll try to be on more often, but I’ll see how that goes. If I’m not online I’m probably taking a break… again.


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Fill-a-Page February day 10!

Today’s page is dedicated to the best partner-in-crime a person could ask for, @notallballs, on her birthday. Bb, bless you for being a filthy enabler and encouraging me at every turn <3 


the fact that you’re alive is a miracle
just stay alive, that would be enough


I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.