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Week 1: Reading Response

The best way i can interpret the article is basically, Activity theories are used to understand how people interact, and engage learning in all kinds of activities. It does it in three major steps, 1) Accounting for aspects 2) Analyzing how it works 3) Isolating problems to develop solutions. Activity Theory is basically used as lens to directly analyze an Activity Theory, which is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. 

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An activity system always consists on a who, what, when, where, why, and how. It also always has a series of conventions. Activity systems are always adapting, as people are constantly working together move forward, innovating, and promoting change. 

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Activity theories can be directly tied down to the field i am currently directed in (Medical Field). Surgeons often work together during operations to save a patients life. Surgeons are also divided into different fields, in order to be more effective when treating patients. Surgeons are also required to renew their licenses, by attending training sessions, in which they learn new techniques and procedures developed by surgeons themselves, in order to treat wounds more effectively, and combat infections more thoroughly. Medical researchers also work side to side with doctors, as they are always working together to discover new cures for diseases, treatments, and antidotes. Nurses also play a very critical role in the medical field, as they are basically the surgeons handyman. Society often discriminates nurses, often not considering them important, however it is thanks to them that surgeons are able to remain focused and getting the job done effectively. Like an Activity System, medicine is all about working together, and moving forward as a whole 

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